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Lets discuss the ultimate arcade-in-your-home platform, the Sega Saturn.
What are you playing?
What kind of Saturn setup do you have?
Favorite games?
Games you think deserve more love?

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Here's a Saturn game that nobody knows about.

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>Corea dog language

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I'm sure some people know about it. Like the people who developed it. Or the person who scanned the cover that you posted. You also seem to know about it, since you posted it.

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>Lets discuss the ultimate arcade-in-your-home platform, the Sega Saturn
Weird way to spell Sega Dreamcast

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I'm playing Fighters Megamix. I own the white Japanese Sega Saturn. My favorite games are Fighting Vipers, Resident Evil, Virtua Fighter 2, Fighters Megamix, Batman Forever The Arcade Game and Virtua Cop.

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Just picked one up to replace the one I had to sell a decade ago.

I'm currently playing the shit out of Virtua Fighter 2 while I wait for my pseudosaturn cartridge to come from some chingchong on Ebay and a bunch of CDRs to come from some burger on Amazon (both are scheduled to arrive tomorrow).

I think the first game I'm going to burn and play again will either be Sega Rally or Tomb Raider.

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I want recommendations for night time Japanese street racing games. I want to drive a 90s riceburner through a winding canyon road. I cannot speak or read a word of Japanese.

What games should I be looking for?

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I love this engine

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It has a surprising number of nuances that make it feel a little special, like many other 90s engines. I like how ledges have a subtle roundness to them which allows for landing compensation on them. Hellslave's engine is a little similar in how it's designed although not based off the same tech, just inspired/observed.

Touge King the Spirits 2

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Why would anyone play this inferior ports in this day is beyond me.

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Quake on the Saturn pushes more level geometry than the N64 version. Powerslave and Dook both run better on the Saturn than on the PS1 (although the PS1 version has an extra exclusive episode).

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Powerslave is the original and version of the game

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Cuz they're interesting, true fans of these games can appreciate all versions. If you just want to play the "best" version and be done with it, that's fine. Go back to playing horizon zero dawn or whatever after that.

better textures and lighting in quake saturn too. 64 version is really cut down.

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>you're only a true fan if you play shitty decades old ports

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>you're only a true fan if you hate every version but one
sorry poser, you've been found out

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There's plenty of good actual sourceports of Quake and Duke 3D. The 90s console ports weren't even sourceports, they were shitty total conversions that don't even play like the real game.

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>Cuz they're interesting
How? If there are no extras it is the same but worse.
>true fans of these games can appreciate all versions
This is a really stupid statement, I played Quake and Duke on PC over 10 times, there is just no point in playing a version that looks worse, the framerate is shit, and has clunky controls since it wasn't made with consoles in mind.
>Go back to playing horizon zero dawn or whatever after that.
Proyect harder.

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That's nice, sounds like you just want to PC game, maybe you should go back to horizon zero dawn. I hear it's the best version.

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Why are you talking about modern games you sperg?

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You only play the best versions, so there's the ultimate version of a new game for you. Go play it now and be happy. Seems like everything else just makes you miserable.

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>You only play the best versions
You do realize you can play a better version of Duke 3D or Quake on whatever you're using to make these posts right now? You could settle for the tenth best version and still have a better experience than those shit console "ports"

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They aren't ports they're total conversions.

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They're total shit is what they are.

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Go back to r3di1t retard, this has nothing to do with newer games or "I love all games oh my god Im such a retrogamer for playing Quake on Staurn!"
It made sense in the 90s if all you had was a Saturn, jfc tryhards are the worst.

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Go play horizon zero dawn and death stranding.

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>if you don't like shitty console conversions of 90s PC games you must be a modern gamer
Not seeing the logic here.

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>you must be a modern gamer
yes, it's clear you are with your obsessions of "superior" versions. Saturn version has superior lighting to Quake PC btw.

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That still doesn't make any sense whatsoever. You seem to be highly delusional.

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ok schizo

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Why always schizophrenia?

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Can you explain why you get so butthurt when people call shitty console conversions from the 90s what they are?

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>still posting
anyway how do you like nights into dreams? Brilliant score attack game with outstanding visuals. I think Sega's arcade style minimalism is their greatest trait.

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>how do you like nights into dreams?
Boring slow game.
>Brilliant score attack game
Not even true.

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Thanks for the bump, I find it to be a real test of someone's skill at games if they can see the richness of Nights into Dreams. Another awesome arcadey game, although not from Sega is Bulk Slash. My favorite weapon is the Bezier, the sprinkling bending laser is such a cool visual and it tears apart everything that comes at you. It's one of those games the critics don't even realize there's tons of endings in it with its short length but superb gameplay making it an excellent experience in replaying.

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>I find it to be a real test of someone's skill at games if they can see the richness of Nights into Dreams
Ahh the richness of flying through rings endlessly and effortlessly until the timer nearly runs out. The game is objectively boring.

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Sounds like you're just objectively bad, I wouldn't advertise that so loudly if I were you.

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That's actually how you score in the game. Don't tell me you're such a poser you didn't know that.

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>Lets discuss the ultimate arcade-in-your-home platform
I, too, love the Dreamcast.

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Impressive you figured out the basics in nights, I was under the impression you didn't figure out how to get off the ground. I know you port chaser types aren't very good at games.

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Basics? That's the whole game. Go ahead and tell me about the intricacies present in this magnum opus of game design.

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> hurf durf saturn quake is shut compared to modern versions etc etc

Quit being fucking retards. Why anyone would specifically click on a thread about Sega Saturn games and then be confused as to why people were talking about Sega Saturn games in a thread about Sega Saturn games is theta level retardation.

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Oh it's literally just some n64 fanboys upset the saturn is being discussed. There's a discord for it. They don't actually play the games, they just want to make the threads uninhabitable.

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You are actually schizophrenic.

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Saturn Quake is shit compared to contemporary versions.

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But it's better than the N64 version :^)

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They're on the same level of shit. Both are just as pointless to play in 2020 as they were in 1997/1998.

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I remember when I bought the Sega Saturn, my best friend said that I should have bought the N64 instead because Sega sucks. I told him if I bought a console based on brand alone, I would be close minded and biased. I also told him competition is a good thing.

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I had no idea Quake was so hated on this forum. It's so sad to see modern gamers don't like old games.

>> No.6942974

I had no idea there was someone who clings so hard to the Saturn version of Quake. Oh wait I did because you always post about that terrible conversion lmao.

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It's not, there are just people who get a kick out of shitting on retro games when they could be doing something productive instead.

It's sad, when you really think about it. What kind of person is so desperate for attention?

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On a retro game board of all things, just seems really pathetic. I think any fan of Quake, Duke 3D, even Doom would be interested to see how console versions ended up. It's exciting to try different things and often these alternate versions of games can come off as interesting new interpretations, giving a fresh twist to something you may be really familiar with.

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>I think any fan of Quake, Duke 3D, even Doom would be interested to see how console versions ended up
Poorly, well that takes care of that.

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Sounds like someone hates Quake, that's so sad. Don't you know how important the game is?

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Don't feed the trolls

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I don't see the point in shitty conversions of great games.

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Yeah, it's painfully obvious he's just here to stir shit. Shame the mods just don't visit /vr/. It would be easier to discuss Saturn on /v/.

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Right on, I'll make sure and download it.

My pseudosaturn cart can't get here fast enough.

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I bought that anime from the fye.

I already told you this though.

The anime isn't rare so....

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I've mainly been playing the Saturn Columns Collection. The graphics and music on Columns 97 have a certain charm

>> No.6943234

It's a really good looking racer too, surprisingly overcomes a lot of the Saturn's limitations.

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>the ultimate arcade-in-your-home platform.
Sega Dreamcast?

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Dreamcast don't got as many arcade games

>> No.6943270

Yeah it has more.

>> No.6943278

nah, but it does have a good library

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It has the best version of one of the best arcade games ever made.

>> No.6943296

But it doesn't have Virtua Fighter 2 and the best Cotton games, so I'm gonna have to side with Saturn.

>> No.6943308

That's not even the best home port of Virtua Fighter 2 and who cares about a diamond dozen shmup compared to Crazy Taxi?

>> No.6943315

Cotton's one of the best shooters of all time, it's a shame you have never played it - that may be the most embarrassingly ignorant thing I've read about a video game.

>> No.6943320

I've played them before. You can throw enemies at each other in the Saturn games and that's kind of cool but it's still just another shmup.

>> No.6943323

Far more than that, it's easily one of the best shooters of all time. Is Crazy Taxi "just another" GTA mini-game?

>> No.6943330

>Far more than that, it's easily one of the best shooters of all time
How can you even distinguish these games? They all play the same.

>> No.6943342

I can't think of any other shooting games with command inputs, let alone a grab mechanic with a physics system.

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>CRT only has SCART
>PC and Switch only have HDMI
>PS3 has an emulator but it's been in version 0.1 since ever
I want to play on the CRT, but I guess a 55" LCD is my only option...

>> No.6943367

Buy a Saturn and a SCART cable, how is this even remotely difficult?

>> No.6943386

That stuff is cool and it's a shame the game around those mechanics is a shmup.

>> No.6943395

I thought the same thing as you until I gave shooters a try.

>> No.6943413

Cheapest one on eBay is £70 including shipping. And then I'd have to buy buy CDs on top of that.

>> No.6943435

As in blank CDs? They don't cost that much

>> No.6943502

I don't know how much it costs in bongland, but over here in burgerville you can buy a chingchong cartridge that lets you play burned games for like $40. Google pseudosaturn.

If you have a model 1 you can even buy a dirt cheap ODE for like a hundred bucks (if you can't afford this than maybe mow some fucking lawns or turn in sone good boy points or something).

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>duke nukem
>megaman x4
>resident evil
>lunar legends
>tomb raider

Honestly I am only just now realizing at over 30 years that the saturn might not have been ass. These games look more interesting than the dreamcast to me if I had to choose between them.

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With exceptions of X4 and Lunar those are the worst versions of those games.

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how do you do fellow saturn bros

>> No.6943959

I'm not a picky autistic.

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>Saturn thread got derailed by shitposting after 5~10 posts
I don't even need to read the thread to know it's true

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File: 2.89 MB, 512x366, PsychicKillerTaromaru.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Dreamcast unfortunately got a lot of late 5th gen games like the 4th tomb raider which wasn't exactly a stellar game. Also a lack of 2D games when many were too afraid to make them.

>> No.6944180

The guy you're referring to is trolling.

>> No.6944193

There were plenty of 2d games on the Dreamcast. Guilty Gear X was fucking gorgeous.

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> Pseudosaturn cart was received by the USPS office in my town about two hours ago
> Should be out for delivery tomorrow
> Currently seeding 102 games from the Saturn redump set
> Off work early tomorrow
> Have Friday off

Pretty excited, lads.

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What's the best way to record Sega Saturn gameplay footage from an actual console? Either from composite or S-Video.

>> No.6944570

any cheap capture card will work for that

>> No.6944575

Hauppauge TV tuner / video capture card. The video will always look better when recording from emulator though.

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File: 2.90 MB, 640x480, Sega Rally Championship jumps.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best is doing something like upscaling the video to 480p using a DVD player and recording using a HD PVR (because it can't record 240p). There are cheaper capture solutions though, just make sure they have 240p support.

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>diamond dozen

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Is it worth playing the pic related?
It feels like janky version of Odin Sphere, but not in a good way.

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Of course Quake and DN3D on Saturn are worse than their original PC versions. But if you really like A) the Saturn B) those games C) old games in general, you would actually enjoy theses games and their engine. They singlehandledy shut up any one who claims "the Saturn can't into 3D", especially considering Saturn Quake is better than N64 Quake.

As for Powerslave the Saturn version is the original version the game was designed for. The PS1 version has some nice differences and is worth playing for those alone but is worse in almost every aspect, especially the "no fun allowed" decision to get rid of bomb jumping instead of embracing it and creating secret places designed around it like they did on Saturn.
Most people on this board have only played the PC "port" of the PS1 version however, which is an amateur unaccurate glitchy recreation in a beta state; which was based on the inferior version of the game to begin with. So I don't think 4chan zoomers have any lesson to give in terms of "why are you playing that version", especially regarding FPS games. People on this board would rather play ZBlood than NBlood.

>> No.6945119

They control like Powerslave don't they? I loved the way it controlled for a console FPS so if Quake and Duke Nukem 3D on the Saturn feel the same way I might've as well give them a go.

>> No.6945120

Yes they're very similar. The exclusive levels of Quake are also very good. The exclusive level in Duke, not so much however.

>> No.6945220

Duke3d on saturn actually has a cheat that lets you use turok style controls on the 3d pad. I prefer the original they designed but it's pretty fun trying it out.

With the exception of QWF, which is a really cool bit of fun, the new levels were basically new powerslave levels. Really good sense of pacing to them and solid design.

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File: 1.24 MB, 3007x4000, sega saturn grid 00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.29 MB, 3007x4000, sega saturn grid 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.54 MB, 4000x3432, sega saturn japan grid 00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.59 MB, 4000x3432, sega saturn grid japan 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Have any of you replaced the power supply on your Saturn with one of the aftermarket ones? I hear the mobius strip one is a good buy for long term system reliability, but I think it's kinda dumb to spend more than the cost of the system on a power supply.

>> No.6946121

Not yet, but if my power supply goes out, I'll be sure to buy one.

>> No.6946404

really smooth

>> No.6946720

t. me

>>Media CD-ROM, CD+G, CD+EG, Video CD, Mini CD, Photo CD, E-book[1]

Honestly better than the dreamcast's online dystopian ass. Better games and could do all that media stuff.

>> No.6946730

Curious so why is there no Eng patch of Snatcher on the Saturn? Can't people just copy the script from the Mega Drive version? Im assuming there's more to translations than just knowing the language, but it seems like this one wouldn't be difficult.

>> No.6946747

>can't they just do X
No, they fucking can't. It's never easy.

>> No.6946903


It arrived

Currently playing Sega Rally for the first time in a decade and having a fucking blast

>> No.6947139

Is this supposed to be funny?

>> No.6947159

How difficult is the Saturn FRAM modification?

Is it something that is doable if you have zero soldering experience (assuming you practice on an old PCB or two), or something that you'd want to enlist an expert to do?

>> No.6947170

>$100 ode

Where? Post the link

>> No.6947173

Emulation is cool too, I’ll allow it saturnbros

>> No.6947318


The only wrong way to play Saturn games is to not play them at all

>> No.6947443


>> No.6947537

> Wasting time with dumb fisheye bullshit instead of just making an entire game in the style of Sonic World from Sonic Jam

I love Sega, but what the hell were they thinking?

>> No.6947540

That's the work of two different teams for two different segas in two different countries.

>> No.6947592

It's still pretty goofy. Obviously Sonic World was the direction Sega was taking 3D Sonic since it's basically proto-Sonic Adventure.

It's just sad thinking about what might have been.

>> No.6948615

Neither would have worked well for Sonic, a klonoa style platformer would have likely been for the best. That or literally genesis style sonic with more 3D effects.

>> No.6948681

>just realized Grandia is also there

If I had those 8 games my childhood would have been better. I had to basically wait to emulate so the psx fills it more than the saturn, but thinking rhetorically and all the saturn really is an interesting thing for it's time. If i were raised by some sega fans or something, of which I was not, I can see it being okay.

>that other night into dreams spammed thread
Wouldn't it be nice to have good mods?

>> No.6948696

They were being honked.

>> No.6948701

grandia on saturn is also significantly better than every other version.

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File: 383 KB, 1000x1270, sega saturn old recs list chart infographic 4chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.98 MB, 1000x1276, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, that's the low res version.

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File: 1.30 MB, 2500x3174, saturnfwgames.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6949019

thanks for that high resolution image

>> No.6949045

How would one connect a Nintendo Switch to a CRT with SCART to play Saturn games?

>> No.6950076

In the 90s I played these:
>Fighting Vipers
>sonic jam
>tomb raider

>> No.6950208

> There will never be a recording option to get Saturn gameplay footage that looks the same on a modern monitor as it does on a CRT TV
> 480p footage is blurry as shit
> Upscaling equipment is super expensive and the footage isn't even accurate

Level 5 Zoomers 20 years from now will never know what Sega Saturn games actually looked like

>> No.6950935

What's the best way to burn these fuckers? Been burning on low speed on ImgBurn but the discs always fuck out or audio skips or whatever.

>> No.6950946

It could be your discs, anon. I've been using imgburn at 8x (the slowest my drive will go) on cheap memorex CDRs and I haven't had any issues outside of a few bad burns.

Of course we are talking about 20-25 year old hardware here, so your lens could be dirty of damaged as well.

>> No.6950962

Real discs seem to work fine.

>> No.6950967

I’ve got two Japanese Sega Saturns, bought them off of Buyee.jp (Yahoo Auction, but Americans can use it). One is in storage in another state. The other one is at home and is awaiting the MODE I pre ordered a little while back. In the mean time I’ve got Panzer Dragoon Zwei and The Game Paradise (shmup) to play on. I have a JVC TM-H150CG CRT and a VGA computer monitor, I use both with the Saturn. The VGA is through the OSSC and an HDMI to VGA adapter. It looks great on either tube, but I think I prefer using the JVC, as it’s built perfectly for 240p content, which the Saturn strives at. The VGA monitor is better suited for Dreamcast and the rest of 6th gen, which it completely excels at. All in all I’m very pleased with my Saturn Setup, it looks amazing on any display you put it on, and the games are great.

>> No.6950983

Try a different brand of CDR and see if you have the same issue.

>> No.6951028

i use xfburn

>> No.6951038

I didn't think very highly of the game paradise or its PS1 sequel, but I loved the appreciation it had for classic games. It's not the best designed shooter but it feels like the creators still loved what they worked on which is enough for me to enjoy it. Sounds like you've got something great there.

>> No.6951494

Do the different Shining Force III discs use your savedata from previous discs for anything?

Meaning, if I start playing the US version of Shining Force III is that going to screw me up if I play the English patched versions of Discs 2 and 3 afterward?

>> No.6951645

That timeline where you get all those games in the US and the console doesn't cost as much.

>> No.6951804

That timeline where Sega pics someone, literally anyone other than Bernie Stolar to handle their console business.

>> No.6952140

those jumps seems good.

>> No.6952575

They did not. I also burnt PSX discs with them that worked fine. I feel like it's an issue with ImgBurn I'll try >>6951028

>> No.6952973

Sega Rally's arcade physics are top notch.

As a side note, it having different physics for different driving surfaces was insbely novel at the time, and would inspire Codemasters to start working on the "realistic" rally game that became Colin McRae Rally.

>> No.6954287

I've had varying results with imgburn too, but also try setting your drive for AWS. This may provide the best results. Alternately use different rips, I've had the best results with trurip over redump.

>> No.6954460

Are there any other games that have a fictional world with an atmosphere similar to that of the Panzer Dragoon series? The closest thing Ive seen is Nausicaa(both are Moebius inspired) which isnt even a game.

I just love the otherworldly alien landscape aesthetic with fantasy sensibilities over the typical science fiction space voyage skimming through loads of generic single biome planets.

Preferably not jarpigs but I guess beggars cant be choosers.

>> No.6954479

I think what works about Panzer Dragoon is how little is said but how much is implied. It feels like somewhere deep in some Sega vaults there's a massive bible for Panzer Dragoon, and we've seen glimpses of it here and there, and each Panzer game provides a window into a part of it.

Maybe try El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron.

>> No.6955169

I wouldn't recommend working on anything without the required skills, experience, and tools. Tools will depend very much on your skills and experience. I can do it with a $5 soldering iron and some wick. Other people who consider themselves experts manage to fuck it up using expensive tools. I'd like to say don't risk doing the work yourself and send it to an expert but you'll need to make sure that "expert" can actually manage it without fucking it up or be prepared to accept a patchwork of fixes to a botched job.

>> No.6955587

You definitely want experience before attempting that one. Sega epoxied the chip to the board on numerous revisions and the only way to tell if yours is epoxied or not is to remove it. Forcing it off could tear up a bunch of traces.

>> No.6955845

>the only way to tell if yours is epoxied or not is to remove it.
>links to video showing how to tell without removing a chip
You definitely want experience before attempting to provide advice again

>> No.6955863

both are good ports.

>> No.6956713

God I just replayed Panzer Dragoon Zwei and it's so fucking good. The weird thing is that I owned it as a child and to be honest didn't care much for it growing up. Now it might be on my top 5 favorite games of all time.

>> No.6957345

Did you get the true ending?

>> No.6957373

I did back in the day, not in this playthrough though, no.

>> No.6957786

I am stuck at work. It's super dead right now. I don't get off for a litte over three and a half hours.

I want to go home and play Sega Rally.

>> No.6958501

I am home now and I am about to play Sega Rally. Life is good.

>> No.6958659

ITT: 155 posts about literal garbage

>> No.6958686

Remember not to feed trolls.

My 3D Pad should be arriving soon, outside of obvious stuff like nights, what other games benefit from it over the standard controller?

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File: 120 KB, 640x1066, NiGHTS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Saturn has been broken for years
>won't spin discs
>too lazy to buy an new one and also don't know any places or sites that repair Saturn games
I just wanna play NiGHTS again.

>> No.6958707

> too lazy to buy an new one

More like too cheap. You can have a Saturn console purchased from Ebay in like five clicks.

I do think it's hilarious that Japanese Saturns are significantly cheaper than American ones these days. Kinda weird, considering you can buy a cartridge for $40 that lets you play burned games from any region.

>> No.6958719

I'm always weary about buying Saturn's on ebay because if I buy a dud, I have to return it.

>> No.6958732

If your Saturn is a model 1 than just spend the $100 on a Fenrir instead.

>> No.6958778

Saw someone post about these earlier in the threads and I've been out of the loop for a while. What do these Saturn Psuedos do?

>> No.6958805
File: 485 KB, 960x1016, memesfromlonngago.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6958807

How does that compare to the Phantom?

>> No.6959010

opens up a launcher on your saturn which lets you run games with no copy protection check.

It's pretty good.

>> No.6959603

Im playing Panzer Dragoon Zwei for the first time and in the final boss, after taking down that giant peacock form the game just ends. Ive seen a play through where after the peacock there's a second smaller form. How do I get that?

>> No.6959627

Use no continues and start from the beginning.

>> No.6959645

Back in 1996, all I knew about the Saturn was what I played: Panzer Dragoon, Astal, and Nights. All pretty boring games, so I assumed the system sucked, since everything else for it seemed to be western dev shovelware.
Today I recognize that it is a very great system that was misused to create 3d shovelware. Only problem is that I've played most of the awesome arcade conversions that aren't fighting games to death by now, they really didn't do enough of them. I have a similar issue with the Saturn that I have with the Neo Geo, really. I don't care about Fighting Games, so a system based around being the best at that genre only has so much of an appeal.

>> No.6959649

oh damn. challenge accepted. thanks

>> No.6959651
File: 2.47 MB, 588x424, pd-zwei-gdragon2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's earned for a very good reason. Dragon vs Dragon is the ultimate battle and is incredibly satisfying.

>> No.6959661

why do people play with those ugly numbers flashing on screen? it really brings down the experience imo since I love the aesthetics so much

>> No.6959662

Score attack, you can turn it off

>> No.6959673

who thought that going from this epicness to a turn based jarpig was a good idea?

>> No.6960198

i'm feeling an itch to play saturn, what can you guys tell me about burning rangers and dragon force?

>> No.6960265

Burning Rangers sucks
Never played dragon force but since its a tactics game chances are that its boring as fuck

>> No.6960559

Burning rangers was a huge disappointment. Dragonforce is one of the all time greats.

>> No.6960680

you can just go through the game with continues then every time you lose on the boss, instead of continuing you quit to the main menu and continue from there. it works.

>> No.6961576

Name a 5th gen game that is more of an aesthetic visual orgasm than Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Nights into Dreams.

I dare you.

>> No.6961751

Dragon Force is like a shallow Kichikuou Rance with fancier battles

>> No.6962203

For me personally, Castlevania SOTN is the most aesthetic game of the the fifth gen, granted its 2d and doesnt throw as much visual interest at the player at the same rate as those games.

>> No.6962206

Aethestics are really hard to achieve with polygons, but I'd say R-Type Delta.

>> No.6962730

For me, it's Dark Savior

>> No.6962835

What's the max you should pay for a fairly good looking (not yellowed) NTSC-J model 2 with a controller of similar quality? About to buy my first Sega Saturn soon off ebay. I already bought a 4 in one pseudo saturn kai cart.

>> No.6963340

Just bought a Saturn off of Ebay. It's premodded so that's pretty cool. I know that there's that list of good Saturn games in this thread, but what games do you guys PERSONALLY recommend? Also, where do I download ISOs to burn onto discs?

>> No.6963593
File: 206 KB, 1600x1200, 1600751837827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I paid $99 shipped for pic related a couple weeks ago. Arrived in pristine condition.

>> No.6963610

Fucking Nice. Too bad about that cheap Chinese A/V cable.

>> No.6963692

What are your tastes? Hard to make recommendations without knowing what you're into

>> No.6963695

Psychic Killer Taromaru and Cotton Boomerang

>> No.6963712

Awesome. Welcome to the Saturn club.

>> No.6963757

I replaced it with a cheap chinese S-Video cable kek

I had one when I was younger, and had to sell it. I bought one of those old racketboy modchips and had a blast.

I have a pseudosaturn cart installed while I wait for my mode to ship. I'm playing through Resident Evil and Panzer Dragoon right now.

>> No.6963780

Any reason why you went with a mode?

>> No.6963849

tell me about it

>> No.6963879

It's a model 2 so fenrir is out, and I didn't want to have to camp some dude's wordpress blog just to get an ODE, or wait who knows how long to get a satiator, so mode it is.

I would have preferred a satiator simply because it would let me keep my system intact, but it's not a huge deal.

>> No.6963880
File: 2.15 MB, 2016x1512, For_Death_Tank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are you playing?
I recently got/discovered Savaki. It is simple but a nice polygon fighting game. Haven't really played it too much, but it is nice in short bursts.

>What kind of Saturn setup do you have?
I have like 4 Saturn systems, all the earlier oval model. One is an early Victor release, a Japanese grey, and two US black one of which was modded back in '96 to have a physical switch to flip between US and Japan regions. I have a couple of Rhea ODEs, but haven't installed them since the Phoebe fits more of the Saturns I have. I do have a MODE on the way, and I am trying to save up for one of those Pseudo Saturn carts, but I have to research into them more since I remember reading something was up with the red carts.

>Favorite games?
I cannot choose, that's why I have over 350 of them on the system. I still desire about 60 more, but at this point they are almost all overpriced for a minimum wage earner.

>Games you think deserve more love?
Culdcept does not get enough love. It is a fantastic board/card game that started on the Saturn, but it had special releases on the Playstation, and later sequels released on Dreamcast, PS2, and Xbox 360. The PS2 and 360 sequels released in English, yet still only the few people I have introduced the game to all get addicted, yet the game stays unpopular with most.

Me too. Like Bizarre Creations and Core they are a Brit studio put a lot of love, talent, and effort into Sega games only to go belly up. It just shows that my tastes in games are for the unpopular titles. While back then I prefer the FPS games played on PC mouse/KB controls, the ports were pretty damn good and is a great showpiece for the Saturn hardware.

>> No.6963913

I really like the sense of "weight" that you have in DN3D compared to other console ports. The movement just feels so much better compared to the PS1 or N64 versions.

I think it's a mixture of a tiny bit of continued movement after the player takes their thumb off of the d-pad, plus a tiny bit of camera tilting that make the movement feel more "realistic".

>> No.6963919

I think lobotomy used collision spheres for their engine, sort of like thief on the PC.

>> No.6964127

I like platformers, RPGs, sometimes shooting and fighting games, and adventure games. Willing to try strategy games as well.

>> No.6964237

Dark Savior is all of those combined minus shooting and strategy.

>> No.6964246

Jesus. What dont you like then?

>> No.6964665

Beat em ups kinda bore me.

>> No.6965231

>love NiGHTS
>notice that Burning Rangers is by the same developers
>try it

>> No.6966738

All the cool games that have any semblence of story aren't translated because the Saturn is an absolute mess on the inside. Black/Matrix, Wachenroder and Langrisser 4/5 I've been waiting to play for years. Well, they aren't translated in-game you'd have to play with a script on hand.

>> No.6966794

Excuse me sweaty but Dark Savior exists and is translated even though there is some censorship on the localization

>> No.6967353

>Excuse me sweaty

>> No.6968403

its a meme ya dip

>> No.6968494

so is dilate faggot

>> No.6968498

Isn't Langrisser fan translated for the Playstation? I know I've played at least one of them on it. Sure, you get slightly better music on the Saturn, but 4/5 have pretty crappy music compared to the first two on the Mega Drive regardless of platform.

>> No.6969237

Yes, Langrisser I, II and IV are all translated. There is currently no translation patch for III or V, people argue those games weren't as good but it'd still be nice after all these years to play it.

>> No.6969532
File: 883 KB, 1415x2355, pd-saga-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saori Kobayashi performing a piano version of Panzer Dragoon Saga's title theme from memory:

>> No.6969659

How do I force myself to enjoy Saga if I cant stand turn based jarpigs? I really want to like it because im such a huge fan of the original and zwei.

>> No.6969887

Just play the game and stop being dumb I guess

>> No.6970054

But its gonna be boring

>> No.6970308

So watch a longplay of it and skip the non-story parts

>> No.6970370

But Im not a zoomer

>> No.6970553

Sounds like you have a problem

>> No.6971462

You cant convince a woman composed this soundtrack masterpiece. 4chan told me women are stupid useless pieces of shit

>> No.6971467
File: 41 KB, 580x507, 0906[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could the Saturn have handled Tony Hawk's Pro Skater?

How would the control scheme even work? The best I can figure is B for ollie, A for flip tricks, C for grab tricks, and Y for grinding, with the left and right triggers used for rotation.

I can't think of any similarly styled games on the Saturn that would be a decent comparison.

>> No.6971492

Nigga who gives a fuck

>> No.6971515

lol classic 4chan

>> No.6971670
File: 1.45 MB, 1416x1417, WillyWombat_Saturn_JP_Box_Front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>recommended saturn games
>Willy Wombat
This is a very, very sad game and I'm not talking about the plot when I say that.
>developed by Westone, the Wonder Boy guys
>never was released in the west, but has english voice acting
>plot is ultra cheesy and kinda strange, but very interesting
>the main theme is catchy as fuck
>the characters and atmosphere are really cool
>character design made by Susumu Matsushita, the guy who drew the covers of many Adventure Island games, Famitsu and the racers of Motor Toon Grand Prix
This had potential to be the next autistic obsession of many children and manchildren, but the actual game is a ultra bland and repetitive platformer that gets boring after 20 minutes of gameplay. Honestly, the presentation is the only good thing about this turd and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

>> No.6971905

He is right though. What a bizarre question

>> No.6972150

Yeah the character artstyle by the Famitsu mascot and Adventure Island covers guy is definitely the best part of the game. The gameplay overall is just so fucking bland, some of the blandest 3D platforming I've ever played.

>> No.6972160

Welcome to the Oi Me Saturn club

>> No.6972820

>decapitated kid
how did they get away with this?

>> No.6973370

The only game I finished was Dragon Force and liked it a lot. What should I play?

>> No.6973437

What other genres are you into

>> No.6973813

Riglord Saga

>> No.6973823
File: 716 KB, 1772x1394, WillyWombat_Saturn_JP_Box_Back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Willy Wombat is one of those games that makes me sad because it had very solid ideas. In the hands of better developers, this game could have been something pretty epic.

>> No.6973942

Jesus, every dev in the 90s so desperately wanted to strike it rich with a mascot character, didn't they?

>> No.6973970

This one is specially weird because it spun off from a rejected crash bandicoot design

>> No.6974040
File: 258 KB, 558x556, Sparkster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At that time, every company wanted to create the next Sonic and, to be honest, I don't blame them for thinking that way. Sega really struck gold with the hedgehog in the 90s.

>> No.6974212

Only played Zwei as a child, was scared of trying the original Panzer Dragoon afraid it wouldn't hold up but as turns out its perfectly playable despite not being as good.

>> No.6974258

Yeah, all the games live alongside each other really well. The first one's stand out element is the music, Zwei the level of chaos, viscera and the phenomenal pacing, Saga for its writing, music, setting and combat design, Orta for its visuals and enemy engagements all being unique. None of the games feel like they "overwrite" the others.

>> No.6974597

I'm still building up the courage to invest the time on a turn based jrpg, even if it's from the Panzer Dragoon universe which I love.
I almost hope it has pokemon-tier piss easy braindead gameplay because I'm not sure that I will be able to put up with losing and having to redo sections from something that's already gonna require a ton of hours regardless of how well I play.

>> No.6974631

Just save often, the game play is a ton of fun and some bosses will rape you the first time around.

>> No.6974651

>the game play is a ton of fun
I'm very, VERY skeptical, but I hope you're right.

>> No.6974657

Depends if you find outsmarting and conquering challenges with planning and seeing it all come together satisfying. That's the entire battle system, understanding vulnerable zones, managing enemy movement patterns and their weaknesses while managing your dragon form. There's literally no other RPG like it. When your plan works well, you're rewarded with more EXP and money and items. When your performance sucks, you're punished. When you do poorly it feels like shit, but when you have a working strategy you're barraging the enemy and they're barely scratching you. It's immensely satisfying.

>> No.6974662

I'll have to see for myself.

Btw, are there any important story choices like in most jrpgs or is the narrative more or less linear?

>> No.6974668

Linear narrative, it's not a choose your own adventure, you, the main character, and the dragon all have their role and it works superbly by the end. No reason to wander around your intervention is going to save the world.

>> No.6974672

Good, the less convoluted the better

>> No.6975330

*Ahem*(clears throat)

fuck the saturn

>> No.6975551

> Terraonion's website says that MODEs will begin shipping "The second week of October"

It's currently the second week of October you Andorran bastards, where's my tracking number?

>> No.6976387

I know I'm on this thread to find about games worth playing on the Saturn. Ports of games on the that have better versions elsewhere would have been worth playing if you had a Saturn in 1996, but they're not worth playing today.

>> No.6976396

There are enough weebs that can read Japanese out there to translate every game worth translating - though maybe not at a high quality. The problem is actually hacking the translation into the game. For some games that might be easier than others, and if a game already has a translated version elsewhere, the willpower to figure out how patch another version of the game can be pretty small.

>> No.6976940

> You can only discuss the Saturn games I am interested in playing in a thread about Saturn games

oh fuck off already

>> No.6976961

A lot of the Saturn ports that /vr/ loves to dismiss, without ever playing them, have extra content, not found in the arcade versions.

>> No.6976971

They objectively serve no purpose now. If you wanna play doom or quake or some shit you can either play a good port or you can go for the original PC version for authenticity, what purpose is there in playing something that's both inauthentic and inferior, unless you're a kid in the 90s with a Saturn and no PC?

>> No.6977191

The inability to comprehend that other people have interests and desires other than the ones you have is a sign of autism spectrum disorder, anon.

>> No.6977234

The need to play and discuss a specific and inferior port of a game that has no purpose for existing in 2020 seems pretty autistic to me.

>> No.6977246

Again, you're incapable of understanding that others may feel differently about things than you do. This is a textook symptom.

If you are an adult than you should contact your doctor and ask for a screening. If you are a child, than speak with your parents, or another adult you can trust like a teacher at your school.

>> No.6977265

I can understand that people can have stupid and objectively incorrect opinions without respecting them.

There are two reasonable ways to play an old game. Let's use Donkey Kong as an example. You can either play it the authentic way, which would be to play it on an actual arcade machine, or you can go for a way that adds (subjective) improvements, such as convenience or reconfigurable controls, like playing Donkey Kong in an emulator.

Playing Donkey Kong on the Atari 2600 is neither of those things. There is zero reason for anybody in 2020 to ever play it. The same goes for old console ports of games. They're neither authentic, nor do they provide any additional value over the original.

>> No.6977578
File: 424 KB, 280x232, qXIhNS2[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> posting all of this

Dude I was fucking around earlier, but now I legitimately think you have actual autism.

>> No.6977625

>I was only pretending to be retarded!

>> No.6977698

Dude you are legitimately on the spectrum. If you don't already know than I'm sorry that this is the way you had to find out.

Do you even have a Sega Saturn? What are you doing in this thread?

>> No.6977701

For a moment i was pretending to find you two amusing. But actually you are not.

>> No.6977702

sperg alert

>> No.6977718

Fuck off cunt

Fuck off cunt

Fuck off cunt

>> No.6977736

Can you share nude pics of yourself please? Thx.

>> No.6977791

lol, sperg

>> No.6977831

At the moment I have a black American Sega Saturn that I've owned since 1997. It's the oldest console I keep hooked up and it's equipped with an Action Replay 4M Plus (the kind with the serial port on top).

I recently bought a gray Saturn from Japan that won't read discs (after buying another black US Saturn that turned out to be fine and I felt guilty about using it for ODE purposes). I intend to put a MODE in it as I'm interested in original hardware but not collecting actual games anymore.

>> No.6979891
File: 8 KB, 241x209, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK so I'm kinda confused. For context I'm in the UK and about 7 few years ago I bought a PAL Saturn yes I'm a retard who wastes money. I didn't really do much with it, but it came with the Action Replay cartridge and a mix of PAL and NTSC-J games so naturally I just kept the cart in all the time. A while back I took the cart out and went to play a Jap game, to my surprise it booted up. I tried putting in a PAL game and it didn't. I checked the system settings and the version is NTSC-1-V1.01a. Now I'm inclined to think that this is the American version as I can't really find it in black and white (might just me being dim) but when it boots up it uses the Western logo. There doesn't appear to be a switch of any kind on it to change regions either. Now I've noticed PAL games tend to cut off a bit while I play them, for example I own both PAL and NTSC-J versions of Sonic Jam and the Japanese version is fine but straight away when I boot up the PAL version the menu is cut off and I can't see the Sonic World option. The main question I have is that if I get an American game, will it run properly with the AR cart in, without any slowdown or screen being cut off? Anyone ever had any experience with this? I had no idea the console was modded in any way.

>> No.6980397

Are you sure you didn't just buy a modded American Saturn that ended up in the UK somehow?

If it has a BIOS mod it may be internal.

>> No.6980416

I'm inclined to think it's European purely because it has a CE Mark. Also I just used my PAL Dreamcast power supply since it didn't come with one, I'm assuming if it was American it would cause issues due to voltages and stuff (not sure about that).

>> No.6980435
File: 1.45 MB, 4032x1908, 20201011_220624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the back sticker, I assumed NTSC wouldn't say 50hz, is that right?

>> No.6980868

NTSC wouldn't say 50hz, no. Sounds like it's a PAL Saturn with some BIOS mod fuckery going on. Have you opened it up, or tried playing a burned game on it?

>> No.6980909
File: 524 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201012-002452_eBay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've opened it up twice, the first time I must've fucked something up because it would constantly freeze and stuff, the disc drive would constantly spin even with the tray open. I opened it up again and just closed it back up which seemed to fix it, but I'm honestly hesitant to do it again. I did look at a teardown video just to see if there were any mods but nothing stuck out. I might try a burned game tomorrow. I would've just bought a US copy of Sonic Jam to compare with my other 2 but not at that fucking price.

>> No.6981513

> Playing Tomb Raider

Are there any other games like this on the Saturn? Not necessarily 3D adventure games, just something with the same sense of complete isolation.

>> No.6981708

Panzer Dragoon saga and Baroque (which is being translated now - and specifically the saturn version)

>> No.6982898

Where do you guys get your Saturn ISOs from?

>> No.6982905

>Baroque (which is being translated now - and specifically the saturn version)
Sauce on this?

>> No.6982957

I would assume the Internet Archive would have been the place but the dude maintaining it apparently got mad salty and took them down or will do so.

>> No.6984091

Abe's Oddysee gives me that feeling for like half the game

>> No.6984137

Find a Saturn redump torrent, I'm pretty sure the most modern one has every retail game ever released in all regions.

>> No.6984138

i realized last night getting a saturn would not have been a mistake.

the ideal play is

gameboy color
2020: still pc

>> No.6984226

Can you post a link here? I looked it up and apparently the biggest one got taken down.

>> No.6984257

The one I got all of my Saturn images from is from bitgamer, so I can't share the torrent link because my account info is included.

If you keep looking around you're sure to find one.

>> No.6984263

Do you really need 500GB of games you'll never play?

>> No.6984361

Probably not, but thanks a bunch anon.

>> No.6984832

>I'm pretty sure the most modern one has every retail game ever released in all regions.
I know for a fact you're very wrong

>> No.6984852

Which games are missing?

>> No.6984882


No retail games are missing from the latest redump set, I don't know what that guy is smoking.

>> No.6985218

For specific games and such it’s useful to find clean images so regardless it’s a good share.

>> No.6985241

WHen the fuck are Terraonion shipping their latest MODE batch?

Their website says "the second week of October", but the second week of October ends tomorrow.

>> No.6985292

>The ones that were never dumped
>The one that were dumped but never given away for free
>The ones redump has listed as missing (holy fuck you must be dumb to miss that one)
I keep my hoarded dumps separate from other shit so I was able to quickly locate something missing from that torrent. It's also missing from redumps missing list so I guess it's not going to ever get dumped until they discover it exists and get hold of a copy. I'm suspect that if I can find one in 30 seconds there's more but can't be bothered to check. But don't worry bucko. If redump ever dumps everything I have I'll be happy to acknowledge it. Even shake their hand and give them a pat on the back.

Keep telling yourself that zoomie

>> No.6985297

deep fear

>> No.6985634

Where did you order from?

>> No.6986346
File: 64 KB, 204x243, 1602375814887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Playing a bit of Sonic Jam, is it normal for the sounds to be a bit "funky"? For Sonic 1 it seemed like there was a delay between each music piece and in S&K the Blue Sphere sounds seem high pitched.

>> No.6987256

> source: dude trust me

>> No.6987268

This is just a tie-in game for El Hazard

>> No.6987279

Ebay. Some nip named "entame_oukoku". It was shipping from Japan to Oregon, so I assumed it would take forever, but from the time I clicked "buy it now" to the time I was opening the box was less than a week. The picture really doesn't do it justice, it's in impeccable shape. I was very surprised. Outside of the yellowing on the memory cart it could have come straight out of a retail box.

Meanwhile, I ordered a Japanese 3D controller from a different seller and the guy sent me a message after I bought it saying that Japan Post isn't shipping to the US because of covid, so he would use "another way" to get it to a US warehouse and ship it from there, and that it may take "4 to 6 weeks" for it to arrive (meaning it's on a fucking cargo ship). I was tempted to cancel the order, but it was a really good deal and it looks like it's in excellent condition, so I'll just wait.

>> No.6987316

Should I get a Fenrir or a MODE?

I have the right kind of Saturn and the Fenrir is cheaper. However one game doesn't work with the system and it's one game I was hoping to try (since it correlates with one of my earliest memories of the console and I never got to try the full game since).

Also that game is typically regarded as horse shit.

>> No.6987324

Which game, this is important

>> No.6987331 [SPOILER] 
File: 97 KB, 230x500, 1602630476641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6987346
File: 96 KB, 750x413, 1602456809736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somehow I knew

>> No.6987352

It's the only truly incompatible game I can see on the Fenrir's comptaibility list (every other incompatible game listed is purely due to in-game disc swapping required).

However, that list also doesn't extend to the end of the Saturn library (the list doesn't even go far enough to rate the compatibility of the Street Fighter games on the system) so maybe there's more that simply aren't listed.

>> No.6987882

I was going to play Tomb Raider tonight, but I think I will fire up Bug! in honor of this unfortunate anon instead.

>> No.6987929

zoom. not even once.

>> No.6987938

Translation is not that difficult. It's hacking the translation in that is much much harder and much more of a niche area of expertise.

>> No.6987950

bug too works, alternatively just burn a bug disc before you install your fenrir just to say you tried it

>> No.6987951

Oh my god, you idiot. You retarded idiot. You moronic fucking stupid retard. You stupid moronic retarded idiotic dumbshit.

Every one of those games has been dumped. You're looking at alternate revisions! You really think NiGHTS hasn't been dumped yet? Or Rayman? Oh my god, you are literally the stupidest person on 4chan right now.

Literally the stupidest person on 4chan.

How does that make you feel, you colossal fucking idiot.


>> No.6988184
File: 378 KB, 600x615, ching-chong-potato.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It makes me feel great that you're seething so hard you continue to make a fool of yourself. You took one look at a list, saw a name you recognized and lost your shit spewing cope. First, there are games there that aren't "alternate revisions". Second, a revision is different from the previous version. But I suppose you know better than the people at redump who are lying about missing stuff because it doesn't correlate with your ignorant shitposts. Third, the irony. The sweet sweet delicious iron.

>> No.6988261

He said every retail game has been dumped, which is has. You're caught in a mistake and are trying to imply that every specific reissue of every game hasn't been dumped, which is a completely academic difference that only a complete autist would care about.

>> No.6988380

He (You) was wrong, and so are you because you are him. As I've said, there are games in those lists that aren't a "reissue". You're just so full of butthurt and zoom that you can't even bring yourself to check. But please, continue to flail, cope, and seethe. If not for my entertainment, to show other retarded zoomies how they shouldn't behave on an 18+ board.

>> No.6989073

I’m surprised Fenrir has issues with in-game disc swaps given how mundane MODE’s solution is (the Saturn has a lid catch detector so all you have to do is throw every disc in the same directory then open and close the lid to change discs, very simple).

>> No.6989090

To go along with this, I have a suspicion that (at least at first) Fenrir’s solution to this will be the primitive “queue every disc before launching” method rather than going the autodetection route of just realizing if a directory is populated with multiple images and the lid catch is triggered in-game, load the next image in sequence.

>> No.6990130

Holy shit, you don't even get it.

>> No.6990593

I don't want to reveal too much but I randomly hopped on a discord today and someone's only a few steps away from making an English translation of the Japanese castlevania Symphony of the night

>> No.6990850

You're full of shit, but if you're not full of shit an English translation plus the recent hack that lets the game utilize the 4MB RAM cart would be a pretty nice combo.

I've always wanted to see the new areas that were added to the Saturn version, but having to work through the moonspeak and go by icons only for the numerous weapons and items you get over the course of the game would be a huge pain in the ass. Of course the game gets a Brazilian translation before it gets an English one because who knows.

I wonder how a version of the game that was designed from the ground up to run on the Saturn would have been, compared to the rushed port we ended up getting.

>> No.6990971
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No anon, no I'm not. Here...taken yesterday;

>> No.6991000

Nice. Did the guy give an ETA on when it might be finished? Tell him I said he is based beyond belief.

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