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90s or early 00s, which was the peak of gaming?

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Whatever you had the most nostalgia for, of course.

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Early 80s

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Are cute and funny threads finally coming to /vr/?

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>Bubsy meme shit game
>on a dad's work PC

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Jesus that working area is an absolute fucking mess.

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I had the exact same floppy disks cases

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90s without a doubt

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mid-to-late 80's, the peak of arcade games

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late 80s/early 90s, golden age of video games.

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Peek of gaming was the entire span of 86 to 2004ish

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whichever pisses off faggots that type 'zoom zoom'

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he's right you know

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fucking kukuruznik

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Zoom zoom little faggot. You don't belong here any more than Gen 6 does.

Zoomer zoomer pee pee poomer
Go crawl back into your roomer
Boomer rich and has a boat
Boomer knows that NES is GOAT
Zoomer watches porn and cooms
While Boomer's in his sister's room

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1987 - 1999 - The golden age of gaming

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My sister used to be really into Sanitarium when she was like 9-10. She didn't like Civilization II, she found that boring.

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I was going to say 87 to 95, but I'm ok with this >>6939104

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One doesn't talk about the Bubsy TV cartoon pilot, Anon

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Seethe, cope and dilate. Don't forget to yikes while you're at it.

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I don't play games for nostalgia.

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You just know what that Olympus was latter used for.

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I felt exactly the same way.

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based sister

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He’s right, dumb fuck

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People really did like Heros of M&M 2 didn't they?

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Women like adventure games, Civilization doesn't appeal to them. They aren't into building stuff.

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early 1980s

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not everyone is a nostalgiafag.

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You don't have to hate everything for people to think you're cool.

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Little girls used to be so cute and innocent, nowadays everyone is some 8 year old twerking whore on instagram

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early 00s was very much the downfall of gaming.

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No they weren't. 10 year old girls have been making Barbies have sex and get raped for as long as there have been Barbies.

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No he's not shithead.

People like music from all kinds of eras, people like movies from all eras, people like games from all eras, it has nothing inherently to do with nostalgia.

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At least it wasn't livestreamed back then.

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zoom zoom

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they became future cuntrag Staceys, I just know it

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It's so sad

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wonder what they look like now

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yeah not enough autism

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the voice acting in that game really sucked

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My sister was really into point and clicks around that time. Still is, I guess.

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And Tomb Raider, my sister was really into that.

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My female cousins (and her female friends) liked the Mario games a lot. They had the SNES that came bundled with SMW+All Stars cart.
The youngest one also got into Pokemon when she was around 13 or so.
Also remember them liking The Sims for a while.
They played fighting games with me sometimes, and always picked female characters. The SNES Sailor Moon SuperS game was their favorite (and it was actually a pretty fun game).

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>girls playing games
>90s and early 00's
>little girls on top of it, no gamer girl proto-stage shit

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>90s or early 00s, which was the peak of gaming?
I feel like late 90s games were still too primitive and early 2000s games managed to polish their concepts more...

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Unless they grew into gamer girl attention whore bullshit. Possible.

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No matter how many times you type this, 1997 is still the year gaming peaked

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well it is when...fuck, I forget.

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For now it's time for me to go
The autumn moon lights my way
For now I smell the rain
And with it pain
And it's heading my way

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1998 if you care about games with actual gameplay

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brainlet take

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The real brainlet is you for not understanding sarcasm.

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Because we can all understand sarcasm through text right? /s

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>For now it's time for me to go back

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>duke nukem 3D below all those other titles in 1998


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Games precisely peaked in 1999. The 90's was an awesome time for games that I haven't really experienced to the same degree since. The Sega vs Nintendo console wars were intense, and PC gaming was more of a secretive thing thing only nerds with money got to play. Also game cheats were spread by word of mouth and were like a mystery and urban legend that you were never sure if they were true or not. And the first generation of Pokemon was crazy.

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Unfortunately I've seen you chuds migrating lately

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and all those burned CDs

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Cuties is made by and for the left, faggot.

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hi /tv/

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early 00's for me,
t. 30 year old boomer

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>wife has full-on squinty chink eyes
>children come out with almonds
so the Japanese phenotype probably is essentially hapa-ish

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The people who claim that tend to be the most blinded by it

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I wonder if that pic has been shot with dat Olympus cam.

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Oh shit I thought I was in /v for a second, haha.

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This is honestly a super-comfy image.

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Well yeah. And the Internet was almost completely uncensored and unregulated back then.

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More cute pics of the two, like playing with their new toys at Christmas and them sitting at the table at a barbecue I presume.

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>Total Annihilation
Played the GOG version for a few hours and never got good at it. The way the tech tree advances is weird to me. Also took be a while to figure out how to mine resources at all. (I can't even remember how to do that now.) So I just tried to spam aircraft and kept losing.

I'm surprised CnC was that low. Ever boy in school seems to know that game back in my day.
>8. Gag
WTF is this ?

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>Starship Titanic
I thought that flopped and no one played it?

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If we are honest, gaming is still improving every year.

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>not recognizing comfy childhood

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The OP pic just RADIATES comfyness

>> No.6943334

>The OP pic just RADIATES comfyness
You will never be a girl anon, NEVER I swear, you can think that all you want but when the day comes you will be like

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What >>6943334 said, faggots.

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If we are honest, lolis is still improving every year.

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The printer has a sticker that reads "Ukradnes vypalis zkopirujes." I think that's Czech?

>> No.6943925

imagine getting this mad at a picture containing people with xx chromosomes, seems like you're the one who has some sort of pent up rage about not being a girl desu
either that or virgin pedophiles extremely mad that they'll never fuck them

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what a zoomer post

>> No.6943950

>digital camera
>in Eastern Europe
Now I'm truly terrified.

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She's a Twitch streamer now.
twitch tv/odetted

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She never should have growed up.

>> No.6943987

I guess the girl on the right because of her facial shape.

>> No.6943989

you certainly didn't

>> No.6944028

Shit, should I know either of these girls?

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>> No.6944398

They were always here and there are at least now some new threads and discussions finally happening.
Imagine fucking lying about being on /vr/ for any amount of time and larping about "new" people.

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the only game I have ever gotten nostalgic for was m64... and I played that on a wii with shitty controls. God that game is too good for us

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any retro games with this aesthetic?

>> No.6944578

>3rd - 6th gen
I can go with that

>> No.6944598

Their cringe hip-hop lingo and degenerate meme glorification just saddens me. The country used to be so well-spoken.

>> No.6944680

I guess I expect too much from you guys.

>> No.6944690

that woman isn't japanese

>> No.6944830

You don’t belong here.

>> No.6944849

This just makes me miss my childhood room so much. T'was so comfy.

>> No.6944895

early 00s easily.

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>> No.6945060

>twitch tv/odetted
Does she shitpost on /vr/?
Also why she no play STALKER?

>> No.6945068

this is far beyond a single country, my man. The whole world has gone to shit.

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Now is the peak of gaming.
I can literally Google (system name) (emulator) and then (gamename.rom) and play that game.
It sucked playing games from cassette or even later cd roms. This world of instantly being able to play whatever you want is amazing to me so yeah - I like now best.
I have literally gone to old friends houses to play kid Icarus and whatever. And CAVE STORY is the best retro game that isn't even an actual thing and it was totally free so there's that.

If you want to ask what was the most creative age for games I'd say the 80's maybe - even things like shops in games to buy weapons were funky new concepts. And seeing new things for the first time ever being done all the time was cool and all, but the lack of polish really showed and there were always all these flaws and even bugs in games that sort of ruined things and a lot of games made me think "I wish they'd done (X) differently" but with mods nowadays it's possible.

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That innocence from early 2000s seem to be the last remaining remenant of happiness before and after 9/11, and not counting nostalgia here.
I think the true transition to degeneracy really began in 2007 though. Although much of its inital beginnings started around the 80s/90s.

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Oh so you're a huge fan of Fall Guys and Generic Arena Shooters? The fuck today is the golden age of gaming. Just because you can download entire sets of games that were made twenty years ago doesn't mean this is the fucking golden age.

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The first e-thot gamer girls are their age. So sure at least one of them it's one.

>> No.6946786

This is so fucking sad

>> No.6946830

Hey, if they're making money, they're probably richer than you.

>> No.6946845


It is.

>> No.6946850

I never know what to expect from this board but I'm always disappointed when losers like these posters come out of the woodworks to wank over memories of being 10 years old playing video games. Get your lives together already.

>> No.6947093

I hope she sees it bro

>> No.6947098

>no! stop having memories! stop liking your childhood! if you do, it means you're a loser! Shut up! Don't remind me that my childhood was shit!!

>> No.6947106

No no, not stop liking your childhood, I meant you should stop living in a perpetual arrested development. Don't you understand the difference?

>> No.6947119

I think only 1 of the posts you replied to there could be (mildly) considered to be what you're describing, and not even.
One of these replies simply said "I miss my childhood room, it was comfy", if by that you read that anon has "arrested development", you're just signaling some sort of problem yourself, like reading someone say that they have good memories of their childhood somehow triggers you - I wonder why is that?
The other 2 replies had nothing to do with childhood, and the other one is the only that actually talked about childhood in a more, maybe, debatable way, saying that the world went to shit after 9/11 and then again after 2007 - which is arguably true, and has nothing to do with childhood nostalgia, you can be 18 years old, have 0 memories of the world pre-9/11, and still know how certain things changed forever in society, same with 2007 and the advent of social media.
Whether or not you agree or not, that's different, but it still doesn't mean that they're losers wanking on their memories or whatever.
Again, you're signaling discomfort with your own childhood. What happend anon? Touch the doll where your step daddy touched you.

>> No.6947124

Obviously struck a nerve if my benign suggestion elicited such a defensive reply. Consider growing up sometime soon.

>> No.6947131

I mean, if people saying "my childhood room was comfy" triggers you enough to go around anonymous retro video game boards and call people losers, I think the one who got his nerve struck is yourself. Consider doing therapy, you obviously have repressed childhood traumas.

>> No.6947136

>no, you're the one who's upset
>you have repressed childhood trauma
>do therapy!
all of this delicious cope

>> No.6947148

I'm posting on a thread about 90s gaming, why should I be coping about posting how 90s rooms get me nostalgic for my comfy childhood room?
On the other hand, you got upset enough to call me a loser, simply because I have some nice memories from my childhood.

>> No.6947150

>you got upset enough to call me a loser
loser is only 5 characters long anon, I'm not sure why you're pretending that it takes special care to stop in to tell you to grow up.

>> No.6947152

Nostalgia is a healthy thing (when it's not obsessive), the weird thing is not wanting to remember your childhood, even weirder if you police people around for remembering their childhood.

>> No.6947156

>can't tell the difference between remembering childhood and having a cheeky nostalgia wank over it
all of your samefagging just drives the point home even harder.

>> No.6947157

It's not about character count, anon.

>> No.6947158

right, it's about you finally growing out of your arrested development.

>> No.6947160

Getting defensive, I see. Anyway, I'd like you to illustrate what's the difference between remembering your childhood and "cheeky nostalgia wank".

>> No.6947163

Me? and who's me? Do you know me?
On the other hand, you know yourself, and you know there's something wrong with you when people point out how weird it is that you go around telling people to stop feeling nostalgic for their childhood on a retro video game board.

>> No.6947165

in what way is that post me being "defensive" and the difference is that remembering your childhood stops short of strictly living in the past like the posters in question are obviously doing.

>> No.6947169

>who's me?
one of the posters I replied to here anon:
You finding some very healthy life advice so offensive leads me to believe that I struck quite a nerve and that my advice was positively necessary.

>> No.6947172

Can you illustrate how any of the posters you replied to are "strictly living in the past"? You sure assumed a bunch of stuff from a few people saying that they don't like e-thot culture.

>> No.6947178

He's a white knight anon, probably simps for one of said e-thots and felt personally insulted.

>> No.6947180

>healthy life advice
>calls people "Losers" for saying that they have comfy memories of their childhood

>> No.6947185

>can you illustrate how the posters you replied to are "strictly living in the past"
I can venture a guess but I only have a general idea about what they do. Posters who are living in the past likely talk about the same games every day. They likely see or remember games through a strictly childlike filter, likely the age they associate the most with that game, or a general age that reflects a period they remember fondly and wish to retreat back into. Nostalgiawankers are also likely to seek out "new" games on old hardware, or at least games they haven't played before, as a strange byline to their childhood self/memories. They're likely to hoard outdated merchandise, possibly even display it in their houses, as nothing more than a vain attempt at keeping one foot in the past. Hope that was helpful.

>> No.6947187

Hey anon, watch that character count!
Also yeah it was helpful, you're just some shitposter that is angry at his own life. Shit childhood and shit adulthood too. What a life you have, lad.

>> No.6947189

>more cope
sort your life out already

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File: 1016 KB, 250x187, 0fq4awq9ona21.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nostalgiawankers are also likely to seek out "new" games on old hardware, or at least games they haven't played before, as a strange byline to their childhood self/memories
the fuck is this schizo ranting about

>> No.6947196

are you ESL?

>> No.6947198

Why would a nostalgiawanker seek out to play games they haven't played before? Shouldn't it be the opposite? The quintessential nostalgiawanker would only replay his favorite games and disregard stuff he isn't familiar with. I dunno, your proposition doesn't make much sense.

>> No.6947201

>games on old hardware they haven't played before
kind of funny how you left out most of what I said there, almost like you don't want to admit that the label applies to you.

>> No.6947203

But it still doesn't make sense though, isn't the whole point of nostalgia to reminisce about the past? Why would unknown stuff be nostalgic?
>old hardware
I see, so "old hardware" is something that bothers you... why are you on /vr/ of all boards?
That's 2 strikes in a row.

>> No.6947205

>That's 2 strikes in a row
nostalgia-wanking and severe autism are no way to go through life anon. sort yourself out.

>> No.6947206

Haha ok my guy, have a nice afternoon.

>> No.6947208

Wow, this blew up all of a sudden.
I forget that this board is actually more autistic than /v.

>> No.6947209

This board is /v/ at this point.

>> No.6947212

no this is /vr/

>> No.6947213

Not really, not anymore. /vr/ in name only.

>> No.6947215

the board hasn't changed at all, what are you talking about?

>> No.6947219

/vr/ used to be about discussing classic games that us, true Retro connoiseurs who aren't nostalgiawankers, liked, such as Ikki or Battle City. You know, classics we like to play over and over.
Now, nostalgiawankers took over, and all they want to do is discuss about new games on old hardware they never played, fucking hate those nostalgia wankers who play games they never played before, they should sort their life out because, definitely, they have arrested development. Imagine wanting to play games you never played before lmfao.

>> No.6947220

Nah it's still /vr, which is why it's more autistic. It's a bunch of nostalgiafags masturbating over the past. It's the most /reddit board I frequent. /v is just shitposting, here people take things more seriously.

>> No.6947225

was this supposed to answer the question I asked you?

>> No.6947227

This. Nostalgiafags masturbating over the past while playing games they never played are the fucking worst.
At least /v/ is just shitposting, just the way I like it. Fuck /vr/!

>> No.6947228

why are you so upset that I called you a nostalgialoser anon? is it because it's true?

>> No.6947235

I prefer the term Retro connoiseur, the kind of true Retro enthusiast that plays the same game over and over (especially if it's emulating on modern hardware, the way God intended).
Now, nostalgiawankers who play new games on old hardware? Those are the worst, always seeking to play games they never played before. Like why would they do that?

>> No.6947237
File: 1.51 MB, 500x400, jelly-mario.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't get me wrong, I still like /vr...

>> No.6947245

>sperging out still
must've really had your number there in that post then anon

>> No.6947249

Keep playing new games nostalgiawanker.

>> No.6947254

okay anon, I'm going to leave you to think about your behavior in this thread. I hope you get some help and stop trying to live out your childhood over and over again.

>> No.6947258

The only ones trying to relive their childhoods here are nostalgiawankers who play games they never played before, get a grip loser.

>> No.6947260

I'm very flattered that you liked my ideas enough to repeat them so much, but I'm serious about you growing up.

>> No.6947264

>still playing new games he never played before
stop trying to relive your childhood already.

>> No.6947279

Is this really one of the girls in the OP? The one on the right I assume?

>> No.6947326

great thread OP

>> No.6947334

Are internet faceless fights the ultimate form of the human experience?

>> No.6947342

If you think they are, you should sort your life out.

>> No.6947354

>the schizo is still around
lmao, still playing the same games over and over, Retro connoisseur faggot?
You will never be as Chad as us, nostalgiawankers, who only play new games we never played before. Only the newest, most unknown retro experiences for us, only the best nostalgia.

>> No.6947359

>get told to sort your life out
>throw a tantrum for over an hour
At this point sorting yourself out would’ve taken less effort.

>> No.6947362

Try playing some new games sometimes, retrofaggot.

>> No.6947368

>accuses others of posting for over an hour
>does it himself anyway
What did he mean by this?

>> No.6947369

ok anon, but only if you promise to seriously reflect on your behavior in this thread.

>> No.6947371

>ESL post
Could you phrase your question more coherently?

>> No.6947374

No, deal with it EOP.
>implying you won't reply coping

>> No.6947376

okay anon, you sure showed me lmao

>> No.6947379

my behavior is immaculate. I am a true nostalgiawanker who never plays the same game twice. Only the most unknown and unfamiliar games for me.
That's what separates retrofaggots (you) from nostalgiawankers (me).

>> No.6947385

he actually did, called you a Peasant, and you agreed. what a passive bitch.

>> No.6947386

>getting this upset about being told to sort yourself out
Maybe it’s a sign you should sort your life out?

>> No.6947392

I dunno man, you've been here telling anons to sort their lives out for over an hour, but what about yours?

>> No.6947394

I’m doing mission work here anon. This board needs a lot of guidance.

>> No.6947402

Wouldn't it be easier to do it on Reddit or facebook or something? Anonymous people will fuck with you here, like they're doing right now.

>> No.6947406

>fuck with you
All I see is a grown man who can’t handle being told to sort his life out

>> No.6947408

No, you're seeing anonymous people baiting you for over an hour.

>> No.6947416

Oh sure anon, that’s what it is. Still, could you at least consider sorting yourself out?

>> No.6947420
File: 114 KB, 612x612, samsonmerca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck sorting, I'm snorting cocaine right the fuck now. Want some, bitch?

>> No.6947426

did you do an acetone wash beforehand to purify it?

>> No.6947428

Who the fuck do you think I am? A nigger from some american ghetto? Only the purest Siembra Colombiana, bitch.

>> No.6947434

Yes, if you’re too naive to run an acetone wash, then I think you’re just some nigger from the ghetto.

>> No.6947448

>buys low quality nigger dust
>wastes time purifying shit that can never be pure anyway
o am i laffin, you turned out to be quite the punk bitch. so much for sorting anything.

>> No.6947470


>> No.6947987

this is what mental illness looks like

>> No.6948000

autism: the post

>> No.6948002

>games are hard and challenging
>games come in many many actual genres
>games had gameplay
>3D not yet so great
>everything turns into a corridor shooter
>bloom everywhere

>> No.6948009

retro: late 80s and late 90s
non-retro: mid 00s

>> No.6948141

samefag: the mental illness: the cope

>> No.6948189

>everyone who doesn’t like my autistic ramblings is the same person
What’s it like in your fantasy world anon?

>> No.6948216

For MY part, from 1995 to 2013 was the pure diamond era of video games

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>he keeps replying like an owned slut

>> No.6948227

Well yeah i want to know what was going through that crazy head of yours when you posted that, you fuckin maniac

>> No.6948232 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.33 MB, 480x288, 1601623199671.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>owned slut begs for more

>> No.6948235

What kind of crazy retard types like that?

>> No.6948238

literally unhinged

>> No.6948239

anon you're so stupid! I hate you! I bet you're a maniac and a bad man! all the other anons agree with me, you're so bad!

>> No.6948242

Craziest shit I've ever read on 4chan, period. I'm leaving this site forever, bye.

>> No.6948246


>> No.6948249

I've read some shit but this is legitimately kind of disturbing, Jesus christ dude, there may be children or very young people here, you bastard.

>> No.6948251

Early '00s because you could still play all the 90s games PLUS the new stuff.

>> No.6948252

How’s the “eBay” business going lmfao

>> No.6948256

By that logic then 2020, you can play everything from the past plus the new stuff.
I think OP's question is not about personal experiences, but eras in which games were being released. You can play Space Invaders in 2020, but it's a game from a different era.

>> No.6948258

Yeah good point, 2020 probably is the best year for games.

>> No.6948261 [SPOILER] 
File: 425 B, 18x18, 1601623975904.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't get it... what's so crazy about that?

>> No.6948263

The Last of us 2 is pretty great, I concur. Probably best game of all time if I may add. I'm pretty sure 2020 will be remembered as THE best year for video games, 100 years from now, just one iconic classic after the other.

>> No.6948264

is selling stuff on eBay kind of like having a booth at the flea market? Or is it more like a swap meet.

>> No.6948268

Fuck off, not retro.

>> No.6948274

>everyone I don't like uses eBay
Is this supposed to be an insult? wow dude, you offended me, I bet you're a craigslist user!

>> No.6948276

No, I just thought you were this loser is all:

>> No.6948279
File: 1.75 MB, 300x225, 1387491091188.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I thought you were this random person from a random different thread
I don't think you're prepared to how 4chan works.

>> No.6948286

You just type like him is all. It’s like an autistic stench that hangs around everything you post. Plus this board only has about 20 regular posters.

>> No.6948296
File: 32 KB, 600x600, 1323222240001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>aaa you're all the same person!
I love seeing literal schizos melting in real time

>> No.6948301

I didn’t say that, if you aren’t that loser then why are you replying to me? If anything, id apologize for misidentifying you as some loser who makes a living on eBay. I mean, can you imagine that life? How fucking embarrassing.

>> No.6948304
File: 23 KB, 512x277, mhm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mhm, you're exactly right, anon.

>> No.6948307

What an odd reply, but listen, if you aren’t that trainyard hobo eBay salesman then I apologize deeply for confusing you with someone of low station like that. No hard feelings right? Just be glad you have a real job and aren’t “self employed” lmao can you even imagine?

>> No.6948318
File: 32 KB, 676x490, test_07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes anon, of course.
Mind you if I ask you what do you see in this picture?

>> No.6948320

Looks like a Rorschach blot to me

>> No.6948325

Two people screaming at each other. They might be exploding, the one on the right is at least. They look like they could be Whos from Seuss.

>> No.6948326

Are you capable of describing what that shape could be, even if a bit abstract? Or you only see a blot?

>> No.6948327

Looks like the underside of a crab there, dr laing.

>> No.6948330

Interesting. Tell me anon, did you receive any strong hit in your head recently? Maybe fell really hard against the floor with the back of your head?

>> No.6948338

Yeah earlier I was laughing really hard, at this guy who said his “job” was selling stuff on eBay? And I leaned back too far and kind of bumped my head a little. It was just a really funny sentiment. I pictured like this dirty little Gypsy man carrying stuff around on a little gypsy bindle trying to sell little trinkets and shit for alcohol and dirty gypsy drugs

>> No.6948341
File: 580 KB, 356x200, 200.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6948343

Can you imagine someone doing that in their 40s though? Has to be the most humbling experience, I gotta say. It’s like being a chimney sweep or something

>> No.6948357
File: 2.59 MB, 500x281, source.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6948361

What kind of doodle are you working on over there?

>> No.6948367

Video games started with the Master System and died with Windows 98.

>> No.6948369

>master system
What’s that?

>> No.6948371 [SPOILER] 
File: 39 KB, 620x414, 1601627661803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just taking some personal notes anon, don't mind me. Tell me, ever heard voices at night?

>> No.6948373

Sometimes, when my neighbors are fighting out on the lawn.

>> No.6948376
File: 450 KB, 500x338, katz.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mhm. do you remember what they say?

>> No.6948381

I don’t know, they’re polish, so they usually yell at eachother in polish. Sounds kind of funny actually, almost as funny as that anecdote about the eBay guy.

>> No.6948501

Yeah us "normalfags" are scary

>> No.6949279

Aren't the girls from TechTV's TheScreenSavers the first E-Thots as we know them today?

>> No.6949295

Do you think Mike Matei snorts ketamine off of Erin's ass or his boxed copy of Little Samson? I bet her ass is baby smooth and pure white.

>> No.6949305

Do you even know what a CHUD is?

>> No.6949606
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, gag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8. Gag
>WTF is this ?
A slav adventure game about porn and silly jokes.

Pretty sure, later it even gained some cult status.

>> No.6949718

Simple as WHAT? Just shit on the English language you fucking monkey

>> No.6949754

That looks good for a Quake Clone.

>> No.6950148

Imagine being an online junk salesman for a “living”, literally trainyard hobo tier.

>> No.6950303

unironically this

>> No.6950494

You know what, fuck it, I'm going to start reselling games at very expensive prices too just to piss you off.
Gatekeeping zoomers from collecting should be fun.

>> No.6950514

I don't buy games, the collection I post on here from NES -> Gen 6 is holdover from my childhood.

>> No.6950519

>Gen 6

>> No.6950525

that's when I stopped buying games, when I put childish things behind me anon. lol

>> No.6950534

lol, hey man so long

>> No.6950536

yeah was gonna say the same, got a work project that'll keep me busy for another two weeks or so, so you'll have to hold down the fort without me.

>> No.6950990

this thread is a shitfest. whoever thought an OP with little girls in it was a good idea?

>> No.6951427

The shitfest, incidentally, was because of nostalgia debating.

>> No.6951632
File: 716 KB, 2048x1536, game room setup0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like that new generations can get into retro games as well. People think they only care about Fortnite and Animal Crossing, but fun games are fun, no matter the age.

>> No.6951678

Don't be like this, faggot

>> No.6951707

I often wonder why do some people come to /vr/ to complain about people having good childhood memories.
I get it "hurr durr, I'll trigger these oldfags on the retro board", but in the end it just comes off as either you're a zoomer who resents having missed out being a kid in pre-9/11 or pre-social media times, or are a bitter boomer who had a shit-tier childhood and resents people who had better childhoods than him. Either way it's pretty sad when you think about it.

>> No.6951750

anonymity breeds monsters

>> No.6952180

1996 through 2004 is the Golden Age of PC gaming.

>> No.6952271

Do you think Zoomers will be as nostalgic of their era?

>> No.6952748
File: 79 KB, 500x528, 1455369618820.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6952754

>Little girls used to be so cute and innocent
No they weren't, they're fucking vile, and always were.

>> No.6952898

They weren't cute and nice in my childhood, not in my mother's childhood from the stories she's told, and not in my grandmother's either.

>> No.6953086

Innocence is a meme, but cuteness is no dream.

>> No.6953606


>> No.6953808

This thread was quite the shitshow.

>> No.6953820

>lolis in the OP
What did you seriously expect?

>> No.6953824

Let's face it, 99.9% of the guys here should not be left for a long time unsupervised in a room with these two girls.

I'm of course an exception.

>> No.6953853


Read the thread, it actually didn't have anything to do with the girls but one guy sperging out about childhood memories.

But I also noticed the trend to use "loli" for real girls. Go on.

>> No.6953859 [DELETED] 

if you're a parent yourself then it's cool

>> No.6954084

You'd better be a parent, anon. That's the only excuse.

>> No.6954117

Two peoples faces pointing away from each other, like one one person put ink on the side of there face and smushed it on the paper and vice versa.

>> No.6954238

United nations pedos acting all moral policey in the thread apparently....

>> No.6954260

go back to /tv/

>> No.6954289
File: 200 KB, 1536x864, 1096570_screenshots_20201003184013_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Horror gaming peaked in 2019.

>> No.6954356

clock tower (SNES) still scares me more than anything ive played since

>> No.6954545

I played the PS1 Clock Tower and it is one of the best horror games I ever played. Novel concept, having you be a scared girl hiding under a bed as a murderer enters the room, you know, like in actual horror movies.

Bought a repro cart of the SNES version and it kept crashing on my machine and I had to return it. :(

>> No.6954553

This is correct

>> No.6954992


>> No.6955013

what game?

>> No.6955015

this but unironically

>> No.6955020

>She didn't like Civilization II
your sister has shit taste

>> No.6955165
File: 559 KB, 3443x2272, DSC00417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Room from the late 80s.

>> No.6955457

Song of Horror

>> No.6955594

Did you sleep in an oxygen tent?

>> No.6955619

what the heck

>> No.6955628

90s for consoles, late 90s/00s for PC.

>> No.6956373

as anon said, women aren't into games like that that involve building things since they appeal to men's power fantasies

>> No.6956410


>> No.6956414

>He can't understand sarcasm through text
You know this is a genuine sign of below 90 IQ or autism... right?

>> No.6956560

Oi! dun like at? doors dat way!

>> No.6956957

Saturn Lolis will always be a thing. Deal with it, faggots.

>> No.6957537

haven't been on 4chan for a big ass while,what's up yall?

>> No.6957545

/vr/ died, welcome to its corpse.

>> No.6957575

Ugh that's...sad man.

>> No.6957580

is leftypol still alive?

>> No.6957590

not in the real world where no one has a Saturn - what a fucking meme

>> No.6957596

This is 4 not 8 you turbonigger

>> No.6957615

isn't there a leftypol thread also on 4chan?

>> No.6957629

haven't been called a turbonigger in a while my turbonigga.

>> No.6957638

No this videogames (v) retro (r) go back to wherever the fuck you came from.

>> No.6957645

nah i amma stay here.

>> No.6957654

so who played SH3 here?
Cause i am kinda retarded and need help

>> No.6958276

Holy shit, 10/10 would daughter those girls, they're really cute

>> No.6958291

I'd play this.

>> No.6958378

that kid looks like a real smartass

>> No.6959451

The '90s, and this board is truly ruined. Great job, mods.

>> No.6959572

Anon, what he's done is taken a picture of a old photograph which is stored in a thing called a photobook, a book which is designed to keep photographs clean, organised and in place under a thin layer of plastic. Also, the photograph wasn't printed out at home, rather the photograph was captured using a device called a camera, which uses a specially crafted light sensitive material call film, which captured the image onto it. This film would taken be taken to a specialist who would take the film, put it through a process called developing and then print the final image onto paper, producing the photograph.

...I was trolling, but now I've just very briefly run through that process, now I'm nostalgic and sad.

>> No.6959576

Possibly late mid to late 90s because you had the best of all words. PS1 still had 2D and 2.5D jrpgs and N64 had some ambitious and unique 3D platformers.

>> No.6959589 [DELETED] 


>> No.6959592

Is that a Commodore plus 4?

>> No.6959601


>my feathers are ruffled

>> No.6959717


Amstrad Schneider CPC 664 with green monitor.

>> No.6961125

Best answer !!

>> No.6961238
File: 78 KB, 306x394, 1597867331359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6962427


>> No.6962432

/vr/ became /v/ the day games past 2000 were allowed

>> No.6962607

Future fujoshis.

>> No.6962624

Sorry to break it down to you but that's flour.

>> No.6962791

Make it 2006 just because of God Hand.

>> No.6962794

Some of them don't have a choice and are forced into it literally kicking and screaming by their morbidly obese mothers trying to live vicariously through their daughters.


This shit was allowed to air on American TV for 7 years straight, and child beauty pageants are still a thing.

>> No.6962797

Which girl do you prefer?

One on the right is cute, but one on the left all day for me.

>> No.6963116
File: 271 KB, 1280x720, 42341653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

90's for the titles, new genres (birth of FPS, RTS etc) and general better hardware.

2000's for the tech itself (internet, HD, superproductions).

But, in general, 90's > 2000's because of the nostalgia fact + good anarchy vibes from that time.

>> No.6964487

Right for sure.

>> No.6964520

What language is that on the printer? Lithuanian?

>> No.6964531

The left one is very cute.

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