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Metal Gear Solid shites all over it.
Clunky piece of shite.

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The game doesn't pander to casuals. You got filtered. That's why it lives in your head rent free.

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I get that shitposting as an inbred brit is a spinoff of the speccy meme, but they aren't even close to being in the same genre. One's a cinematic action game, one's an immersive sim.
Thief 1 is very casual friendly outside of the add-on levels from the gold edition, I'm not sure what you mean.

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gr8 b8 m8

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>Thief 1 is very casual friendly outside of the add-on levels from the gold edition, I'm not sure what you mean.
This is such a backwards post. They watered down levels in the gold edition like Bonehoard. TDP was actually harder than Gold edition. Not to mention the levels in Gold aren't any harder than the regular missions they're just bad.

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Thieves Guild and Mage Tower are both shitty and annoying missions. Playing through on normal, I can't think of any base missions off the top of my head that felt particularly difficult, surely none that would qualify as a "filter", especially with bunnyhopping. Even on Expert, Thief 1 has nothing on the Styx games as far as punishing, filter-worthy difficulty goes in a steal'em'up.

I think 2 is quite a bit harder.

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>playing through on normal,
>Thief 1 has nothing on the Styx games
Dude this entire post

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>playing through on normal
Surely you don't think someone who was in danger of being filtered would go out of their way to play on expert, right?
It's cheesy, but it's just too fun not to do.
>Thief 1 has nothing on the Styx games
When it comes to punishing difficulty.
You're right, Thief 1 is more of a loot'n'leap.

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Everything in this post is retarded, but to give a serious response to every point would detract from how absolutely braindead retarded this one is:
>It's cheesy, but it's just too fun not to do.
Incase you're too fucking stupid (likely) to know why this is a moronic thing to say. You're unironically evaluating a game based on exploiting game breaking bugs that were removed later. That's like running through RE1 by using the infinite grenades bug.

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>pressing the jump button while moving is a gamebreaking bug

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>new contest announcement on 1 october

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>The devs totally wanted you to move at the speed of light to the point where it breaks the engine if you do it too much
>Thats why they removed it from the sequel

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I'm sure this is why they added the speed potion. Because you could completely invalidate it by spamming jump.

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I actually liked how you could bunny hop in thief 1, and was disappointed they removed it in thief 2. It was a nice movement option. Also, you take damage if you jump too quickly into a wall.

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Love 1 and 2. Hated 3 because it was too fucking buggy.

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I wasn't able to play 3 because the controls felt awful.

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Controls take some time to get used to but no amount of getting used to is gonna help out awful the way shit works in this game. I spent 30 mins trying to grab a ledge that you could've easily grabbed but refused to do so.

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Thief: Gold and TDP are BOTH easy as fuck both of you stop shitposting already. Bunnyhopping is also fine as you cant really exploit it to great lengths in the OMs. They removed it entirely in Thief 2 which was a bit of an overreaction on their part, should have just put a hard speed cap.

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>Get seen
>Guards run same speed as you
>Normally you have to use parkour and shit to get away
>Instead bunnyhop away at the speed of light
>Completely removes punishment for being caught
>Not an exploit
>"Yeah this game is easy bruhs"

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>looking glass meticulous tested the game while designing it
>somehow never pressed jump while moving

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I sure can't wait to play ten generic undesigned sandbox city levels in a row!

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You seem to have a lot of insider info. Please tell us more.

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>immersive sim
Ah yes, the biggest red flag in all of video gamin'.

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Love the fist 2 games (finished both multiple times) , but cant play/stand the 3rd one because of the new engine.
The movement and aiming is so fucking shitty with the new engine. I also get tons of micro stutters without the sneaky update.
Tried to play it like 15 times and always gave up after 1st or 2nd mission...

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Based as fuck.

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TDP has the best cover. Prominent Garret best Garret.

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>Guards run same speed as you
except they don't

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I'm still waiting, motherfucker. Tell us exactly what the missions are since you obviously know all about this campaign.

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It makes Kojimafags seethe.

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Posting reddit images doesn't make you somehow correct. Thief is easy as fuck, with or without bunnyhopping. Just talk about cool missions or FMs and not some useless gay shit.

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Speaking of FMs, what is the one that impressed you the most, anons? For me it was Ink & Dust, probably the most suffocating mission I've played so far.

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Calling my images reddit doesn't make you right or make them reddit. Yeah the game is easy once you played through it once and understand the mechanics in and out. On the first playthrough it's not especially Thief 1. Thief 2 is far easier. Unless of course you abuse glitches. The fact people in this thread are saying "Thieves Guild" and "Mages Tower" are the hard missions tips me off that they forgot what the games like for a new player. Those missions are only hard to someone who's familiar with the game because they're so drawn out. On the first playthrough they're indistinguishable from the other missions.

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I guess savescumming would also make it easy. I do all the missions without saving these days.

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I would argue Thieves' Guild is definitely a tougher mission than most because the Thief AI is as trigger happy if not even more uppity than the Hammerites, which are the second most uppity AI after the Haunts. The thieves are quick to anger, have better vision and hearing than the average joe, are pretty fast and they aim quite well with a bow.

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They're nowhere near as aggressive as the AI in the Sword. Really the only reason they are so hard is because the lighting is bugged really hard in that mission, which is something that trips up an experienced player more than a beginner who still isn't really sure how the light engine usually works.

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>nooo you can't just play the game how you like
Developer intent as a concept is flawed and it's only every interesting to talk about it with someone who actually understands the concept and the shortcomings of the argument. You faggots who just use it to parade your vanity elitism around really need to fuck off.

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Is thief playable with a controller? My hands wanna explode a lot. Anyone tried with steam controller/DS4?

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Fucking lol. Yeah I'm sure that's why the devs gave you a speed potion. So you could just bunnyhop at the speed of light anyways. Also completely invalidates the getting caught because you can just hop at lightspeed to get away. You don't even need to do stealth really. You can just bunnyhop at lightspeed through a level. Might as well will be doom.
>You faggots who just use it to parade your vanity elitism around really need to fuck off.
Saying the equivalent of speedhacking isn't the proper way to play the game is elitism now? Good fucking lord you people.

Tried it once. Nowhere near as ideal as M&KB, but you don't exactly need to aim on a dime in this game like it's Blood so it's fine.

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>hacking=/=not hacking
>the proper way
You're autistic.

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>Invalidates speed potion
>Invalidates getting caught
>Invalidates stealth
>Gets removed immediately in sequel
>Not a gamebreaking bug
>Games easy lol
You fucking people. Act all high and mighty about how Thief is the pinnacle of stealth yet you can't even beat your own fucking game without abusing exploits. You're so god damn insecure about an obvious exploit being called one it shows just how fucking bad you are. No wonder the MGSchads screech at the top of their lungs at the mere mention of this game.

>>hacking=/=not hacking
>Doesn't know what equivalent means
Holy shit you're actually retarded.

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You're autistic.

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I can forgive someone who hasn't played the game for not realizing how absolutely busted it is. The others not so much. Unless you haven't played the game and don't know how bunnyhopping in Thief works that doesn't change anything. Press jump 3 times and you move faster than a 500GP potion that lasts 9 seconds and is one of the most expensive items in the game. It's fun but it breaks the game in half and got removed immediately in the sequel.

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For reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs6fQFzrNmo . This isn't the "You can't use this item", "You need to play on this difficulty", "You need to play on original hardware and a CRT" autism you're conflating it with. The this vid doesn't really do it justice because it's such a huge area and by the 3rd jump he's already moving faster than the speed potion. You move so fast you outpace the teleport ability in Dishonored.

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Fuck you retard god damn shut up

I recently just played Zealot's Hallow. Genuinely incredible mission for the size restriction. The size limit unfortunately makes some of the platforming clunky and annoying at times however, so be prepared to fall quite a lot.

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You weren't the target audience, that's why it was good

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This was the only stealth game where I felt like I was actually being stealthy, first person view really helped with the immersion. Too bad nothing managed to replicate that feel since.

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>city mission
* yawn *

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Zealot's Hollow tried to pack too much content in too small a space I think. It also uses so many models my framerate tanked at one point. The Tower probably has half of what Zealot's Hollow features and manages to be much better.

Go away, retard.

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Thief is the most casual stealth game I've ever played.
You'd have to be trying to actually get hit by anything.

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Archers fuck you up though

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This ones honestly the best in the series. 1&2 are janky pieces of shit. 3 is ok but lacks polish.

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based, but not retro

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Hey guys, just done reverting some of the crappy enhancements for T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age

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fixed sky, upped reshade gamma

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The ambience in this mission is really good.

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yeah the amount of objects he used and had on screen at some moments were a bit much.

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is this water better?

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Nah, looks weird in most missions including this.

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It's weird, there's this pervasive belief here that if a game isn't hard, it's shit, and that if someone doesn't like a game, it's because it was too hard. It runs so deep that people try to pretend easy games that they love are harder than they really are, rather than admit that they like an easy game, and perhaps someone didn't like it because it just wasn't to their tastes.

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Yeah, you can't critique the combat AI because if you ever get caught that means you're bad at sneaking around and thus your opinion doesn't matter.

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New player here, just started the game this weekend, can confirm that the thrives guild mission is kicking my ass.

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This one is way better, it's Vurt's T1&T2 Realistic Water v1.0.1

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Based. This is the only one that aged well.

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Thief 2 is too dark, the high gamma setting makes it look like shit, what are the solutions for this.

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Kids debating a game their grandparents played is timeless. The truth is at the time of thief it was groundbreaking and nothing else came close to it. Not until morrowind was there a decent steal from npcs game.

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Try getting high so your pupils dilate and they absorb more light.

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Install T2Fix and tick "Complete Mission and Resource fix" then up the gamma in options or with LiftGammaGain (reshade)

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Anon the fun hasn't even started for you yet.

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CRT or some sort of shader.

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I find all water replacements to be absolutely horrendous personally. The vanilla texture isn't good by any stretch (mostly because it animates too fast), but at least it stays consistent with the base visuals.

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Makes sense. The modded one seems to produce more banding sometimes anyway.

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Shitposting aside, Thiaf already feels very of its era.

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Thats true for Thief 1 but Idk about 2. Thief 1 felt like a D&D 1.0 campaign mixed with build shooters/doom. Thief 2 is more what you would expect. They took a lot of the soul/quirks out.

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It's because there is no counter whatsoever to get gud. See, if you were to complain about a game at all, I would reply with "get gud", which insinuates your grievances stem from sucking. The only thing you can do to counter this is to argue you do not, in fact, suck, however that means nothing without proof.

In addition, if you were to provide a webm or something proving you are in fact good, I could simply ignore it and spam get gud until you give up and move on. Ergo, criticism is impossible.

Anonyminity was a mistake.

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Except the webm posted was of the combat AI not attempting stealth. Thief is really easy if you ignore the stealth completely and just want to bunnyhop to the end. Thief 2 corrected this by forcing no-detections on one or two missions but that's it. Anyone can say the game is easy but as soon as you add a restriction like
>Don't get seen
>Don't abuse bunnyhopping
suddenly the people calling the game 'easy' shit their pants and spam "I CAN PLAY IT ANYWAY I WANT! YOU'RE BEING AN ELITIST! REEEEEEEEEE-". It's really an interesting sight to see and you see it all over this thread.

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>Anonyminity was a mistake
8/v/ had a great balance where you had per-thread post IDs. You couldn't fall back to low effort git gud spam in a thread you were attempting to have a serious discussion in without tainting the rest of your posts, and you couldn't samefag to consensus crack either.
>suddenly the people calling the game 'easy' shit their pants and spam "I CAN PLAY IT ANYWAY I WANT! YOU'RE BEING AN ELITIST! REEEEEEEEEE-"
In typical stealth game fashion, I think most people are just going to quickload when they get spotted. Bunnyhopping is great not because of the combat implications, since you probably aren't getting spotted in the first place, but for rapidly combing a cleared level for loot/secrets you may have missed after knocking everyone out. It also just feels really good in general and is fun.
>It's really an interesting sight to see and you see it all over this thread
I see one guy coming in with the classic MGS bait to farm (You)s, and one triggered tranny taking the bait and claiming he was filtered, despite the shitposter in all likelihood never having played the game in the first place.

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Why did Shodan get the waifu meme shit but not Viktoria? They both go from antagonist to friendly enemies. Garrett and Viktoria actually have some tension between them. The Soldier never speaks and Shodan basically uses him as a tool.

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It's time to make a mission, tafferboys.

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Get gud.
Get gud.

See? You can't counter it. I have won.

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"Framed" was the best mission of the first half by far. I thought it was gonna be impossible but it was actually really fun and rewarding (since it's probably optimized for that anyway). Really made me consider doing Ghost runs later or play FMs designed around no-knockout rules.

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How do we stop beepzorz from shitting up Thief threads?.

>> No.6949941

Talk about something new?
Previous thread someone tried to gauge interest for a FM made by /vr/ users, but the reaction wasn't spectacular. Now there is a new contest. You got three months and it has considerate size limitations, so the mission can't be too big. A couple of folks working on, let's say, another "Thief - The Chain Project" is not a far sight?

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Is it just me or does EAX sound shittier? I swear it just seems to apply either muffling or out of place echoing to everything. I'm listening to Karras and the Sheriff speaking in Eavesdropping right now, they sound nice and muffled through the door with it off and like booming, echoing voices right next to me with it on.

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I liked when we said get raped better.

>> No.6950354

It does sound shittier. I never understood the fad nor the people jerking over it.

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File: 1.66 MB, 853x480, npc vs spider.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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It probably wasn't implemented well, like many of the meme features throughout the last 20 or so years of PC gaming.

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>our lady is a saint among mortal women.

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That was me trying to get people to do it, and genuinely fuck that one anon who kept trying to dissuade me from doing it that way.

I ended up giving in too and talking with Brethren about it, hence why this is now a thing.

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Would you like to make it a joint effort? Previous thread I said I was too busy with my own project. But, in hindsght, I could use the experience.
If you still want to, TDP (with or without shader) or TMA?

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haunts are one of the many things that the sequel really fucked up

>change the sword into a hammer
>keep the sword animation
looks absolutely ridiculous.

>> No.6953228

the fact alone that it's an FM for the T1 is enough to sell it to me.

the first game is superior in every aspect except one - the FM scene.
T2 has well above 1000 missions, whereas T1 has about 200.
consequently, I'll play each and every mission made for the first game.

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>>The people saying the game is easy can't play it when you add restrictions like not abusing glitches
>Get gud. See? You can't counter it. I have won.
Absolutely reddit-tier. It's countered by the fact it makes 0 sense. What you meant to say is shitposting without any idea what is going on has no counter.

>> No.6954671

Huh, that's why it looked so weird.

>> No.6954726

Sure, how would you like to be in contact for it?

>> No.6954750

Sorry, this was meant to reply to >>6951572

>> No.6954781

why is garret outfit gray in the first one but green in the second one?

>> No.6954831

Are you part of the Dromed Discord?
BTW, do you have prior experience in making FMs?

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In 2020 still looks pretty awsome (if you know how to do that :P)

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Will never understand Thief 1/2 fans on /v/ & /vr/. The Dark Mod is an absolute gift and it is shit upon the moment that it's always mentioned here...

>"Oh no!!!! Looking Glass is gone! We'll never get Thief 3 now!"
>"Oh NOOOO!!!! Thief 3 is SOOOO CONSOLIZED!!!!! What do we DOOO?!!!"
>"We can't even find the source code for Thief 1/2! It's getting harder and harder to play on modern systems!! WHAT. DO. WE. DO?!!!!"

TDM: Hey guys. We've taken the Doom 3 engine, completely re-worked it and have designed not only a complete IP-free Thief game that's completely free but also a level editor that removes a lot of the kinks in DromED. You should try it.


>"Hey, the source code leaked for Thief 1/2! We're saved! Yeah!!"

Thief fans are the biggest ingrates. I remember when total conversion projects like this had a completion rate of like 0.0001% at the time. The fact that this team pulled it off was nothing short of a minor miracle. And it's free. And it works seamlessly in Win 10 out of the box.

Thief fans deserve nothing based upon the diss that they gave TDM. They deserve 1,000 years of Thief 4 and nothing else.

You guys actively walked away from a team of dedicated programmers, artists & level designers who painstakingly set out to right a wrong at a time when the source code was nowhere to be found, T1/2 was getting harder & harder to play on modern systems & what did become T3 was a consolized piece of shit.

>> No.6955479

what the hell are you talking about dude

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Looks like you applied a shitty HDR effect to a photo

>> No.6955558



>> No.6955572

>well you can tell by the way I use my walk

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>> No.6956050

Looks awful.

Many Thief players love TDM, what are you on about?

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File: 1022 KB, 1920x1080, thief_2020_10_04_13_35_43_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vanilla looks better

>54 fps

>> No.6956545

I am in the discord. I made two missions for the previous contest as well, so deduce who that is on your own.

>> No.6956563

you just summed up every normie's opinion on retro games

>> No.6956597

fuck those shitty spiders

impossible to hit in melee

>> No.6957543

I don't play the dark mod because the movement is clunky. Basically unplayable. Also the fact it's an absolute eye-soar doesn't help.

>> No.6957579

I've never played Thief, but it's based because it makes you Kojimacucks seethe.

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>> No.6959587

the other way around.

>> No.6960162

You wish.

>> No.6960229

Do it anons, dromed really isn't that bad.

>> No.6960268

it's true >>6954583

>> No.6961337

Everything about the TDM is great though anon, except the walking movement, holy fuck, I guess we can have perfect vaulting but cant have great movement and perfect vaulting.

Dynamic Shadows when utilized properly also open up some fun gameplay elements.

>> No.6962123

Read the first post in this thread, >>6937067 it pre-dates the thread you linked. The guy who made the first post seethes in every stealth thread particularly Thief ones and the thread you linked was probably made to bait him out. It's most likely /v/ going for low hanging fruit because everyone stopped falling for their shit-tier bait.

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>> No.6964415

never had sex

>> No.6964532

Dark engine spiders are badly animated but amazingly lethal

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>> No.6965978

No idea why the devs didnt interrupt the speech and make the guards attack player here.

this. All HD packs were cancer so far

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File: 2.95 MB, 1973x1536, thief lighting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"warm brown" was a disastrous choice of art direction and you all know it. "cold black-white-yellow" was superior

>> No.6968082

Nigger, are you joking? Both Thief games are colorful as fuck.

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File: 1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Thief3_2020_10_07_00_06_21_682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the hell is Thief 3 so fucking awkward and buggy?
God I hate consoles

>> No.6968114

are you blind? the first game has a very distinct palette. did you think they made some of the stone walls blue by accident?

>> No.6968850

I like it, the dynamic shadows and the less forgiving blackjacking make the stealth much more slow-paced

>> No.6969184

They reused almost all the textures in Thief 1 in 2. Yeah Thief 1 might have been more colorful because you had a literal forest wizards spooky mansion of nightmares vs industrial Hitler. It's interwoven in both parts of the games. The guards in the first level talk about how everything is getting dark and going to shit from the soot the factories are creating.