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how do you guys feel about mini consoles

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A mini console raped my dog

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I already have plenty of emulators.

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i would have loved them if they played real cartridges
as it is, they are literally less useful than my hacked switch with retroarch

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Basically funko pops.

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Highly inflexible emulators. I don't care about collecting random plastic shit so the actual form factor is meaningless to me.

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I think for most people here they're pointless, we either started emulating ourselves years ago or are into physical collecting and that experience enough that these aren't appealing. For a broad audience though of someone who just wants to casually replay games from their childhood or introduce them to a new generation they're a great idea.

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I prefer playing emulated games on a portable

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Perfect for fitting in my shitty pathetically small Bongoloid "flat" cramped between two migrant families that costs me 2000 dollars a month.

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emulators for normies

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pointless when the raspberry pi exists

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Everything these days has enough hardware to be a real computer, yet these cute things are locked down to make it a chore to customize.

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I've been emulating shit since I was a child so I just view them as a waste of money. To someone that doesn't emulate or thinks emulation is scary they probably think they're very cool.

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I have the SNES and Genesis but I receieved both as a gift. I actually play the SNES regularly after modding it and adding more games. It's nice to have official repros of the snes controllers at any rate.

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SNES Classic is great for modding

>> No.6905962

Not my thing because I prefer original hardware but I can see the appeal for casual players that just want to replay their childhood games for nostalgia.

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From what I hear both it and the PS1 classic are easy to mod as well
I'm kind of interested in them for these reasons since my INT is too low for most mods and they have a nice frontend built in as well.

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Just get an emulator. Damn.

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b...but that's illegal

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a good source of /vr/ USB controllers when they get their prices cut to the <£50 range
(except the Nintendo ones, unfortunately.)

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