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How is a game about driving a train simultaneously this comfy, fun, and disgustingly hard?

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It's like you're really a Japanese train driver, as in you have to drive that train fucking perfectly. Always be exactly on time, always line up with the platform exactly. But aside from that wow look at all these cute Japanese suburbs and towns.

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Is there any good way to get the PC ports working on modern OSes? 1 is forced 640x480 fullscreen, pro can at least run at 800x600 in a window, and 2 asks me for a disc even though it's already inserted.

It'd be nice to play them with updated resolutions and shit, but I guess the japs don't care as much as westerners do when it comes to patching old games.

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The best way to play this game is while you commuting on a train.

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>asks me for a disc even though it's already inserted.
Had the same problem with an old porn game
i guess the only solution is a virtual machine

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It's weird because the rest work fine. Maybe it's because the iso is a fucking mds+mdf pile of shit, while the rest are isos or bin/cue files which actually mount properly with modern software.

Still need to find Final with the crack somewhere, the rest were all up on archive.org.

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Try changing not only the locale to Japan but also the time to Japan.

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It's an odd kind of feel.

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I tried that, even uninstalling it first, but it didn't make a difference. I might try the non 3k version at some point, but an inferior version isn't that appealing.

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>Maybe it's because the iso is a fucking mds+mdf pile of shit

Acquire a copy of AnyToISO if you don't have anything that can mount it.

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I tried out the tram version today, pretty cozy. It's a shame they dumbed down the difficulty, but I guess that's because trams just stop on a dime. The added stuff like having to announce when you depart and when you're pulling into a station (depending on the cities regulations), and opening doors on either the right or left, then remembering to close them when you set off, are some fun gimmicks.

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That's one of my favorite games from the franchise. I've played so much of it and still haven't unlocked everything.

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The game is way better with the controller for added immersion. Sure, you can map out individual keys, but nothing beats yanking those knobs. The only negative is that they were lazy as shit when it came to the lever and didn't mold the bottom of it.

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I was so mad at myself. I saw a copy complete with controller at a game convention, and decided to go check around to see if there were any others around, so maybe I could get a better deal.
That was a bad idea, as there were none around and it got snatched up probably minutes after I left it there.

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So If I want to play this on PC, is an emulator a better way to go?
And since I've never played any Densha de Go game, what's a good place to start (say, such as the first game having multiple versions)?

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I love how comfortable for me the sounds of the game are, because visiting Taiwan many times has gotten me really familiar with the sounds trains (especially bullet trains) make. Its actually super comfortable to hear (both from the game and in real life. I can quite easily fall asleep on those trains).

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So western train games have you come 10 minutes late, have people eating and taking on the train the entire ride, have the train randomly go out of service?

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I remember getting Densha de Go! Final working with no effort. I'd start there.

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>Learning about the semi-recent new arcade version that's updated with new train lines every so often.
Almost sounds like the definitive version.

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Too bad it is impossible to find Ryojou-hen for PS2. It would be more fun to play with the train controller.

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It doesn't matter they're all the same lmao

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Turns out controlling multiple tons of steel on a congested network full of similar multiple tons of steel carrying dozens if not hundreds of human beings and having to adhere to a strict timetable and stopping/starting at precise points isn't easy.

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Nigga you just press buttons

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The PC ports are fairly playable, emulation isn't great because they're all shittier ports, and for the later games like Final and trams you can crank it up to 1080p and beyond without any issues. Plus PS2 emulation is literal dogshit.

Thanks to the work of one autistic jap, you can play all the PC ports with any of the controllers, although you will be limited to using a keyboard for the menus.

I got it working with my type 1 without any issues. The mod for it works kind of weirdly, if you set it to keyboard config 1, it's steam, config 2 is for electric. And it's a little awkward mapping the buttons on the early controllers, I've got start for announcer, A and C for doors, and B for horn. The brake also spergs the fuck out whenever you fuck up, but it's not a big deal.

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I have this controller but never thought about setting it up with PC. Do you need a PS2 controller to USB adapter to make it work?

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Yeah, that's all you need. I personally use this one, it was like 3 bucks, but I imagine most work.

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I want to play the dreamcast version but i cant find a good iso/cdi file

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This only happened to me once.

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Like any driving simulator, without feeling any inertia it's much harder to know exactly how fast you're going and how hard you're braking.

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Watching the numbers goes a long way to mitigating that, it's a lot tougher in driving sims where you aren't getting a constant readout of how far away from something you are.

The main key is just understanding your brake points, and half of that is just memorizing the track. If you're travelling X speed, you need to brake at X distance before a station, and then the last 100m are just micro-adjustments.

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this is the absolute best video game gif i have ever seen. what version of the game is it?

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It seems like the psx version.

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It's DDG Professional.
Both on PSX and PC

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>when you finish the E2 hokkaido run and hook onto the E3 for MAXIMUM SPEED.
Driving a train has no right being this hype.

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The train connecting mini game.

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I've searched all the usual suspects and can't find an ISO of the PC version of DDG Professional. There was a nice old blog spot that had a mega link for literally every version, but those links are now dead.
Anybody got a lead on where I can find it?

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Nevermind, I found several torrents on archive.org

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I love this kind of old 3d and I love taking trips through trains. Thanks for this I'll try it out

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This. Those games are good, install even on WIndows 10 just fine. There are also some older PC games like Densha de GO! Shinkansen that also work fine.

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I started playing this recently and man i love it

It perfectly combines my childhood love of trains with my love for retro games

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I'm glad to see more people interested in trying the series. Once you get past the intimidating language barrier it's comfy.

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The announcement for the new one reminded me, then I found a controller for pretty cheap on ebay so I figured I'd get into them. My main memory of Densha de go will always be Nasubi getting hooked on it.

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I loved that show when I first watched it.
Then when I found how much that scarred poor Nasubi, I can't bring myself to watch it again.

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I got you. Just give me a few days.