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Let's have a comfy game boy thread, we had a great thread here a few weeks ago. Post your favorite games, especially the deep cuts from the library. Pic related, I recently picked up Battle Arena Toshinden for a few dollars, it's a fantastic little fighting game for the original Game boy with a full-fledged arcade mode.

Game boy color and Game boy advance discussion is allowed also.

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Some of the best music I ever heard on the Gameboy right here.

Please do share your favorites too.

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I really loved pokemon red, metroid 2, and link's awakening, those games were amazing on my little engine that could

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Currently starting up Power Quest and trying to beat Nemesis still, third stage is kicking my ass. Beat Empire Strikes Back recently plus some other stuff like Castlevania the Adventure which had solid music and was hard as shit.

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Avenging Spirit is an unseen shinyrock. Don't let the hilariously bad/awesome box art fool you. Also an official X English translation (now known as Lunar Chase) got leaked and is excellent.
One of the best Gameboy tracks, reminds me of YMO.

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Nice selections, thanks for the thread themes anon. I never really played Game Boy with headphones until way later on- but you'd be surprised just how many games are in full stereo! It sounds great

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Sexy game boy

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Man, that Centipede's track sure is moody

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Question for the learned GB fans, what are the best JRPGs for the gameboy? When I was younger I wasn't much into RPGs, so I never played many of them.

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Dragon Quest 1 - 3
Seiken Densetsu
Final Fantasy Legend
Revelations: The Demon Slayer (localization of Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible)
Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible II (with English patch)

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Here's an interesting one

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