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Let's discuss those third person shooter/adventure games from the 6th gen such as Psi-Ops, Second Sight, The Thing, The Suffering, Indigo Prophecy, etc.

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Great game with physics, a shame about no sequel.
>Second Sight
A much more shitty physics game, but I think story was alright.
>The Thing
Scared me to bricks, shit was great, but fucking PC version was crashing like a bitch. Better play on console.
>The Suffering
Mediocre generic TPS, nothing to say about.
>Indigo Prophecy
This is a Kino of generation and not really belongs in the list of shooters.

Also: RE4, Cold Fear, The Punisher.

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why do people like second sight more than psi ops

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They do? I never even remembered about Second Sight, I thought it was mediocre.
Psi-Ops has great gameplay and edgy and cheesy action story, but Second Sight as I remember was a lot more serious and dramatic.
Gameplay wise SS has nothing on PO despite releasing back to back.
Shit game.

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Give Crimson Sea 1 (Xbox) and 2 (Ps2) a try some time. I love these types of third person shooters that don't feel like glorified FPS games.

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>why do people like second sight more than psi ops

Free Radical hipster sois. I'm a Psi Ops Midway chad.

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Second Sight was weird, in a good way. It felt like a passion project done on the side while Free Radical pumped out Timesplitters 1 and 2.
>every mission can be reasonably done loud or quiet, lethal or nonlethal, before that became the standard
>you can beat most levels by just sitting in a corner, possessing people remotely
>alternate dialogues if you do things odd or out of order, like reaching a locked door before you find the key, possessing your teammates, or repeatedly being late to the squad's meet-ups
>weird character details most other games would ignore, like Grienko having caked-on underarm sweat stains because he's gone slightly mad
>same art design as Timesplitters 2, so you have an '00s action movie plot acted out by copies of the soldiers from the Siberia level
>giving player character Vattic nebbish character tics, like panicking while holding his head if idling, or sounding like an oblivious "how do you do, fellow children" white guy if you try to possess a gang member and talk to another gang member

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>The Punisher
This. I have the uncensored ISO for Xbox laying around somewhere and I can't imagine playing the game censored.

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Brute Force is pretty good and had 4 player co-op.

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No Bionicle Heroes, Astro Boy, Gun Valkyrie, fucking Freedom Fighters, Just Cause, From Russia wth Love, Brute Force, Destroy All Humans, BlowOut, Conflict series, Dorks of Cerberus, Earth Defense Force, Winback, Ghost Recon, Transformers, SOCOM, Rogue Trooper, Ratchet and Clank, Project Eden, Oni, PN03, Mercenaries, Max Payne, Mafia, mother fucking Kill.Switch? I'm disappointed in this thread

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>Project Eden
Fucking hell man. I remember reading about this in a magazine back in 2001 and thinking it looks so cool. Thanks for reminding me it exists.

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bros, this could've been the best Halo 2 ever.

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ya forgot metal arms

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Underrated and underappreciated game.
I enjoyed this game and Soul Reaver 2.

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Anyone won the contest?

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Don't forget this.

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Also this and Killer7 are a weird mixture of third person exploration and first person shooting.

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Seriously wtf, I'd like to see more games like this.

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Some lesser known but good PS2 shooters.

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lol I just didn't want to type a billion more games

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Second Sight is a great game, very underrated. I got it for Gamecube in the bargain bin at Kohl's... what the fuck were video games doing at a clothes store?

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I remember ads for Second Sight in PC Gamer... was it good?

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I >>6893117 bought it back then because I had a gift card for Kohl's and didn't really care about clothes. I thought:
>well, it can't be that good if it's in the bargain bin at Kohl's, but I don't want anything else here so might as well try it
I was pleasantly surprised. give it a try on an emulator, see if you like it. the PlayStation 2 version is probably better than the Gamecube one though.

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apparently it's for PC too but I think a PS2 or Gamecube ISO would be easier to track down and play on PCSX2/Dolphin than trying to get a PC version working on a modern OS

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(Bunker Takeover)


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"do some more heroics, then we'll talk!"

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In my mind