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What game had the best retro tiddy?

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It was different time- before the age of Woke. Please understand the historic context of that boxart.

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I don't care about context just post games with sexy retro tits

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god of war is retro, play minigames win stupido prize packs

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Anything good?

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BMX XXX is argument fuel for SJWs beings right. The first two Dave Mirra games were real good but then BMX XXX comes around and it's all fart jokes and Scary Movie 2 tier "you can't say that!!! oohhh!!" kind of referential humor.

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This and The Guy Game are the pinnacle of gaming culture. The 00's were too based.

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The 00s were a shoveldecade

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ok gayboy

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Why yes, I am a woman and these are my breasts. Play my game.

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>picking Nora
>not Diane

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What do those stats stand for?

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EEG is a type of brain scan, electroencephalogram
FG PCT means fieldgoal percentage, basically how many buckets you make in a game on average
ERA means earned run average, when is how many runs per game you earn. Self explanatory. An unearned run is a run scored when a fielder makes an error, it does not require a "hit"

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I always assumed this was a quiz type game not a sports game. Weird.

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The stats don't matter, they're just there.

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the PC versions of Valis 2 have some titty in them

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Whether you're a shameful cowtit enthusiast, or a DFC connoisseur, FF7 has you covered.

>but then BMX XXX comes around and it's all fart jokes and Scary Movie 2 tier "you can't say that!!! oohhh!!" kind of referential humor
So? In what way does this translate into "sjws being right"?

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Daggerfall's abundance of topless whores is quite nice.

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is Diane any good?

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worst ten years in gaming ever

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Both come short of the real crown!

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>not the 2010s

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Is this game actually any good or is it just boomer humor and newgrounds flash game level tid?

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File: 257 KB, 752x490, mk2-you say you are woke Sorry but you are not my type. I do not date Social justice cucks who wear skinny jeans and a man-bun. Go find a fat ugly feminazi with a skrillex haircut and a fem pee pee ya creep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>SJW's being right
SJW's are never right. Anyone who thinks they are right, are fucking morons.

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>The 00's were too based.
Not for shit like BMX XXX.

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>BMX XXX comes around and it's all fart jokes and Scary Movie 2 tier "you can't say that!!! oohhh!!" kind of referential humor.
That doesn't validate them being right dumbfuck. Besides, no one bought BMX XXX because it was a shitty game, not because of EWWWWWWWWWWW SEX JOKES

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>a game for real female gamer
X68000 were very nice for it time.

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Alt-incel or dilate coomer

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I enjoyed it.

>>What game had the best retro tiddy?
>TR1 cover art and nude raider fanart
>Leisuresuit larry 7 has some awesome nude breasts with breast bounce
>Fear Effect
>Sould Calibur
>Power Stone
>Marvel vs Capcom
>Flash games

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you were dropped as a child :/

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a bunch of orbs

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I'm not alt anything.

Nope, I currently have a girlfriend

>dilate coomer
Nope. But I can tell you're a triggered Social Justice Incel.

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staring down your own cleavage was strictly necessary at times.

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its 00s college humor & poking fun at stereotypes (one of the girls you date is a soviet spy) and newgrounds flash game level tiddies

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The bar wench from dark alliance 1. Damn she got my blood flowin.

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>Nope, I currently have a girlfriend
sure you do

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Yup he does. But you don't.

I don't even know where I know this from. I just do (well to be fair the second part is pretty obvious).

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>First two Dave Mirra games
Unironically better than THPS, but the broken 50-grinds-in-a-row thing was a joke.

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>t. hasn't actually played BMX XXX
As far as the actual gameplay mechanics go, BMX XXX is an improvement over, and natural evolution to, Dave Mirra 2, just as 2 was to Maximum Remix, and Maximum Remix was to 1. Sure, the raunchy theme isn't for everyone, but the gameplay's just as solid as ever, if not more. If you actually enjoy playing the Dave Mirra games, you'll give BMX XXX a fair shot.

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>imagination girlfriend
Oh sure, incel loser

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>I currently have a girlfriend
and her name is rosie palm. :-)

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The level design isn't as good as 2

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Having a girlfriend has nothing to do with it. I don't have a girlfriend, does that make me an incel loser? Does that make sense to you? oh yeah guys let's all listen to chads who get girls all the time, they're the intellectuals who know what's what.

The SJWs of today are no better than the religious right of the 1960s and before trying to repress sexuality.

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>trying to repress sexuality.
lmao your only sexual activity comes from vidya

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I do because I'm good looking. SJW's are usually ugly and fat, which why they hate anti-SJW's who have hot girlfriends.

I lack imagination, but you SJW's sure have plenty, which is why you're so delusional. Social Justice Incels like you are always delusional.

>Incel loser
I'm pretty sure that's an accurate description of yourself.

>Rosie Palm
Nope, never met someone with that name. I'm pretty sure that's your hand.

SJW's and Bible Thumpers have a lot in common. They both try to act like moral superiors, they both try to force their beliefs down your throats and they both protest against what you like or do. Must be why I hate them both.

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Have sex and cope tranny.

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>I do because I'm good looking.

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The game rules. you prob wouldn't like it because you are a square.

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Massive faggot

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This ain’t 2012

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>I do because I'm good looking.
the majority of anti-SJWs are complaining that commies are getting all the pussy now.

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Acclaim is desperate and on bankruptcy's door. Even Dave Mirra disowned the existence of this game.

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what does hugging boobies feels like?

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That was the last ten years.

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custer's revenge

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You sure are.


I think you're confusing Anti-SJW's with MGTOW. Anti-SJW's always gets pussy. The only thing Commie fags ever get is trannies(or men who identify as "women").

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>>6887758 ha
>hahaha,You are a loser faggot in 4chan. Niggerfaggot trannie or mutt. Nobody cares.
You are a loser for being here.
Like all austictic retards in here.

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>you are a loser...
>autistic retards
Only a loser would use those words.

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yes, they're drowning in pussy while they're raising their wife's son

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>posts pic from 2015
it's 2020 now, you know that right?

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What does Diane look like?

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Why do people from /pol/ have these obviously shopped photos of things? It's like they can't find any actual evidence for their bizarre worldview but are capable of suspending disbelief in fakes to maintain it.

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>Why do people from /pol/ have these obviously shopped photos of things? It's like they can't find any actual evidence for their bizarre worldview but are capable of suspending disbelief in fakes to maintain it.

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Excellent. Soiposting on /vr/. The board really is reaching new heights.

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dilate in my mouth, transwhore!

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The game had a lot of controversy when it came out what in le fuq are you even going on about? In fact for an age rife with supposed political correctness there's far more porn games out on mainstream markets easily obtainable now than back in 2003.

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>every other NES game was shitty IP tie in shoveled out by greasy 80's businessmen
there was a lot of shovelware in the 00's catering to the "nerd" culture but it was nowhere near as bad as it was in the 80's with Atari and Nintendo.

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based /asp/chad

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do you have more sigma star saga artwork that is high res?

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Soulcalibur 2 had amazing tiddies. I always wondered why SC2 could get away with so much,
SC6 also has them but less prominent.

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how did this game get released on gamecube is the bigger question

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>Being this salty over the age of the pic
No one cares if it's from 2015 or 2020.

I found a picture of you crying in 2016. No shop required.

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If yer looking for somethin' to split someones skull or a helm to protect yer own. You've come to the right place.

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Funny thing is, it's uncensored on GameCube (and Xbox), but censored on PS2.
And people think Sony's prudishness is a recent thing...

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Yeah isn't the tattoo literally the health bar?

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I'm a Sega fan and I acknowledge that Nintendo did change for the better. Which is why I bought a Gamecube and Xbox, while skipping out on the PS2.

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My Dad brought this home one day from work. Needless to say, it got my young teenage brain's attention quickly.

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12 year old me jerked off to taki all the time.
such blatant thirst trapping... such bouncy tiddies

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Do any of these games have actual nudity? This is the only thing I cared about as a kid and was always dissapointed these games were so shitty and bland.

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what would Jesse's wrestling name be?

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>The SJWs of today are no better than the religious right of the 1960s and before trying to repress sexuality.

Nah SJWs are worse. Christfags at least believe they're trying to help save you and get you into Heaven or whatever. SJWs seek only to destroy.

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>.t underage tranny

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Ultima games are max comfy. I was addicted to Ultima Online by 1996, played it solid until 2002. Go back and play free shards every once in awhile.

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Yes. But the best one is Leisure Suite Larry for the Xbox/Gamecube/PC

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still the only good pa comic strip

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Yeah you are far more likely to see bare ass titties in a triple A game in 2020 than you were in 2003.

People in this thread are retarded.

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that's pretty good

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Sadly any NetherRealm cosplayer is likely to be obnoxiously liberal.

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>webms you can hear

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and then he disowned the existence of himself

>> No.6892891

This is why you will keep having sex only with your imagination.

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last time I checked studies show that conservatives are more attractive than liberals

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This. The nazi/white supremacist witch hunt of today is no different from the satanic panic era of the 80s/90s. Except now the retards have power to destroy other people's lives thanks to social media amplifying the loud minority.

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>The nazi/white supremacist witch hunt

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>all this spam and endless bickering in what could've been a nice titty thread
I had to look at the address bar to make sure I didn't mistakenly click on /v/, cause this entire thread is raw sewage. Nobody here cares about contemporary culture, we're on a retro board. No, I don't give two shits if some guy has had sex with a girl or not, that's irrelevant to boobposting. Only three weeks ago the worst this board had was boomer vs zoomer baiting and CRT autism, but it looks like 6th gen really did do a number on this board. It's like I always suspected, allowing PS2 and GC to be discussed here would bring in the kiddies and morons who will just endlessly shitpost and won't otherwise touch anything pre-2000s. I can't even properly filter you fags, half the fucking board disappears because you retards keep pushing out slower but otherwise decent threads with your idiotic turdflinging. How about you niggers take it to your containment board and leave us the fuck alone.


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Well said

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But the consoles are nearing 20 years old. How old is your definition of "kid"? How old are you? Post your government ID so I can see what age you have to be in order to post here.

>> No.6892974

>waaaahhhh muh old /vr/ circlejerk is gone waaahhh
Grow up.

>> No.6892982

he's fucking right though. A thread as shitty as this wouldn't survive on old /vr/ but /v/ kiddies have to bring their retarded political shit-flinging with them wherever they go. I think its you who needs to grow up and talk about video games on the video games board faggot.

>> No.6892983

He's a whiny lil bitch and so are you.

>> No.6892986 [DELETED] 

>derails the thread into whining about irrelevant shit
nah, the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you. You go back.

>> No.6892990

>muh jeeeewss
Jesus Christ you would be an alt-right kid on top of this. Fuck off and go to /aco/ or something if you wanna jerk off so bad.

>> No.6892993

Nah, I prefer to stay here and discuss video games.

>> No.6893007

Well get over it, because we aren't going anywhere =)


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Yet here you all talking about anything but video games....

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Those PC-88/98 games. You know the ones.

>> No.6893102

This guy is correct.

>> No.6893104

if you want tiddies

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leisure suit larry is the male equivalent of romance novels. it's cringe.

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I said retro tiddies, chump. Do I have to do everything myself now?

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More like trashy harry potter vs twilight slash fiction but instead it's sports and pop culture references from the 70s.

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We do.

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2D or 3D?
SNK, obviously.
Tecmo had them tiddies bouncing

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guess I'll just dump some tiddies

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There are a whole truckload of Illusion, REAL, etc games from Nihon that feature kid rape, mom rape, sister rape, uhm... I think there is some consensual shit too. The point is loads of VNs, puzzle games, or just plain sex games.
Some released on consoles too for those REEEEing.
Hell even Artificial Girl 3 and Itazura runs on Win 2000.
Dead or Alive would be my next vote. I don't even like huge milkies that large but I would make exceptions for women like those.

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File: 340 KB, 512x384, ivy_soul_calibur.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>visual novels
you are cheating by posting imported weeb shit that was not readily available to the average western teenage boy at the time

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Not really. Feminazis hate sexy cosplays because they think it sexualizes women.

Nope, but I can tell you're projecting. Not my fault you Social Justice Incels can't get any when you're white knighting.

It's true, conservatives are way more attractive. (pic related)

Thank you.

>> No.6893597

wtf lol, how can she be so attractive, I'm in love.

>> No.6893610 [DELETED] 

Aw fuck off, the first suffragists feminists were protestant christians. Both traditional and progressive females join together to pass family court laws that fuck men over

>> No.6893632 [DELETED] 
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Conservative Christian women are not Feminists. Keep seething though MGTOW Cuck.

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is there more?

D2 has some nudity

>> No.6894108

No, not quite. In this case, there is a real growing backlash to unilateral non-white invasion of white nations and anti-white double standards. The establishment, non-whites and committed 'progressives' are desperate to stop rekindled white ethnocentrism, so it's a genuine conflict of interests (although white ethnocentrists are unfairly characterized).

Even for the satanic panic, although the specific instances may seem quaint/goofy to us, it could be argued that it was generally a response to decreasing religiosity. Religiosity has decreased in the West, with some objectively negative consequences... So I don't think we should glibly dismiss reactionary episodes.

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>> No.6894498


>> No.6894523

They are. Women want only women to win. Keep your guard up.

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>> No.6894938


Ahaha for me it was Ivy. Taki is definitely the standout in that respect, but I was several years older than twelve at the time so I was able to get distracted by how silly it seemed for the Japanese ninja to have the biggest floppiest boobs of all of them.

Also Talim. Also Talim fighting Ivy and doing her spank move over and over on Ivy's big pale butt.

>> No.6895017

Ivy was my second choice which made me in turn fall in love with Franziska von Karma from Ace Attorney... now that I mention it Franziska probably influenced Ivy

>> No.6895501 [DELETED] 

Fag for what? Rejecting ugly Feminazi Democrat women? LOL You may be fine with the idea of dating a man who claims to be a woman, but I'm not.

Not really. Conservative Christian women often speak out against liberal atheist feminazi pro-choice women. And unlike Feminazis, Conservative Christian women won't make a false rape accusation against you. I would know because I always date Conservative Christian women. It's the only women I can attract really. lol Feminazis on the other hand will MeToo your ass in a heartbeat.

>> No.6895606

Didn't this game get pulled because of the lawsuit? Maybe they re-released it without "Diane" in it, but I thought that killed it for some reason.

>A woman known as Diane in the game (who is found in Set 5, Episode 20) explained that she was not informed that footage would be used to promote the video game. At the time the footage was recorded, Diane was only seventeen years old, making her underage. A temporary injunction was granted, prohibiting the further production of copies of the game that contained the girl's image, voice, and name.

>> No.6895609

You just proved his point again.

>> No.6895917

Y'all sure are rustled by basic social justice movements huh. I wonder what demographic you all are...

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File: 2.89 MB, 426x240, 1599772935727.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Y'all sure are rustled by basic social justice movements huh. I wonder what demographic you all are...

>> No.6896672

What is he trying to achieve with this video? Why does he affect such extremely girly mannerisms?

>> No.6896698

What the fuck is wrong with people

>> No.6896770

fuck off to reddit

>> No.6896816