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What's the best way to play this on PC? Sourcenext RE2 after English patch was great, is there something similar for this? If not, what should I use to emulate it?

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Playstation version with mednafen or beetle is fine.

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Biohazard CV is for me.

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You can purchase it on Steam it this link.
There are some differences to the version you posted, but they're mostly for the better.

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Don't play the PSX version. It runs worse than everything.

I personally like GC.

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Fucking idiot.

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This >>6882229
Makes the game look a lot nicer/cleaner.

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This is correct

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Gemini is currently working on a patch. Whenever (or if-ever) that gets finished, the backgrounds from >>6882229 will probably be supported.

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Here comes the grognarding and people telling you it doesn't look good but this:
if you care about it looking nice with high resolution models at all. It's pretty fucking solid work but YES YOU WILL SEE SOME UPSCALING ARTIFACTS IF YOU LOOK FOR THEM here and there. Otherwise just emulate the PS1 or DC version with Royale composite shading at 240p

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Also, if you're gonna play the PS1 version consider downsampling in Beetle PSX HW. Shit's like magic for making low res 3D look good and will probably make the models blend in with the backdrops more.

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GameCube vs. R3SHDP

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looks shit

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Sheeit I never heard of these projects, neat stuff

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Just use the original PC release.

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don't you have a sister or cousin to molest somewhere?

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>Gemini is currently working on a patch.
Likely the best way, when it's done

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the lighting/contrast is a bit off/too bright/looks soulless but honestly impressive, it's literally black magick

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I know that's how you feel whenever you try to use Retroarch or tie your own shoes or anything crazy like that, but I believe in ya lil feller

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No thanks, I rather pirate it than give money to Gaybe Newell.

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what in the FUCK is that logo?

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Redream Dreamcast emulator.

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You're a retard plain and simple.

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