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Between Higan, Bsnes, and Snes9x, I don't know which one to choose for the long haul. I do want upscaling features, filter gimmicks can be fun, and accuracy is always top priority, but what do you all use, and have grown accustomed to?

I'm currently messing with Bsnes HD mode 7 10.3, and finding the widescreen hack too buggy with pop-in and compatability, so i'm going to keep the regular aspect ratio, but would like some polish to the old classics.

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BSNES is all you need. Don't even bother with HD, the standard version works perfectly already.

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Yeah the settings are all over the place with incompatability with one another, tweak one well and the others will cause it to cripple framerate.

Figured Bsnes would be the end-all, since higan isn't supported anymore. That guys passion project was pretty damn good though.

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>upscaling features
It's an SNES dude you can't upscale crap.

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Per pixel transitioning and blur/refresh effects would like a word with you.

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bsnes-mt is the better fork

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I'm going to play Earthbound on Retroarch and I'm looking for some opinions.

First of all, which core? I heard SNES9X is better because it has fewer frames of input lag compared to Bsnes/Higan, and the extra accuracy of the latter doesn't matter except for a select few games.

Second of all, 7:8 or 4:3. The sprites in the opening sequence look like they were designed for 7:8 and seem a bit fat on 4:3, so I'm leaning 7:8. But does anyone who has played the whole game have a case to make for 4:3?

And finally, CRT filer or no? I'm leaning towards yes. Opinions?

This is my first time playing a SNES game on Retroarch. Before I only used it for PS1.

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ZSNES for maximum soul output

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Zoomer here. Anyone got a chart of must play games for the SNES?

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Do you guys use any filter?

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Was iffy on this but just saw he added 8:7 last update. Does look the best bet.

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Snes9x just werkz.

Use Higan/Bsnes for Der Langrisser , Civ 1 and handful of games that need the accuracy to not bug out and crash.

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OP here, hell yes

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How's Nosferatu? That one catches my eye a bit. What kind of game is it?

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>Mega Man X, Super Metroid, etc

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OP again, i've found myself in Bsnes with the CRT royale shader, holy moly.

checking out Bsnes-mt soon!

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Think the aspect ratio may be a bit off.

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I've always been a fan of SNES9x, mostly just because it runs so well.
Though obviously you have the outlier games that would run better if you ran them in something more cycle accurate like bsnes, though I haven't run into many I actually want to play.

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had it in 16:9 for now, i'm still messing with all of these settings on multiple emulators to see what's gonna be my go-to for a good while.

i know widescreen for 4:3 games is a god forsaken sin here, but im on an ultrawide and can't help it.

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> 4:3 games
Even that is a god forsaken sin. You should be playing at 7:8.

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Currently using snes9x - current.
Does anyone know the difference between bsnes and beetle supafaust?

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bsnes is the most accurate SNES emulator there is. Beetle Supafaust is a libretro port of Mednafen's SNES core which itself is based off an older version of bsnes. No real need to ever use it.

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i knew this was coming, i should have held my fucking hand off the damn mouse making that post and corrected it lmao

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What does "ghosting" mean?
Is there any reason to use black frame insertion on a CRT?

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Ghosting is when the refresh rate of your monitor doesn't sync up well to what your doing, and creates a blurry mess if the screen can't keep up (ie fps games when you turn fast, and it looks like a mushy mess)

think vsync, but the entire picture is kinda stumbling upon itself, and causes a motion blur that really sucks.

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Thanks, it never happened to me.

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Is that the exact same thing the (original) Game Boy has? You see frames sort of mushing together.

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BSNES and Higan I’ve heard are both great. I personally went the MiSTer route, so I can play games digitally and on analog TVs even at the same time, which is neat.

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>Kirby Super Star
>Star Wars
>Demon's Crest
What the fuck am I reading
>Collector tripfag
Well that explains a lot

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>First of all, which core? I heard SNES9X is better because it has fewer frames of input lag compared to Bsnes/Higan, and the extra accuracy of the latter doesn't matter except for a select few games.
True for the most part, though if you don't have any issues with slowdowns on perfectly accurate emulators then there's no reason not to use them unless you really don't like the interface or something. But nobody says Snes9x isn't accurate enough and a lot of people still use it.

>Second of all, 7:8 or 4:3.
7:8 probably, while CRTs were 4:3 only a few games were really designed with that in mind, and a lot of games look oddly stretched in 4:3.

>And finally, CRT filer or no? I'm leaning towards yes. Opinions?
I find CRT filters to look good for screenshots but always feel like something is wrong when I'm actually playing a game with a filter. LCDs don't display the same way that CRTs did so even if it looks the same it's not going to feel the same anyway. I generally play unfiltered.

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Same fag here. Do someone also got one for the NES?

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Is retroarch still fucked after they got hacked like last month? I had heard they lost a lot. Just wondering how its going these days.

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it seems fine for linux i reinstalled the other day without problems

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They recovered almost everything except a few cores lost their latest revisions, which might even be fixed by now.

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Once we theoretically get working HD patches for games in the sense of functioning widescreen support it might become an option, but these things take effort and time.

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They're basically all back to normal now thanks to their Patreon bux getting an injection from new backers. They're now able to do everything they've wanted to do server wise for a while now.

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I recently noticed that Libretro have finally turned bsnes v115 into a core, so SNES emulation is now pretty much sorted.

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yea what's the problem with snes9x?

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my only issue with bsnes is that i can't get crt easy mode to work while it works on snes9x
with that said i can use bsnes core on retroarch with crt easy mode or whatever
either way they're both my way to go but if i had to pick one i'd probably go with snes9x it feels more chill

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