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Before you guys sperg out, this is a port of a N64 game, it's retro.
Let's discuss favorite villagers, KK Slider tunes, and events.

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Did you miss the memo? We're pretending things from 2006 are "retro" now.

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The first game feels way more fun than the later ones. Even the fans agree that the later games have more content but the first game did something the others didn't capture. I really want to play the N64 version to. The graphics look way comfier for some reason.

kek most of the old posters are people who haven't been on in a month to see the state of this board.

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How is the N64 version?

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the n64 game is basically the same thing, the main reason it moved to gamecube was simply because the japanese game was so late in the n64's lifespan that by the time an english version was made, it wouldn't have made sense to release it on a finished platform, so it was pushed onto the new console, with some minor changes

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Post more Ankha.

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shit series for degenerates

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Never played this one, but you can tell they did everything they could to bend the game to make it look like the game lets them bend their gender.

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Why is it always white dudes, fuck's sake we got psy-op'd so goddamn bad. GG jews, GG. You won.

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More likely to be autistic and fall for shit.

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it just seems like the original was more about immersion and exploring but the new ones are more about designing a cute world

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Except for the one “old poster” who spams the catalog daily whenever he gets upset enough about the passage of time

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I've got a cart of the N64 version but it locks up on me every time I try to play it, does anybody know if this is a known issue? Maybe I need to replace the clock?

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I only played the original and the DS one, but what you posted is the general consensus.
From what I understand in the original the villagers had way more personality. The dickish villagers were way angrier, the shy ones were shyer, the nice ones were kinda superficial. There was a lot of weird random events in the original game that were toned down in weirdness in later games. It was just made a lot safer.
New Leaf has the most quality content though, and Isabelle who in almost every single fanart I've seen is depicted as being really pear shaped. A heavily underrated body type.

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Anon, I have bad news for you. If modern western society is going to trigger you (which, honestly, I wouldn't blame you), then it's not just Animal Crossing you have to avoid, it's pretty much all video games, period.
Just ignore modern westerners. Animal Crossing is a japanese series anyway, who cares what modern westerner users do?

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Its just Anglo Saxons and especially Northern European Diaspora has never had this happen to them before. All the LGBT things have been in Asia and in certain parts of Europe since 1970's. I have a feeling things will begin to level out and go back to being less crazy in 5 years or less.
Truth be told Western Society is just going through 500 years worth of issues in 7 years. Would not surprise me if it gets back to normal in a few years. And I do agree with you. There comes a point when you have to let societal things go and stop being an Autìst about things. Enjoy life and having gaming stop letting other people's views get you angry.

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you're "retarded"

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Tranny game on tranny console.

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You again? Read >>6882483

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That was my first post in the tread schizo tranny

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Sure. Point still stands, your problem is modern western society, not a japanese company you grew to hate due to console wars

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Why are you replying to /v/ermin tourists?

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He says in a 6th gen /v/ thread.

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This is essentially a 5th gen thread. We had animal crossing threads in the old /vr/, albeit always with a lot of confused anons that didn't knew this is a nintendo64 game.

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6th gen isn't exclusively a /v/ermins topic, but it does attract a lot of /v/ermin who will shit up threads because they need to absolutely assert any chance they get that the game they played is the best in the series without actually playing the other ones. Believe it or not I actually like some 6th gen and non-retro games, but absolutely despise /v/ and the retards who go there, simply because their post quality and mental capacity are abysmal. Not to mention they're also shit at games and get filtered by basic bitch walls, then cry up and down all over the games thread any chance they get that the game sucks because they got filtered.

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And you're posting it over and over no less.

This is why furries were banned.

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does the first game use a real-time clock too?
I can't commit.

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>Ruby, Punchy, Ankha Bonbon, Fuschia
>Go KK Rider, KK Ballad KK Disco, KK Moody. Drivin's my #1 favorite
>Without fail, Animal Crossing has given me a little boost of xmas spirit so that's my favorite event asides April Fools.

For now I'm waiting for a price drop or a good price in general for a physical copy on GCN while I emulate on Nintendont/Dolphin. Better than nothing

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the GameCube game is easily my favourite, even though NL and NH are pretty much the best. the original had something that couldn't be recaptured, maybe the music and atmosphere?

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The atmosphere, the music and also the villagers' personalities are all more interesting than in the sequels.
I honestly came into this series pretty late, as I was a teenager when this came out so obviously I ignored it. This is probably the only game I envy zoomers about, it's the perfect childhood nostalgia game.

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the best animal crossing is unironically Wild World

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I never played the N64/Doubutsu no Mori version, but the original GCN is by far the best in the west.
The neighbors were actually kind of dicks, not perfect cutesy best friends forever crap we have now. It had better dialogue and conversations. They kinda understood what you wrote in letters.

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GCN is basically the original N64 version but with some more content, otherwise it's identical: same graphics, same controls, same music, etc.

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there are rumors that the corporation that were going full progressive are gonna do an 180 because it hit their bottom line real hard

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Yeah, you're right about it being perfect for childhood nostalgia. It's very atmospheric and the music invokes nostalgia, even for those who never played it as a kid, from what I've seen/heard.
You're also spot-on about the villagers' personalities being a lot more interesting. Not retro, but Wild World also had some pretty great dialogue.

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>It's very atmospheric and the music invokes nostalgia, even for those who never played it as a kid, from what I've seen/heard.
Can confirm. Played it as an adult. Expected to laugh it off as a boring The Sims-like kiddy game, but got kinda hooked. It sort of plays like an RPG, but if instead of playing a hero who has to fight monsters, you play a regular villager and do villager stuff. It's pure comfy. And yes, it evokes nostalgia, it's really weird how a game made in the 2000s can produce something like that.

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kill yourself, you stupid sack of shit

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lol imagine being as angry as this anon

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t. room temp IQ brainlet

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>tfw in middle of December you roll snowballs around to make a snowman, finding igloos and sharing chili with your neighbors, listening to music made of bells and midi instruments, then Redd pops up with his black market, and then you swipe a pack e-reader cards you got at GameStop, then find an NES game under the snow, send some letters to your favorite animals so they stay longer, and pay off your house
That was a good day. I miss it bro’s. I miss the feeling this game gave me, not so much being a teen or being lonely and writing letters to NPCs.

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Guess what bitch, transgender people aren't going away any time soon and all you can do about it is seethe like the pathetic little incel you are

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I can’t go back to the first one just due to quality of life stuff later games added.

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Understandable. The original seems pretty basic compared to the sequels, but in turn it has the best villager dialogues, best music, and IMO best "feel" in terms of atmosphere. It really feels like a forest where weird animals live. The sequels seem less forest-y, I don't know if it's just me, but I felt that.
Oh yeah also, the NES games.

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>The NES games on this $50 disk would cost over $50 to buy on the eshop 5 years later.

Wild World still kind of had that foresty feel but everything after felt like the suburbs.

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I'm honestly happy to see this franchise took off.
I thought it'd be too weird/japanese-y for western audiences, who aren't very keen on cutesy styles, but it worked.
It's a very simple game but with a lot of little details that give it unironic SOUL.

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Why the fuck do you think we sought refuge here?
New games suck cock, I'm not here for nostalgia or some shit

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>tries to shitpost with a /vr/-2020-legal game

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>favorite villager
my homegirl, Penny
>KK slider tunes
KK techno pop
Taking care of the lighthouse.

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How is CoD4 imitative? How is TF2 imitative? How is Portal imitative?

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Take your rulefag shitposting elsewhere. Animal Crossing is a N64 game, and the GCN game is literally a port.

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Same, I think GC is a bit like an atari 2600 game in that you kind of just go back to it as a novelty. I'd still play it for a week or so but I don't think it's the kind of game I can really "set up shop" in and just play daily for months anymore.

Not really certain if I'll ever really go back to NH though. All the control you get in that game just feels like too much of a good thing. Like you don't really feel like a part of the neighborhood anymore when you can just carve up the earth however which way you want, you can just instantly transplant trees and plants, you can relocate buildings on a whim, and villagers are only allowed to leave when you kick them when you want. This is the freedom people have been asking for for years but now that we have it it just seems to me like you kind of do need some limitations and resistance to your customization options in a neighborhood simulator.

I think NL got closer to that sweet spot of creative freedom while still having to coexist with your neighbors and work around various limitations, even if some of them are bullshit. If you could place furniture outside in NL it would be the perfect game.

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>try to hunt for a copy online
>50£ loose disc

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Because karma is real and y'all are colonialist pigs, seriously. For every action there is a reaction. "The jews" and their psyops whether or not that's even real, is the reaction to white colonialism. Why do you think white suicide rates are higher than black suicide rates?

Even if you kill every single jew today, a WORSE monster will emerge. The more extreme YOU are the, more extreme your opposite will always be.

The Darkness you fear is always within yourself, brochacho. The harder you fight, the faster you sink in its quicksand.

Focus on love, learn to accept things, and your life will improve. It's fine not to like things, but hating things only feeds them with energy. Always focus on what REALLY matters in your life.

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Shut the fuck up you retarded hippie and just fucking play animal crossing

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I wish we could ban ESL like you. Talking about and playing old games is imitative.

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>complaining about english version prices when you could buy doubutsu no mori e+ for $1

>> No.6893391

Do you have a japanese n64? You can download a patched English version if you have a flash cart, too

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Yes people generally want to play dialogue centric games in their own language

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>is the reaction to white colonialism
The thing is, not all whites are brits. Brits are just one small section of white people. You can't write off an entire race just because 1 tiny inbred sub-section of it was tyrant.
On the other hand, you know how americans have the so-called "white guilt" due to slavery and such, right? Well, it's a bit harsh to actually delve into historical facts, because you will see some things you will NOT like, but, consider the following:
-Black slaves were already slaves in Africa. They were enslaved by other blacks.
-Some of these slaves were sold, and some of them ended up in American farms
-Americans weren't even the ones who traveled to Africa (and no, Amazon did not exist back then, you had to go to the place physically to buy something). There was a middle-man who went to Africa, negotiated with the black tribe chiefs, and bought the slaves.
-That middle man who did the transaction, bought the slaves from black chiefs, and sold them to american farmers, were in fact jewish merchants.
Humanity is so fucked up that learning about history just makes you wish you didn't read it. It was just simpler to think in more standard "whites evil, blacks good" frames. Everything is a lot more grey and blurred than we think.

>> No.6894943

>than we think.
than we're told*

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When I learned about how black slaves were actually bought and sold it shocked me a bit. I used to think that americans actually went to Africa themselves to HUNT the blacks with shotguns and traps LOL. In my mind I had this sort of cartoony image of evil white soldiers capturing innocent, peaceful villagers.
Oh, reality is so, so different from what I was told to believe as a kid.

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Not all slaves on American farms were black either. They would sometimes get slaves from other regions, it's just that Africa had the largest market.

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Was there ever any explanation on why the male villager in AC has a hat with horns?
I love it, but I wondered if there was any reason for it.

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I have a Japanese copy but the previous player summoned Resetti and I don't know what text to input because I can't read moon.

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GameCube is retro by definition now

more than three generations old

only people that disagree (with their own definition, mind you) are certain idiot hypocrites on this site

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Post a pic of the screen and I may be able to help you anon.

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Is there any guide on how to write proper letters to villages? Most of the times I try to write simple enough letters, but 98% of the time, the villagers are like "I didn't get what you were saying".

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>by definition
you don't know the definition of retro. the atari 2600 isn't retro by definition.

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>sunday already
>forgot to play yesterday and missed KK slide
welp, that's my punishment for being a normie and going out a saturday night.

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2006 was 13.5 years ago anon.

>> No.6900347

This reminds me, why isn't 7th gen retro already? Xbox 360 was released in 2005.
There's 2007 games being allowed here, but not 360 games from 2005? Weird.

>> No.6900387

I actually really enjoy how bare bones the gc one is. In the months before nh came out I decided to start a new game. Everything taking more time and effort adds to the experience imo. Its a real effort to get nice furniture and trees where you want them, it makes the reward feel much better. I dont think its fair to compare the games as new horizons is a much faster game which feels extremely different, almost overwhelming. The slow pace of the original makes it a nice game to come back to whereas nh felt like completing a checklist of chores after a few weeks of playing it

>> No.6901767


thanks anon. My N64 isn't even hooked up right now, but thanks for the kind offer. If I put my mind to it, I probably could - but I have the GC version anyway.

>> No.6901823


I still haven't moved out of my parents' place and 11 year old me is weeping for what joy I realized this game gave me

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mods were retarded when making the new rules, not really any deeper explanation.

>> No.6903431

>pre rule change /vr/
>"rules are rules"
>post rule change /vr/
>"these rules are dumb
Loving every laugh

>> No.6903440

The rules were never perfect, people compalined about the lack of clarity of the old rules too ("haha, I can post fifa 2005! haha I can post Halo Windows version!")
But now it's just full retard with the weird way the new rules allow some early 7th gen games, but not some late 6th gen games.

>> No.6903469

The rare thread about some 7th gen game pails in comparison to the number of posts complaining about this recent rule change. As if talking about games older than 6th gen is suddenly forbidden. Wish people would stop bitching about the board and start talking about games.

>> No.6903503

What I mean is that there were always people complaining about how retarded the rules were. Mods had the opportunity to fix the loopholes with this new rule change, but instead they only made the loophole more massive.
It's over man, if you check the screenshots of the IRC where one anon tried to talk with the mods about the rule change, the mod literally said he considers /vr/ a shitposting dump. He doesn't care.
If you want quality retro game discussion you might be better off finding some small forum from your area and try to make new friends there. /vr/ as we knew it is over.

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because it's based on consoles date not game date.

>> No.6904372

It was mostly NoA, they added the "choose your style" instead of gender to appeal to the trannies

>> No.6906107

Then why are 6th gen games released in 2008 not allowed?

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Pales* you ESL nigger

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can you just drop it?

>> No.6907412

What do you mean?

>> No.6907429

quit complaining about the rules here, go to /qa/ for that, we're sick of it

>> No.6907431

take your meds already, this board has been overrun with shit anyway, why do you care?

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>corrupting kids is fun too, they don't know any better


>> No.6908164

Its amusing how optimistic you are.

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