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For me it's Dead or Alive! and it's not because of the COOM!

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1. Virtua Fighter 4
2. DoA 5 LR
3. Virtua Fighter 2

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Virtua Fighter in general. Honestly speaking through, 3d fighting games fun factor are pretty high.

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Soul Calibur 2, hands down. I especially really like the way movement feels in that game. Very smooth. Like a fully realized version of the 3D movement Project Soul was going for. It was never that good again, either.

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which version?

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Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
Tekken 2
Soul Calibur 3

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my favorite 3d fighter isn't retro yet, so normally i'd say super smash bros. melee, but i'd rather not have an angry mob raiding my house because i called smash a fighting game.

so i'm gonna say street fighter EX2 or clayfighter.

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Always wanted to get into VF3 but Soul Calibur was out at the same time and the DC port was more than lazy.

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The DC port of 3 was rushed, but it was better than I remember.

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this need a digital release with both version arcade and dreamcast.

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Virtua Fighter 2 on the Saturn, for me. Also Fighters MegaMix. really liked Bloody Roar on the PS1 as well, for some reason.

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DOA1-DOA4, DOAX1-DOAX2, and NG1-NG2... I really love them all. I will never play nuDOA, Itagaki forever!

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for me, its fighting eyes. the best fighting game

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Evil Zone/ Eretzvaju

Simple gameplay but has great graphics and animations.