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Is this possible to do while playing as Luigi?

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>playing as that loser

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Probably, though the timing would be even tighter because of the decreased friction.

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I just tried it and I can't do it. Cool idea, though. I forgot this game had different luigi physics. There's not as big of a difference as SMW.

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I don't know anyone who seriously plays as Luigi in Lost Levels. It's a cool gimmick but if you're playing to clear the game Mario is more reliable.

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I do. It's actually easier.

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>There's not as big of a difference as SMW.
Luigi in SMW is literally just green Mario for player 2 to use, just like in SMB1.

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Luigi is different in the advance version although the previous anon prolly just messed up.

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SMA2 and SMA4 give Lugi different physics

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The answer is yes.

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>on castles

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Oh, weird. Never played those ports because they looked like shit and I already had the original games.

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SMB:Deluxe for the Game Boy was a great remake.

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The Lost Levels port doesn't have any of the extra worlds

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He doesn't go to world C in that video, you are probably getting it mixed up with the fire bar in 7-4 which is similar but easier

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I love the added features but the lowered field of view and vertical scrolling kills it in my opinion. SMB1 is not too bad to play like that but Lost Levels which already has some tricky jumps requires straight up leaps of faith or memorization in Deluxe

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is the lost levels even possible to beat?

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Beat it for the first time last night after seeing this thread. It's not as hard as people make it out to be. The hardest part is just getting adjusted to SMB1 Mario's physics where he has a lot less air control than the later games

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>seriously plays
>playing to clear the game
>more reliable
I play games for fun. That must blow your dull mind

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BRUHS I cannot wait to play it on the new G&W. Along with the Famicom library once the hack drops.

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I want the G&W but I'll only buy it at MSRP, I'm fully expecting to give up on it once pre-orders sell out in 5 minutes

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Oh, I thought OP just meant if the beating the game was possible. Disregard that, I suck cocks.

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Yeah, Luigi has floaty jump and cape flight, everything yoshi eats he can spit back up and 10 coin blocks spit all their coins out at once

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I found a video but it's for All-Stars

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I always play as Luigi. I play Luigi in SMB2 USA as well.

Luigi is and was based, it's just Luigi's Mansion era retconning that fucked up his cred

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>and 10 coin blocks spit all their coins out at once
that's just stupid. they could've at least made it a sequence of 1-2-3-4.

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cool game you got there, grandpa

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Of course, just adjust your momentum going forward.

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>the Lost Levels

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