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Is the best anime's game any good?

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The wonderswan has a Neon Genesis Evangelion game though so maybe if you read moon-runes that's okay. If I recall it's an rpg. Who doesn't like jrpgs?

I'd have to look it up though. I was trying to force myself to learn how to read it once back in my win98 days and noted that the n64 evangeliion was basically a demo game.

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i can count the really good ones for you.

Super DragonBall Z
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Heritage of the Future
Gundam Wing Endless Duel
Astro Boy Omega Factor
Chibi Maruko Chan Mezaze Minami No Island

Its not a very long list...

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It's the Evangelion game that remains the most faithful to the original source in terms of tone, presentation, etc.
While the Saturn games were a mixed bag of visual novel with not very engaging RPG mechanics, and then there was Girlfriend of Steel which had high production values but was still a visual novel, and was also a side-story, not an adaptation of the anime.
So when Eva 64 came out it was mind-blowing, graphics were some of the best you'll see on 5th gen, presentation was all carefully detailed with actual recreation of the anime series' fights with the angels. You could also go to training mode and it'd be laid out like the actual VR training in the series. It really felt like Evangelion: The Video Game.
The only other game that I think can rival Eva 64 is NGE2 on PS2/PSP, which is an RPG and I don't think it did the art direction and 3D models as good as NGE64, despite being on better hardware.
There's also Battle Orchestra which is a goofy Smash clone, it's ok but doesn't feel like a representative of Eva games rather than as silly spinoff.
I think the best 3 Eva games are NGE64, GoS and NGE2, in that order. All 3 are worth playing if you're an Eva fan.

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>Super DragonBall Z
Isn't Tenkaichi 3 always the most favorite one of the 3D era?
Anyway, as far as DBZ fighting games go, I'd rather play Hyper Dimension, Butoden 2 or Butoden 3 any day, not a big fan of the 3D ones.
Also you're missing a lot of licensed games that are amazing, what about Mitsume ga tooru or Go Go Ackman?

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I wonder if that was actually Megumi Hayashibara doing that.

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What this anon said is true.

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even the okayish to decent ones lik GS Mikami (developed by Natsume) or the Guru Guru rpgs arent on the level of CAPCOM/Konami licensed games per say.

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Mitsume ga tooru is easily one of my favorite Famicom sidescrollers.

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Also Dragon Ball Advance, DBZ Legacy of Goku 2 and DBZ Buu's Fury

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