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Halloween is upon us. What will you be playing this year? Last year i played through Symphony of the night this year I'll probably play Castlevania IV and Super ghouls and ghosts

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stupid fucking ''holiday'' for retards and children
>booo I'm a ghost booo
fuck off

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Resident Evil 2
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Stubbs the Zombie
Castlevania 3

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Every RE game starting with 1 until I get bored.

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I plan on streaming at least Clock Tower SNES and Silent Hill. Not sure what else after that. Maybe some Splatterhouse. Considering Haunting Startting Polterguy but I've never played it before.

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Cool. Where are you streaming?

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>October is next month
Holy shit what the fuck

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It holds up boys.

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Fuck off

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Can't run Resi 4 on my current laptop, don't have my PS4 with REmake/RE2Make. Maybe I'll play some classic Castlevanias.

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Stream on twitch. Hesitant to give out my tag here for obvious reasons.

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I bought this recently so i'll give it a spin on Halloween

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Castlevania and some of the few good AVGN episodes. It's going to be so comfy

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grow up.

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>some of the few good AVGN episodes
Heard he's reviewing the shitty computer Castlevania games this Halloween. I bet that'll be good.

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Die early

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I'll start with Clock Tower

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wonderful, thanks.

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Sad. Halloween is the most based holiday ever.

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>noooooo you can’t make fun of my dress up play pretend eat candy bullshit holiday!

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There's a rumor going on at cinemassacre fan circles that this year is finally going to be the PC Castlevania episode with the DOS, Amiga, etc ports. I'm crossing my fingers.

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I'm gonna be playing SotN and Castlevania 1-4 as I always do. I'll also play some newer horror games, I never played Alien Isolation so thats on the docket as well. I think I want to try some N64 horror as well but not sure where to start. Already played Castlevania 64 which was shockingly good considering the repuation

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Just ignore the autist, he's probably a jehovahs witness nigger. Niggers are scared of Halloween

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>yeah! Don’t listen to that mean man who points out how childish we are for celebrating a holiday for children

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Why are schizos so afraid of holloween? Are afraid of door knocking? Is it because they don't have children/young family members?

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>everyone I don’t like is schizo
Holy projection. I think the better question is why you, as a “grown” “man”, feels personally attacked when someone says they don’t like eating candy and dressing up like Spider-Man.

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I have friends over and play games watch movies over a few beers; take the kids out for a walk around the neighborhood dressed up as a vampire/princess.
You are a sad person.

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You didn’t answer the question. All you did was say why you like the holiday. Do you understand the difference?

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Stop responding to that autistic loser.

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>nooooooo you can’t say you don’t like halloween! You can’t call me childish for dressing up like Spider-Man and eating almond joys all night! I can’t stand someone disagreeing with me AHHHHHH

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Clock Tower 1-3
Fatal Frame 1-3
Silent Hill 1-4
RE 2-4
RE Code Veronica
Siren 1 & 2

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Based actual adult

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Is there any game more halloweeny than Monster Party?

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On PC, yes

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That pic makes me wonder how great a Castlevania on Virtual Boy would've been

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Alone in the Dark 1-4

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Realms of the Haunting

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Lots of people from over-zealous religious families that are turbo butthurt about not being allowed to celebrate the best holiday while the rest of us got to dress up in fun costumes, go through haunted house attactions, eat fucktons of candy and watch spooky movies late at night with friends.

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I always play Friday the 13th every October.

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Every single retro Resident Evil game(before RE4, since RE4 sucks), Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3, Splatterhouse(all of them, including the remake), all of the House Of The Dead games, and Friday The 13th(the remake).

They have a remake of that on the PS4/Xbox One.

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I think the song Cabin from this game is actually one of the greats of the NES. Such a melencholic piece.

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Halloween is gay

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Damn, I wish I was an ameritard. Halloween is kino as fuck, always loved the aesthetic.

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It's a bit early but still good on you OP for getting ready.
The time around Halloween is definitely one of the best times of the year.

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I’m playing with your mother’s anal hole for Halloween. I hope you don’t mind.

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Nice bro, sounds fun!

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>hurrrr it's impossible that two people wouldn't go in for my childish kiddy holiday, it must be the same guy!
grow up already, what are you fucking 40 by now?

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What's wrong sweaty? Allergic to sweets? Should I get you some söilent so you don't feel left out?

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>says they don’t like eating candy and dressing up like Spider-Man.
Who wouldn't like this?

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I've been playing ZAMN off and on for over 25 years and I did not know your could fuck the UFO up
If you've never played Echo Night 2: Lord of Nightmares, this is the Halloween to do it. Echo Night 1 is also good but 2 is superior and you do not have to play them in order.

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>They have a remake of that on the PS4/Xbox One.
its not a remake of the nes version

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>noooooooooooo halloween is MY holiday, you can't find it bemusing and childish, you have to like it just like i do!

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For me it's gonna be a J-Horror theme halloween.
>Project Zero series
>That shitty Ju-On game
Even have some J-Horror movies too, sooo looking foward

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>>That shitty Ju-On game
The on for Wii?

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Yeah, it's the only Ju-On game that exists.

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in the summer i beat castlevania 1,2, and adventure along with medievil. It just seemed like time to put some time in those series. Maybe for Halloween i'll do castlevania 64 and medievil 2. I don't want anything too hard.

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Ppl with no friends and boring childhoods hate Halloween , just like single people get annoyed by couples on Valentine's day. Simple as that

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>Using Smash Bro trash

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lil baby nignog

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I have to agree with you on that one. It’s so cool. It gives it such a weird vibe.


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Going to try beating Rusty without savescumming this time. FUCK that autoscrolling tower level, though.

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night slashers is a great beat em up and halloween themed

galedog explains some good strats here

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>I overinvest myself in a children’s holiday because I’m so popular, well liked and interesting
Not buying it haha

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Did you have a single mom growing up?

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>ahhhhhhhh a ghost!
>oh okay, it was just a prop
>haha wow what a rush
>better eat some tootsie rolls to calm down
you’re an adult, act like one

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Based act your age not your shoe size poster

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This year? Okage Shadow King until my disappointment in the game overwhelms me

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Why do you hate yourself that much?

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It’s Halloween anon. I’m just trying to immerse myself in the holiday

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that game is good though

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It's okay to have bad taste, anon.

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Mostly Dreamcast titles and some PS2 ones like Haunting Ground and Siren.

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t. got filtered by the chink zodiac puzzle

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I'll be playing Medievil.
Any spoopy SNES game recommendations?

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Why do you hate candy and others dressing up as Spider-Man? Where did Spider-Man touch you?

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>can’t stand somebody not liking his larp holiday
Act your age

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Demon's Crest

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Does it count?