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>mfw nerds try to hipster it up by purchasing a copy of this online at high prices instead of having gotten it for free by pre-ordering The Wind Waker back in 2003
o am i laffin

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So you want an award for being old?

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Do you want one for being born late?

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>say you'll buy a shitty game to get a good game "free".

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I wasnt the one who made a post bragging

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Just finished these two a few weeks ago on my phone, for free.

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>on my phone, for free.
You had to pay in the form of putting up with bad controls and faulty emulation

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>bad controls and faulty emulation
nah, it was surprisingly playable and enjoyable, will play again.

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So you think anyone who missed the chance to get it back in the day doesn't deserve to play it ever? Or what?

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>$5 preorder for a bonus worth more than the shit you're paying an extra $55 for

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Yes, but this also means you preordered Wind Waker, thereby contributing to the downfall of the Zelda series. Wind Waker was the beginning of nu-Zelda. If people would have put their foot down and refused to buy it Zelda wouldn't be dead with its grave being pissed on by zoomers right now.
Anyone who missed it back in the day should emulate it and not award Nintendo's limited edition faggotry.
> People buy limited edition shit from scalpers at a high price
> Scalpers and collectors see that people are willing to pay out the ass for these old games once they're out of print
> Scalpers and collectors rush out to mass buy every new limited edition release
> Nintendo sees this and intentionally makes releases limited to get money from scalpers and collectors
People purchasing this shit are responsible for the bullshit Nintendo is pulling with Mario All-Stars 3D. Yes, even if you bought it used. In fact, doubly so if you bought it used.

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I wonder how much of Wind Waker's sales were people who just wanted this bonus disc.

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They're winners in the long run. They didn't have to play wind waker.

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You could get the other Zelda collection for free by subscribing to Nintendo Power. Didn’t even have to preorder anything. I did preorder Wind Waker though and got this game to tide me over until release. I was disappointed only the dungeons were changed, to be honest. Wind Waker is the coziest Zelda, as far as visuals and music go.

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That's why I got it, I didn't like the Windwaker art style. I just wanted to play Ocarina with the Gamecube controller

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I still have my OoT GC disk but have long since sold Wind Waker. Fuck that game.

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Meh, I bought it a decade ago at gamestop for $20.

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I bought it used at gamestop 15 years ago for a low amount. After it spiked up in value I ended up selling it and just emulating it because I have collectors edition and the n64 version. I don't really care about the master quest version it was just the same dungeons mixed around.

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Anyone who preordered Windwaker, did this happen to you?

Basically, after preordering, Gamestop later called me and told me that this was being discontinued, they weren't giving them for preorders anymore. It fucked me up, but later they called me back and told me they got it worked out.

Did this just happen to me?

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>Wind Waker was the beginning of nu-Zelda
Not really. There are only three Zelda eras.
1: Classic Zelda (LoZ, AoL)
2: Lock-and-Key Zelda (every other Zelda game, except...)
3: Classic Zelda Revival (BotW)
ALttP was the fundamental shift into something different for Zelda games where they cut back on non-linearity and open design while emphasizing "story" and lock-and-key puzzle design (you must find and use X item to progress past X obstacle, like hookshot on hookshot point, and that somehow counts as a Zelda "puzzle")

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I just got it on the store shelf after it was out and it had the extra disk included

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>censored OoT
Lmao, yeah, you can have that one jabroni.

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>classic revival
Consume rat poison.

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>Didn't need to preorder or buy seperately, just came with the copy I paid £15 for all those years ago
For once it pays to be a PALfag

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>not owning the original N64 cart with the ganon red blood and the muslim chants AND this one so you can also play Ura Zelda

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There was a time in my life when I somehow had two copies of Oot on N64, plus the Wind Waker pre-order version that came with master quest, PLUS the zelda collection version that you got from registering 2 gamecube games and then also the virtual console version.

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>not EverDriving with a patched Ura Zelda so that it has N64 button icons, crescent Mirror Shield, Fire Temple chanting, the mayoral red blood, and the restored ending
Right back at ya m8

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>muslim chants
Get out.

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This came with my GameCube system purchase, not with wind waker

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You must be thinking of Collector's Edition. Honest mistake.

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> BOTW is like classic Zelda
What a cancerous fucking take. BOTW is about as similar to classic Zelda as Assassin's Creed is. This entire notion is a desperate cope by zoomers to convince themselves that their modern nu-openworld garbage is "real Zelda" and not a Ubisoft knockoff with a Zelda skin.

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i have a copy of that in really shitty condition, about how much money have i lost?

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A "friend" of mine stole my copy of OOT, so I was very happy to get this when it came out. I'm also kinda surprised that there's STILL people complaining about TWW's visuals in 20 fucking 20. It's like some people are eternal 14 year old edgy kids that need brown and mature stuff all the time.
Complaining about the triforce hunt is legit, tho. But still I enjoyed TWW, despite the easy as fuck dungeons. Final boss was kino and the whole game was a great adventure with timeless visuals.

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Yeah because you have nothing to brag about you stupid zoomer diaper baby

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just wait for some faggot to post the webm of the "Zelda 1 prototype they used to design BotW" and tell you it's the best sequel to Zelda 1 we've ever had. gotta say, I don't really remember Zelda 1 being a Skyrim clone where you run around an endless expanse collecting mushrooms and crossdressing.

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I didn't even have a Game Cube yet when this came out, but I put down $5 to preorder a copy of Wind Waker just to get this disc. Never did end up getting Wind Waker until a lot of years later.

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I still can't believe I gave my Zelda Collector's Edition to my little cousin who doesn't give a shit.

I wonder if he still has it and if I can ask for it back.

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It's not fair bros

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What's the problem with legendary games being correctly priced due to obvious demand?

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>170 dollars for two games

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Is that what Mario Sunshine goes for these days? I should sell my mint copy.

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>He not only bought Windwaker, he pre-ordered it and is proud of it

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Wii U remaster's pretty good, lad.

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Implying Zelda 1 and 2 didn't have that lock and key shit. You need Spell how often in AoL? How often do you need to use the raft in LoZ?

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Imagine hating someone solely on the basis on when they happened to be born and what video games they grew up for.

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Wait until 3D collection goes out of print next March

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You're both zoomers.

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From 2007-2011 I would go to thrift stores and the gamestop bargin bins and buy GC games. I think Sunshine would go for like $15 at the time.
It's crazy how much the price on these jumped.

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>half price books
market price games. popped into one yesterday and they had no gamecube or xbox games, a handful of ps2, and not that much more 7th and 8th gen. it used to be my go to place and i'd always find something decent for 5-10 bucks, now it's a wasteland.

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I once walked into a Hollywood Video that was desperate to get rid of their lingering N64 titles, and they had a deal of "buy 3 for $10"... and DK64 was $10, so I just picked that and two other games for effectively free.

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You'd have to be inbred to pay over rrp for any Zelda game which sold millions of copies.

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>instead of having gotten it for free by pre-ordering The Wind Waker
but mine came with the console

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this was free with my gamecube

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really? I thought this one was exclusive to WW preorder.

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You’re literally the definition of a hipster by proclaiming pride in having it before it was cool OP.

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No, hipsters try to LARP as having been there before it was cool, but they never were there.
OP is an OG who was actually there, you can tell by its chad-like assertion and confidence. A real hipster would be more passive-aggressive about it, trying to seem like he's cool when he's clearly not.

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I had this but have no idea how I got it... I doubt I preordered but maybe

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I hated master quest, it turned every temple into a storage warehouse.

I got filtered at the ganon castle, I couldnt stand the sight of another time block puzzle, ugh, so fucking

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Ura Zelda was cool. It fucks with you because most things inside dungeons are different. Ura 3DS is even more disorienting because it's mirrored

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>doesnt have $50
i guess the jokes on you somehow

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I preordered from K-mart and didn't have that problem because they gave you the bonus disc when you placed the preorder.

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One of the best bonus I remember from games

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Mark Brown ruined Zelda discourse

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Of course I got it back then.

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If only phones had bluetooth, you could pair a controller up to it and use that instead.

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>aLttP focused on lock and key puzzles
No, actually, a vast majority of the puzzles in A Link to the Past involved being aware of your vertical location: How stairs affected what level of the area you are, visible ceilings obscuring the path and your own location, and what areas you could access by dropping off ledges.

(Also, the dungeons don't have to be beat in linear order, even just to get the items. You can skip the hookshot and still access and beat dungeon 4 and 6)

With the next Zelda game (Links awakening) the game had to feel more difficult while also working with a very compact space and with less hardware, and THIS is when the zelda series started adopting a less subtle lock and key design.

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BOTW is like classic Zelda

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I remember being a toddler and being mad that this wasn't on ps2. Had no idea how licenses worked.

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>unironically plays games on a telephone
>claims it was fine

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The same happened to me but with pokemon.
I think it's safe to say that a lot of my hatred toward Nintendo can be traced back to wanting to play pokemon on my playstation and realizing Nintendo was preventing me from doing so.

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can you play Ura Zelda from the get go or you have to unlock it?

>> No.6859082

Assuming its the same as the disc in >>6843390 then you can play Master Quest at the start

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>release a remaster of every Zelda game except those for super nintendo and gameboy
fuck you nintendo.

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>PAL shit

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It may not be ancient but 2001 was 19 years ago anon.

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