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>He bought a regular Gamecube instead

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>he bought the worst console of the generation

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w-why is everything.... chrome?

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that's not an xbox

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reminder that the dreamcast is in the same generation
ps2 > gamecube > xbox > dreamcast

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dreamcast is unironically better than the kiddie cube

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>here's some games
>oh no cancelled

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>here's no games
>oh no they're all ported to the wii now

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Technically it's the PS2
>b-but my one million shovelware!

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Not memeing only reason I got a Gamecube was for Melee, GX and Zelda collection since I never got a 64 and I still feel ripped off for buying a console for 3 games lmao

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Mind showing us a picture of yours then? The one you obviously bought?

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>here's no games

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>console wars
Yep, I'm on /v/

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Deadcast ain’t any better.

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Get use to it. Console wars been around since late 70.

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only on this stupid website would someone suggest anyone but the ps2 won gen 6

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Retro games are 99% emulatable, meaning your underage spic wars don't apply to this board.

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oh no no no

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Shovelware doesn't mean what you think it means, zoomie

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>he bought a shitcube period

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Post timestamped Q console or controller.

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>hurr I dropped 1k on a shitty DVD player

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not retro faggot

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It runs gamecube games natively dipshit

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Lol nobody cares, these things are garbage

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I like the regular GameCube better to be honest.

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read the sticky faggot, nobody cares you can fit a wii remote up your ass

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I didn't even know these fuckin things existed. That's neat though.

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Same, the owning a Panasonic Cube is like owning a Virtual Boy, it's basically a conversation piece but everybody knows you're never playing really gonna sit down and play that shit.

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All gens are retro, dumbfuck.

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>melee machine

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Thats because they kept releasing games in nipland until 2007

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amazing for a console that only lasted 2 years. gamecube was also getting games from 2001 to 2007.

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Consolewar fags are retarded. PS2 and GCN both have plenty of exclusives that are still worth playing today.

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One of them sure has, and it isn't the gay cube

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Why do YOU read the sticky you retarded fucking faggot

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Why do I read the sticky? Because I don't want to shit up this awful board more than it's already been.
Oh shit, did you fuck up your broken english, you ESL mongoloid? Damn, guess you better fuck off back to /v/ with your shitty 7th gen bullshit.

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>gamecube on wii is 7th gen
Just shut up you fucking spastic. Just because your parents didn't love you doesn't mean you get to be pedantic about this shit online

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That's not a PS2

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Hope you had fun with the disc tray fucking up on you.

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>he triggered all the poorfags on /vr/

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No idea what the point is in owning a gamecube these days over a modded wii unless your autism demands to be able to use a gba player

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Autism? It's literally the best way to play GBA games

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>wearing the disc laser of a rare electronic to watch dvds on a glorified gamecube
Hope you like your device eventually becoming a fancy looking paperweight unless you mod it somehow

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it's already a fancy looking paperweight unless you can read japanese

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I remember when I first saw that online as a kid circa 2001 ish I thought it was so cool and wanted one, but today it's so dated and tacky to me.

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Its worse than that. Because the tray has to be big enough for a DVD there's no real security for the smaller Gamecube disc. So if the console is accidentally tipped or jostled the game disc can fall out of the tray and get jammed in the Q's innards.

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Ok realistically how would that happen unless you're playing smash bros with your drunken roastie friends

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>He doesn't know about the GBA Consolizer

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I do but have people even gotten them yet? There are some on ebay for like a thousand bucks, and the quality difference between a GB player seems negligible if youre using an HDMI adapter on the Gamecube.

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he who?

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you talkin bought the same guy op is?

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WHO the hell are you guys talking about?

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This is all any gamecube fag owns, really.

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>he doesn't know we're all talking about him

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Not really
You consolefags never fail to make me laugh, gen 6 had four great consoles each with a lot to offer
but 20 years later you act like your brand loyalty still matters, it's pretty sad

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What's copy protection like on those things?

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It’s for you.

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I own a gamecube, I don’t have any brand loyalty. It sucks. Unless you think systems are worth owning solely for Nintendo first party titles, it’s worthless.

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It does have the best lineup of first party titles on any Gen 6 console, you're right about that. But there are a decent amount of third party exclusives as well, like Rogue Leader, Eternal Darkness and Super Monkey Ball
It's also got the best version of a ton of multiplats as well, like Killer 7 and Viewtiful Joe, which had content removed or downgraded for the PS2 versions.

Since you've got a Gamecube I'd encourage you to check some of those out

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rogue squadron 2 is one of the best star wars games ever made, true to the movies and respectful of the lore, great job branching out from the rail shooter style and it's exactly what everyone(except furfags) wanted after star fox 64. honestly if you could find a gamecube cheap it's worth buying for that(cause dolphin is buggy with menus and the overlay) on top of the 1st party titles. Worst thing about the system was that the first party tiles were mostly a step down from previous entries. Also, Resident Evil.

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>he made a pathetic try-hard thread after watching cinemassacre

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>time to play a gc game
>oh no it's stuck in there

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mgba says hi idiots

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Yo dis nigga uses discs

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>tfw the gamecube was the final time Nintendo even made an attempt to have competitive specs on their console hardware
Obviously it wasn't as strong as its competitors, but it felt weaker because of the price was lower, not because they just didn't give a shit.

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Dude. Don't be a dick. Not everyone has stainless steel privilege like eth adults

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Okay, that is fucking comfy looking. This has inspired me to actually use my Wii.

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>Obviously it wasn't as strong as its competitors
It was way stronger than the PS2, and only slightly weaker than the Xbox, but yeah, it sucks that it was the last time Nintendo were competitive or cutting edge in graphics. It wasn't even a gradual decline. They just threw in the towel and gave the Wii last-gen graphics.

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>only slightly weaker than the Xbox
Nah, even the Wii is weaker than the Xbox in some pretty significant ways.

>> No.6843434

>Wii weaker than Xbox
The Xbox had some shaders and the like that the Wii probably doesn't support, but you could say the same thing about basically every 3D console including N64 and Dreamcast. As a whole, Wii is a significantly more powerful device.

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Sure, but relatively speaking, there's a huge power gap between the DC & PS2 and the GC & Xbox. It's not surprising that the the Wii was weaker than the Xbox in some ways either, since the Wii wasn't much more than an overclocked Gamecube and it didn't have a fully programmable pixel shader, which was cutting edge when the Xbox did it, but standard in the 7th gen.

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Thats not xbox

>> No.6843502

By far

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I'll have you know that the PS2 was the peak of 6th generation DVD players thank you very much

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>Dreamcast max framebuffer depth: 32-bit
>Gamecube max framebuffer depth: 24-bit

>Dreamcast destination alpha quality: 8-bit
>Gamecube destination alpha quality: 6-bit

>Dreamcast z-buffer precision: 32-bit
>Gamecube z-buffer precision: 24-bit

>Dreamcast normal mapping support? Yes
>Gamecube normal mapping support? No (bump mapping only)

>Dreamcast order independent alpha blending? Yes
>Gamecube order independent alpha blending? No

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>Dreamcast: N64 ports
>GameCube: runs resident evil 4
oops, you lose.

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I used to have one and I didn’t like it ,it was huge for no reason and since nobody wants to watch dvds anymore what’s the point

>> No.6843621

>gamecube runs one of the most ported games of all time

>> No.6843630

>a popular game that could never run on Dreamcast was ported to newer systems after its GCN debut, therefore the Dreamcast is stronger than the GameCube
This is literally your argument and it isn't one bit less retarded than it sounds.

>> No.6843639

My argument is gamecube has no games and re4 is proof

>> No.6843645

>my argument is that I'm literally retarded

>> No.6843650

Are you really going to attack the GameCube for having a few of its games ported to other platforms when every single worthwhile game on the Dreamcast has also been ported? Is this the Sega delusion I always hear about?

>> No.6843657

>He bought the most expensive Gamecube model that takes up more space and is more prone to issues

>> No.6843662

>b-but some dreamcast games have been ported

>> No.6843683

>no argument when cornered
Got 'em. Also:
You mean basically the entire library?

>> No.6843703

I frankly only watched about 5 DVDs my entire life. Before that I was a VCD guy. After I got a PC with DVD, I realised some of the DVDs I bought were regionlocked , in the "wrong region", and I lost interest real fast. iStream.

>> No.6843708

>You mean basically the entire library?
we talking about the gamecube again?

>> No.6843710

the dreamcast wasn't a bad piece of hardware in 1998, but the ps2 was more capable, had significantly larger discs (up to 8x bigger, yes, some games were on dual-layer dvds), and the release of the dualanalog in 1997 instantly obsoleted any controller designed with only one analog stick, the obvious-in-hindsight need for the user to control the camera in 3D games quickly became apparent around when the dreamcast launched
i'm actually surprised they didn't release a dual analog updated controller soon after release

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>Pay 60 bucks for a Flash game from Newgrounds
Haha. Do Cubefags really?

>> No.6843717

So yeah. PS2 master of gen 6.

>> No.6843724

>being this assblasted that your favorite company died a cuckold death and all of its games were ported to the Shitcube
truth hurts, son.

>> No.6843752

i'd say so, if i had to pick any one gen6 console it'd be the ps2
while it's not the most powerful of the lot (it is older than the gcn and xbox, so it's not unexpected), it got all the important stuff right and had tons of support for a long time, there's enough good games on it to last a lifetime
there's nothing wrong with the gcn or xbox, either, of course, there's obviously exclusives or more advanced versions of multiplatforms on those consoles, i'm just saying if i was to pick one
and of course the dreamcast has exclusives too, so even though it's clearly the weakest system of the generation, there's still reasons to use it if you want to play those games

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There's really no thinking about it, the PS2 makes the most sense. The other consoles were fine except for the Gamecube but the amount of quality games on the PS2, top notch titles and one-offs - the PS2 is orders of magnitude beyond the competition.

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>60 bucks

Know how I know you're a zoomer?

>> No.6843859

Wasn't it just like three of them? Why is this a meme?

>> No.6843860

Most of us had a much superior stand-alone DVD player. The component output of that thing is no better than a regular GC, and I didn't need S-Video because I had the official SCART cable. The only redeeming thing that has are the stereo outs.

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>no gba player

>> No.6843870

Why would you play GBA games on your TV? Super GameBoy and GameBoy Player seemed like retarded concepts when I was a kid. Still does. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a portable console?

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You happy now?

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>slouching over playing on that teeny tiny screen just 2 ft away from your face

>> No.6844315

Portability is mostly a gimmick. It's useful if you're on a plane or a train or something, but if you're home, why wouldn't you prefer to play the games on your tv?

>> No.6844318

Yes, son

>> No.6844328

>DK Jungle Beat
Sometimes I still wonder how cheap and affordable it is to find a bongo set. I miss playing it with my cousin.

>> No.6844331

They were around 30-40.

>> No.6844337

>most sense?
Normie buying dvd like shill they’re.

>> No.6844341

Because the games were designed for a small screen. They look terrible scaled up for a TV.

>> No.6844359

You trying to jostle me m8?

>> No.6844360

I am fine with my Gamecube. I don't need that version of the Gamecube because if I want a DVD player, I'll just use my OG Xbox.

>> No.6844367

That's not a PS2.

>> No.6844374

you spelled XBox wrong

>> No.6844375

They look just fine as long as you don't mess with the aspect ratio. Everything was low res back then anyway.

>> No.6844386

Nah, Xbox is the most superior system of that generation.

>> No.6844389

Then get other games for it. Not the console's fault that you only bothered to get 3 games for it

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seems pretty affordable. They're in an interesting state where there's literally only 1 good game out of the 4 locked to the hardware. They're also a unique accessory.

>> No.6844428

Awww shit negroid, if I owned a place and wasn't living in my backpack, I'd have ordered one in an instant.

>> No.6844434

Super Error

>> No.6844509

>As a whole, Wii is a significantly more powerful device.
Uh, no. It has more RAM and not much else.

>> No.6844521

Ok, name me a game as significant as RE4 that is STILL a Dreamcast exclusive.

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>> No.6844558

Lol what? Answer the question.

>> No.6844567

If they had just used this design for the actual Gamecube, used actual DVDs instead of miniDVDs for games, and had a controller with two Z buttons, a second set of L and R buttons, and a normal-sized D-Pad and C-Stick, they could've done a lot better.

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>Pay 60 bucks for a Flash game from Newgrounds
>Haha. Do Cubefags really?
1) It was $30
2) It was also available for PS2
3) If you actually played the fucking game you'd see that it's not the same. For starters it's not just a 5 minute long prototype demo flash game. The console version's the full game with a full 2 hour long campaign. Short, but it's got good replay value
Same thing happened a few years afterwards with Super Meatboy and its prototype flash game

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mmmmmmm would be a shame if somethin happened to that exclusive you got, cubie....

>> No.6844603

Stupid question stupid answer I take 2 project justice over any gamecube in this case re4 since it's a Capcom game FAIRNUFF?

>> No.6844950

>2hr game
I can find similar shooters and action games on Newgrounds/etc that's free with more content.

>> No.6844985

I'm probably older than your mom. That said, it's a guesstimate since I never bought one.

Current MetalJebusRokks collector fag prices is up to 107 bucks....
Original retail prices for GC games were around 50 bucks.

I'll say I guessed pretty well, seethe and cope anon.

>> No.6845076

>Xbox better than Dreamcast
You shut your whore mouth. DC is a solid second or third of the generation depending on how much you like Nintendo.

>> No.6845084

Xbox and Dreamcast were both beta testing platforms for the PC

>> No.6845213

My kid is playing my games, dumbass. I'm old enough to remember that PS1, Gamecube, and PS2 games were ALL $50 at launch. Did you really have to look that up?

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NOO ANON You can't just just MGBA which runs GB/C and GBA perfectly with native 240p output over component.
You HAVE TO spend $300 bucks getting a gamecube modded so you can use le gameboy player with le actual SOULFUL carts!!!!11!

>> No.6845279

lmao, you're alright man

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File: 220 KB, 800x1136, 63727-ninja-gaiden-black-xbox-front-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's not a single Wii game that looks as good as pic related
You have no fucking clue what you're talking about faggot

>> No.6845292

>Oh shit, did you fuck up your broken english, you ESL mongoloid? Damn, guess you better fuck off back to /v/ with your shitty 7th gen bullshit.
Anon absolutely BTFO

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File: 613 KB, 1600x1200, now-thats-a-name-i-havent-heard-in-a-long-time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kiddie cube

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File: 123 KB, 640x400, xfb2hx2w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you've got some serious nostalgia goggles because NGB doesn't really look that good. a better example of the xbox's capabilities would be conker live and reloaded or riddick, but even those games are graphically inferior to a few late gamecube games like resident evil 4, let alone the best of what the Wii has to offer

>> No.6845458

None of that shit in the background is actually rendered in sonic colors. Are you blind or just retarded?

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File: 72 KB, 767x449, No way fag httpsdontfeedthegamerscomresidentevil4datingsim_cde759_6895864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are you blind or just retarded?

>> No.6845529

>a better example of the xbox's capabilities would be conker live and reloaded or riddick
No, NGB is a phenomenal looking game with detailed models, tons of effects and a hard locked 60fps. Conker's a 30fps and below game and the most ambitious thing about riddick is the dynamic resolution scaling to maintain a solid 30fps.
>graphically inferior to a few late gamecube games like resident evil 4

>> No.6845568

>the most ambitious thing about riddick is the dynamic resolution scaling to maintain a solid 30fps.
You mean like the locked 30 fps on the GameCube version of RE4? Now show me all of those pictures with two dozen characters on screen.


>> No.6845594

desu doom 3/RoE is far more impressive than anything on the cube. Thief 3 as well, that's a far more detailed game with still gorgeous lighting effects. RE4 in comparison is as flat as a 9 year old.

>> No.6845647

Doom 3 looked great in PC but it was severely stripped down on Xbox and half the game is almost always obscured by shadows that were purposely implemented to hide onscreen visual details because the Xbox couldn't render it. that was the reason for the introduction of the flashlight that had to be toggled. thief 3 has decent lighting but it isn't any more advanced than the lighting in re4. the best argument against re4 is that it's letterboxed, but that doesn't even really affect the gameplay much and you barely notice it -- not to mention there are ways to work around it. otherwise the game is easily one of the best looking games of the gen and the character animations alone make it worthy of that title.

>> No.6845652

The Xbox port for Doom 3/RoE is really, really good. Try it some time.
>in Re4
good one.

>> No.6845663

I own it and you're severely overplaying the visuals. RE4 has fully dynamic and colored lighting with gun flash and explosion effects and dynamic point lights, not to mention the shadow effects. I don't think you know what the fuck you're talking about.

>> No.6845668

>I own it and you're severely overplaying the visuals.
How? By saying it looks better than Re4? That's really not an accomplishment considering how much more powerful the Xbox is vs the Cubie.
>RE4 has fully dynamic and colored lighting with gun flash and explosion effects and dynamic point lights, not to mention the shadow effects
lets not kid ourselves, there's a reason it could run on the PS2.

>> No.6845702

Real chads play RE4 on PS3

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File: 584 KB, 534x680, 1yac.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this thread gave me cancer

>> No.6845808

No need to call the Super Nintendo an error.

>> No.6845842

Are you crazy? The dreamcast was so good it killed arcades!


>> No.6846971

I want to lick Akira's armpits so yes, fairnuff.
But i said significant, after re4 we've had a whole gen of over-the-shoulder shooters.

>> No.6846979

You responded to the wrong guy.

>> No.6846981

let me guess, you pay for "steam games"

>> No.6847003

Kek based

>> No.6847048

Some made up spec. The library mean nothing. >Muh Dreamcast

>> No.6848740

Looks bulky as shit, not to mention you can’t play US games on it. The GameCube wasn’t a multimedia system, it just did games. And I’m okay with that

>> No.6848869

>there's a reason it could run on PS2
The "reason" is that they removed half the lighting effects, turned fully rendered things like tree branches into 3D sprites, lowered the maximum entity limit, reduced the framerate, lowered poly count across the board and removed a large chunk of particle effects. So no, it doesn't really fucking "run on the PS2" you shit eating clownshoe.

>> No.6848954

Yes I certainly do. My wife's black son loves playing my Steam library of games.

>> No.6849454

based responsible black father

>> No.6849774

I'm white.

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File: 253 KB, 1366x1052, 1591371180136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More people would've bought GC if it looked like that and actually supported DVDs. It looks cool as fuck.

>> No.6849931

I actually own all those. They’re good, but they still don’t really give the console enough of a library to the point where I’d consider it “good.” It has great games, I’m not disputing that - it’s just not a great system overall.

>> No.6849943

Real GC looks cleaner

>> No.6849967

That's because of all the face buttons. If it was just a GC, it would have been simpler.

>> No.6849981

So do dental drills.

>> No.6850369

Boo! Lame!

>> No.6851584

So great.

>> No.6851732


>> No.6851890

How viable is it to fix one of these if you buy one with a stuck disc tray? Or is it enough of a pain in the ass that you're better off coughing up the extra $200-$300 for a working one?

>> No.6851897
File: 712 KB, 1280x1024, 1596422303948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I absolutely cannot believe people shitpost about PS2's DVD playing capabilities when this exist in the same goddamn generation. Same with PS1's CD medium and the N64 DD.

>> No.6852069

PS2 has more good games than the Gamecube and Dreamcast have games.

>> No.6852076

Spawnwave has a video on it, apparently its a huge pain

>> No.6852078

With the Gamecube you can play those GC discs with cracked labels without the fear of your Wii disc assembly ripping them clean off.

>> No.6852081

>Viewtiful Joe
Literally nothing downgraded in the PS2 version, it even has Dante as a playable character

>> No.6852090

And Doom 3 runs at like 20fps on Xbox. Wow, so powerful, much impressed.

>> No.6852093

>PS2 RE4 having performance issues
[citation sorely needed]

>> No.6852096

yeah, i wouldn't put physical GCN discs into a Wii, I've heard way too many horror stories. for people with a stack of roms nintendont makes sense but if you have a physical collection you should either sell it or go with a proper gamecube.

>> No.6852117

>It's also got the best version of a ton of multiplats as well
You mean the Xbox?
Fuck the hell off reddit.

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>Fuck the hell off reddit.
>seething this hard over a meme I didn't even use
Rent fucking free, niggerhead.

>> No.6852176

>posts stupid shit without a thought
>you seethe r-rentfree!
Cope, nigger faggot.

>> No.6852196
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>all this seethe and assumptions because I said "much" instead of "so"

>> No.6852201

Nice to see you're the meme spouting beaner from here too >>6852180

>> No.6852840

It runs at a stable 30 with occasional drops. It also looks a generation ahead of re4.

>> No.6853872

Nice to see you're a stalking mouthbreathing faggot with no life.

>> No.6853940

It's unacceptable for an FPS to be below 60.

>> No.6854373

Gamecube = Dreamcast = Xbox = PS2
4 based consoles, this is no competition. Real gamers proudly play all 4. I don't have an OG Xbox, but I have a ton of awesome og xbox games I play on 360.

>> No.6854384
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blessed post

>> No.6854656

>Gamecube = Dreamcast = Xbox = PS2. 4 based consoles, this is no competition. Real gamers proudly play all 4.

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