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Any speedrunners browsing this board?

Whats your favourite game to speedrun and why?

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I don't speedrun games, I game.

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Hi game I anon, why don't you speedrun games

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Speedrunners. Aren't. People.

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Super Mario 3D 2: Mario Sunshine

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Very transphobic of you

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I speedrun both Mario 64 70 star and any% dkc 2, my runs ain't very impressive so I have submitted but I've gotten sub 1 hour on both

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Wasn't there a glitch in Ocarina of Time that gets you to Ganon early on in the game? Kinda totally defeats the purpose, no?

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Speed running is for autistics too scared to compete against other players head to head.

competitive game tournaments > playing for high score > unplugging your console and doing anything else literally > speed tranning

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Speedtranners need to join the 41%.

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I've never understood the mindset that speedrunning is bad and not skillful. Most people on here and /v/ always say to git good, speedrunning is just getting so good at a game you can beat it in a quick time. Is hating speedrunning a cope for bad players?

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I mostly speedrun Dragon Quest games

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Getting good = scrubbing the floor at Q3 death match, winning tournaments at SF2 or melee, clearing Contra with one CC or setting the high score in Radient Silvergun

autistic shut in shit = exploiting bugs and flaws in programming to get to the credits screen as fast as possible


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>speedrunning is just getting so good at a game you can beat it in a quick time
lolno, speedrunning is so removed from actually playing the game as it was intended the whole thing is pretty much a completely different experience, you can be a good speedrunner and a shitty player, and vice versa

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In the games you mentioned people will abuse glitches to get the upper hand against their opponent lol, theres nothing different from playing competitive games and getting fast times in vidya

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Imagine going to an art museum and sprinting through every exhibit as fast as possible without knowing what they are and then claiming you’re good at art/art history.

That’s speed tranners in a nutshell.

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A game is all about getting to the end though, getting to the end in a fast time is the only logical step in skill progression

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It's just a meme because there are so many trannies, fags and SJWs in the speedrunning community. There's nothing wrong with trying to beat a game as fast as possible in itself, especially if doing so in the game is technically demanding. It also really depends on the game. Some games have really lame stuff, other games have really cool looking stuff. But it's mostly because the community is a cesspool of literal subhuman trash that casuals can use it as a way to cope with being a casual. Speedrunning usually requires deeper knowledge of the game than playing it casually.

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Are you familiar with The Elite? These guys do not use broken glitches to complete levels, they complete Goldeneye and Perfect Dark levels with expediency and skill

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Mentally ill 4channer sim

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Pretty shitty bait considering speedrunners often go through hundreds of thousands of attempts just to shave mere milliseconds off their attempts.

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Speedrunners are the dumbest fuckers in the planet, nigga who cares if you beat the game that fast might as well start studying something

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You guys are weirdos lol. OP here. Where the hell is this meme "all speedrunners are trannies and degenerates" come from?

I usually watch speedruns of Prince Persia, Halo, Devil May Cry and Half Life. There are no trannies here
All straight males.

Maybe its problem with you guys who usually watch some Nintendoshit where speedrunners are usually degenerates because all of Nintendo games are shit made for underage and people with mental problem

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Maybe its problem with you guys who usually watch some Nintendoshit that no one completely normal will speedrun

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fuck off

Hows the Halo speedruns are degenerate and full of trannies?

Fuck with this meme bullshit

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If you speedrun as a hobby, good for you. If you take speedrunning seriously, get help.

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>if you take speedrunning seriously

Never saw anyone quiting his job to speedrunning all day

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Super Mario 64. I do a lot of 16-star runs, they're very fun and I hope to get good enough to do 1-star or even 0-star runs.

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If you speedrun games you're autistic, full stop.

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autism is a serious disease

not a hobby

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In between dilation sessions I’ve been working to get my Sonic The Hedgehog 2 time down.

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check >>6830050

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The smash tranny thinks he's any better than speed trannies.

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I too have experienced that feel.

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>you can be a good speedrunner and a shitty player, and vice versa
yes but that's only at the extreme of either end. most of it is overlap and speedrunners are better than the vast majority of players at their game simply from understanding how to move the character optimally.

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speedrunning's a pretty cool guy, eh breaks the game and doesn't afraid of anything

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I'm a speedrunner even with some notable records in the game I play and am a tranny. It's not too outlandish to say, really. I'd say the game, but it's not /vr/.

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im also an unironic tranny and a speedrunner, I don't know where this guy gets the idea we aren't abundant in the community

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post splits

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no there isn't. /srg/ has been dead for years now and threads only go up during GDQs.

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Fellow tranny here and I have never speedran a game in my life. My backlog is hundreds of games long already without spending hours autistically replaying the same game over and over, no idea how you do it.

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I casually speed run Mega Man 5 but my time is still too awful to submit

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currently no thread of speedrunners in /vg/

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