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Give me one reason it's better than the PS1

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its not.

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It isn't.
Had some great games tough, but in general, nah.

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No load times.

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Honestly I rank 3DO above N64

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FPS games - Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Doom 64, 2 Duke Nukem games, 2 Quake games, 4 Turok games.

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Give me one reason it's better than the Saturn

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bing bing wahoo

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I wouldn't know, I owned both.

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PS1 doesn't have any games.

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No, that would be the 32X

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PS1 had the superior Duke3D port without any censorship.

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Quest 64.

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The Saturn Duke Nukem 3D port is the best by far. Gobsmacking what they managed to do with the hardware.

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>PS1 had the superior Duke3D port without any censorship.

The PS1 is technically closest to the the original PC version, as it was a straight port of the original Build Engine game. Saturn Duke Nukem 3D was rebuilt from the ground up using a different engine. So was Duke Nukem 64. The Saturn Duke had 4 player online, and two player co-op. Duke Nukem 64 features 2 player co-op split screen.

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duke 64 also had 4 player deathmatch

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Because bare breasted as opposed to skimpily dressed ladies were a fundamental part of the experience.

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4 player party games that are actually good

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the 5 best N64 games are better than anything on gaystation

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PS1 and Saturn games are quite limited in size and scope. Think of like Resident Evil 2. It's just a series of small rooms and 2D backgrounds. N64 games are massive. And I'm actually really mad at the N64 since it's a beast of a console but it has major bottlenecks like the cartridges and limited textures which really fuck it up.

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cope harder

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I don't understand the texture argument because PS1 texture cache was half the size of the N64s (2kb)

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the N64 has two 10/10 games that are better than anything in the PS1's library; SM64 and OoT.
However the PS1 has a much larger library of 7/10-9/10 games and wins by sheer quantity. It also has a far greater quantity cool soulful experimental games or obscure gems like Moon Remix RPG Adventure. The only weird and experimental game like that on the N64 that I can think of is Majora's Mask.
also, gif related is obligatory for this thread.

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go suck a nigger dick, faggot

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Better multiplayer games and 4-player games without a peripheral

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Quality arcade/PC ports to consoles were a big thing back then

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I like the games better.

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You're right, I did think of Resident Evil 2, and how it needed to be limited in size and scope on the N64.

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Can't think of one. Everything it did the PS1 did better. It's also a very hard console to go back to, it hasn't aged very well.

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> Everything it did the PS1 did better.
Games like Shadowman, Pod Racer and Wave Race wouldn't even run on a PS1.

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PS1 is way harder to go back to. I can pop in OoT or Mario 64 and have a blast no different than I did 25 years ago, compared to the Jiggle polygon loadtime early CG FMV station

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Had the best 5th gen sidescroll platformer, MNSG2
Oh also yeah no loading and 4P multiplayer out of the box.
Kinda funny sony went so cocky they still didn't invest in 2 additional ports for the ps2.

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In the PS1's defence it's not even a fair comparison. You're talking about a console trying to scupper up some 3d in software with a 25mhz processor vs a proper 3d console that does it in hardware and has 93.5mhz left for the games. What would be a fair match is to compare N64 to PS2. In games like Rayman 2 where they've been put head to head the PS2 probably wins, but it's closer than you might think.

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It isn't. It's just that N64 fags have to cope with the fact that their console was a failure with a almost forgetful library of games. And for some reason, they'll try to sell those games as some of the best ever made because some game journalists said so.

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The Jaguar and the 3DO were failures. The N64 is a cult classic.

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No, the Saturn is a true cult classic. The N64 is a mediocrity then and now, only low test soifags talk it up like it's the best thing ever.

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Unplayable garbage on the n64. Nothing to compare to the 60 fps bliss of strider 2, the gorgeous action in brave fencer musashi or the perfect racing of r4.

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I don't see your point. The N64 could run those games easily. The PS1 would set on fire just trying to run the physics in Wave Race.

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I just played Mario 64 on N64 five minutes ago lol

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nu-nintendo cucked for blm too

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Doesn't break its own textures, for one thing

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>I-I-It's okay when Nintendo does it!

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It's not, has some good games like Mario 64, Paper Mario and Banjo-Kazooie, but PS1 was the superior console

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Better multiplayer

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N64 struggles to run anything above 20fps 2bh

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It runs F-zero x at a standard 60fps.

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Yeah with mono audio lmao, n64 doesn't even have 10 60fps games.

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so did sega say anything

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It is. More ram memory and stronger cpu.

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Like or not. Spyro internet connection & Switch SD needed is bullcrap.

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N64's a paper tiger as far as real world performance goes. Lower poly, lower res textures, lower framerates. Hey at least it can do simplistic effects but I don't think it was worth it.

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F Zero X and Earthworm Jim run 60FPS

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Wow? They look awful and have major visual concessions.

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Not an argument, spics. All companies being pozzed still means that Brony is pozzed.

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Unlike turdstation, it has soul

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Only NEC remains uncucked
All hail the PC Engine

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It's hard to pick 1.
Rare, or Majora's mask.

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it's not better. it did 3d adventure/platformer games better (and even then it's only a handful). that's it. ps1 was infinitely better bang for your buck if you enjoyed more than 1 kind of game

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The shitstation is the ugly and autistic third wheel of the fifth gen that ruined gaming by introducing fucking idiots to it.

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4 people multiplayer.

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You wouldn't understand since the reason pertains to having friends to play with

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It has a better chance of surviving a drop down the stairs.

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Because the games were boundary pushing, idiot

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Why single out Sony specifically when they've all gone woke?

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>Don't you have friends!?
Why do Nintendies still use this excuse to defend the N64 like they're still 6 years old having little Timmy over for a sleepover

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PC Engine Master Race

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Because that was a big motivator for why people bought the thing in the context of when it was relevant. It's like asking why do people list split screen multiplayer for Halo as a plus when people probably aren't playing that as of current.

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It had the better Duke Nukem spin-off.

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i envied the kids that had the PS1

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Give me a fucking break with your technicality bullshit, you know most N64 games loaded instantly or at the very least many times faster than the PS1 without the need of a screen to assure people the console wasn't having a stroke.

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... kind of? Not that anyone should play that game on any console anyway.

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Oh for the love of... implying ANY Playstation platformer had anything on Mario 64 means I don't think you are actually able to 'play' and appreciate any game. I think it's all just purdy lights and sounds to you.

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The controller.

Just kidding.

It was shit.

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Contrary to popular belief on these boards: You don't actually need three hands to use it.

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>PS1 has more bang for your buck.
That's an interesting way of describing mostly shovelware.

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Well, there's Turok and Perfect Dark. Uhhhh.
Luckily they're fantastic games.

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Indeed, a fat roll suffices too

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I go as far to say that the majority of people hating on the N64 controller have never actually used one. They're probably trying to play these games via emulation using a PS4 controller, which must be a pain; constantly remapping buttons and analog controls for each game.

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Because it had a Z-Buffer and had a real 3D hardware with perspective correction and a fixed floating point, you could make huge polygons with real world metrics and produce big entire levels that could read instantly from the higher cartridge bandwidth(50mbi/s) against 300kb/s from at much higher latency from the ps1 shitty optical drive.
That's why Soul Reaver used a simple audio codec since the bandwidth was necessary to pre stream the rooms of the game , the N64 cart could even be used as RAM like factor 5 did with their games.

Zelda OOT and Mario 64 defined what a could 3D game be , I prefer the tight good N64 library over any shit disc based games full of shovelware

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I don't think it is but I still like a lot of games on it. It's pretty nice not being a console war retard

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im slightly disappointed...

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Second this, the ps1 needs a co-processor GTE to calculate the Z coordinates in software.
It's only a movie player with primitive 3D , that's why they used pre rendered backgrounds in many games

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