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Is this game worth playing? I started it sometime back and it seems fun but I'm not sure if it's worth committing time to?

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It's a creepy cuck simulator. Main character narrowly avoids getting murdered. When the story proceeds the "correct" way, he says "It's OK you tried to kill me" to his attacker, and lets him go.
There's also a god-like gender ambiguous pre-teen character voiced by someone who sounds like a flamboyant homosexual.
Very strange creepy game. Short, and low budget.

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>There's also a god-like gender ambiguous pre-teen character voiced by someone who sounds like a flamboyant homosexual

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Whatever you do, don't get to ending C

It's incredibly retard

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bought this thinking it was another CV game, but no, it wasn't.
>cuck simulator
>has nothing to do with sex

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I watched it on youtube.

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great game one of my favorite adventure visual novels

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>gender ambiguous
bruh. Mario is objectively a man who objectively sounds like he has a thick Italian accent.

Mario is as much a guy as Peach (Princess Toadstool) is a girl. It was Sony Playstation all this faggot anime shit that has gender stuff in videogames. I'm not sure why I even bothered replying to your post the shitposting is so obvious.

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This Anon is retarded. Yes, it def worth a playthrough. Its pretty unique and trippy as well.

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Well worth playing, it's weird but has a lot of charm.

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Did you really not understand why I posted Martinet?

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The chad Eike vs the virgin homunculus.

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Mario isn't in this game, but not surprised the tranny demon and gaming's biggest simp are voiced by the same guy.
>sounds like he has a thick Italian accent
No, Mario sounds like a cartoon character. No one talks like that in real life.

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OK, I'm interested. But should I play on PS2 or on PSP?

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Never played PSP vsrsion but assuming its prob the same as PS2. Would just look online to see if PSP has any additional chapters

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If it seemed fun why are you asking? Why did you stop? What a weird question.

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Can someone sell me on this game? Is it basically PS2's Shenmue? With lots of investigating/talking/basking in the ambience with the occasional bout of action? If so, I'm in!

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PSP voice actors have no soul.

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It doesnt have action. IIRC there were some sequences were you need to perform actions and if you take too much time you might end up either with a game over or a different route. The whole time travelling thing is pretty well done.

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Wow never saw anybody that ever played this game. Then by my surprise there is a thread with 20 replies in /vr/... Amazing.
About the game: its kind of weird and story driven. I kinda like it but mostly because rose tinted glasses.

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The fact you think real Italians sound like that betreys a deep-seated racism in you.

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It's weird as fuck on the first playthrough. After you start to get the hang of it, it's more ineresting. It had a following when it was new

That said, it's like any visual novel: the plot is more important than any gameplay. Son if the concept doesn't interest you; give up on it.

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Its literally the same game

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it is

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It's not though the voice actors are different. Like the silent hill collection.

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Wouldn't a homunculous be literally asexual/gender?

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Is that the car ending?

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got it my first playthrough clearly the game was meant to be replayed

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Oh, fuck. They changed the VAs in a Silent Hill remaster or something?

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I love the atmosphere. It has a pretty unique low budget feel with weak VA, empty environments and shitty models, lots of dead air and awkward pauses during interactions, but you can tell the devs cared. It's an easy game to dismiss (I did when I first played it too), but the story is well thought out and way more interesting than it first appears. Nothing quite like it exists today. It's jankier than silent hill, but less deliberate than something like deadly premonition.

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Mario's a manlet and a fag

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Did you not know about the controversy years ago. A bunch of part time amateur actors did a way better job than supposed "professionals".

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Thats fucked. I knew that they changed the Silent Hill sign to Comic Sans

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Idk I only watched retsuprae do commentary on it almost a decade ago. Seemed like a funny game.

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It was only 6 years ago apparently seems way longer.

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