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They actually did it, and at full price lol

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Only one third of that is retro.

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2/3 actually

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>N64 game
holy jesus

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>$20 for Mario 64
>When it was $10 on the Wii Shop Channel and Wii U eshop

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Guy where can i preorder in germany?

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shut your mouth gaijin pig

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How many time will people keep buying the same game?

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Nice filtering there by the way

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so where can i pre order a physical copy of this in germany?

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YAWN I'm gonna go play the superior version of Mario 64 instead

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Yes, though a homebrew on Switch.

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Just waiting for the SGI ray tracing shader so I can play this, but it's looking great already.
By the way, this Unreal guy is surely milking the port lmao

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All-Stars had more games than this shit, they should have at least included Galaxy 2

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watch the input lag on mario 64 be worse than the wii u

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>>$20 for Mario 64
probably more like 10, and the other two are 25

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>$50 for just some lines of code to increase internal res and some to make it compile

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Not if you buy the physical version faggot

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>$45 for just some lines of code to increase internal res and some to make it compile

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Stay poor

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don't nintendo fans already own these games? they don't seem to be the type to sell their old consoles/games.

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Why should i own a pal n64 or a pal gamecube or a pal wii? Nah fuck that i rather buy remasters and ports

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just keep consuming goyboy

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my n64 doesn't work anymore.
I dunno, I probably won't buy it anyway. The limited release is way too scummy for me.

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I would need to become poor for that, so no thanks

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If at least the games had texture and models enhancements to make it worth it, but no, they put together the same 3 games to sell them at full price as if it were new, Nintendo has been especially lazy this year...

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Nice i just got my pre order for germany

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Reminder that this is how the game looked back in 1996 before all of the old tapes wore out over the years.

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Not buying if they removed Gay Bowser

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>texture and models enhancements
why would that be a good thing? Why would you want to play mario 64 with awful, clashing "hd" textures?

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>zoom zoom

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"bye bye" was in the japanese version of the game, because Bowser isn't Bowser in japan.

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Not buying if Nessie isn't scary version

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>n64 doesn't work
Didn't realise this was even possible

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It's both hilarious and sad that Nintendo worshippers are retarded enough to buy and defend limited digital releases of games that you were already better off emulating anyway.

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Why do people like you cry? It's not like you buy stuff anyways

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Not him but i would consider buying it but 60 dollars for 3 ports of old games with 0 updates is retarded. Not to mention due to limited release its just gonna be price hiked.
Im always down to buy a remasterjng but make the price fair.if not ill just emulate.

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Nincels love buying the same games over and over and over and over and over again

nintendo only really has like 6 IPs that they recycle ad infinitum

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Nintendo might be one of the laziest companies since the Wii. I was expecting the Mario 64 face to turn into modern model as the camera zoomed out and showed the Switch.

Did Nintendo forget that All Stars had improved graphics, additional features, and a brand new soundtrack?

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You could say the same about the other big companies too. Except maybe even less IPs, maybe 2.

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60€ : 3 = 20€
One great game 20€ each sounds like a great deal to me
>with 0 updates
There are updates watch the videos

No idea why you all get so mad about something that you don't care about
I'm happy since i get to play these games for the first time

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I'm an American, I expect the trailer to be catered to me.

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maybe you could. a reasonable person wouldn't.

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Is Mario 64 really in 4:3? Couldn’t they make it widescreen?

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pretty gay honestly

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not what the developers intended

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Looks like an emulation rush job.
Sorta piss honestly.

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Just payed for my pre order in full on Best Buy dot com so I am guaranteed a copy on September 18th. The scalpers are going to be in full effect when this comes out, super Mario all stars 3d is a limited release for only 6 months and I guarantee it will sell out way before then, no doubt from mostly scalpers. GET YOUR PRE ORDER IN NOW! While you still can!.

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Already did

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Not pre-ordering shit, I'm casually going to Nintendo NYC and getting a copy behind the counter like a human being.

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The whole thing was a rush job. Nintendo's ability to develop got affected by COVID, so they decided to re-release a bunch of shit you can pirate right now within 5 minutes.

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Imagine being an anti-Nintendo guy right now.
I'd leave /vr/ if I were these guys. There's going to be a lot of Mario posting, and I declare that it is a based thing to happen, if I do say so myself.

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Based chinaman

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ah, I see
go back to your going into games machine

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imagine pre-ordering a 10 year old rehash

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These subhumans live in the 3rd world the internet is their only safe space so i highly doubt that they would want to leave

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I’m serious, look how the scalpers raped us with the animal crossing switch, thanks to Nintendo’s plan to only have this as a limited release, this is possibly going to be one of the most expensive Nintendo switch games to buy in the future.

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This. Pre-ordering rehashes is almost as bad as posting wojaks.

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got my preorder in
im stoked, i just played sunshine again on the GC but its been a few years since ive played 64 or Galaxy
For me, some bullshit "remasters" was the true nightmare scenario. I even didnt want any bug fixes - I just wanted a simple 1:1 port and thats what I'm getting, so I'm definitely happy

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>not even including Galaxy 2
thx big N

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Thats why I plan to download it and emulate

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i hope sunshine directly works with gamecube controllers like smash. otherwise the X to change nozzles prompt is a concern.

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>I just wanted a simple 1:1 port and thats what I'm getting
Are you though? These look like emulation, not ports; ie useless lag-riddled garbage

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Great, right after I buy a FUCKING Wii to play FUCKING Sunshine and Galaxy. Still going to play it out of spite, fuck you.

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are you trying to compare the actual company making a remaster to HD texture pack mods

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I mean a Wii is way cheaper than this game is. And can play tons of other GC games. Why you being buttmad?

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one question

Can you run and gun just like the original?

since sunshine's run and gun can be done by slightly holding down the the R button

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Actually, that's not a productive attitude, there are plenty of good games on the GC and Wii and they look great on a CRT, I appreciate the soulful games on the soulcube and Wii, and will enjoy playing them. Being negative all the time only makes you feel like shit.

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Yes. Finally, we are able to recover aged games.

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The Bowser fight is looking great and closer to the renders, I always knew the SGI look was the best style, only took more than 20 years for the game to start to look like the renders.

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This surprised me when I played the Shindou edition recently. Really felt off after becoming so used to Gay Bowser.

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Damn even the fire is looking great.

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Games were quicker and easier to make back in the early 90s, plus Nintendo wasn't completely terrified of effort at the time. They don't really like exerting effort anymore and remaking an N64 game in modern standards would require far more effort than they want to put out these days.

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>no Galaxy 2
>no significant enhancements, just high res ports
Fucking cheapskates

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You can already make it look like a Switch game with some shaders

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>This game originally didn't age well, but thanks to improvements in technology, we are now able to say that Super Mario 64 is a good game again!

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Fuck sake just rip the models from sunshine you retards. You're already breaking copyright law anyway.

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This model is just a placeholder and already better than the original. They are working on pic related

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That's not the point, retard. There are already tons of models ported from other games, even Odyssey. This mod aims to recreate the SGI render looks. Shit like >>6826473 and pic

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>limited digital edition
Fuck you nintendo.

>> No.6827116

sunshine models are in soulless nu-Mario style, not even close to the soulful SGI models

>> No.6827153

the game you're calling "sunshine" is actually Super [email protected] SunShine E Comic Mischief 35th Super Mario Bros.

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>They actually did it, and at full price lol
So $180?
Because 60 for three games like those is pretty good.

>> No.6827234

galaxy is 30 and the other two are 15.

>> No.6827248

this place be forever bitching about price bro

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>buying rehashes instead of emulating

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I love seeing nintendrones cope lmao

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Yeah Galaxy 2's presence would really round out the "All Stars 2" theme while its omission makes the package feel more like a gimmick.

>> No.6827457

I have a gamecube controller + adapter so im assuming that will work just fine

>> No.6827462

there are more triggers so id imagine the first set lets you run and gun while the second set will let stand while shooting

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I love seeing nintendrones rent free in your head

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>oh no he's blaspheming mom nintendies again

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At least they should have put widescreen and hd textures, that's the bare minimum for a remaster, both wind waker HD and Twilight princess HD had much more effort than this

>> No.6827504

Not a console warrior myself, just enjoy seeing obsessed people have other obsessed people rent free in their heads.

>> No.6827547

sure thing bro, keep crying about the even slightest negative people talk about your favorite company

>> No.6827745

no it's not. this shit should be like 20 bucks.

>> No.6827802

sunshine mario doesn't actually look very good at high resolutions, quickly evident if you emulate the game

>> No.6827829

When was galaxy and sunshine available since original release 10/15 years ago? Go ahead, pal.

>> No.6827837

I hope so.

So then hacker chads get official GameCube and Wii emulators we can inject games into.

This is how Wii got N64 emulation and WiiU can play N64/DS games

>> No.6827842

Galaxy came to the Wii U e-shop alongside its sequel.

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When the hell are they going to work on stage models? They seem to be doing everything but that at this point.

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why are manchildren so fucking obsessed with Mario? the games aren't even that good.
and funnily enough, the only I know who even like these games so religiously are always men. ive never come across a woman who is obsessed with this series.

i just dont fucking understand the hype. whats the deal?

>> No.6828017

you could say that about all the main nintendo games. they make solid games, nothing special imho.

>> No.6828035

yeah, but they're only good for just gameplay alone. and running around bing-binging gets stale very quickly.
i just never understood what made this series so special, even as a kid. i liked mario kart but i never really got into the platforming side of mario.
and seeing really overweight grown men obsessing over this series seriously puzzles me. its like cocaine for them and they all treat these games as if they were new bible editions.
i can never understand it.

>> No.6828064

>the games aren't even that good.
They are.
>and running around bing-binging gets stale very quickly.
You're saying that like you played one or two 2D Mario games for 5 minutes and never touched the series ever again, in which case your opinions would be understandable if worthless. Every Mario game that doesn't have "new" in its name tries to have a fresh approach to the series. You can't just play Mario 3, 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and 3D World and then say it's the same game.

>> No.6828071


always wanted to play that as a kid but only ever had a sega genesis & dreamcast,I vaguely remember everyone losing their minds in hype but then the game being forgotten when galaxy was released?

>> No.6828089

>they actually removed mario saying "so long gay bowser" from the boss fights

>> No.6828091

I never said all the games were the exact same. i said they were always treated with some kind of weird fanaticism that is comparable to a religion, and that it always seems to be men who hold it up with such grandeur.

and in case you're wondering, ive played a lot of Mario games, but even then, they seem really overpraised even with all the glamour attached to them.

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Mario games are good because:
1. Set a gold standard for controls and movement in 2D and 3D
2. Creative level design that stays fresh throughout the games
3. Memorable artwork and music

And I'm with >>6828064 that you clearly haven't spent enough time with them, especially if you bring up fucking Mario Kart as an example. Dumbass.

People who dislike Mario games are more of a puzzle to me than what you described. I bet you bought a Sega Genesis to play Stryder instead of Super Mario World and thought you got the better deal. Stupid fucking prick.

>> No.6828206

Wow. You guys really do act like a drug addict defending their stash of acid. Guess I was on the mark?
Are you THAT upset at the idea that maybe just one person out there thinks your Mario games might just not be as good as they are?

>> No.6828217

Why Sunshine Mario so pissed

>> No.6828223

My N64 is ded: what is the best way to play Mario 64? I keep on hearing about the PC port but is it actually good?

>> No.6828252

He has to play Sunshine.

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project 64 anon come on even a toaster could play it m8

>> No.6828262

But is the PC port better?

>> No.6828263

Just clean the contacts with some rubbing alcohol. It probably just needs to get refurbished.

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Because you have shitty tastes you have to make it seem like people who appreciate these games are fanatic manchildren

>> No.6828302

galaxy is my favorite retro game

>> No.6828305

I don't mind people who appreciate the games but I've noticed over the years the blatant fanaticism about Mario to the point where I genuinely think its unhealthy and don't really like the idea of seeing it everywhere I go online?

>> No.6828317

Mario was a lot of people's first video game. Is this really a mystery?

>> No.6828332

Mario's a historically significant franchise. the games are good, not mind-blowing. def are overhyped.

>> No.6828336

So was Zelda but you don't hear people always blindly defending it?

>> No.6828351


>> No.6828353

SMB1 was mind blowing when it was new what are you talking about? Mario 3 managed to blow minds again when after that. And Mario 64? Come the fuck on! Fuck off with your "just ok" bullshit

>> No.6828379

it's just ok, man. i played 64 back in the day as a kid. wasn't that mind-blowing. now monster rancher 2, that was a mind-blowing game. you could put in any disc and it made a monster.

>> No.6828395

I miss 90s game magazine aesthetics. I still leaf through my early-mid 90s Gamesmaster and Total mags from time to time, with a lump in my throat.

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>> No.6828485

>No Mario Galaxy 2
>No innovations lifted from users
>No other characters
>No multiplayer

I bet Mario 64 still has that cancerous camera. Kaze made a move for a smooth right stick camera years ago. Nintendo had the opportunity to make these the Definitive Editions of these games. Why not do that? It's going to sell like crazy in its limited run, but emulsion means lost sales. Do something emulators can't.

>> No.6828490

Not retro.

>> No.6828592

After they are done with regular models.

>> No.6828612

this isn't a spoiler, everyone already knew the n64 was full of bugs

>> No.6828619

>more options
>limited digital edition

>> No.6828624

why is it with companies released incomplete compilations now?

>> No.6828636


>> No.6828637

Didn't know about that. Thats pretty fucked honestly.

>> No.6828640

It's $0 on PC

>> No.6828643

to sell you the rest for the same price in 2 months

>> No.6828648

Where is 3D Land and 3D World?

>> No.6828650

for real literally every single game in this collection will look/run better if you emulate it on a decade old PC than if you were to drop full price on it

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>> No.6828702

The switch could never run that

>> No.6828710

its 0$ on the wii too but some people get hard at burning money for no reason.

>> No.6828713

when i kill myself there will be no note, just a full color printout of this image

>> No.6828721

the problem is that this isn't another option. is just a product to rip off consoomers and let scalpels do as they wish.

>> No.6828728

Switch isn't that terrible, at least not for a portable
Anyway, just realized that Crysis can be considered retro now lmao, mods are retarded.

>> No.6828739

> buy this game on a switch released before the hardware patch
> flip your moddable switch with time exclusive digital only nintendrone bait
> easy couple thousand of dollars

mark my words

>> No.6828749
File: 45 KB, 718x506, b86bfb5567989adacd2351028d61c42e8414e3d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd never thought I'd say this, but I fucking hate Mario 64 now thanks to this website

>> No.6828760

>30fps Sunshine
>no more so long gay bowser
Yeah thanks Nintendo, gonna stick to Dolphin, get fucked man.

>> No.6828775

Hope emulator get remove.
This is you: >>6826802

>> No.6828780

It can, bigoted dork.

>> No.6828791

> tfw emulator get remove

finally bros emulator got remove

>> No.6828804

>Mario 64 is 2/3's of that collection

>> No.6828805

nintendo already lost to emulation and they know it.

>> No.6828807

>raytracing shader
That's not really how it works.

>> No.6828817

Every emulator could get C&D'd right now and you'd still be able to download and play anything on /vr/, except for Xbox games, for free just fine. Suck a dick, funcopop collecting hardware fag.

>> No.6828874
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Anon, I...

>> No.6828876


>> No.6828895

When people don't buy it they'll sue with the money they make from those that do buy it the rom sites. Dumb ass.

Also, they don't deserve to make money for no real reason over and over.

Yes jewtendo are cunts for many years now.

cry moar

le report button

>> No.6828907

And you know what? Nintendo will get away with it because they know their fans will buy anything with Nintendo slapped on it at full price. Look at Link's Awakening remake last year. Not at all surprised by this.

>> No.6828914

Yes, it is. Ray tracing does not necessarily means RTX, you can use many ray tracing features through shaders, like path traced global illumination. RTX is just a combination of a bunch of ray tracing features (features because it isn't pure ray tracing, but hybrid rendering) like global illumination, shadows, caustics, reflections, ambient occlusion, etc.

>> No.6828919
File: 243 KB, 1148x1295, 1571785031515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nintendo still milking it

>> No.6828923

At least Link's Awakening was a complete remake, not just a bunch of lazy ports.

>> No.6828940

what is that thing on 2

>> No.6828961

What else would you like to see enhanced? If they redid the graphics in a different style (except SGI like what's being posted) I don't think I would buy it. Same if they had based it off 64DS. I could see maybe some new secret levels or split screen coop with character select that includes all the DS characters making for good extra content. And maybe a dual language option. But as is I'm happy enough with it. Glad they're respecting the original aesthetic this time.

>> No.6828963

I do not get why they didn't include Galaxy 2 there...

>> No.6828969

To sell it later as a $25 + tip DLC

>> No.6829004

>At least Link's Awakening was a complete butchery

>> No.6829005
File: 9 KB, 213x236, D4855048-36DC-4105-9579-6EB261C6C071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6829007

yeah, it's shit and has performance issues, somehow

>> No.6829010

Saturn you fucking underage

>> No.6829028

I'm pretty sure Saturn is yellow, not blue. Neptune is blue, but I'm not sure if it has rings. And how the hell is this related to video games

>> No.6829071

he remembered 9/11

>> No.6829078

gotta pay 10 more for the 4x antialiasing

>> No.6829174

they released fans just suck it up. i still cannot believe Capcom got away with making the classic Mega Man games into 2 collections.

>> No.6829217

Switch games are not retro

>> No.6829263

modern ports of on-topic games are allowed and 2/3 of the games are on-topic

>> No.6829270

You mean 1/3

>> No.6829275

i wish i did, anon. i wish i did.

>> No.6829296

Nintendo is the shits anyway. They're right up there with EA in greed and idiocy factor.

>> No.6829446

Why does the last bowser fight look like a creepypasta

>> No.6829469

they're not even ports, literally just emulation. Hilariously bad. Just emulate on your PC for fucking free or play them on original hardware. Nincels will buy it tho, ffs.

>> No.6829570

The Wiiu version is trash, and the N64 version runs at 240p. This release will do wonders for let's players and streamers.

>> No.6829725

They are ports, emulation would at least take some effort. Porting a game when you have the source code, specially when you don't have to care about optimizing anything, is easy as fuck and anyone that works with software development can do. You basically only need access to the Switch SDK and the old dependencies.

>> No.6829792

>> buy this game on a switch released before the hardware patch
I have one, it's soft modded.
>> flip your moddable switch with time exclusive digital only nintendrone bait
>> easy couple thousand of dollars
>mark my words
I'm not following

>> No.6830040

>it’ll be good for my friend simulators
Allowing 6th gen was worse for this board than I could’ve imagined.

>> No.6830305

What software company do you work for? Just wondering, the quality must be shit

>> No.6830431
File: 107 KB, 320x287, 1595951502386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>game collection has been rumored for weeks if not at least a month
>daily speculation hype threads for its announcement
>/v/ now wont shut up about the AUDACITY of it existing

>> No.6830463

I'm assuming they'd map the analog and digital inputs to R and ZR respectively and move the Z button functionality over to ZL.

>> No.6830783

Does anyone think it's weird how much the leaks got both right and wrong? Like they said the same games but also Galaxy 2. They said updated aspect ratios but also that the games were complete remakes.

It's weird, could things be coming later because they were pushed back? Are the leaks just somewhat right because it was people just guessing obvious stuff?

>> No.6831769

I really shouldn't be surpirsed at how they didn't upgrade the games at all.
it's a shame that they didn't use the improved models from the ds version for m64 (unless I'm remembering wrong and the ds didn't make any improvements)

>> No.6831810

there's little gaming news so they have to shitpost about it.

>> No.6831950

probably nintendo

>> No.6831964

Leaks are almost always from marketing/localization teams, any technical claims will probably be a guess

>> No.6832008

Why does Bowser have lipstick on?

>> No.6832203

Fuck Saturn

>> No.6832220

>It's innovative 3-D graphics
lol nice proofreading, faggots

>> No.6832363

really makes you think

>> No.6832370

As many times as it takes

>> No.6832385

What no Galaxy 2

>> No.6832545

why didnt they used the superior ds remake instead?

>> No.6832568

He's trying to give Mario a smooch.

>> No.6832572

the second screen means they can't just make a direct port

>> No.6832584

because it looks like a ps1 game and controls like wet dogshit in a slip-n-slide?

>> No.6832621

Texture filtering + analog support solves the issue

>> No.6832730

It doesn't fix the pointless character-switching gimmick though. Who thought it was a good idea to lock away random parts of the game that used to be fully accessible to Mario alone? Just adding annoying backtracking for no reason.

>> No.6832741

240p with aliasing artifacts is soulful though

>> No.6832787

Souless retard post

>> No.6832805

is that a joke? People act like religious zealots over Zelda

>> No.6832839

you still get people who aren't happy with the series and think elements of it could be improved. look how divisive BoTW was/is and the people arguing about which Zelda game was better than the other. you have a big variety of Zelda games to pick and lots of people who don't like certain elements of the series. people who outright say they dont care much for the series either dont get hounded as hard as the ones who say the same for mario.

>> No.6832932

The Wii is just a gamecube with minor alterations therefore the Wii is retro

>> No.6833125

I think mean sell the switch with the pirated copy of Mario years from now for some absurd price gouge

>> No.6833282

> He doesn't want to buy shit therefore he must be poor
That's some brilliant zoomer logic

>> No.6833592

>Hope emulator get remove
All engines are kek. Probably bait but holy fuk.

>> No.6833906

this thread should be pinned since it's still up lol

>> No.6833915
File: 58 KB, 468x477, diggyshiggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>acknowledging nu-/vr/'s rules

>> No.6834015

I'm actually glad they are the original games without any "upgrades"

I just want the original experience in a playable form.

>> No.6834362

you have no power here

>> No.6834380

Argument almost retro. Still modern console.

>> No.6834552

Why did they make Sunshine 16:9 but not SM64? And why are both of them 30fps?

>> No.6834553

Nintendo is a business that sells goods and services with the intention of benefiting investors

>> No.6834591

Why is ps1 balding?

>> No.6834869

>own a wii
>can play all of these for free

literally worthless

>> No.6834875

>Wii is portable
There are people this stupid

>> No.6834884

>wanting to play anything with the piece of shit joycon control sticks
The only thing worse than those is the N64 control stick, and that's debatable because at least that stick didn't break as fast

>> No.6834928

You know you can sync different wireless controls to a Switch, right?

>> No.6834935

at that point you're just lugging around even more controllers. Are you gonna carry around a purse for your Switch or something?

>> No.6835006

You can literally play all these on your phone right now, and you'll probably be able to even play the Switch versions since chinks just figured how to emulate it on phones.

>> No.6835062

>Touch screen controls
No fucking thank you. I'm not gonna buy the collection because I'm a fucking poorfag, but It's better to play them on a Wii than on a stinky phone

>> No.6835078

>and the N64 version runs at 240p
Yes, and it looks hideous at any other resolution

>> No.6835081

>I just want the original experience in a playable form.
>software emulation

>> No.6835106

That means Switch is also retro. Can we move roster threads over here?

>> No.6835418

why are the bricks made of leather?

>> No.6835747

yes, we know

>> No.6835761

he has to do community service

>> No.6835956
File: 106 KB, 1088x973, nintendo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nintendo just went full retard. They're going to take the DIGITAL version of the game OFF the store in March 2021 for NO reason. They're going to lose money, just because they can and they want to show how much they hate their fans, who will just keep coming back for more abuse. I fucking hate Nintendo so much

>> No.6836131
File: 38 KB, 640x640, 017b8b19759df0ab13338e0cec6dd3bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what are controllers
Retarded nintendrone

>> No.6836231

>Mario 64 is a Wii VC WAD file due to that the Switch doesn't have a proper N64 emulator yet.
>Sunshine is a hacked GameCube ISO running in Wii mode with 16:9 and Wii Classic Controller support.
>Galaxy is a Wii ISO.
>All 3 games have HD texture packs.
>All 3 games use the same Wii emulator.
>Said emulator originated from the Chinese Shied TV and was made by Nvidia themselves.
>3D All-Stars was done by Nvidia themselves.
>The reason why 3D All Stars is being taking off the E-Shop in the end of March is because of it's extremely poor/low quality.

>> No.6837141

>>The reason why 3D All Stars is being taking off the E-Shop in the end of March is because of it's extremely poor/low quality.
If it's so bad that it should be only up for people to buy for a year why even put it out in the first place?

>> No.6837174
File: 734 KB, 739x493, wahooo! yippeee!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw preordered the limited digital edition

>> No.6837178

The cards were already being produced with out Nintendo's OK, and it was cheaper just to get rid of the stock by selling what they have rather then to cancel the collection and destroy the stock.

>> No.6837336

Fucking kek. He has no rebuttal to that.

>> No.6837382

Shall I buy it?

>> No.6837436

If it makes you feel any better, these people were already here, except they were ruining your threads as a campaign to get their "childhood games" allowed here.

>> No.6837864

>The cards were already being produced with out Nintendo's OK

You mean the Nintendo Switch cards for the collection? I thought Nintendo made the collection. Obviously there's something I'm uninformed about. Why would Nvidia make the collection without Nintendo's permission? What did they mean by this?

>> No.6837924

Shut up idiot

>> No.6838017

just to remind you that you don't own the right to purchase or keep their digital games either.

the next step will be to make digital games expire after a console generation

>> No.6838592

>what's Wii Shop

>> No.6838612

>theyre old games
>b-but all star
>oops forgot one game...

>> No.6838658

How are people so jealous of nintendo? You know you're allowed to play these games too right?

>> No.6838675

kek I appreciate how committed to the oblivious oucast act you are.

I can see people not caring for mario. Maybe they're insecure about cartoons or something, but to actively go online and complain about, it while claiming to enjoy vidya.. Well that's a special type of sperg. Easy trolling I guess.

>> No.6838695

I can still play Mega Man 9 so try again

>> No.6838843

>what's a homebrewed wii
yeah, what shop channel?

>> No.6838848


>> No.6839641

wii is 100% retro because it was a gimmick console that no one cares about anymore outside of playing retro games. lumping it in with the hd consoles is retarded.

>> No.6839756

Nintendo's more hard-ass against piracy than anyone, but this retardation encourages piracy more than the blunders of all other console manufacturers combined. Nintendo is indescribably retarded, fuck the company and fuck their shitty games.

>> No.6840069

You can't download stuff you bought since Nintendo closed it last year, so essentially what he said.

>> No.6840075

No joke girls like Spyro.

>> No.6840118

Or maybe... Just maybe it's because THERE IS A FUCKING WORLDWIDE VIRUS PANDEMIC!!!

>> No.6840146

Other companies are still releasing games as usual.

>> No.6840359

Saturn doesn't even come close...

>> No.6840387
File: 29 KB, 450x600, 1585506543310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it a good idea to buy two copies to sell them online a year or so later?

>> No.6840397
File: 27 KB, 710x673, vr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6840710

>Paying full modern premium price for old software on weak version of modern hardware
Where can I find the PC remake used with the source leaks?

>> No.6840715
File: 14 KB, 158x152, 1491885588923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mario 64 was decompiled not leaked.

>> No.6840735

It's a port and the leak has nothing to do with it.

>> No.6840760
File: 115 KB, 642x448, 35CC94D0-6152-499F-AD17-88F56A2A6043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6840825
File: 124 KB, 680x680, except you're wrong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its the culture on /vr actually. Retro has little to do with it. If you hung around here long enough, people unanimously agreed that 6th Gen wasn't welcomed, and everyone was happy enough to have the discussions on a /v2k board.
/v2k would carve out a niche for its own retro discussions focused on its own generation of games, and /vr would focus on its own set of culture and games it was happy to talk about.
pics like these are just omitting all the details for (You)'s and trolling purposes.

>> No.6842108

>people unanimously agreed that 6th Gen wasn't welcomed
a vocal minority, you mean

>> No.6842953
File: 169 KB, 256x330, 147CCE1B-B1D6-4EF0-9ED6-6A6E72DD5D85.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the worst part of buying this trilogy, isn’t as much the price as it is the fact that you are buying 3 Mario games. There’s are three games, where you aren’t only playing as a disgusting Italian manlet, but you don’t have a gun and instead have to do some of the most insane and frustrating thing in video games: platforming.
It should have been Operation Wolf trilogy instead. Then you would have had thrilling commando action.

>> No.6842965

>all this console warring
I knew 6th gen would bring with it more of this shit. Mods need to add "flagrant fanboy post" or "flamewar post" violation to this board.

>> No.6844372

I wonder if we'll get anything good for Zelda's 35th Anniversary.
>OoT and MM Collection
>GB/GBC/GBA Virtual Console with Zelda games
>Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD ports
>Skyward Sword port
Or will Nintendo just dump off BotW2 and leave it at that.

>> No.6844390

Kys dumbfook faggot

>> No.6844397

You can still play what you have downloaded though. It’s like saying you can play physical Wii games since GameStop stopped selling them

>> No.6844484

>can't play the games on another Wii
>if your Wii breaks your games are gone
>can't resell
That's considering you had a big enough storage to put everything you bought. It's absolutely not the same thing. By the way, PS3 and Xbox still have their stores up, some games still have active servers and they are still receiving games like indie shit and apps updates.

>> No.6844606

People shit on all stars 1 for the updated sprites and for "ruining the physics" but at least an effort was made. Would have been cool if they had let you switch back and forth between the original and new sprites. I would have at least expected that for a 3D Mario all stars. I can't justify paying $60 for games I already played and beat in their native hardware without at the very least a graphical and performance upgrade. I don't understand that collector paypig mentality of buying everything just because HOLYSHITNINTENDONOSTALGIABASED but for the shitload of people who never played any of these games, go for it.

>> No.6844649

>Hope emulator get remove.
Don't even need an emulator for it anymore now that it's got a full port

>> No.6845212


>> No.6845256

the silent majority, anon. they wont scream or shout the rules but they agree that there IS a balance of some kind because they know what works.

>> No.6845262

>seethe gen is still trying to get the rule change rolled back
You almost hate to see it.

>> No.6845595

man biting into a bronze medal, to test the authenticity.

>> No.6845606

high s o y diet.

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