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What retro gaming youtubers do you like to watch, /vr/?

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projared, cinemassacre, my life in gaming, the list can go on..

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I enjoy top hat gaming man

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metal jesus, john hancock, radical reggie, spawnwave (thought hes mostly modern), scott the woz, nintendo collecting
theyre all turbo faggots but for some reason i find their videos all super soothing, like bob ross

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This fag looks gay.

(You) are gay.

Pro "I only hate cancel culture if it's not after me" Jared sends is into gay shit and sends hus nudes to random people in his discord. Explains his abysmally basic, shit taste.

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I feel like a faggot for admitting I enjoy SimpleFlips

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>Pro "I only hate cancel culture if it's not after me" Jared sends is into gay shit and sends hus nudes to random people in his discord. Explains his abysmally basic, shit taste.
i didn't know about any of that and I don't care. just like his videos

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I liked her pre surgery and pre discovering her twitter

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His videos are garbage, though. Every one of them is "I'm an egotistical twat that reads off GameFaqs reviews."

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For me, it’s Jeremy “Full-Blown” Parish

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There are very few heterosexual game e-celebs, which include Gaijillionaire and Larry Bundy, Jr. Actually, I think that's all of them.

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Coding Secrets is based but he’s not really an e-celeb

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Spida1a and his Turbo Views series

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This channel helped immensely in finding good PC Engine games to try out.

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This thread is bad and you have mental problems if you thought it was a good idea to make it.
If you try to justify yourself I am going to kill your mother

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Pat Stares At, Vinesauce Vinny and Joel, Slowbeef, Civvie, BitHead1000, NintendoComplete and World of Longplays.

Larry's voice gives me cancer. The sea should swallow up that entire island of inbreds and pedophiles.

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>>Britain is full of pedos
>posts an obvious pedo
I don't think you're doing this right, pal.

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So many sóyfaces have been posted in here...

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>posts an obvious pedo
who, and proof?

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outside xbox and outside xtra. they are my cozy british frens I wish I had. theyre all so kind and supportive to each other while being smart. so many american channels are poop based and act retarded

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suicide when?

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PewDiePie did a playtrough of Doom 3 which was pretty based

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>going on twitter
found the problem

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My brother watches them all day every day. They seem awkward and boring. I might give a watch or two sometime, though. True about most American channels being shit, but they're definitely not alone, pic related.

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QRD? He doesn't look too gay anymore in this pic, just terrible. Did his boyfriend break up with him or something before just this video?

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nah, bubble bobble on the game boy just really sucks ass and it breaks a man.

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Chrontendo, Hard4Games, Kim Justice, Matt Chat, Ancient DOS Games, spida1a, Ross's Game Dungeon, Classic Gaming Quarterly, phonedork, My Life in Gaming, Game Sack, Stop Skeletons from Fighting

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I can’t handle the guy’s face and voice

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His videos are longer than they need to be. Plus his jokes are super anonying. HELLO THIS IS BURHSIJCISH GUY


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None, because they are all cringy attention seekers who pad out their videos with them repeating themselves, talking shit and trying way too hard to be funny. I prefer to play games rather than watch other people play them. I really don't understand what the appeal is to watch other people play games online.

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Cinemassacre are okay until you listen to them talk unscripted and realise they know shit about anything.

Any day now, bring the popcorn.


Ancient DOS games, Fuck, I hate this annoying teen driven culture when anything from more than say 20 years ago is now the topic for a historian.

LGR is the closest I get to any of this shit.

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If a Youtuber has over 3k subscribers they've been compromised and are too big for their own good. I'm trying to find more smaller guys

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WTF is the deal with Scott the Woz? He was nobody, then one day he's on Cinnemassacre then suddenly he's a retro youtuber. He's some kind of plant for sure.

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> Cinemassacre are okay until you listen to them talk unscripted and realise they know shit about anything.

This blew me away. Like, you make your living on this shit but you don't know simple basic shit about the NES library

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Poor Spoony. I kinda wanna make some kinda Ultima knockoff just so I can try to hire him for QA or something.

dammit Spoony, pull yourself together man.

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I'm one hundred percent convinced the only one in Cinemassacre who's remotely into video games is Mike. Everyone else probably wishes they could just focus all their attention on movies.

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For me it's Scott the Woz.

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Why is this a thing

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I'm just amazed this is how some people make a living now.

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sasuga nu-/vr/

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ok, Scott

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motherfucking GAMESACK

although they haven't been as good ever since Dave left.

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James pretty much wanted to work on movies from the beginning. He probably knows more about Atari than Mike, however.

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He looks just like Buddy Holly

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Only the best one, RetroAhoy.

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Lmao no. James doesn’t know shit about 2600. Chad Mike literally collects for the system.

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SimpleFlips is actually damn good at videogames.

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James and Mike Mondays is pretty comfy. Also AVGN of course. Other than that I don't really watch any. I watch a few "top whatever" videos to get me in the mood for games. I was thinking of making a few videos myself sometime. Don't worry, I have a job

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Mike has a 10 inch dick

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Check out r/thecinemassacretruth
Mike is a fuck

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E-celebs aren't allowed.

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Mike, you're gay.

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damn, meant King of Faggotry

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Retro Man Cave is the final mayor of e-celebs.

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>check it out
>all inside jokes and shit memes
outstanding, I actually hate you and your subreddit more than cinemassacre now

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Absolutely based

Shame his output isn't that high. But, quality over quantity in his book

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LGR and old JonTron.

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