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Nintendo Exclusives are massively overrated one-and-done experiences.

One could say REmake is a "cinematic experience", yet it has more replay value and content than Luigi's Shitty Mansion.

Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing were not impressive games, even back when they were released. I genuinely don't know who likes them other than the worst of the worst Nintendo tards.

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Remember when Resident Evil 4 was exclusive? Remember the Capcom Five?

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Told ya that rule changes would bring unironic /v/ console war threads.

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more like the Soulcube

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This is some low effort bullshit.
If you're just gonna transport the console wars over from /v/, at least do some OC for /vr/, lazy hacks.

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>Remember the Capcom Five?
You bet!

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>at least do some OC for /vr/
Why would they when they know they're not welcome?

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>fuck awful games
>inferior multiplats
>exclusives aren't actually exclusive
>doesn't even use the right cover art for some games
What a garbage console.

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>6gen redditard is le ebik contrarian shitposter
Point to the place on the doll where the Mario game touched you

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Shhhh, don't tell the Gamecubelets

Also I noticed the GC was the generation when Nintendo heavily got back into sports games, not since the NES. You know why?

Sports games are easy to make garbage

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Most GC multiplatform games were already ported to the stronger Xbox. It was mostly Mario/Zelda/Metroid games that people went for the console, while many teens and adults went to the PS2/Xbox.
GC had issues with PS2 ports as well like Def Jam with missing content.

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>Also I noticed the GC was the generation when Nintendo heavily got back into sports games, not since the NES. You know why?
This was actually the n64, hence the huge wrestling fan/trailer park following and things like this

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The Xbox and PS2 also had sports game including Madden that were popular for most people. GCN's library really consists of multiplatforms and Nintendo games that weren't as varied as N64 or SNES.

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>Animal Crossing
>I genuinely don't know who likes them other than the worst of the worst Nintendo tards.
Oh COME ON man... Animal Crossing of all games. Bruh Animal Crossing is notorious for having gotten all kinds of people falling in love and obsessed with it. Super casuals, girls, women, people who never play Nintendo games except for Animal Crossing, people who never play videogames except for it... meanwhile there is no reason why a Nintendo fan would latch onto this, it's not like a Zelda or Mario. Really why you would pick this of all games, it's like you picked a completely random game and assumed it would be a good example when the only example it shows is how ridiculous your knowledge of gaming is.

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Luigis mansion is a nice little game. The light shining and vacuum sucking and puzzle elements were ok mechanics, and it sold well for gamecube launch. Resident evil is obviously more mature in theme, but its good too. I think some people put the nintendo exclusives up on a pedastal and that pisses other people off and we get threads like this. If I just look at it as a one off game from 2001 and not some great masterpiece from the great mighty nintendo I like it ok. Its a fun time waster I’ve played it through twice. Once in 01 and once last year. I think both games do what they set out to do but what LM sets out to do pisses a subset of people off.

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>replying to obvious bait

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>Luigis mansion is a nice little game.

That'd be a good excuse if the game cost $20 at launch

But it didn't


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>a game about ghosts 3 days after 9/11? very interesting nintendo
I was with the pic until this schizo shit.

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I threw it in as a joke

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Gamecube is the only one from gen 6 that actually feels retro. The Xbox feels less retro but it has lots of soul. The PS2 is soulless and not retro at all.

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Seethe shithead

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It still hurts
For me, this was when Capcom died

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Custom Robo looks pretty neat. Only played the NDS version.

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Mike likes it!

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Luigis Mansion was great fun. I'd love a remaster of that.

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There's an arcade and Switch version.

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I didn't give much of a fuck about Luigi's Mansion, but I grew up playing games like Double Dash, Melee, Pokemon Colosseum, XD, and Channel, and Animal Crossing.

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Damn your childhood sucked. I played the Onimusha series, Maximo, Psi Ops, The Suffering and Tekken 5

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When you're right you're right.

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both your chidhoods sucked. You grew up in a shitty era

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Shut up, boomer

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