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What's the point of collecting retro video games? Note this is NOT a troll, I have a small collection of my own but i realize it's fucking pointless collecting games other than the ones you genuinely owned when you were a kid. You'd never ever actually play them since an emulator does their job 1000x better. So what do you do, just look at them like expensive plastic paintings?

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>You'd never ever actually play them since an emulator does their job 1000x better.
So very wrong

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>what's the point of liking something I don't like

The fucking horror.

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I'd have no problems with emulation if there weren't low IQ mouthbreathers trying to convince everyone that their cope soulless way of playing is in any way better than the real experience.

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Why are queers so hostile here about collecting physical media? Most shit you buy just sits on a shelf. Who cares if collecting autists enjoy picking up and displaying old games?

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Emulators are unilaterally pretty shit if youre used to playing on original hardware
If youre just a tourist, yeah I guess they're fine

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>an emulator does their job 1000x better.
Did you mean 1000x worse or are you just retarded?

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good job reading literally the first sentence like the smoothbrain you are, maybe if you applied yourself a little harder and did less drugs you'd have seen the sentence that implies I do like this:
>"I have a small collection of my own"
God you were so close too, if you had just read ONE more sentence you would've seen it, damn.

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retroarch is better than playing on the hardware

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it takes me ~5 minutes just to get my NES to realize I'm trying to play Metroid and not a Salvador Dali painting. quit trying to convince yourself your thousands of dollars of plastic mean something.

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you can pick up metroid for like 10 bucks wtf are you talking about

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metroid's only $10 sure but the tists who have an entire room full of games they never played as a kid and have spent thousands of dollars on games that probably don't even work are pathetic

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Yeah, but so what? Personally I don't have room for that kind of collection, but it's not like a couple grand is even that much to sink into a hobby over a span of years.
Granted I think people who will pay 700 bucks for a copy of Pokemon Box, which isn't even a game, are a little screwy but shit why should I care

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You are very stupid. Real hardware is for retards in current year.

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>I love blowing on games
>I love scratching CDs
>I love surrounding myself with cardboard and plastic with chinese cartoons on them

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Based, fuck zoomers, fuck people without electronics repair skills, and fuck poor people. There's no point playing on anything but original hardware. Any denial of this is a hard cope, pure and simple

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In the time it took you to clean all the contacts on your NES, I already played and beat all the games on my NES Classic. Get fucked old man.

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Underage or just poor?

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To actually attempt to engage OP's question and not get butthurt that people emulate and are perfectly happy doing so and not missing out on much BY doing so, for me it's a few things. I like having a permanent record of the game that I'm playing, and it's just nice that I can get the original copy of that record and display it in the way it was meant to be viewed and used in the way it was meant to be experienced; it's a guaranteed way to play the game in the way it was meant to be played barring stuff like hardware failure and unit damage etc. Also, I only get games that I actually want to have and play. Where many collectors lose me is trying to get complete sets for a console when there's no way at all they're going to actually play and enjoy every game in that set. I'm perfectly happy seeking out my darlings and reading through their manuals before popping them in. I would not do that with fucking NES Battleship or some shit.

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Not everyone is a piratefag.
Not everyone has the patience and knowledge to install kits, modchips, find clean ROMs, etc.
Emulation is still spotty for 5th and 6th gen consoles except the PS1, PS2, and GCN.

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PS2 emulation is still very bad.

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a dozen posters and only one that attempted to answer the question, you get a gold star today, anon

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is it game to game, or what? the only ps2 game i've emulated is Silent Hill 2 and that went very smoothly.

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You're implying I don't enjoy getting the chance to go into the guts of my consoles. Sad that you zoomers can't enjoy anything but instant gratification.

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Emulation in everything post 4th gen is inaccurate dogshit. And even 4th gen stuff is horrible in one way or another, usually its the sound especially with SNES games.

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This, too. Emulation for pre-5th-gen consoles is far more reliable and accessible than 5th gen and after. PS1 is my pet project, right now, and while emulation for that is fairly reliable there's really nothing like popping in that black disc on an s-video PS1 or component PS2 and knowing it's going to work and look as intended with zero issues as long as you're not a chimp who throws their discs around.

4th-gen and back you can almost always burn an entire emulator and romset for any particular console onto one CD-R/DVD-R and as long as you have a working computer and disc drive you have all of the games for that console forever for the small sacrifice of infinitesimal lag which is not even really an issue or has some work around or both. I don't understand people who don't see the benefit of that.

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>burn an entire emulator and romset for any particular console onto one CD-R/DVD-R
why do this?

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yea i just use a usb drive for my roms the emulator you can download from apt

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For the sake of ensuring you always have the data, like a backup. With the way rom sites have been hit in the past few years, it's not a bad idea. Having every NES and SNES game ever and the means to emulate them on one DVD-R is amazing, really, and not something we should take for granted. Protecc that shit.

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>Note this is NOT a troll
But it is. Even if you're too retarded to realize your trolling you can troll unintentionally.
It's also a LARP. You don't have a "small collection". Unless "collection" is what you named your weenis.

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I am blown away by your arguments. That totally makes up for how all the games play completely differently.

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It is though. There is nothing about holding the actual controller in my hand that makes my experince any better than what i can get on my PC. I can even use the actual controller and a CRT if i want but when i do its just more hassle and there is no perceptable difference or change in the enjoyment of the game. Its literally a meme pushed by collectors and boomers on nostalgia trips.

That being said, play however you want.

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I share your sentiment OP.
Realizing that I had a grand collection that sits only in my closet was what pushed me to discard the entire thing for the same reasons. I posted about this recently and people were saying I could have sold them but then I'm just perpetuating this problem by pusing my pandemonium unto some other poor puss purely for profit. So that they may sit in their closet until the resell them too. Anyone that actually wants to play these games, has the means to. Anyone that wants to see these pristine boxes can look at photos. Anyone that wants the manuals can see perfect quality scans. etc. etc.

These physical tokens hold no real value, so they were discarded.

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Thing is, couldn't you just get a flashcart?

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people collecting things isn't really that unordinary
it becomes weird and autistic when it turns into a hipster lifestyle
just look at metalcuck:

>wants everything given to him for free
>does not know the things he collects
>collects all kind of trash
>has to pay quite the sum on his plastic shit to insure it
this is more akin to a hobo hording garbage in his house, filming it and telling you to give him money in case a flood comes and all the garbage becomes wet
ultimately they will sell of their shit or dump it into the next container when they can no longer make money with it
overgrown manchildren trying to appear like adults by having video games be more than just plastic isn't being a collector btw

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I stopped collecting physical games once ODEs became a thing.

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We live in a weird time. People often chastise "zoomers" and "millennials" for being lazy, but one of their most lauded advantages for emulation is how little effort is required.

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This imaginary strawman of "people who horde tons of expensive crap and never play it" doesn't fucking exist on /vr/. Nearly every collectorfag I've come across here has a collection no where near as big as those youtubers and it mostly consists of games they like and want to play.
>why not emulate
Many reasons for different people but for me I like the authenticity of playing real hardware on a CRT. I also like seeing my collection slowly grow over the months which shows me how many games I've played and beaten. I have the space, I have the money, so why the hell not spend a little bit of it on video game history?

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>be me
>be loser
>have shitty days
>a-at least I have those rare games at home...!
Literally this, or at least it works for me.

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>Flat CRT
>Not owning superior rounded glass
Absolutely disgusting

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the point is to hav fun and learn bitch

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If you still can't get your NES to boot reliably in 2020 you're a mongoloid schlub

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This a thousand times over.

I installed the blinking light win and my nes boots instantly without fail every first try

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Why do poor people always cope about being poor by shitting on people that can afford their hobbies? Pretty much every argument here is a middle class vs poor, white collar vs blue collar/neet thing or fanboyism. How do you find it in yourself to care about people buying things? You do know it makes it obvious you're jealous and poor right? Emulationfags are incredibly annoying. It's obvious they're zoomers that studied psychology and works a mcjob. Every annoying reddit zoomer on this site is an emulationcuck. When will they finally stfu and leave?

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I think it's cool and it gives charisma/comfyness to a room, but some people just take it to extremes. If one is against emulation, why not get a flashcart and save tons of money?

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That is precisely what I do but I don't shit on collectfags nor do I care about how they enjoy games. Emulationfags are insecure that they're poor, simple as.
>some people just take it to extremes
Those are just a few people on youtube. They completely dwarf any /vr/ posters collections, even 99.999% retro gamers can't afford a complete NES collection. Either way, they can afford that. Retro gaming is an enthusiast hobby, like most forms of collecting. It will cost money and time. People that don't get that should fuck off seriously. This hobby isn't for 17 year old zoomers who emulate.

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>Emulationfags are insecure that they're poor
I emulate and I don't seethe. To each his own and what matters is that you enjoy what you're playing. Emulation is actually a great way to get kids that have no income to get into retro games. Can I afford to spend money on a decent CRT, consoles and flashcarts for them all? Sure I can, but I prefer to save my money to buy my own place. I also don't see the difference in the case of emulating GBA on a PSP, since they both use the same kind of screen, for example.

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We've all emulated at some point but at the same time it's solely zoomer emufags that seethe at collectors. You're going to end up taking unwarranted heat for bad apples. It's really not emulation itself, people that emulate that bothers anyone, it's their pissy behavior. Imagine not being able to comprehend enjoying things a different way. I love original hardware but I don't shit on emulation as a method of playing. If you think I did you missed my point entirely.

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Small collections of carefully handpicked games are comfy. Entire basements walled with games, figurines and consoles makes it feel more like hoarding

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Oldest thread ever but since newbies are here it's obvious, your childhood doesn't predicate your interests. Imagine if no one read books or watched movies older than they are. What makes games different? Or are you asserting games have no appeal unless they were an impressive spectacle that attracted you at a young age?

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Its what pathetic losers do to fill the void in their sad empty shitty lives.

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There is no reason to collect games when flash carts exist.
The only reason people collect games (or anything) is because we are descended from hunter-gatherers.
It is in are genes to collect and horde.

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How many games do collectorfags usually have? I barely have 50 ps2 games in the 10+ years I've owned it.

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It's fun to collect, and a lot of towns have a decent local collecting and retro gaming community.

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Sterile discussion, anon. If you don't see the appeal, you will not see it because some other guy comes and rubs on you the fun their supposedly having. And no amount of reason will change the minds of collectors who've already invested way too much money, time and have forged an identity around it.

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smallfry bing bing wahoo collecting millennial here, I don't have walls of games or any boxes or merchandise stuff, but I have about 20 N64 games, 30ish GameCube games, 10 or so Wii games (I just play these on the WiiU), 10 or so WiiU games, and maybe 20 physical switch games. I just got a Gameboy player so I'm picking up GB/GBC/GBA games now as well, I have about 10 total so far.
If I don't have any interest in playing a game I'll sell it (or more likely I'll just not pick it up). Also if I beat a game and I don't really foresee myself playing it again ever I'll just sell it if it's worth anything, like I recently sold Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance which I had picked up and beat when it first came out (it's okay).
Eventually I'm going to softmod my WiiU, that way if I'm strapped for the cash I can just ebay my collection but for now I like that it's small enough that I could get the entire thing into a single media cabinet in a closet or something since I don't really want it on display.

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>relatively-easy to collect for tier
Atari 2600
Xbox 360
>you can put together a decent collection with a bit of cash and patience tier
Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Atari 5200
>get ready to shell out for some of the good games tier
Atari 7800
Sega Master System
>you're better off emulating/softmodding/burning discs/getting a flashcart tier
all Nintendo handhelds
Atari Jaguar
Sega CD
>GOOD GOY tier
Neo Geo
Sega Saturn

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Meant to take N64 off that mid tier.

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I had around 70 SNES games at some point. I cut that down to around 50, planning to cut it further. I recently set aside the ones I didn't feel like keeping anymore, that's 20 or so games I'll sell eventually.

The hobbie grew from adding up missing pieces from the collection I built as a kid (11 games), to adding just about anything I was interested in playing that I would find at a decent price. I've never been above emulators, I just liked the novelty of playing on a CRT TV without the distractions of going through a PC for it.

It was fun looking around in local drift stores for gems, most exciting part of collecting. I built the collection over a long period of time, visiting stores with friends (2003~2010). On later years, eBay sort of spoiled the fun because I could get games a la carte just as cheap as I did drift hunting. Then both eBay and local drift shops wised up and started increasing prices (around 2010 onwards, whenever "retro games" became a popular thing, they were just 'cheap games from older consoles' before that). At this point I got a SD2SNES and stopped collecting altogether. Lately I rarely swap the SD2SNES out for a real cart, so I'm not too fond of owning those extra 20 games anymore.

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It gives people "meaning". A little hit of dopamine every time a new box is added to the shelf. No, seriously.

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is gamecube really that bad? I dont really understand why

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By all means, keep your memulation going, I don't need more zoomers driving up prices.

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Emulating is fine and I encourage people to do it for consoles that are difficult to collect for or mod, but if you have the space and the money OG hardware just feels so right, and there's no shame in that either as long as you aren't an eceleb douchebag or an autistic hoarder buying games you'd never even play.

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Cocksucking zoomer faggot manchildren drive the prices up on the console from overhyping their bing bing wahoos on YouTube, abusing eBay pricing, etc. Just like millennials did with the SNES.

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The gamecube is a bitch to collect for just because its caught in the perfect storm of
>didnt sell very well originally
>solid library of good exclusives, or the best version of multiplatforms
>very few exclusives have been ported to more recent consoles or put on the nintendo eshop, like for example right now if you have a WiiU you can legally purchase, download and play a selection of NES, SNES, N64, Wii and obviously WiiU games but no Gamecube games whatsoever
>Being disc media its generally pretty fragile to begin with, compared to carts
>At its nostalgia peak right now, as most people who grew up with the GCN are in their late 20s or early 30s
>Obviously covid has a lot of people staying in so the big couch co-op/versus games are selling at ridiculous prices, and the N64 and GCN were arguably the all time best couch multiplayer platforms ever
I think it is a bit of a bubble, prices might not burst but I think they'll retract a bit or at least plateau. Even if you're not a fan of emulating (emulating GCN stuff still kind of sucks despite what the emulatorfags will tell you), stuff like the gc loader or nintendont on the WiiU make it not necessary to shell out 100+ dollars for a loose copy of Chibi Robo or whatever

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My advice to people wanting to get into collection now for the sake of collecting: DON'T. The people who have decent collections now started collecting way before people like you showed up and increased demand. For the prices we have now, it's not worth it nor is it fun. Scanning through garage sells is dead, people wised up and know kids nowdays pay good money for them old Nintendoes.

My advice to people that are only considering it because they want to play as many games as possible on a CRT-TV at 240p... Depending on your level of involvement, consider the following alternatives: (from cheap/worse to expensive/better)
- Emulating on a softmoded Wii with Component Cables + Controllers of your choice.
- Real consoles + Flashcarts
- A PC to CRT-TV setup (crt_emudriver)

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You should only collect things that interest you. Going for an entire console's release history is something I would never do because it's ridiculous.

>> No.6817045

The ideal thing to do is grab a used Wii from Goodwill for like thirty bucks or less and load Nintendont onto that. Dolphin plays most of the games very well the only real issue it has is input lag, but with a modded Wii you can hook it up to a CRT and forget about that.

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Physical games I own for NES:

Super Mario Bros & Duck Hunt
Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario Bros 3
Zelda 2
Donkey Kong Classics
Castlevania 1
Castlevania 2
Castlevania 3
Mega man games
Kirby's adventure

These are also the games I love and play.

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Get a second paper route, kid and you will obtain more games

>> No.6817069

Yeah, I agree. I like the WiiU personally a bit more since I don't have a CRT (though, you can get a cheap Wii HDMI adapter for like 20 bucks these days) and I already have the Gamecube controller adapter, but for getting a foot in the door this is the best advice.

>> No.6817089

I bought a raspberry pi that came preloaded with a bajillion games for like all the retro consoles + arcade stuff, works bretty gud

>> No.6817092

NES prices have started to come down a fair bit in recent years it seems like- or maybe it's just me. There's a based dude at my local flea market that sells NES games for some solid prices that undercut the shit out of retro manchild stores like Vintage Stock and fags on eBay and ontop of that he has 20% off sales at the end of every other month or so, so I was able to cope Contra, Battletoads, Double Dragon, Kirby's Adventure on Famicom with an adapter, and OG Zelda for some fair prices.

>> No.6817109

Based and good for you my friend.

>> No.6817116

neat, I had no idea

>> No.6817117

The Wii U's great, it's just not as cheap and arguably not as good on a CRT due to a lack of 240p support. My dad got one at Goodwill for sixty bucks though with a working controller and everything so I softmodded it for him and he's been having a blast with it.

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Basically what I'm doing is buy the classic games phsyically you love and emulate the rest.

>> No.6817170

This, or rather if you are curious about collecting you should start with current gen consoles and just maintain what you already own. Obviously if you check nextdoor and facebook marketplace every couple days you can get lucky but heading out to thrift stores and flea markets week after week is a waste of time unless you have deeeeeep pockets.
I don't think garage sales are completely dead, I've still found a good amount of stuff but I also do a good bit of generic ebay reselling for anything I can buy for a dollar and sell for two (just for like, beer money), and so between that and game collecting I never come back from a day of garage sailing empty handed

The weirdest thing to me is how retro gaming has not only become like the most expensive hobby you can have, but how much additional boutique crap you can waste your money on. Flash carts, HDMI mods, display converters, FPGA consoles, high end reproductions, professional homebrew games/new games released on old carts, high quality after market controllers, region unlocking mod kits, dustcovers, controller extenders, console to portable mod kits, upscalers, refurbishing kits.

It's fucking overwhelming and its like, holy shit no wonder millenials cant afford to buy a house lol

>> No.6817325

Yeah the complete library collectors are truly insane unless they literally started 30 years ago. I have a lot of respect for people are you so-called preservationists, because I do think media preservation is important, but I think a lot of people style themselves as preservationists just as an excuse to spend money on absolute bullshit. Like for the price of that Pokemon Box game you could've taken your family to Disneyland, for the price of that Jack Bros. game you could've taken a trip to Korea.
Also the sealed in box collectors I'll never, ever understand, or the people who have a "for play" copy and a "display" copy.

>> No.6817352

Why would Millenials buy a house?
Do you own a house?

>> No.6817392

Are you me?

>> No.6817393

>Jack Bros.

"...rare, expensive, and probably not worth Jack Shit!"

>> No.6817410

I'll admit I have hoarding tendencies and will impulsively buy DVDs or CDs for the sake of it, but strangely with vidya I'm far more careful. It's odd.

>> No.6817413

No I live in an overpriced apartment in a shithole of a city

>> No.6817425

Damn, that's fucked up. I truly hope you find something better one day. You probably will, sooner or later.

>> No.6817486


PSP is easy unless you only go for premiere editions (and disregard platiniums/essentials)

>> No.6817506

>have beaten literally all of those roms on emulator except solstice
Good library except Donkey Kong Classics. Would be a good port if it wasn't missing an entire fucking level. It came out early in the NES life cycle but Nintendo was too lazy to make a Champion Edition or Donkey Kong Trilogy with a proper port.

>> No.6817527

There isn't a super high demand for UMD games since the plastic cases holding the discs are flimsy and often broken, PPSSPP emulation has proliferated onto most Android phones, and PSP's are dead simple to softmod and get isos onto.

>> No.6817531

>no wonder millenials cant afford to buy a house
I'm a millenial (born in '93) and I can't afford a house despite the fact that I save way more than the average person. House prices are just stupidly high, especially in countries like England, where I live. I get more than the minimum wage and my savings aren't even half the price of a cheap house here, and I've been working for 6 years. I'm renting a comfy detached challet though, so I'm not in a rush.

>> No.6817570

Movies are pretty fun to collect too. I have a nice shelf full of DVD's and Blu-Rays sitting next to my entertainment center in my living room with just movies I like and found at flea markets and thrift stores for dirt cheap, but I never get films brand new because they ask way too much for em. I like collecting some VHS tapes and Laserdiscs too just for the sake of nostalgia for my CRT gaming room.

>> No.6817573

Same, im about the same age, live in a major US city but i make good money. A fair bit is taken up by my rent but by no means am i living close to the bone.
Honestly i hear so many horror stories about homeownership that i probably wont buy a house until i can leave the city altogether.

>> No.6817576

>since an emulator does their job 1000x better

A flash cart does it authentically without amassing a shitty hoard of plastic. I have a couple hundred retro games but I keep them in drawers. I'd rather enjoy an uncluttered and carefully curated space rather than have the pawn shop chic vibe. If you get off on looking at retail packaging, you're the worst kind of consoomer.

>> No.6817579

I rarely bother with collecting CD's though- music benefits a lot more from the convenience of having it all on your phone to play in the car or on headphones.

>> No.6817590

I've done a bit of retro collection (particularly with Nintendo shit like snes, n64 , gamecube, etc) and honestly it's really rewarding, even if it's a pain in the ass trying to collect games and do upkeep on them all. Beyond that even if more convenient, emulators are unstable as hell compared to actual hardware. no matter what it makes you feel like a retarded caveman banging rocks together trying to make fire and I think both have their merits. But dismissing retro collecting like this is just dumb.

>> No.6817594

I'm living in a decent little country house with a roommate out in a rural area. Sucks having to drive far to get anywhere but the peace and quiet's nice and mortgage and bills aren't too much for us to handle.

>> No.6817596

I like the art on the case/manual/cd/cart and I like the authentic experience of playing a game exactly how it was when it released. Ever since I switched to real hardware and collecting I've finished way more games and enjoyed the hobby way more.

Emulation is a soulless experience, it just takes years of doing it to realize it.

>> No.6817603

Oh yeah, I don't buy many DVDs brand new. I could never do that.

I can't agree on that front though. That said, I have been collecting CDs for over a decade so that might be a reason why I disagree with you there.

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File: 283 KB, 976x658, based piratechad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>download jpgs of the art and pdfs of the manuals
>get some game magazine .cbrs
Who says you can't pirate soul

>> No.6817615

I kind of do a mix of both. For most games I prefer playing em on OG hardware but some games (especially FPS's like GoldenEye and Metroid Prime) benefit greatly from higher framerates and mouse and keyboard controls.

>> No.6817631

Picky genre preferences might also play a part in that for me. I love all types of video games and film but there's some genres of music I just don't care much for.

>> No.6817639

I'm not disagreeing with you, but honestly if you grew up playing on crt it just feels right. It looks different and the experience is different. If you grew up on vhs tapes, try playing one on a crt. It's different, the slight shake when tracking, the sd nature looks good on a crt. Sure you can get a blue ray of your favorite show you watched as a kid, but it isn't the same as you remembered, the vhs is. I'm not arguing against emulation or modern monitors/tvs. They are great, but there really is a difference and it's like a nostalgia bomb when enjoying things on their original intended devices. Shaders are great, but it's not the same. Is it worse or better? Neither really but one feels and looks identical to how it was when you were playing growing up, the other doesn't. If you weren't around back then, you would never know the look/feel i'm talking about, and it doesn't really matter. You're nostalgia is with modern screens and there is nothing wrong with it, just different. Enjoy the games and let other people enjoy them in whatever format they enjoy.

>> No.6817640

Some people like to fill their lives with stuff.
You really don't need loads of things cluttering up where you live.
Had a big collection my self till I realised this.

>> No.6817650

>Sucks having to drive far to get anywhere but the peace and quiet's nice
Same. I have to drive about 20min to the nearest city, but nowadays you can order everything online and I live 5 minutes from my workplace by foot. Rent is about half my wages, and I don't pay for water nor council tax, so it's pretty nice.

>> No.6817657

What's the point of collecting movies?
What's the point of collecting music discs?
What's the point of collecting paintings?
What's the point of collecting books?
What's the point of collecting stamps?
What's the point of collecting coins?
What's the point of collecting cards?
What's the point of collecting sticker albums?
What's the point of collecting toys?
What's the point of collecting figures?
What's the point of collecting tickets?
What's the point of collecting bottle caps?
What's the point of collecting badges?
What's the point of collecting dildos?
What's the point of collecting food?
What's the point of collecting sex partners?
What's the point of collecting OP's virginity?

>> No.6817663

That's cool. I'm also working from home for now.

Millennials try to live harder, not smarter- and that's their downfall.

>> No.6817667
File: 322 KB, 1132x902, 3j9z9z1tawiz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't blame the nes for your ignorance. Learn basic maintenance like cleaning and you'll never have this problem. Clean your nes connectors and clean your games. Put the games in their dust sleeves and you'll never have this problem. Cleaning a game is literally dipping a qtip in IPA and rubbing the contacts. It's something you might have to do once every 5 years if you use the dust covers.

When I play, I literally pull out the previous cart, put it in it's cover, put the new one in and push power. It works 99% of the time. Lack of doing basic cleaning and ignorance of how electronics work isn't a strike against real hardware, only the hardware between your own ears anon.

>> No.6817680

That's equally painful and hilarious. Looks like a magazine scan- where did it come from?

>> No.6817704

Some old 90s reader's art section in a gaming magazine. I swiped the image from here several years ago. Those old reader's art things were a goldmine.

>> No.6817739

Guess that was DeviantArt before DeviantArt. I'm sure the editors winced at some of this shit too.

>> No.6818118

Collecting games because you owned them as a kid. That's your reason? I bet you might have some terrible games. Also assuming your dumb nostalgia collecting is the only valid way to collect, so wrong.

>> No.6818145

the reason people collect is to erect a shrine to their god, not to horde

>> No.6819487


Mario Sunshine faggot's trying to kill our threads.

>> No.6819535

holy fucking cringe

>> No.6820232

Owning games gives me more motivation to play it. Also, looks cool and feels nice to hold them and be able to look through the manual

>> No.6820303

It is pointless because CD/DVD drives fail.

>> No.6820474

>Real consoles + Flashcarts
>- A PC to CRT-TV setup (crt_emudriver)
You got the order wrong. Original hardware + flash is better and more expensive than PC emulation

>> No.6820480

Then you repair them or replace them, retard

>> No.6820530

>want all the Phantasy Star games
>Episodes I & II Plus is $200+ because it's on a fucking nintendo console that is skyrocketing right now
I will never not hate nintendo.

>> No.6820545

some people don't understand the joy of twisting your 1440/4k monitor into portrait mode and looking at a high quality .cbr

>> No.6820794

dreamcast should be in good goy tier now

>> No.6821195

Disagree with most of this list. PS2 has become mid-tier expensive recently, hell some PS2 games are even more expensive than the most expensive PS1 games now. Definitely not easy to collect for anymore.

Sega Mega Drive is definitely at the don't bother-tier. I started collecting for it in 2018 and most of the games I bought back then are already 3x the price I paid. As far as the Genesis market is concerned, the only affordable games I see these days are carts that look like they've been pulled out of a trash dump.

Dreamcast is still mid-tier. There are few expensive games and the library isn't that extensive, it's still possible to get a good collection right now.

N64 I would put in low-tier, if only because the games worth buying are few in number even though they're expensive. And the truly expensive N64 games are meme games only the autistic nerd who absolutely has to have everything buys. If you only collect carts N64 is probably the easiest system to collect for right now.

>> No.6821267

I stay far, far away from Gamecube collecting. Massively overpriced and the most fragile of all disc-based systems. I hear the most horror stories about Gamecube discs and the games aren't even that old.

>> No.6821272

Yeah, it is pretty stupid. Takes up way too much space. Anyway, the game itself is the underlying code. These collectors are really just collecting PCB boards and plastic. Pointless.

I have digital backups for every game I enjoyed as a kid. I also have a modded version of every console I own to play those backups so I get to play on original hardware.

>> No.6821274

>what’s the point of collecting retro games?
It’s peak autism, that’s what. I can’t even imagine cluttering up my house with all those pieces of plastic. I went fully digital years ago and never looked back.

>> No.6821304

>Always wanted more games as a child
>Too expensive for my middle class family w/4 kids, stick with 1 new game every other year.
>become an adult with my own income.
>buy all the games I wanted and more to spoil my inner child
>doesn't matter since I don't have time to play them anyways, so they collect dust

>> No.6821413

Well, that depends on how many consoles you want to cover. I’m personally using my PC CRT TV setup a lot more than the handful of consoles I have in the same setup with a flashcart, mostly because I can now cover arcades and consoles I would’ve never bought on their own.

>> No.6821428

thats not really true, sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast ones are the ones that people literally do a full data scan of before they purchase, with Saturn being the worst with disc rot
Though I agree a lot of gamecube games are retardedly over priced. You can still find a lot of good stuff for like 10 to 20 bucks, like Rogue Squadron, Metroid Prime or Pikmin but stuff like Chibi Robo and Pokemon Colosseum are outrageously pricey considering they're not exactly must play titles

>> No.6821517

It is true. I've been collecting Saturn, Sega CD and Dreamcast games for 10 years and not once have I come across a case of disc rot, which makes sense because it's mature Compact Disc technology. Meanwhile examples of degraded Gamecube discs are all over the internet.

>> No.6821629

lol half your collection is probably rotted away without you even realizing it
hold one up to the light and post a picture

>> No.6821635

What's the point of collecting stamps, comic books, insects?

>> No.6821680

I make sure to do that with every single game I buy. I also have a bunch of PS1 games I treated like shit as a kid I did it with too. Cope, poorfag.

>> No.6821689


>> No.6821692

No I mean, post a pic now of one you bought like 10 years ago

>> No.6821702

I bought the PS1 games 20 years ago. Literally used some of them as coasters. Not a single one has disc rot. Keep coping.

>> No.6821716

Ok well it sounds like you're too scared to check your discs lmao

>> No.6821737

I literally checked the PS1 games 2 weeks ago out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised myself. If a bunch of heavily used games treated like complete shit are still in one piece then so are mint copies that have been looked after well. Biggest cope i've seen all week.

>> No.6821748

So post a pic of it held up to the light, what's the big deal? It's honestly starting to sound like you're larping and you don't even have any discs at all.

>> No.6821756

>hurr if you don't do what I say then you're larping
Imagine being this much of a moron. Learn to troll better, kid.

>> No.6821763

Not him but he's trolling you pretty you
good if you keep responding. Also disc rot is real and not every disc is effected by it as quickly, but make no mistake, nothing lasts forever.

>> No.6821771

Yeah, yeah we get it; You're scared to check. Pretty pathetic man.

>> No.6821782

I'll be dead by then so I couldn't care less

Get a job then maybe you'll be able to afford a collection too

>> No.6821787

A collection of rotting plastic? Pass

>> No.6821807

You can't fool us. Your jealousy is stratospheric.

>> No.6821808

People like collecting things. You can see this in all disciplines. You really shouldn’t be surprised, anon. (And yes, collecting is stupid, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t inclined to it. )

>> No.6821821

Catching up to all the hundreds of games my parents wouldn't buy me when I was a kid. Just beat Dark Sun: Shattered Lands last weekend, felt good man.

>> No.6821874

I used to play Ridge Racer 1 and 2 on the PSP back when i had it in 2004. I loved those games and i still consider them to be the best RR games ever released.

Since my PSP broke i got rid of everything over ten years ago. I decided to download the roms and setup PPSSPP on my PC. It's bloody awesome playing my fav RR games on a 65" OLED in 1440p at a full 60fps. And it runs great, the only downside is the occational texture missing or going white if i push it to 4k so i step it down a notch.

I'm 43 years old but i would emulate this game over getting a PSP again because i would be stuck playing the game i love on a low res blurry screen

>> No.6822053

Thats bull, Dolphin is one of the best emulator's I've had the pleasure of using. If the GC market is in shambles despite good software like that on hand, so be it.

>> No.6822929

>i would emulate this game over getting a PSP again because i would be stuck playing the game i love on a low res blurry screen
I find the PSP games are one of the few that benefit from emulation. I played tons of games on my PSP-1000 and I recently tried them on my phone, and it's awsome. If I want I can cast my screen to my TV and I play with an 8bitdo Pro+. The only downside is it won't play certain games properly like Flatout or Burnout, but things like Tekken 6 and Wipeout are fine at full texture and image resolution. Best thing is it's technically like playing PSP, since both the PSP and phone screens use the same type of panel.

>> No.6822960

It’s a hobby. The point is to have fun.

>> No.6822976

same reason people collect anything, even stamps

>> No.6823004

Gamecube's horrible banding makes it a pain to play on real hardware.

>> No.6823073

I have a collection but it's more a natural consequence of having an interest in the medium than a desire to just collect it. The same reason why I have a small collection of blu rays and VHS tapes but it's not a "collection" per se. For most of gaming history the most convenient way to play games was to just have a copy of the game on hand. A lot of my games are from my childhood and teen years. Nowadays I prefer having ROMs and ISOs of games and don't mind burning discs and buying flashcarts to save some cash in the long run, but if there's a deal on a game in good condition I'll pick it up purely because I just enjoy video games.

>> No.6823210

>it's fucking pointless collecting games other than the ones you genuinely owned when you were a kid.
It's not though. You can still play the games.
The issue I have is how stupid the prices are. At least in the west, didn't japanese (retro) video game stores have to put a gaijin tax on their shit?

>> No.6823246

>I find the PSP games are one of the few that benefit from emulation
>because horrendous latency makes me hard

>> No.6824027

nice buzzfeed list, do you play only the games they say are good?

>> No.6824040

Real Consoles + Flashcarts + Upscaler
I can play all the games I liked as a kid, games I love NOW and try other games, in real hardware and with good image and latency. The only "physical media" I own besides flashcarts are burned Neo Geo CD and PS1 games which will probably go into garbage once my Neo CD SD Loader and XStation arrives.

>> No.6824058

GC Loader PNP restock fucking when

>> No.6824337

>grandparents threw away second SNES with some controllers and Super Mario World
>gave one ps2 away, let brother sell the other along with gamecube and original xbox
>sold spare gameboy colors and advances with a couple games
>sold spare n64 and a few games
>sold a few xbox 360 games
I really regret letting a lot of that shit go (especially the ps2 and GC) especially now that the prices have jacked up.

>> No.6824339

it was decent just a few years ago.

>> No.6825505

Hyper-consumption AKA coomlecting gives some irrelevant cretins purpose in life.

>> No.6825513

Not him but can and do, its nice having something to hold onto, that's what collecting is really about whether its cartridges records or cassettes. Plus working on the inner guts and maintaining old consoles is the most gratifying part old stereos too

>> No.6825535

From the way you fucked up your post it's obvious you're not technically minded. Therefore you've most likely haven't setup PPSSPP at all and tried it. For me at least there's no perceivable lag at all and it's extremely responsive.

>> No.6826047

DK Original Edition is an official update by Nintendo that adds the level back in. I think some people have made repros of it.

>> No.6826089

Ah yes, boku no corekshyon

>> No.6826572

DS should be mid tier, the majority of the good games are at a pretty OK price, but there's some (DQV, HGSS, Ketsui, Coropata, Order of Eccelesia etc) that get pretty expensive, although maybe it's worse in America than in the UK.
I "collect" DS and 3DS I guess, for DS I have like 100ish games, for 3DS (physically) maybe 30?

>> No.6826627


its because we live in a world where nationalism is "bad". and men especially white men want something to be a part of. something to dedicate their lives to in order to fill this hole.

>> No.6826638
File: 227 KB, 700x1000, index(408).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else here collect ISOs?

>> No.6826672


>> No.6826678
File: 1.22 MB, 1440x1136, Screenshot_2020-08-27-17-05-05-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So what do you do, just look at them like expensive plastic paintings?
Yes, it's all about the display

>> No.6826829

>"Look at these things I have! Hahaha, I have them and you don't! Are you jealous, poorfag? You'll never be as awesome as me, the owner of these trinkets!"

>> No.6826834

this but unironically

>> No.6826930

Imagine acting like this.

>> No.6827036

Collecting anything is a form of OCD, aka a mental illness, quit trying to make sense of it. Crazy, I know.

>> No.6827067

So you collect nothing at all then?

>> No.6827413

Don't have to imagine. I do it all the time. Really pisses poorfags of. Epic lulz.

>> No.6827553

This. Rent the pod for $2000 a month, emulate on a $300 laptop. Pay the Netflix subscription and donate to my patreon.

>> No.6827554

Indeed, plenty of examples in this thread lmao

>> No.6827787

What >>6825535 said. I use PPSSPP Gold on my phone with the 8bitdo Pro+ and there's no latency at all. If I cast to my TV, obviously there is some, but it's so little that it's fine for things like RPG and puzzle games.

>> No.6827864

Why is that so hard to believe for some people?
Isn't the person with all the trinkets the poor one for spending all his money? To each his own though.
He already said he's got an unhealthy obsession about collecting Gameboys, so there's that.

>> No.6829015

You should only collect video games that you have a desire to play or come back to semi-frequently. Collecting loses all of it's point when you start hunting collectible cartridges that have nothing to do with what you'd like to play.

>> No.6829281
File: 96 KB, 240x184, CelebratedIlliterateCock-max-1mb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah. The poorfag who's projecting is the poor one. Us richfags spend more money in a day on trinkets than you will in your lifetime and still have cash to burn.

>> No.6830236
File: 437 KB, 1573x732, vintage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's the point of collecting retro video games?
For the soul.

>> No.6831042

>Why is that so hard to believe for some people?
I just find it strange when people collect nothing at all.

>> No.6831245
File: 122 KB, 1200x680, index(395).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kinda collect. I have a 1 terabyte seedbox where I have anime, strategy guides and undubbed PS2 games on. Keeping the eternal flame of weeb alive.

>> No.6831259

The difference is SOUL. And I mean that very unironically. Nothing is produced with soul these days.

>> No.6831295

Anyone else think the guy in that pic looks comfy af? Imagine going out for a hunt with doggo while your wife cooks up some homegrown food. Literally looks like paradise. Modernity is so ugly and dirty.

>> No.6831303

For me personally, my goal is to build a collection of what I see as the best games that I could feasibly beat in a year in my spare time.

So not hundreds of games, not every game from any console's library and no "grails" (ie: stupid expensive garbage). I have and will import games to save a buck and I don't care about them all being cib either.

>> No.6831427

Just come and play Ephinea bro. There is a sweet event on right now too.

>> No.6831938

He doesn't know.

>> No.6832295

There isn't a point in it if you don't enjoy it op. Collect what you enjoy, don't let some retard tell you how you need to collect the entire fucking Neo Geo Pocket Color library just because you enjoyed like, one game on it as a kid. Personally I just collect the older games I like, because I like having physical copies on a shelf to play. Emulating works I guess but I feel less invested in actually playing the game if I'm just emulating it. I just don't enjoy it as much as playing the real game, and there's no point in doing a hobby if you aren't enjoying it.

>> No.6832307

I do play them, anon.

>> No.6832312

took you ten minutes to beat all the games on your nes classic? maybe you should use that skill and do something with your life instead of shitposting.

>> No.6832831

>What's the point of collecting retro video games?
What's the point of collecting movies? You can just watch them online. What's the point of collecting figures? You can just look at pictures online. What's the point of collecting and building models? Just play minecraft. What's the point of collecting art? Just google pictures of art. What's the point of collecting records? You can just download music.

>> No.6832889
File: 137 KB, 860x575, 0810be93f10f79ff12cbd7c528f6ffeb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this but unironically. no need to keep a bunch of plastic in your apartment if it sees use maybe once a year.

>> No.6832902

Excellent points. Proves that collecting is a mental illness.

>> No.6832929

I've never bought a CD in my life (boomer but I just was never that into music and then we got mp3 players), but I've been thinking of picking up a small collection of good hits for peanuts off the internet to put in my home. I am sure it would make me go up a notch in some people's minds to see some great records on display.

>> No.6832960


>> No.6832965

post a screen of your bank account and your age, then

>> No.6832982

But why? It should be other way around. Attaching yourself to things is one of the worst practices. Note how the happiest people are the ones that have the essential possessions. Such thing was often preached by stoic philosophers so it's not a minimalism meme.

>> No.6833163

That looks supremely comfy honestly. Especially if it's in the basement.

>> No.6833165

I don't know. It's just how I feel. Sorry I can't explain it.

>> No.6833213

>Sorry I can't explain it.
Are you one of those NPCs?

>> No.6833274

What's that supposed to mean? Christ, sorry for not being able to explain myself.

>> No.6833445

>I've never bought a CD in my life because they were before my time but i enjoy lying about my age to strangers on the internet

>> No.6833476

Nobody has mention the number #1 reason to collecting: You will not own a PC in your future so you won't be able to play what you don't have.

>> No.6833487

I don't know why people discuss this topic as if the only two options are playing real carts on real hardware or emulating. What about playing on real hardware with flashcarts?! I feel like the last option is the best for people who want to play the games without sacrificing accuracy and paying for the stupid prices. That's why I am a flashcart guy.

>> No.6833549


god Im happy I bought Resident Evil 0, 3, and eternal darkness when I did.

fucking scalpers. I need to make sure I get Super Monkey Ball 2 before it's $50

>> No.6833609

flashcarts are chill but something about scrolling through a thousand roms to find the one i want to play makes my dick go from rock hard to flaccid faster you can blink

>> No.6833632

I never said they were before my time. If anything they were after my time cause I have a few cassette tapes and my mom has vinyls.

>> No.6833803

I grew up in a town without a movie theater and I spent my formative years watching movies on VHS and playing SNES through RF. I couldn't disagree more with you. VHS sucks because the source material looks better than that shit. Retro games look good on a CRT because their resolution is low and they make use of scanlines artifacts. I don't go as far as RGB mod everything because the gain is not that much compared to the investment, but I do use whatever is easily available for the console I'm playing (composite, s-video, component) and I play in a good consumer CRT. I would never go back to VHS though. This is just the stupidest form of nostalgia.

>> No.6833839

>there's no perceivable lag
Yes, because you're not perceptive (aka you're retarded). It's a fact that there is lag, regardless of how you set up your shitty emulator, and it's noticeable to anyone who's capable of noticing the obvious

>> No.6833840

>I use PPSSPP Gold on my phone with the 8bitdo Pro+ and there's no latency at all
There's horrendous latency; you're just dumb

>> No.6833852

>I already played and beat all the games on my NES Classic
You played and beat a bunch of laggy trash at the wrong resolution shat out onto your hideous LCD. Congratulations. Even the act of cleaning an NES cart connector itself would be more enjoyable than that

>> No.6833859

>games in boxes
>worst snes version

>> No.6833873

Then don't put the whole no-intro set in it. I have no-intro sets in my computer, but I select only a handful of games that I'm willing to put the effort and place them in my flashcart.

>> No.6833924

this is the most underage response to anything

>> No.6834318

>What's the point of collecting retro video games?
gets me out of the house on the weekend and it makes me happy.

>> No.6834330

nah, i mean flashcarts are super cool for sure and yeah my discs are gonna rot away, my cartridge pins are gonna fail, my optical disc lasers are gonna burn out someday but damn something about flashcarts seem so soulless to me
i'd rather have my modest poorfag collection of games, you know? like, i need the whole ritual of popping out the disc, slamming it in, cracking a beer, and hitting that tasty "on" button

>> No.6834403

out of the mouths of babes

>> No.6834551

>And the truly expensive N64 games are meme games only the autistic nerd who absolutely has to have everything buys.
Funny how you say this after claiming PS2 has risen to mid-tier when the only games that applies to (besides Silent Hill) are the obscure coomlectors-only hidden gems shit, or shit that's expensive on every platform like Def Jam: Fight For New York or Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Look at games that aren't Rule of Rose or Kuon and you'll see the vast majority of PS2 games, including 95% of the must-haves, are usually $25 at most CIB.
Meanwhile for the N64 you've got Majora's Mask selling at $50 cartridge only.

>> No.6834574

I only collect physical for home consoles that I respect. Everything more obscure than the Dreamcast gets emulated.

>> No.6834584

>RE Zero
Lmao dude that's not even $20 CIB right now. It's literally one of the most affordable Gamecube games worth a damn.

>> No.6834741
File: 122 KB, 623x266, SNESCompareGPM-SHVC-Mini-Small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>worst snes version

>> No.6834758

sweet im glad i snagged a mini

>> No.6834794

You really think the Dali means anything?

>> No.6834842
File: 305 KB, 939x962, B45DBD85-C2F5-4FE8-AA25-434D399A4196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What’s the point of anything?
If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

>> No.6834878

Original Console + FlashCart is the master race.
I say this as somebody who bought every hard copy of a game for years and years, I still have many of them, but when I got my first everdrive I realized how wasteful of space I was being.
That said, the console being an original absolutely matters. Emulating on PC or Wii or whatever is donkey shit.

>> No.6835767

>Shadow Hearts
>Xenosaga 3
>Blood Will Tell
>Suikoden V
>Samurai Western
>Haunting Ground

Those are some of the best games on the system and they're all hundreds of dollars. I'm pretty sure Kuon now costs as much as PDS which is absolutely laughable.

Now let's look at the N64 carts which cost hundreds of dollars:
>Stunt Racer
>Some fucking bowling game
Who the fuck cares?

For a coomlector you don't seem to know much about coomlecting.

>> No.6835780

>i am literally this underage and retarded
zoom zoom

>> No.6835794
File: 10 KB, 379x245, 1587686902180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Attaching yourself to things is one of the worst practices.

This is true poorfag speak. Desperately trying to justify their happiness without the things in life they crave so dearly.

>> No.6836930

Sure, if you got a shit phone with old bluetooth version, then yeah. I compared it with my PSP-1000 side by side and there's no difference. I could also use the controller wired, but there's no need.

>> No.6836965

there is no point
virgins just like to collect meaningless plastic because it looks pretty

>> No.6836974

Just remove the flashcart and put it back again. Problem solved.
>This is true poorfag speak.
I don't think Marcus Aurelius was poor. He ruled the Roman Empire and one of the ways he was able to achieve it was by being a stoic. He had as little possessions as possible on purpose, whore simple clothes and sometimes slept on the floor to truly understand how fragile and naked we are as human beings, and that the only thing we truly possess is oneself.
I suggest you watch a few videos on youtube about it. Einzelganger and Philosophies for Life channels are good as a starters.

>> No.6837008

I'm the guy who made the post, and I agree with the anon that responded. Things like flash carts and emus are great for what they are, but they can't replicate having an original copy you can thumb through the manual of and know that as long as you take care of it, it will work for as long as you intend to keep it and desire to play it. I like having it on my shelf and taking it down to play and knowing it will be the exact experience it was originally created for, both in terms of physical interaction with the product and the gameplay. Obviously, emulators/flashcarts service that last part about 90+% accurately, and I don't need a physical copy for every game that I want to play, but for those I'd prefer to have physical I do. Anyone who's hardcore and ultra defensive one way or the other is a fucking tool.

>> No.6837021
File: 1.50 MB, 230x172, euphoric fedora man.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this entire post

>> No.6837067

Poorfag confirmed. I'd emulate too if I had to choose between a bedroom and a collection. Not necessarily shaming, but your opinion is clearly informed by your means.

>> No.6837151

Marcus Aurelius didn't have video games

>> No.6837172

Funny, because stoics tend to try to better themselves, both physically and mentally.
Now post your lifts.
I think you missed the point.

>> No.6837183

>I think you missed the point.
No, I think you did.

>> No.6837189

What was the point, then? As a stoic I've learnt to accept that I might be wrong and I'm all ears, as I might learn something new.

>> No.6837190

A flashcart loaded with a rom is an exact replica of the actual cart to the console reading it, that's how they work. Only in the fraction of cases where the cart has a special chip that the flashcart doesn't can it be physically different.

>> No.6837207

stop posting i can only cringe so hard

>> No.6837210

Why? What's wrong with being open minded?

>> No.6837259

>I compared it with my PSP-1000 side by side and there's no difference
If you live in the real physical world, yes there is. And it's multiple frames of difference

>> No.6837268

>A flashcart loaded with a rom is an exact replica of the actual cart to the console reading it
No, it draws more power than original carts

>> No.6837329

I bought Mario Adventure & Super Mario Bros 3 Remix. Luigi's Chronicles 2 is next.

>> No.6837541

You'd never play them because 99% of games suck ass. Or I'm just jaded. Probably a little column A and column B.

>> No.6837650

>Today in posts in response to posts the author didn't read:

>> No.6837767


Collecting things is a fun hobby; for me it's all about the hunt.

I moved on to other hobbies, but I still play the games I kept. I did however sell off anything worth more than $100.

>> No.6837791

Completely agree. Any time that I'm polite to retards about their dumb choices, ineptitude, or obliviousness, it's only because I don't want to hurt their feelings or discuss it. The truth is that I usually think they're mongoloids

>> No.6838125
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>> No.6838208

it's a very cheap hobby. There is worse.
I used to collect in the early 2000s. I don't know why, I just liked to do it and I suspected that videogames would keep their value. Instead they increased it, and if it wasn't for my collection when very bad times came I would have ended up on the street.
Thanks videogames.

>> No.6838236

>You'd never ever actually play them since an emulator does their job 1000x better.
An emulator doesn't do half as well and is the sane man's last resort. I'd rather emulate than pay a thousand dollarydoos for a game, but any game that runs on a flashcart or that I can burn I will play on real hardware if at all possible.

>> No.6838767


>> No.6838801

But does hobby or collection need to have some deeper point? For me at least it seems natural that people spend their income on something they enjoy. Take for example people who collect stamps of different currencies.

>> No.6839331

>perfect quality scan
Thats just plain false,most scanned manuals looks like shit for some reason and good luck sometimes even finding a scan even if its a popular game and if you find one,guess what its gonna look like shit guaranteed.

>> No.6839336

Unless you encounter a bug,then be prepare to make some effort or not play.

>> No.6839360

>An emulator doesn't do half as well and is the sane man's last resort.
Can people please stop responding seriously to this obvious and transparent bait? He doesn't actually think that. Everyone knows an emulator isn't as good as the real thing, there is always input lag, etc. But even if you found a low action game where you could say shit the filters etc. here make it look better it wouldn't be "1000x better" and noone would ever argue,taht it's a made up claim designed to troll people.

>> No.6839391

Ok but why would you buy cd of music you dont care about ? I highly doubt anon does that.

>> No.6839394

>As a stoic
is this what the /v/ invasion has turned this board into? fuck this.

>> No.6839413

Funnily enough I do. If it looks interesting, I'll get it. If it turns out to be shit, it turns out to be shit.

Given how cheap CDs are these days it's no real money lost at all.

>> No.6839430

There's like a whole field in psychology about why people love collecting shit. Some think its part of our caveman mentality, like the more shit you have the more accomplished you are.

Me, I collect and play these old games cause I missed out on them in my childhood.

>> No.6839450

They probably did (gaijin tax) since so many people started to import games and shit.

>> No.6839467

You wouldnt be one of the alpha retard.
You would be a beta going to gather some shrooms or shit and sleep outside.

>> No.6839480

My mom has vynils and cd arent before my time.
Quit larping idiot.

>> No.6839507

I guess that you dont buy them new since it is at least 10 bucks a cd.sure its not much but its often mpre than 10 so it ads up quickly enough.
But im a poorfag so what do i know.

>> No.6839521

Oh of course not. Used CDs can only be a couple of dollars.

>> No.6839743

>Some think its part of our caveman mentality, like the more shit you have the more accomplished you are.
What about the more money you have the more accomplished you are?
The more hot girlfriends you have the more accomplished you are?
The better your golf score the more accomplished you are?

Not that I approve of mindless videogame collecting, I'm just saying it can't be dismissed as some stupid psychological mistake.

>> No.6839761
File: 74 KB, 800x800, Sd2snes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>perfectly recreates your entire collection and more
Nothin personnel coomlectors.

>> No.6839786

Play starfox on it.

>> No.6839789
File: 2.92 MB, 640x480, Star Fox 2 monkey.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6839880

but does it recreate the soul? I don't think so

>> No.6839912

I didn't read the whole thread but we all gonna die one day, what's the point of collecting stuff?

>> No.6839914
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>What's the point of collecting retro video games?
Showing off your tiny brain.

>> No.6839927

What's the point in collecting anything?

>> No.6839951

I grew up with CRTs and VHS and the format honestly doesn't resonate with me at all in terms of experience. I get ample nostalgia from playing the games or watching the movies I watched as a kid, the format has so little to do with it for me. I have never understood /vr/'s hangup with emulation. Sure I would get some enjoyment from picking up a cartridge and slotting it in before picking up a real controller and seeing it load up on the screen, but as soon as the game starts up and I'm concentrating on playing it, it makes fuck all of a difference to me.

The same can be said for people who are obsessed with emulators too, by which I mean people who insist that particular emulators work so much better than others or give you a better experience, or that you must use this plugin or that plugin. Maybe I'm a retard, but other than some games being completely incompatible with certain emulators, I've never noticed a difference.

>> No.6840027

Pfff,we are all gonna die at some point,might aswell not go to the doctor and let it come right ?

>> No.6840631

You're right, sorry. Flatout and MotorStorm have lag spikes on the PSP and are butter smooth on the phone.
Never been to /v/. I'm /fitlit/.

>> No.6840650

Collecting copper wires is good for selling.

>> No.6840763

>buy an everdrive
>get the best of both worlds

>> No.6840798

>software emulation

>> No.6840824

See it's like Takumi from Initial D. At one point he knows he can drive better but something mechanical is holding him back and it drives him nuts. He loses sleep over it. Eventually he finds that his stock tachometer is limiting his overall output. I believe many skilled online fps players who are stuck at 60hz will intinctually feel this also. Whether it be ken griffey's baseball, street fighter turbo or tetris, you will NEVER reach your full potential when emulating because of input lag. Of course if you're not very good than I agree there is no point aside from cringe nostalgia.

>> No.6841203

I have a NES und SNES. Which TV do I need?
Does it even matter which tv I use?

>> No.6841203,1 [INTERNAL] 

>that list of games
Thanks for proving my point

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