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>no games
>bad 3-handed controller
>vaseline blur graphics
>egregious fog
>sold 3x less than PS1 and completely destroyed by Saturn in Japan
Yep, I'm thinking it sucks.

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>completely destroyed by Saturn in Japan
lol that delusion.

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I think it's a fair point, but then the inverse is true in the U.S.A.

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All 5th generation console suck. 3d graphics on that shitty hardware was a mistake. 6th gen was the first playable 3D games.

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Only Japan matters anyways

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t. never played one of the thousands of Psx gems

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Still less shit than the Gamecube or any of Nintendo's later consoles at least.

But yeah, N64 was the beginning of Ninty's decline. No idea how it has any fans, besides those who have nostalgia for it being their first console or something. The only objectively good Nintendo consoles are the NES and SNES.

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Japan are losers we beat them during WW2

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better graphics, higher percentage of better games, the only true 64 bit system, and is rated the best system of all time more times than any other console. Its ok to hate the King of Gaming consoles anon

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Why are you talking about this old crap, leave the past in a museum.

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1996 was 17 years ago. not that old

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>bad 3-handed controller
Name ONE game that requires you to hold all three prongs at the same time.

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someone clearly had no friends to play goldeneye with

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>only my generation doesn't shitpost guys!

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Gamecube was way better than the N64

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I just don't know how someone as an adult can prefer the N64 over the Playstation. N64 has like two dozen games tops that hold up without nostalgia. Playstation easily has 75+ games that are still fantastic to this day without nostalgia.

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Do people really not know how to hold the 64 controller? It's really not that bad, feels pretty nice in the hand. It usually had better versions of multiplats compared to the PlayStation as well, though of course you'd lose out on FMVs, and textures would have to be compressed.

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i honestly wish psx had cartridges

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Nice job posting the first one, the sequel is on psx and that was the leading development platform for that game.

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you're supposed to hold it like this. i call it the the "perfect" dark style and yes it's copyrighted so if you use this style you have to give me a game. i will warn you it's for high iqs only.

that is the sequel. the original is just called Battletanx, is an n64 exclusive and also has superior 4 player multiplayer.

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>bad 3-handed controller

Still amazed that the majority of people on this board can't figure out how to use an N64 controller.

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Indeed, we just do it better

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>super mario 64
>ocarina of time

and the list on....

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I'd rather have a console with 15 or so masterpieces(n64) as opposed to one console with 100 8/10 games(ps1)

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All of its first-party titles were inferior to N64's first-party. Sure, it had better multi-plat support than N64 but why not just play those multi-plats on a better system than the GC.

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i never realized how utterly retarded the general population was until i found out how many people couldn't figure out how to hold an n64 controller, jesus christ

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