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Are the later Nintendo retro consoles skippable? It seems like they have very tiny libraries and a lot of other problems that aren't there in ports of the games on them. Seems like the Wii is the solution to both of them.

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all nintenshit consoles are skippable looser

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The old ones are skippable. Graphics very poor and blocky. Gamecube is the one to start on.

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There are dozens of high quality N64 games. What's the point of having a big library if 90% of it is trash?

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What's the point of an entire platform if all it has are dozens of games and you've played them all in just a few weeks?

These aren't games built for replaying. They're one-and-done slow paced action games with far superior versions on other platforms.

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Eh. Anything good for N64 got a superior sequel on gamecube. It's really not worth playing any n64 as a result.

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>They're one-and-done slow paced action games with far superior versions on other platforms.
This thread isn't about the Playstation.

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N64 i think is fairly overrated in the grand scheme of things, I actually really like the gamecube library.
Its also one of the easiest console libraries to play without emulating since the Wii and the WiiU have the native hardware built right in.
Though personally I run a good old fashioned gamecube over an HDMI adapter with a Gameboy player, because then I can effectively play four libraries of games off the original media. I might eventually upgrade to a gc loader if they become more accessible.

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>These aren't games built for replaying.
Star fox 64 nigga

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The entire platform was built around couch co-op so if you're playing by yourself i can see how it might be a bit boring
You can even play splitscreen Starcraft, isn't that neat?

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N64 babies always say this but they either don't list anything or they list Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time and then a bunch of games that are only really worth playing for the nostalgia.

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i mean theres more than that, its definitely not my favorite console but its got its fair share of worthwhile titles

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Well you already did skip them, being a switch baby. But if you want to go back and play some older stuff that's cool. But stick to Wii. Posts discussing pre 2k stuff are being pruned by assblasted zoomie mods who are seething because the rule change backfired on them.

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The gamecube cult needs to go away

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