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Was it kino or cringe?

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Shouldn't this be in the pre2k general?

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Castlevania 1: Masterpiece
Castlevania 2: Great game with Bisqwit's improvement patch
Castlevania 3: Fantastic game that improves on 1 in every respect sans pure simplicity. Play Akumajou Densetsu (Japanese version) for original OST.
Vampire Killer (MSX): Pretty cringe. Some great ideas, plays entirely differently from the original, but borderline impossible to beat, even with the Konami cheat cartridge to give you more continues/lives and save states.
Haunted Castle: Cringe. Great music, atrocious gameplay. Worth running through for 20 minutes with save states for curiosity's sake.

Kid Dracula: (Famicom, GB) Great game in its own right. Much easier than the other Castlevania titles but a very solid title.
Castlevania The Adventure: Sort of cringe but not an awful game. Lacking with some serious flaws. They wouldn't get it right til 2.
Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge: Pretty based, they got things right here. Solid level design, better speed and controls, great music.
Castlevania Legends: Not as bad as 1, not as good as 2...not great in general. At best a competent enough side-scroller.

Castlevania IV: Wonderful game, SNES Konami at its peak. Great controls, level design, atmosphere, music. A masterpiece worthy of the first. (play Akumajou Dracula for SFC for the uncensored version.)
Castlevania Bloodlines: Great game, holds up to IV, perfectly realized Castlevania on the Sega Genesis. (play Japanese version for the unaltered experience.)
Rondo of Blood (PC Engine CD): Possibly the peak of the old-school series along with 1, 3 and 4. Interesting level design with branching paths, sophisticated music and exceptional design on all fronts.
Dracula X (SNES): Solid side-scrolling game, but much weaker than the others of its generation. (IV, Rondo, Bloodlines, Sharp X68000.)
Akumajou Dracula: (Sharp X68000) KINO, very worthwhile, fantastic side-scrolling Castlevania. Does little in innovation but a solid, finely tuned entry in the series.

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The music is really amazing, it sounds weirdly cool.

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using the word kino is cringe
but good game

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I don't see why people overlook the default music. I find it a lot more fitting than the alternate soundcard options.

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Compared to 1, 3 is an absolute mess. It does a lot fo things really well but it's also full of very bad level design. Unlike 1, which is almost perfect from start to finish.

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>Dracula X
Wasn't that a bastardized port of Rondo for SNES?

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Why did they make Simon a ginger in BDSM gear in later editions?

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It's great. It's a remake of 1 but it's also a "best of" with elements from 3, 4 and even HC

Reminder not to touch the PS1 version

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Dracula X is the original name of RoB and SotN; Dracula X Chi no Rondo and Dracula X Moonlight Nocturne respectively. The letter X serves the same purpose as EX in Street Fighter II, i.e. it's jsut there to be cool: it used to be Akumajo Dracula but now it's DRACULA EKS WHOA.

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Because that's how originally he was supposed to look?
Anon, stop making dumb questions

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Please sink your electronics into the ocean

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>Castlevania Chronicles
That trashy port?
Nope, I'm playing the original thing.
For some reason it runs slower on my pc and my phone, maybe PX68K is getting faulty or something

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The perfect was actually near perfect.

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This is all bullshit. I doubt you'd even see the difference by just playing them.

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How do you think I saw the difference then? If you play both versions and don't notice anything you have some incredibly low standards

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>Reminder not to touch the PS1 version

Why? It includes a perfect port of the Sharp X68000 original in addition to the altered version with different sprites/graphics/sound effects/music/gameplay changes.

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An absolutely based assessment.

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This anon have nasty mind.

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>It includes a perfect port of the Sharp X68000 original
Nothing perfect about it.

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>PS1 Version
>Perfect Port
Absolute nigger

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