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Anybody got any Gen 6 infographics? I saw a huge one that was a list of PS2 exclusives but I didn't save it. Also looking for Gamecube stuff.
Otherwise, general infographic thread. I'll dump what I have.

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> I saw a huge one that was a list of PS2 exclusives but I didn't save it
Right here /vr/o

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I can't be the only one who thinks the Super Star Wars trilogy is below mediocre and I'm a big Star Wars fan.

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dope thank you

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Any gamecube must play lists?

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Daily reminder that there's a gallery of these on flickr at full resolution, and any new ones that pop up here magically appear there because fairies.


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Hell yeah! Nothing says must-have like Buck Bumble

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oh snap thanks

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Every time I see this graphic I always look it over and am shocked at some of the omissions. Power Rangers as a beat em up choice when there’s Final Fight? Final Fight isn’t even very good on the SNES but Power Rangers is boring as hell.

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yeah its awful unless you grew up with or are a masochist

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