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How does this port of the classic retro 2D side-scrolling action platformer Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island hold up to the original classic retro SNES version?

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tiny screen with no backlight vs a color tv

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There's a SNES version?

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Has a few more levels and the 100% ending tells you how many times you've died, so that's something.

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controls like shit with only 2 face buttons

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I actually prefer this version despite the closer view

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I have a soft spot for the GBA version because it was the one I grew up with, but overall the original SNES version is quite better. For one, you can actually tell the difference between red and non-red coins, and the colors are not as washed out. At least the music was mostly accurate to the original, unlike Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World.

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It's shit. Worse controls, worse graphics, worse music.

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The coins being visibly red is actually a bad thing, it makes exploration too easy

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I see your point, but I personally don't want to get every single coin ever.

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No idea why people complain about Mario crying when the Yoshi noises in GBA are so much worse

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People are fucking autismos.
The noises are fun.

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>can finally talk about gba like youve been spamming
>board is killed for it
hope youre happy faggot

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>Yoshi's Island
Still the worst Mario game ever made, no matter what platform it's on.

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The worse sound and visuals combined with the more limited control scheme make it inferior to the SNES version.

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Believe me, I am. I wish I could see the faces of everyone who told me that it would never ever be retro. Feels good to win.

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The GBA port is noticeably worse than the original SNES. The visuals, music/sound and resolution are all gimped. The only saving grace is that it's portable and playable natively on GBA/DS/3DS/GameCube GamBoy Player, etc. There are actually patches that restore the color palette and sounds to the original SNES color palette and sounds. A definite improvement.

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>There are actually patches that restore the color palette and sounds to the original SNES color palette and sounds. A definite improvement.
Luckily SMA4 already does this when you put it in a Game Boy Player

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Really? Is that the only Super Mario Advance game that does this?

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I think so, but I don't own SMA 1, 2 or 3, (only 4) so I can't test that myself. Not finding any evidence online that they do support the correct palette with the GBP.

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based yoshispammer, we fucking won.
to finally answer your question, it's worse, like most GBA ports. the point of GBA ports was playing on the go, which is no longer a selling point when you're an adult and/or use emulators. SNES versions are superior in every way

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