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>Hottest retro females

Fucking Iron Maiden's idle sighs really distract my dick

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as a horny 12-13 yr old i too was distracted anon

however my taste in vidya waifus increased dramatically:

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for me, its the pixelated corrupted rogues

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I've lost liters of semen to my imagined waifu blood raven.

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I always preferred the sabre cats from act 2.
The topless ones.
No pic sadly.

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wiggle waggle

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Great, the fucking pedophile is here.
OP just delete this thread before the mods do.

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the inability to recognise and accept different preferences is a sign of autism

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The inability to recognize and accept that sexualizing children is wrong is a sign of being fucking retarded.

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stop being a bigot anon

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Kill yourself

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Sadly, the age of dominatrix villainess has come to an end.

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Sadly indeed.

Fuck the new "Battletoads'" and fuck this neo-puritanism I just want my old sexy Dark Queen

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Sick perv

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>sadly indeed
Good. Fuck off horny faggot.

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Fuck BM Dev

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Any man who'd rather not have the old Dark Queen design is not only a faggot but also a feminist numale

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lol faggot can’t handle the truth like dumb coomer

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I only know the genre of these games. Both are scrolling shooter and these are character portrays.

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Ignore. Wrong topic.

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Maybe this is what they meant when they said masturbation will make you blind

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>ugly design

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Seethe and cope so rise up

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these two gave me a pantyhose fetish

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Is that the one on the left or the right? Either way.

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pope detected

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This is the only correct answer

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dumb autist faggot
Real men like depictions of hot women
That's how it's always been and always will be from cave paintings to sex robots
Ugly women, fay women, old hags, faggots and eunuchs can seethe as much as they want
You say you'd rather remove the old style Dark queen, you must have some mental or hormonal problems to take care of

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>thirsts over female character


Anyway, posting moar sexy DQ to scare the numales away

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That ass is so flat holy shit

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Excellent taste, OP

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crapcoomers can't compete

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>dat climbing animation

It's the lingerie section of your mom's mail-order catalogue of my generation.

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Iron Maidens don't even look like that, I wish they did. But their voice and tiddies still gave me boner though.

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This, nu battletoads artstyle is fucking phoned in garbage

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Meryl Silverburgh?

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Yes that's her name.

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Always wanted to deep-nutt Zanthia when playing The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate

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Basically the "Thundercats Roar" of video games. Not only did they cover her up to avoid "muh objectification" but they completely fucked her overall design with a tupperware-shaped head. It's like a 6-y/o drew the characters.

But enough sperging, here's more worship of our mistress of Darkness

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At first I thought it was the chick from Dino Crisis

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Jesus, what was this game rated? This is like ultra porn.

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>when you're so fine, even trees coom in your presence

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Hyrule Warriors literally had one.

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Here ya go buddy!
Oh god they're hideous

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Actually this one is more like what you were talking about

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she's still hot

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That's a man in a wig.
Bad news, buddy.

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Why is she white?

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Because her parents were.

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>not a delicious brown Amazon-chocolate qt

I hear ya bro

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Extra large, retro breasts are too rare for my liking.

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>That's a man in a wig.
How do you know?

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That is a man. You are gay.

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Prisoner 849 escaping.

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I prefer Q4 version.

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All of these Iron Maiden pics and not a single Cyborg Midwife?

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>I just want my old sexy Dark Queen
She didn't go anywhere. There there. Shhhh.

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No one remembers Team Arena.

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Find a flaw

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SS1 did it better.

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Dilate leftycuck.

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I thought it was this bitch.

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the true answer

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no foot art

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Psylocke from X-men vs Street Fighter or similar games
couldn't find a decent picture

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the inability to recognize that attraction things is natural, harmless, and beyond control is willful ignorance. only ACTING on it is wrong due to the psychological harm to the child, and only in regards to REAL children. dolls, cartoons, simulations and such are harmless and you're just a bigot to condemn it.

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use the right image. "dark vanilla" is the dumbest title, as well misplaced even if you argue in favor of its usage.

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>yes officer, this man right here

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>Find a flaw

She's not real :(

She kinda reminds me of Nocchi from Perfume though.

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Thats a man, baby

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>According to a magazine article for Incite Video Gaming Magazine about Ridge Racer 64 for the Nintendo 64 from February 2000[2], a Japanese male developer couldn't find a woman's face for Reiko so he had a quick shave, conducted a spot of eyebrow plucking and scanned his own head in as Reiko is "part man".
There's your flaw bro

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>Asians make the best traps.

So good they bet their careers on it.


Villetta's still best girl regardless of the title.

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But that's just for RR64, Reiko in R4 isn't a tranny... right bros? Bros?!?

>> No.6767962


R4 is the first game that the male designer used his face. RR64 is based on that design

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Please tell me Ai Fukami isn't a tranny too

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best girl

shame what happened

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Shut the fuck up pedo were not giving you an inch. I'm a bigot so fucking what? I dont even care that word is meaningless. Rather be a bigot than tolerate any form of pedophilia. Again kill yourself.

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>She didn't go anywhere.

Then why do we have that bowl-headed monstrosity with the "Sharia-law" clothing instead of the sexy and well-designed DQ?

Of all the talented artists available on the web, why did these pussy-whipped numales settled for an "artist" who draws like a brain-damaged toddler on crack?

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CalArts/Tumblr strikes again.

>> No.6768386

Wow I didnt even know there was a new battletoads but that looks like a load of steaming hot calarts garbage

>> No.6768398

Isn’t she based on a real person?

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The Dark Cuckquean's design reminds me of She-Zow. Look it up. Tell me that wasn't an influence.

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What western pee sea shovelware is she from?

>> No.6768707

Godddddamn that screen gives me nostalgia boners

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For me, there's only one.

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Isn't that the tranny cartoon?

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>light skin

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Das rite

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>That's how it's always been and always will be from cave paintings to sex robots
Based retard.

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I used to watch this video on loop for ages

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The first coomer game was pic-related.

>> No.6770159

how the fuck is this accepted?

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The main gimmick of the show is basically that a guy finds something to give him super powers, but it dresses him as a magical girl.

It's not really that bad, Anon

>> No.6770235

If you squint, you can see most Character Action elements in many beat'em ups, even the very early ones.

>> No.6770237

well that's not a tranny kid then, just cross-dressing
still not sure about showing this to little kids, they're very impressionable

>> No.6770280

Eh, gender roles are a cultural thing. Kids don't make a big deal about it, unless they're taught to make a big deal about it

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Cope and dilemma dumbo

>> No.6774095

Queen bend her booty tho

>> No.6774119

Wut games?

>> No.6774132

that shop girl with bouncing tits in soul calibur 3

>> No.6774175

Funny thing of this is that this character has a better and more realistic ass than the one from 2B in Nier Automata.

>> No.6774186

Go play it for fun. It a lot more interesting along with Contra Rouge Corps.

>> No.6774206

I want FemRobin dresses up as 2B.

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>> No.6774223

Seem brainwashed for young boi.

>> No.6774279

venus of willendorf is too much for these basic bitches jacking it to jessica rabbit recolor #40954

>> No.6774529

She not a useless bitch

>> No.6774586


>> No.6774610

She really seem Mexica high fantasy? Name please?

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Shes a character from Heavy Metal iD ripped off for Quake 3. The name is "Hunter" but the original has her own comic called "Full Cirkle"

>> No.6774773

Why are her pants falling down?

>> No.6774779

There name Hunter from Full Cirkle
>Quake 3 engine
Good GameCube and Xbox port one day.

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>Quake 3 engine
Where her in game model?
>Heavy Metal ripped off
Same artist, Simon Bisley.

>> No.6775383

Monsterus inhuman appearance over shitter waifusbait was more better for reasons.

>> No.6775627

>ur gay
Christ, reddit.

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