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I'm playing this for the second time after 5 or 6 years, any recommendations?

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Lady Bow is the best partner, that's all.

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What game is this?

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Mario Sutoorii

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No, the game isn't very replayable so it's gonna be kinda weird just doing things you already know in it so you can see things happen that you already expect.

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I thought the badge system gives it some replayability.
There's so many badges I never experimented with on my original playthrough just because I played it too safe.
I know "danger mario" is something some people like to do on Paper Mario, but I never tried it myself so far.

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playing for the first time here and focusing on badge, combining a bunch of effects is fun, only got one HP upgrade, the rest goes to badge and some to SP.

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Pretty sure there is a hack to make it more difficult out there.

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Gombario is MVP