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Infographics thread? I’m seeking a SNES one.

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Oh nice, I'll dump what little i have even though they're guaranteed to start some arguments. I don't think I have a SNES one though.

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this isn't exclusively /vr/ but its mostly retro stuff

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What's with the truncated text.

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Yeah weird, I thought they had maybe screenshotted off of some sega website until I read the Fatal Fury description.

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Keep requests retro please.

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SNES titles?

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I love infographs. Please keep them coming.

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Who the man? You the man!

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Can you post top 100 PC of 1997 and 1998 please?

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This is pretty rad, though not what I expected. What does the {!} represent?

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I'm not sure. The source seems to be http://www.csoon.com/

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Hmm, thanks

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>UN Squadron
You guys know where its at. Classic game, I can't believe how few people have played it.

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Too many of these images fail to respect ActRaiser 2. These goofy lists should never be taken very seriously. They also should never be called "/whateverboard/'s recommendations" because the few nerds who put them together can't come close to speaking for any entire board. Even if a wiki is kept up for a long time and receives contributions from many anons, and the wiki is THEN digested into a single list, there are going to be a lot of people who never heard about it or just never bothered to participate, and some of them are probably going to have better taste than the average weirdo who likes to make wikis for 4chan.

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Does someone got a mega drive/master system one? I'm starting to play this console. I have only played a few of mega drive games as a kid.

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You're not wrong but I think putting /vr/'s recommendations at least lets the viewer know that there is a subjective quality to the graphic.
Like if I sent this to a normie friend who wouldnt touch 4chan at least then he'll know, "oh this is just one perspective...someone else out there might have some different takes on what is must play".

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this is just only begginer guide some of them are good others not.

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Archive of these is here. https://www.flickr.com/photos/vonguard/albums/72157713572653956

They're on Flickr because they host full resolution images.

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Awesome! Thank you for that!

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>I’m seeking a SNES one.

Just scroll through this, it gives a description of each game.


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Someone should post ther DOS diskette infographic.
I can't find mine.

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