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>/vr/ hates one of the best games of all times with such a importance and influence on the video game industry that is mandatory in every top 10 list

Why do you hate this timeless classic again?

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it just sucks

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ur mom

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How does it feel to openly admit that your a pleb?

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I'm more of a Mega Drive guy myself. SNES gives off that unpleasant fit-for-all-ages generic-entertainment-product vibe.

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it ok

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Poor replay value. Amazing first go.

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Because the music is fucking trash

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what now? maybe k thx bye

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What influence does it have on today's video game industry?

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probably bc everyone on this god forsaken sight is a contrarian

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Not enough trannies and blacks for you?

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>Plain worse than it's predecessors
>Didn't influence shit other than the even worse OoT.

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>dat double dig
>i see what you did there

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I don't hate it but all the Gemeboy Zeldas are 100 times better

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Contrarian autism.

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How can anyone have such shit taste?

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>overworld full of nothing vs interconnected and more full overworlds
>way better music
>more fun items
Alttp it's the base LA and the oracles are the pinnacle, Mc it's massive step down

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He’s right though

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>only Zelda game where you get a magical map pointing where you need to go

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I've said it in other threads, but to me it just feels generic. It's super polished, but generic. I played it through once and I don't anticipate I will ever play it again.

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We don’t, only edgyfags and shit tier trolls say it’s not good

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Link to the past is better that OOT.

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It's the best Zelda game. Don't know where the influx of contrarianism is coming from. I guess it's just the influence of certain other boards finally taking its toll here. Damn shame.

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OoT did everything Lttp did but better

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Its only good when its fresh, as opposed to other retro Zeldas which are a lot more fun to replay.

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I don't hate it, in fact I have a lot of respect for it for laying out the groundwork that made OoT and LA happen, but my time is limited and if I feel like replaying a 2D zelda game my go to is Link's Awakening - I prefer the dungeons, the music, the graphics, the story and the gamefeel(like the fluidity and responsiveness of the movement and stuff like that)

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It's fine, but it feels like it really lacks an identity compared to a lot of Zelda games, and I'm frankly bored of 30-somethings acting like it's the be all and end all of the Zelda franchise.

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only retards answer a question with another one

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Let's face it, N64 and Gameboy was Zelda at it's peak. LTTP was still part of the foundation period, it's one of those games you can look at and appreciate its historical impact and contributions to the future of the franchise but that doesn't necessarily make for the most engaging experience nowadays since there's better alternatives with the later games that learned from it and took things to the next level.

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I will tell you why. The wretches on this website are incapable of feeling joy. It has nothing to do with the game

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Don't be so fucking dramatic. People have different opinions on a game to you. Fucking wow. Get over it.

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Let's face it, OoT and LA (GB) aged horribly and their flaws and plarform specific limitations would make them a chore for new players to play today and horrible recommendations, that should kinda clue you inn.

LTTP on the other hand is the quintessential definite Zelda game, it set all the conventions and defined the franchise formula so new players can get to experience what Zelda games are all about in a polished, straight forward, great looking and sounding package that's as fun to play today as it was back then. That really says something about the quality of this game and why it's constantly in top 10 GOAT games rankings.

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I love this game, though. Only improvements I can think of are different songs per dungeon and faster sword swinging animation, both like in LA.

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The game is nearly perfect. Link's Awakening built upon this.

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>great looking and sounding
>as fun to play today as it was back then

what should actually clue you win is that they made 1:1 remakes of OoT and LA because they knew people would be very much into those games as they are(just with a more zoomer friendly shiny coat of paint and quality of life/easymode ""improvements"")

meanwhile the lttp remake would be so bland and deemed uninteresting for the general audiences that they had to come up with new major gimmicks that drastically turned it into an entirely different game to make sure people would actually pay attention to it and would be able to enjoy it more.

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What should clue you in is that they actually had to remake OoT and LA to even be considered worth playing today, whilst they realized that LttP is just as perfect today as it was back then and has be available in it's full original glory on just about every Nintendo console since, and to top it off they decided to make a direct sequel for it in it's honor.

Think about it, it's that good. ;)

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30-somethings have more credibility than any generation when judging game quality.

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I want to believe you're just baiting but I can't help but wonder if you would genuinely be stupid enough to actually think like this.

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Keep in mind that a game doesn't have to be great in every single one of these categories but it just kinda sucks in all of them, so I don't see what's redeeming about it:
1) PUZZLES: It isn't hard. I never got stumped. Most secrets were clearly marked. It uses lock-and-key "puzzle" design, e.g you see a Thing (a key, a switch) you can only access with Item (a boomerang, the hookshot), you find Item and now you have the solution. It does not challenge me intellectually.
2) ACTION: It isn't particularly good. There isn't much to it. There aren't really many tricks to the enemies or bosses, it's pretty straight-forward and repetitive. It's not like I need good reaction time or memorize patterns or anything.
3) WORLD / STORY: The world is bland and the story is extremely basic, just an excuse to send you around the world. It hits fewer emotional beats than Ocarina of Time but leaves less to your imagination than the NES Zelda games. There aren't any memorable characters like Link's Awakening and not really any evocative feelings either like in Majora's Mask. It's just a cookie-cutter story across a generic world saving maidens to defeat an evil king. It's probably the worst iteration of Hyrule, just grassy plains with a town of like 10 people. The deserted wasteland of NES Zelda, medieval kingdom of multiple races of OoT / TP, and post-apocalyptic BotW all had way more interesting Hyrules, which shows the concept can work, but not in ALttP.

In short it's a baby game for babies that doesn't challenge you intellectually or in its action, and that doesn't have an interesting world to explore and dive deep into. I'd forgive a game if it lacked in a couple of these areas but ALttP just kinda stinks in all three.

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I agree with what you said about the story but everything else is pretty wrong.

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>hey /vr/ I’m going to start an argument by acting like this stupid opinion is universal to bait you

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>that is mandatory in every top 10 list
Also it's boring.

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>empty over world
>linear paths to dungeons
>rupees are worthless
>combat is piss easy
>shield blocks make you invincible
>puzzles are mostly pushing blocks and pulling levers

Yeah, nah

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Surprised you didnt mention how fucking hideous the spritework is.

Not to mention how Link's walk cycle animation is jarringly desynchronized from how he actually moves which makes for terrible gamefeel of controls.

This was made on the same console as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI

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Stopped reading there zoomer boy

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I bought it for SNES but honestly I didn't like it it felt quite slow and I wasn't a fan of pink haired link.
The first style I ever saw of Link was on the game and watch that my father gave me when I was young. I lost it when I was moving around a lot but I bought him a boxed one for his birthday

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>In short it's a baby game for babies that doesn't challenge you intellectually

lmao, are you saying any Zelda challenges you intellectually? Nintoddlers truly deserve their moniker.

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Nope. The fifth gen 3D graphics from OOT look terrible, meanwhile fourth gen sprite work is still beautiful.

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OoT 3d graphics are great and have better atmosphere than the 3ds ones, yes the fourth gen had amazing sprite work like already said in the thread but lttp didn't, funny how lttp fags hate n64 era zelda fans because muh nostalgia but they tthemselves have nostalgia glasses for not even the best 3d zelda, not even the best from the 90's alone

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Are you describing lttp or oot, oh wait they are exactly the same game but one in 3d and the other in 2d

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I liked tp but MM is my favourite
I first played it on a demo disc that came with mario kart double dash
My dad woke me up in the middle of the night to test out my brothers birthday present to "make sure it worked"

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The environments of LTTP look fine despite lacking in terms of variety but actual characters like the player, enemies and npcs are horrendous.

It's astounding how the gameboy games manage to look so much better while having far more technical limitations.

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>in short, it's a baby game for babies that doesn't challenge you intellectually

- Intellectually Critical Thinker Anon; On the veracity of a Super Nintendo video game's claim to being any good. - 8/2020 - 4Chan.

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Outdone in every way. Seasons has better combat, Ages has better puzzles. Ages, Link's Awakening, Minish Cap all have better dumgeons. Every single game in the series that comes after, 2D and 3D, has better music. Its got barebone basic story, that doesn't stand out either. Link's Awakening has better atmosphere and is a better total package. ALttP does nothing the best at all.

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Fucking this, also much less interesting characters and setting, alltp light world is the most boring map in the series and dark world it's just okay but still to samey

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I want third world scum to leave only they could hate this masterpiece

>> No.6749190

where's the connection?

>> No.6749263

it's the most fun zelda game
simple as

>> No.6749876

only mad trannies hate this game

>> No.6749896

aka n64-kids

>> No.6749898

>utter seethe and no arguments
ALttP really is the sacred cow of the Zelda series, isn't it?

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Sorry tranny, your boogeymen are not like you. Now go dilate followed by 41%ing yourself.

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It's all so predictable

>Okay game no one's ever heard of? Underrated gem
>Game most people like? Meh
>Game literally everyone thought was great? Absolute dogshit everything about it sucks

Same with Castlevania IV

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It's a great game but it's tedious to see it on the top of any top 10/top 50/top 100 list. What is the point of making a list if it's going to be the same as every other list that came before? Like yeah we know ALTTP and OoT are good, what does stating that for the billionth time accomplish?

>> No.6749919

Can you explain exactly why ALttP is so great, except for the fact you played it when you were five?

>> No.6749931

Yep, typical zoomer faggotry trying to compensate for the fact they didn't grow up in the 90s and mask the fact they don't have a fucking clue what "retro" gaming was/is about.

Trying to fake cred and while only shitting up the scene, fuck off zoomers and edgy autist. Pls.

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just use google


It's fucking FLAWLESS i seriously don't get how anyone who loves VIDEO GAMES could hate this game

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>lets put bad games in out top 10, top 100 just to stand out and be special snowflakes

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it is the perfect "where the fuck do i go game" for me. as a kid i never knew to use the flute in the town square, but every cryptic aspect can be figured out through NPC's and sometimes with a 20 rupee fee. literally everything, the bottle locked in the chest, the quake medallion from the stones, still mentioned in the game. great experience imo

>> No.6749951

>it is flawless
No it isn't and it lacks variety and content compared to it's successors

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just dilate already

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Nope! Re-read what I said. It's alright that no Zelda game challenges me intellectually, because other Zelda games usually have something else going for it. I liked exploring Ocarina of Time's 3D world, for example - I thought it was visually interesting. ALttP looks like ass, is easy, like there's really nothing redeeming about it. It's mediocre at best.

>> No.6750002

>appealing to the authority of an IGN video
>still can't articulate why you like it more than the rest of the series

>> No.6750005

>no argument
Die mad nostalgia fag

>> No.6750008

No, that's Oot, and in turn why they hate the effortlessly more engaging and superior predecessor, ALttP.

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Seriously, what's engaging about it? Almost all the dungeons look the same. The so-called "puzzles" in Zelda games are usually huge wastes of time for anyone over the age of 5 because they're so easy, so the thing a Zelda dungeon ever has going for it is the environmental design. How the hell can ALttP's cookie-cutter timesinks compare to Ocarina of Time's 3D environments, which are so fun to explore regardless of how easy they might be? I'm not saying 3D > 2D, there are plenty of 2D games with interesting worlds to explore (e.g Super Metroid), but ALttP isn't one of them.

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Just dilate already

>> No.6750018

People can have interesting an nuanced debates on why they do or don't like OOT. ALttPfags just seethe.

>> No.6750028

Ocarina of Time > Link's Awakening > Majora's Mask > Oracle of Seasons > Link to the Past > Oracle of Ages > Legend of Zelda > Zelda 2

>> No.6750032

I like alttp because I played it when I was five. Do you have a problem with that?

>> No.6750037

>t. N64-kid

>> No.6750039

LA=OoS=OoA > MM > OoT > LoZ > Lttp

Z2 it's own thing, wish we had some zelda spin off like it

>> No.6750041

Absolutely based

>> No.6750043

Link's Awakening > Majora's Mask > Ocarina of Time > Link to the Past > Oracle of Seasons > Oracle of Ages > Legend of Zelda > Zelda 2

>> No.6750047

>balding ass 35 year old who still thinks this is an argument

>> No.6750073

>t. N64-kid

>> No.6750153

anyone who has a different opinion than me is pathetic.

>> No.6750223

Only if they can't back it up

>> No.6750247

Omelette du fromage

>> No.6752002

>lets repeat the same opinions every single day

>> No.6752087

Same here. LA is better, Oot/Mm is better (also different cuz 3d) but it a fun game. Especially first playthrough

>> No.6752150

Worse than Link's Awakening, insanely overrated by contrarians trying to get gamer cred by shitting on OOT

>> No.6752185

>bumping your own shitpost thread
Cringe bro

>> No.6752201

you care to elaborate?

>> No.6752402

Because /vr/ is just a PSX and N64 circlejerk. 3D games are modern era games so it’s easier for people to back and play them if they also play current games. Anything 2D is just too different for them.

>> No.6752423 [DELETED] 

If that were true then why is modern 2D indie pixelshit so popular amongst the söyim.

>> No.6752434

Because of the novelty. But on /vr/ people aren’t interested in novelties for zoomers, just playing more primitive 3D games because they’re contrarians and want to pretend like they’re retro simply because the consoles were released before 1999 like that means a fucking thing when the games play exactly the same as anything released in 2020 just worse.

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>It's astounding how the gameboy games manage to look so much better while having far more technical limitations.
Developers actually understanding the limitation of their hardware and using it for their advantage.

>> No.6752879

For me? It's the NintendooDS. Nintendor64 is an embarrassment.

>> No.6752881

Spoken like a true zoomer. The gameboy was going strong straight through the fifth gen. Everyone who was around back then was well aquainted with 2D games, even if they mostly played them in the handheld format.

>> No.6752942

you stopped reading when you had to admit and confront your own nostalgia goggles? kill yourself.

>> No.6753202

There's only two kinds of people that hate ALTTP: Contrarians who hate everything with a playerbase over 3 people, and edgelords who think a game is only ever good if it's Kaizo Mario-tier difficult. It's the exact same people who hate EarthBound, FFVII, DKC2, MGS, Yoshi's Island, Metal Slug 3, Super Metroid etc. ALTTP is a perfectly good game-- a great one, even. Personally, I'm more of a Link's Awakening DX fan when it comes to Zelda vidya, but I wouldn't dare give ALTTP anything lower than a 8/10. Bottom line, just play what you wanna play and have fun, my man.

>> No.6753219

>beginning of boring storyshit in Zelda games that ruined the franchise
The only good Zelda game is the original. Period.

>> No.6753224

I was born in 1988 and ive never played a zelda. The most fun thing i ever saw about zelda was the avgn episode about it. None of the zeldas seem enticing to me. The first one looks pretty good though. I never had a nes.

>> No.6753228

And to your left, you can see Contrarianus /vr/australopithecus in his natural habitat, smearing his excrement across the wall.

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he said anus
heh heh heh

>> No.6753231

kek, they are breeding fast

>> No.6753239

I'm sorry, let me know exactly what part of what I said is wrong instead of being a meme-spouting underage ignoramus. Storyshit has ruined gaming and it's shit like Zelda:LTTP that started that garbage in contrast to the original which set you loose in a world to make your own discoveries and didn't need to interrupt you every five seconds with some long-winded explanation about what the fuck is going on.
It's people like you who have allowed gaming to fucking die and become the fetid shit it is today. Go back to /v/ and circlejerk in your storygaming bullshit threads.

>> No.6753253

It's the only zelda game I was unable to complete as a child because of how boring, repetitive, nonsensical, and uneventful it is. The items all blur together. Playing this game is like a full-time job. Even beating it as an adult, I realized if you randomized the enemies and bosses, it would make literally no difference. I would put this game at least 2 tiers below Oracle of seasons/ages and those two are hard-plays.

>> No.6753254

So, making absolute blanket statements to the tune of "The only good Zelda game is the original. Period." is the mature thing to do, right? The way you describe things, one would think that ALTTP is just as bad as current year Naughty Dog interactive movie "games". By your logic, every single game with even a hint of story in it, is shit. That slippery slope you're talking about started, to my understanding, with MGS, and that's still a good game. Get your head out of your ass, man.

>> No.6753265

Even Minish Cap is better than LTTP. Awakening rules supreme as far as 2D Zeldas

>> No.6753272

It's the simple fact that Nintendo in general is shit. Anything they touch will turn to shitty autist pandering rehash-fest which has been recycling for 30+ years.
Zelda games as a whole reflect that. The reason why original Zelda isn't that shit is because of the lack of corporate micro-management which plagues post-NES Nintendo games.

Nintendo was never relevant in then right-wing Europe until Gameboy Color for obvious reasons...

>> No.6753283

There were moments where I was in the gameworld and forgot where I was because the enemies are all the same and the map looks the same. Like, oh I was in this corner duh. This stupid town? Why is this asshole walking in my way? These enemies need to leave me the fuck alone. I don't have time to swat at this guy 15 times at the same angle at the same speed to kill him for the 23rd time and on the way back too. This doorway looks like a gloryhole and I can just hold one direction to auto-suck into it.

They actually made it feel more linear than the OG NES game. Somehow.

Actually one of the worst games I've ever had the displeasure of playing and I still cannot for the life of me figure out why people enjoy it. I've watched several let's plays where people have THE EXACT SAME ISSUES I had playing, while saying it's a good game. I don't get it. People who enjoy this game don't have any reasons to like it. Seems like pure 100% childhood fagdom. >>6746915 >>6746991




and fag apologists like this


There is no reason to like alttp other than weaponized autism it seems. Piss tier game.

>> No.6753327

>It's the simple fact that Nintendo in general is shit
Oh look, another absolute blanket statement with zero proof to back it up. You sound exactly like Nintentards saying HURR DURR SEGA SUCKS BECAUSE REASONS.
>The reason why original Zelda isn't that shit is because of the lack of corporate micro-management which plagues post-NES Nintendo games
Yeah, man, so true. Every time I play a SNES/Genesis/PSX/Saturn/N64 game I feel like there's a cynical suit sitting right behind me giving me notes on how to have fun. Do you even hear the shit that's coming out of your mouth?
>Nintendo was never relevant in then right-wing Europe until Gameboy Color for obvious reasons...
Legit 100% curious to see where politics factor into this, but at the same time I'd rather not shit up the thread even more.

>> No.6753374

>Oh look, another absolute blanket statement with zero proof to back it up.
Even this video is knowledgable about how overly documented Nintendo as I even have to tell how corrupt Nintendo is... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpgAN7x7Hbw
>Yeah, man, so true. Every time I play a SNES/Genesis/PSX/Saturn/N64 game I feel like there's a cynical suit sitting right behind me giving me notes on how to have fun.
That is how corporate culture works, their only objective is to make their brainless consumers flock to consume their brand. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wut8calH_o
>Legit 100% curious to see where politics factor into this
It does, this is why >>/pol/ exist.

>> No.6753379

Forever my favorite Zelda game, although half of the game (shadow world) has sucky gameplay and graphics.

>> No.6753383 [DELETED] 
File: 215 KB, 866x768, N64-Kid_Final_Form.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You forgot the 3rd and most prominent type: The N64-Kid.

These assholes had the N64 as their first console and fucking HATE the NES and SNES because it's not 3D (only 2D exception is Pokemon, and ONLY Pokemon), yet they claim to be the hardcore "Nintendo fans". Think I'm fucking with you? Just take a look at the posts on /vr/ this past week or even in this thread for evidence, they HATE 2D and anything before the N64.

Why the fuck are these assholes even counted as "retro gamers", if you only like one "retro" console and it's the one with only 3D games, in the 6th generation, at the very ass end of what's considered "retro", and have such disdain for 2D graphics and gameplay, then you're literally at odds with what EVERYBODY else love and consider "retro".

Fans of every other 3rd, 4th and 5th generation of consoles love 2D, PSX and Saturn have a lot of 2D games that's on their GOAT lists, heck even zoomers love 2D. I suggest we ban the N64 from /vr/, they don't like us and we don't like them, let's help them set up /n64/ so they'll have their own little enclosure they can harp on about the same fucking 3 games their console had while munching crayons.

Oh, and you know that "manchild" stigma we've gotten as gamers? The N64-Kid. But now "grown up" and leaching onto everything "gamer", plastering their basedfaces all over the internet while working at Polygon, Kotaku and other safe-spaces.

Fuck the N64-Kid.

>> No.6753406

This is what's known as "begging the question".

There are a handful of contrarians who hate almost all popular games on this board. In this case, its probably OP trying to start shit.

>> No.6753817

I got my n64 in 7th grade and really didn't care for the 3d entries in classic franchises. Maybe if I try mario64 or Ocarina of Time again I might like em but something about the gameplay just made me dislike them when new.

>> No.6753842

explain to me the american obsession with crayons
what's up with that? you guys talk about it a lot

>> No.6753862

Retard kids ate them, they are not good for you.
See picture: >>6753383

>> No.6753870

4chan is full of hipsters that hates all things popular

>> No.6753874

Expect for popular media made before the 1970s though.

>> No.6753972

This is literal schizophrenia. You're inventing people in your own head to be angry at.
If anyone in this thread loves the N64 but hates the NES and SNES, raise your had now. I'll wait.

>> No.6754134

>t. called-out-guilty-sweating-n64-kid

>> No.6754187

I just do.

>> No.6754207

The fuck I have seen this. I've even observed this before, the N64 is a super safe console because Nintendo hasn't really deviated from it much in terms of design and the few games people know it people still fellate endlessly.

I don't know why I didn't put it together, N64-kids are so fucking annoying.

>> No.6754215

Yes, it is. Sitting there watching words crawl down the screen for over half the fucking "game" is bad. Period.
Holy fuck, children, just admit you don't know fuck about gaming and give up.

>> No.6755224

pretty much yea.

>> No.6755232

No one hates this game, its one of the greatest of all time

>> No.6755326

>desperate tranny trying to force meme a good thing as a bad thing

>> No.6755330

See >>6755326 and then dilate, coping nygger.

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