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Do we like Marble Garden?

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there's no *we*, reddit refugee subhuman

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Doesn't it feel like it drags a bit? Enemies like the grasshoppers that ambush you Metropolis-style, and mechanics like the spintop.
I want to like it, because I think the music and aesthetic is top notch, but can't bring myself to like the design.

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Sonic was not every good.

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Marble Garden's fine, though it obviously doesn't seem that great sandwiched between the greatness that is Hydrocity and flashiness that is Carnival Night.

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Carnival Zone is such a let down after the great pinball-themed Spring Yard Zone and Casino Night Zone.

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I don't think Carnival Night's that bad. The first act is a breeze but to a new player the second act is basically just hell.

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it's my favourite Sonic 3 & Knuckles stage
I like the art and music a lot.
I also like the bouncy thing that you trigger by spin dashing

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That stage music is comfy.

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This. I like the zone, but at the same time I feel it can drag a bit.

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its my least favorite zone in sonic 3 somehow below carnival night. its just boring. not a whole lot going on and its not very interesting aesthetically either. just kinda filler.

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Who's "we"?

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and yet it's still better than any level in any Sonic Advance game.

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Your girlfriend, his boyfriend, and you.

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It's my least liked zone of Sonic 3. It just feels very boring and plain in designs.

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The worst classic stage along with Oil Ocean.

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Carnival Night is worse than either.

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no, i always want to skip it and hydrocity

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Well I like it a lot

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S3&K levels took me too fucking long to finish, and this one timed me out. Fuck this level, good music though.

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Where did all the lava from Sonic 1 go? Weird to bring this zone back from Sonic 2 but not it's main attraction.

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Honestly, It's my favorite zone from 3&K.

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Marble Zone =/= Marble Garden Zone

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It sounds like Michael Jackson's thriller.

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It sounds like trippy indian music

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Marble garden is one of the best levels. It's intricate, good atmosphere, music gets stuck in you're fucking head and it's got the best secrets. People who don't like marble garden, were hit in the head too many times as a child by their abusive black step dad's named tyrone

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>Skip hydrocity
Go suck off a shotgun

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It’s a fucking classic

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Nice, someone who finally likes it.

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Nothing wrong with reddit though.

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>liking the most boring of the water levels

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I'm not that guy but how can you call the first level to let you run on water the worst

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it's still a water level, and its name causes spergouts to this day

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Tidal Tempest is the most boring, it's worse than Labyrinth. Great music but it has absolutely nothing going for it.

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Try not to play it fast.

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Act 1 is pretty fun. Act 2 can feel a bit slow at times.

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I actually really like Chaos Angel from Advance 3.
Music Plant from Advance 2 was also pretty cool.

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Prove it.

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Played through it recently in complete collection and I like it, it's an integral part of showing off the island.

I hate Carnival zone though. Fucking thing sucks.

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It has the best boss fight in the series, at least

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I like it, and I really like hilltop zone.

It is a really good boss, isn't it? Thinking about it, it's a ton of fun.

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No we do not

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Was this a pagan god?

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except there literally is

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thats some deep lore, they got googly eyed niggers in sonic land who invented these peaceful joggers?

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>enormous, plenty of things to discover with Knuckles and Tails
>an abundance of giant rings
>music that slaps
What's not to love?

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It's a fun but incredibly flawed stage for a number of reasons. Those being:
1) The sheer number of obstacles that break your pace and flow - the spiked balls, crushers and especially the spinning tops.
2) The spinning tops being an awful pace-breaking gimmick that can't be avoided.
3) The awful boss design if you're playing as Tails alone.
4) The stage being suited for Knuckles and Tails, but not Sonic due to the sheer number of steep hills, points of no return, exploration rewards usually being in high places or requiring Knucles/Flame Shield.
5) It's a stage riddled with blind hazards to the point where it only becomes enjoyable if you're Super/Hyper.

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It's not my favorite from Sonic 3, but still above Carnival Night Zone for sure.

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Same, I just love that sound effect.

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Seriously this was uncanny as hell.
Sonic 3 in general ditched the psychedelic and otherworldly feel of Sonic 1 and 2 and went for a much more real world approach.

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Sure , why not? The sonic trilogy is perfect so therefore the levels are too.

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The original classic Sonic trilogy is Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic CD

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*cricket sounds*

*tumbleweed rolls past*

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it sucked fucking dick

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I like it fine. Always thought it was fun.

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Opinions are so divided, fuck.

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Oil ocean is the best in S2

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Fuck no.

I usually turn Sonic 2 off after Hill Top. Everything after that zone sucks dick.

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yes with sonic andor tails, big no with knuckles

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For me, it's Aquatic Ruin Zone. That fucking music.

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>call this level "The Romans level" when I was a kid
>turns out, the game manual actually mentions romans roaming in the level description

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Go back, then

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I usually felt that noise was like "gurk!"

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I'm biased because I think Sonic 3 vanilla was the best one - of course, I like Marble Garden because it is precisely what Sonic 3 and Knuckles was going for.

Large, expansive levels designed for exploration. I get how it's different to Sonic 2 and CD.

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Casino Night just seems so old to me - the Vegas motif and music is really retrograde.

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The worst Sonic zone is Labyrinth followed by Metropolis.

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I feel it begins to drag right at the point where Robotnik causes the second earthquake in Act 2, a little before the Boss proper.

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