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In this thread we celebrate the sega SATURN. The most wonderful console ever made. And the last bastion of true hardcore gaming. It is this console which.... Oh Hi Bernieposter... didnt expect you this soon, please take a seat!

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this thread has no future

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>nights and guardian heroes in the top five
The absolute state of the Saturn's library.

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Panzer dragoon saga is a shit game too, even by jarpig standards. Kek.

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Absolute state of people who don't own a Saturn and try to cope their hardest

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I own two.

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ROFLMAO saturn cucks BTFO

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You don't need to own one anyways, Saturn emulation is flawless now, so everyone can see for themselves how shit its library really is. :)

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>obligatory zoompic
obligatory indeed

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Didn't Deep Fear get a PAL release? I swear I played that shit in English without a translation patch. And who the heck puts Nights in their top 5?

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whats the best saturn emulator for pc

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SSF is very good but while it has native bin/cue support now, I find it just won't work on some files at all (I only use redump releases so there's no issue my end) - so you have to mount them in Daemon Tools as nothing else seems to work reliably with SSF.
I generally just use Beetle Saturn now because I don't want Daemon Tools on my PC.

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by seeing Dodonpachi in there automatically confirms this list has been made by a poser who don't know shit about those games, probably only played them on youtube

that port is pure busted garbage

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indee it got a PAL release but what do you expect from a poser who discovered the saturn in 2020

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The playstation version is the one with the bug that doesn't add +1 to your chain count when you collect the hidden bees.

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Celebrate what? Exaxtally a failed system made by a failed company that is only remembered today by imbeciles like y’al

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good boy!

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>Saturn emulation is flawless now

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haven't had any trouble with mednafen yet myself

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both ports are way too fucking fast, but the Saturn port is extra garbage because its bullets are fucked up too

I installed MODE into my Saturn. It's good shit

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>Saturn emulation is flawless now
No, it sadly isn't. :/

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what's wrong with it, aside from a few frames more input lag and games playing slightly faster than on original hardware?

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Games playing slightly faster is a really odd and major issue desu

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a sledgehammer

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Please stop making fun of the saturn it was a good console!

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>trying to get a Model 1 so I can install a Fenrir
>see tons of good deals on Model 2s
>find a JP Model 1 with a dead CD drive
>the case is fucked up beyond belief

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sonygger detected

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what games this happens?

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Every single one

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Mednafen runs too fast and just about all Saturn emulators fudge their VDP2 implementations which wreaks havoc for people developing homebrew, rom hacks, and translation patches.

Example of playing too fast:
Real Hardware:

Then in developing the Grandia Translation patch it was found that while emulators did this:
Real Hardware did this:

For that last one it was found that while the emulators will let you get away with invalid settings, the real thing is much more picky and it took a lot of trial and error to get that part working correctly.

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>games don't have slowdowns on emulator
Why is this a problem? Playing in slow-motion sucks dick.

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don't try to argue with scene faggots it's pointless

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Most of the shitposters on /vr/ are /v/ sonygger leak.

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Why is Mediafen so trash bros?
I got to drag a game file on it every time?

Good thing Saturn has no games or I would be upset

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>I got to drag a game file on it every time?
There's GUIs for it if you don't like doing that.

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You make these stupid threads because there's nothing about the Saturn to actually discuss.

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Imagine not being able to use a command line in current year. Fucking zoomer scum.

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Thats obviously not a discussion you could contribute to. You just shot your own foot sonygger.

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I owned a Sega Saturn back in 1997. The first game I bought was Virtua Fighter 2. I love the Sega Saturn. So many great memories with this console. I currently own the white Japanese Sega Saturn. Definitely one of the best consoles to own.

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right click -> open with -> set mednafen as the default
hilarious how no one seems to know how to use computers anymore

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>Make the most amazing 2D console
Truly the most retarded SEGA decision ever made

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Wasn't Virtua Fighter ironically what inspired the PSX devs to go 3D?

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t. Nincels who never played any of the great lineup of Sega Saturn games such as Fighters Megamix, Virtua Cop, Virtual-On, the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers(Pepsiman being an unlockable character), etc, etc.

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Tell me the SEXIEST female character in these games. For that reson only, I, the /vr/ coomer, will play that very game.
I'll wait.

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Fighting Vipers: Candy (Also appears in Fighters Megamix)
Virtua Fighter: Sarah Bryant (Also appears in Fighters Megamix)

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>Not on my watch...

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Not quite, but it solidified Ken Kutaragi's beliefs that 3D was the future. But he was always pro-3D from the start of the PS1's life.

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Sony saw Virtua Fighter at the arcade and decided thats the direction they wanted. Went home, modified their work in progress hardware. There are recent interviews with one of the sony hardware devs, where he admits just that.

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so i'm just getting into saturn and picked up a grey model 1 jap console, not knowing that it can't play a very small handful of games that require the jhl loader on pseudo saturn (the obvious ones i want to play being panzer dragoon 2 zwei and panzer dragoon saga)
will getting a modchip instead fix this? i doubt they'll ever fix it since it's such a specific issue.

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>tfw no port of sonic cd

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Just get the red PseudoSaturn cart with both RAM expansion and memory card. You gotta have expanded RAM for the best games anyway.

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Why would they? CD was a turd best left forgotten.

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Is this a normal thing that happens?
Both are connected to different outlets.


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Yes why would anyone put the best Saturn game in a top 5 truly a mystery

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Lol nightstranny.

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Nogaems and the absolute worst controller of all time.
Truly the pinnacle of gaming.

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DOA 1 came out on the Saturn

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>best controller for 2D games
What did he mean by this?

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*lives rent-free in your head*

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He meant the SNES controller was better, which it was and is.

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>inferior diamond button layout
>mushier d-pad
>has LGBT coloring scheme
I don't think so Tim.

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>inferior diamond button layout
That literally every other successful non-Sega console and even the Dreamcast later adopted? Yeah, sooooo inferior.
>mushier d-pad
At least it works
>has LGBT coloring scheme
Not if you're an Americhad.

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The yank pad's even worse, has gay purple and lavender buttons.

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How did he do it, bros? How can one man have this much power?

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>mushier d-pad
>At least it works
What? The Saturn D-Pad is great and definitely holds up well and works. Unless of course you're talking about the awful US Model 1 pad.

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Sweet deadlink, dumbass

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I just got a Saturn with the model 2 pad. The d-pad is such a stiff piece of shit I can't even reliably press right.

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It's better than being black

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It's better than boring, soulless black and grey

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Sounds like you got an unofficial one, or a shit one someone broke. I have over 10 of the things for Saturn Bomberman and they all work flawlessly.

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>shitty version of Resident Evil
>no Alien Trilogy
Who made this?

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Nope, blacks are based & hate fags like you.

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This is your brain on cuckoldry

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It's true. I am a Leftist Commie named Xanderhal who watches his underage disabled girlfriend fuck black dudes.

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