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why is this board in love with this game and why is it never criticized? legitimately good games are shit on constantly yet Doom is somehow above everything else.

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doombabies run rampant on this board

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Think of it like the Doom community maintaining an outpost on this board.

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Because its an all time great. There are far less doom threads than nintendo 64 threads desu.

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>why is this board in love with this game and why is it never criticized?
Selective bias could make you say this about any game
>legitimately good games are shit on constantly yet Doom is somehow above everything else.
Do you have any examples of this?

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eerie. really eerie...

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Are you serious? The game and its sequel are constantly criticized for having a ton of shitty levels.

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i browse the board fairly regularly and theres at least 1 doom thread daily

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If this is your /v/ user way of starting a thread by making bait, you’d do better by being sincere. If you’re actually being serious with your myopic questions, the games get criticized all the time and you’ve probably only browsed here for a week. Your complaint about “legitimately good games being shit on constantly” tells me you had a single bad experience and are now butthurt

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>Do you have any examples of this?
yeah sure just lurk the board for a week

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Doom is a single game series and the threads run into hundreds of posts every time, the N64 is a console and half the threads are shitposting about it.

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Doom is a single game series and the threads run into hundreds of posts every time, the N64 is a console and at least half the threads are shitposting about it like "is this for aliens because I don't have three hands LOL".

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>a single, reoccurring, filterable general thread on the board is more plentiful than numerous threads on a console and its library
we have a real genius here

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>why is it never criticized?
You just get here?

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I will now look at a general occupied by established fans of a game and compare it to random consolewar threads, thank you for the enlightenment

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it's an american website. doom for them is like super mario for normal people

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I don't care about what you think. For me it's one of the most influential PC games of all times.

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carmack is a chaos wizard

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"id soft basically created the video game equivalent of Thriller"

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It’s difficult to gainsay the pro-Christian themes and groundbreaking gameplay.

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It's relatively flawless to be honest.

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>1 doom thread daily
OMG! we're so fucked!

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Nothing wrong with this at all.

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Doom has flaws, but this thread is awful and /vr/ as a whole is getting dumber.

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thats not the information I've recieved

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why do people get mad at something being liked? its like you miserable faggots have to go online and shit on something to feel good about yourselves, UHH GUYS, LETS HATE THIS POPULAR THING! AND I NEED EVERYONE TO AGREE TOO!

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There's recognizing the flaws of something popular and the people who blindly defend it, and then there's Youtube essay-tier WHAT IF THING YOU LIKE WAS ACTUALLY BAD? OP seems to be leaning towards the latter

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Okay. What are your criticisms of Doom, then?

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Its the best game ever. Why are you fighting it? Just give in.

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Because it is.

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its criticized literally constantly the moment Sandy Peterson is mentioned, OP you are a liar and it shows

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but most people here admit doom is flawed, hence the source ports and fixes and shit
the problem with doom's reception is that it's misleading on what the games are actually about
if you think touhou or yakuza are misrepresented by memes, doom has a worse pop culture osmosis and mandela effect for the fact that people actually played it yet somehow misrepresent what doom even is
and it's not even that deep of a series

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its because SCREAMING and CURSING about minor things is what gets the fat, dumb ADD kids to laugh on Youtube.

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That’s the Doom is so universally revered. Don’t like something about it? It's infinitely moddable and customisable. Can’t do that with many other games since they’re closed-source.

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Let's make it a theoretical discussion: if we were to hunt for Doom criticism, what could we do? The typical offensive would be to summon Doom2, that has a plethora of crying about it ("game isn't scavvy and athmospheric now, new enemies suck, CHAINGUNNERS, Icon of Sin sucks"). But I'm honestly at a loss to conjure good criticism of Doom: some maps have sometimes clumsy design? Weapons are perfunctory - but again it's the start of it all, it DEFINED weapons in FPS games - . You can criticize Doom on the technical level, or attempt a critique that it ain't Marathon if you are a storyfag.

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doom became obsolete the day duke 3d shipped

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Absolutely this, back in 2012 or whenever Brutal Doom came out, there were fags going around saying that it was what the developers envisioned, and that it was more accurate to how they remembered the game as a kid than the actual game

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It's just Doom dude. It's fucking great.
If you don't get it, don't be mad. It's okay to be wrong, man.

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Doom's still fun as shit. Loaded up Going Down yesterday with just smoothdoom installed and had a blast.
Is it the best videogame ever made?

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its outdated. looks bad, sounds bad. its like the pong of first person shooters

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But that's not true, though.
Stop lying on the internet.

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>fans of a game congregate and discuss the game they like in a thread instead of shitting on things they don't like and attacking each other for no reason
>this confuses and angers the faggot

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So the point of this thread was just "I don't understand why people like this game, it old xD"

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nice post

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I dont pay attention to the retarded DOON threads. Though i played most DOOM games, they are hardly worth reading about. I suggest flushing them out by posting new sega saturn threads.

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because it has an active modding community that has kept it relevant even after 27 years

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This. The Doom thread is here and always has been and I just scroll past it every day.

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That's like asking why nobody shits on Tetris or Pac-Man or the first Super Mario Bros. It's a groundbreaking and influential game that's still fun to play today.

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The worst part about Doom 1 and 2 is the damage RNG and they would've been better games without it. Thankfully it's easy to modify the code to make the damage values consistent, or make a GZDoom mod for that.

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literally who cares? Doom fans stick to their threads, other games have their own. Who gives a shit? Just play what you like you """nigga""", you dont need to shit ony anything or anyone
this guy gets it

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It's not just doom it's every retro FPS in one thread. Or would you rather there be 15+ FPS threads on /vr/ at all times?


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What's your opinion on Half-Life?

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>why is it never criticized?
Did I hallucinate all the "Doom 2's maps kind of suck" posts over the years?

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Man I remember being annoyed by this and feeling like an outsider because of it like twenty years ago. I posted something kinda like this once on a message board, even. I've never been a big Doom fan.

Even back then though, I basically thought it was a pretty good game. Because it is, right? I agree that there shouldn't be fifty "HEY DID YOU KNOW THAT ZELDA III AND CASTLEVANIA WHICHEVER ARE ACTUALLY BAAAAAAD AND ALSO MARIO 2 IS DOKI" threads. But I don't blame the lack of Doom-trashing threads for that. Rather, I think there should be less Zelda-trashing threads and Castlevania-trashing threads. It's pretty simple. Heck even Xenogears-trashing threads, although that game might actually deserve it. It's healthier to actually like things.

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I actually know the answer to this. Normalfaggots are usually bullies and normalfaggots love shit like first person shooters more than any other actually comfy tier game like a jrgp for instance. They bother 'comfy' dweeb playing video gamers and the dweebs never bother them. it's why to this day shit like the incel meme comes up or crab meme. They don't troll themselves. Ancient Greece, Rome, and modern (white) (superior) nations to this day are all the types to want bitches, slaves. In ancient Rome there were apparently areas where a city was 80 percent pre-slaves. They want to beat you into bieng more manly. That's the point of bullying. It's a military thing and obviously they'd be the type to worship military tier games such as call of duty, medal of honor, james bond games, quake even, and Doom of course.

It's just the way the faggots are. They should fuck off to fakebook but the sjw ethics banned trolling online so they have to come here to get the dick out of their systems. It's a shit show.

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Based game that makes doomlets seethe.

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its doom

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for all these years i didn't even know it had damage rng but i like it

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Moviebob wrote this post.

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then you're probably autistic if you didn't realize it sometimes takes 2 shotgun shots instead of 1 to kill an Imp

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>80 percent pre-slaves
whut are pre-slaves?

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but anon
nobody hates Doom quite like Doom players
its kind of a constant on this site with any game

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Doom is a GOAT game. You are being a whiny nintendo faggot for no godamn reason, go back to your n64 and snes thread you onions fuck.

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Just get gud. All the RNG can be avoided if you are skilled enough to avoid projectiles or to kill enemies faster.

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It's garbage.

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Butthurt doomcuck

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>not thinking Doom is a game for dorks
Well, they're free to think that, but it is. Doom is the video game equivalent of that guy who plays Warhammer and listens to Iron Maiden. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Doom sucks.

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these schizo answers to stale questions are more interesting than actual "discussion"

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Keep samefagging

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Keep seething

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>/v/ slang

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It makes one autist eternally seethe so it's great.

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You seem to know very well how /v/ acts.
Maybe you should go back.

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>keep samefagging all day long
>call other people autist

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Not retro.

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take your meds

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>legitimately good games are shit on constantly
By evil subhumans, pay them no mind.

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because they are farming (you)s, its a highly effective method here.
you can go "dude yoshi island bad" and secure your 50 replies.

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yeah you should stay there.

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Not him, but stop bumping the thread with useless shit

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This, kek. I don't even like FPS games that much but I always make sure I reply to a Half Life thread just to see him fuming.

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> i like it but i hate doom

its possible for people to like multiple things and not split them into arbitrary opposing sides you know

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can't aim up or down

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Doom has plenty of problems, but most of those people stating those problems still love it.

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Doom is trash and gets shit on repeatedly. The general is literally less than a dozen losers who can't let their shitty little fps go. It's a joke, just filter it.

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doom is the most important game of all time

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A few school shooter, incel dweebs played Doom religiously.

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