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I got a Saturn and ODE but Radiant Silvergun, Burning Rangers, and the Dragon game have pretty much been letdowns. Is game any good? Or any other recommendations?

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Clearly you need to play Sotsugyou 2

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Psychic killer taromaru

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What about Radiant Silvergun and Burning Rangers disappoints? There are some other shmups but if those games didn't appeal others may not also.

Anyways, no Clockwork Knight is pretty dull. Clockwork Knight 2 is a little better bit still clunky and slow. I don't love platformers to begin with though. Astal is a little short but quite good.

Legend of Oasis is one of my favorites, it's an action adventure and Rayearth is pretty good as well. Guardian Heroes is great but much better with friends. Saturn was mostly a multiplayer system for me.

What kind of games are you looking for?

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Give Radiant Silvergun another chance, it grows on you. Burning rangers has always been overrated imo, panzer dragoon I love but whatever.

If you like fighting games pretty much all the capcom ports are great, if you have a ram cart definitely check out cyberbots, street fighter alpha 3, Groove on Fight, Darkstalkers 3 and X-men Vs Street Fighter. If you don't, maybe try Street Fighter alpha 2, darkstalkers 2, Pocket Fighter or Virtua Fighter 2, oh and Dead or Alive is good.

There are a few great racing games, the best I can think of is the phenomenal Sega Rally port,
definitely give that a try, otherwise I can recommend Daytona championship edition (not very faithful to the arcade version but has a lot of content) and Road Rash.

If you like Shmups try Darius Gaiden, Cotton 2 (that one needs a ram cart too) or maybe one of the parodius games, though personally I never really liked Parodious.

As for Jrpgs, there is not a fan patch for a fully translated Grandia, as well as the very recent Lunar Silver Star story patch.

And, in no genre catagory in particular, Guardian Heroes is an absolutely phenomenal beat 'em up, one of the best, Virtua On is a very fun 3d combat arena game, though it's let down a little if you don't own the twin stick peripheral. If you have a 3d pad try nights into dreams, that's quite good (but it's another game that might not click with you right away,) I'd also recommend Dragonforce (1 or the fanslated 2) if you like strategy games.

Anyway, there are more, but that's a good general outline, hope you find something you can enjoy.

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>What about Radiant Silvergun and Burning Rangers disappoints
Nothing really I was just being random and shitposting xD

have you ever played wave race 64? It's much better.

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For something "random and shitposting" that's a weirdly specific set of games to bring up, but okay.

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I just know that saturn fans like to bring them up so I was trolling y'all. I got you good.

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So your plan was to mention games you've never even played and say they're bad in the hopes it would cause upset?

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Well didn't it? I'm so clever.

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>What about Radiant Silvergun and Burning Rangers disappoints?
Radiant Silvergun Seems to be mindless bullet hell gameplay, it's only an hour or two long, and some of the graphics are completely out of place. Some of the explosions looks cheesy and random assets don't fit the rest of the art style so sometimes it just looks bad considering it often considered to be the best Saturn game or at least one one of the best.
Burning Rangers is also only a couple hours long and the movement feels unpolished.
>Legend of Oasis
I checked this out too but I have the same problem as Radiant Silvergun. I've seen lots of posts praising it as one of the very best Saturn games but the graphics often clash and it ends up looking amateur in some spots. Also it generally feels like a bad clone of Zelda but maybe I should play it more.
>What kind of games are you looking for?
Games with good art style and controls, and that don't have a better version on another platform. And that are hopefully more than an hour or two long but that's not as important.

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Dude that's just GBAutist or some other zoomer trolling. That's not me.
Hurr durr go shitpost another thread because you're angry about your consoles or whatever

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None of that is upsetting, you're just acting like a child.

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No shmup is longer than a few hours, so I don't really know what you want from that genre but I don't think you'll find it. As for art clashing, I agree on the anime cutscenes, which I find unappealing, but the bulk of the game seems pretty congrous to me.

Games with good controls, a clean aesthetic and exclusive to the platform? well, IDK, your mileage will vary on that, most games of the era used mixed media, I can't think of many ps1 games that are all that consistent either, how partial are you to retro 3d graphics? Does having 2d sprites over 3d backgrounds bother you?

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Well tastes vary, I love both Oasis games where Zelda really bores me. If the graphics are enough to turn you off in LoO then Guardian Heroes probably wouldn't appeal either. I'd say just keep trying out games and maybe one will click or maybe not which is fine too.

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>I can't think of many ps1 games that are all that consistent either
Silent Hill, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Cross, Toy Story 2, Spyro, Tekken 3, Skullmonkeys, and many other games have consistent art to me.
>Does having 2d sprites over 3d backgrounds bother you?
No, but games like Legend of Oasis have a mix of different 2D graphics where some look cheap and out of place, they stick out. Radiant Silvergun's art isn't bad because it mixes 2D and 3D graphics, but because the 3D graphics are very dull colored and seem like they're in the background and blurred, but then the 2D graphics like the explosions often feel extremely bright and are 2D and crisp and on the surface. It's like putting a fake cartoon over realistic background images

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Don't be so upset, I'm not here to argue in good faith. I'll make up contrivances and lie along the way too. What did I mean by "the graphics often clash and it ends up looking amateur in some spots?" Nothing! It's just a rabbit chase. You'll reply with retorts and I'll continue to give non-arguments to trail you along.

How does it feel? Being played by a master troll like me? I'm REALLY random! xD!

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Reminder to laugh at and ignore the seethegenner trying to shit up threads as seen here >>6699923

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Just ignore him, even the most basic of attention feeds whatever needs aren't being met in his life, there isn't much benefit in a back and forth.

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This, ignore me as seen here: >>6699892

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I think you're talking about pixel size changing as like this. Which is a kind of weird but unfortunately for you pretty common feature of many Saturn games for whatever reason. I find it charming personally and pretty funny in Guardian Heroes in the arena if you're playing a character like townsfolk who aren't linked to just 3 planes you can get so close it'll take up the whole screen with just one eye or something.

But if it bugs you then a lot of Saturn will too. Astal as mentioned is fairly consistent as I remember it, but it's also pretty dull.

Give Rayearth a try, it's been years and I only played through it the once but the gameplay is solid and from what I can remember the art is pretty consistent.

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Pssst... When you've already shown your hand that you're trolling, trying to play the victim doesn't really work. It's too bad you're such a retard that you'll probably never get that. Alas.

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That's a good reference, but no not pixel size changing. I mean Like in Legend of Oasis, Some assets look very professional and some look cheap and amateur. I'm no Nintendo fanboy but it just doesn't have the overall graphical polish and consistency that Link to the Past does for example. I'm not a fan of SNES Donkey Kong however.
Trying to confuse people and shitting up random threads is not going to get your non-retro handheld allowed here.

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I have no interest in the GBA. These Saturn threads where I go after frequently praised Saturn games...it's revenge. My duty. I need to shitpost, and there's a good reason why I picked what I did.

I'm a master manipulater.

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ok retard.

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Hmm in that case I don't really know what you mean. Personally I think LoO is one of the coolest looking games ever. But taste varies. I'd say just keep trying games and see for yourself.

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>pixel size changing

like yoshi island...

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Magic Knight Rayearth was much more linear than I was hoping, but it’s certainly worthwhile.

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>Radiant Silvergun Seems to be mindless bullet hell gameplay
I know exactly what your problem is: You credit-fed the game and just blew through it without playing it on Saturn mode with limited lives.

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That's true of most shmups imo, I prefer having a lives limit so that I'm forced to get better at the game, having unlimited lives ruins the game completely

I like the psykio shooters middleground, where they give you unlimited continues, but you have to start the stage again with a set lives counter, best of both worlds imo.

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Sorry nintoddler. There are no mario games for the saturn.

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fighting vipers
fighters mega mix

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sexy parodius

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powerslave. The audio/feedback in that game is epic if I remember right

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Who wants the autism hedgeheg when you can have Pepperchoad instead?

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If you don't like those games, you're going to like other good Saturn games.

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>he fell for the Saturn meme
Oh, hunny...

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My wife's boyfriend and I love Bernie Stolar, hate Sega Saturn.

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I thought everyone knew radiant silvergun was shit by now?

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This. Trashure can't into good game design, they were like the precursor to today's indie söy devs.

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thanks for reminding me of this

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>Cotton 2 (that one needs a ram cart too)

No it doesn't. Runs fine without it. gets some extra animation if you have it, but you won't see the difference.
And Cotton 2 is pretty boring and technical, try Cotton Boomerang instead, which has 5x better graphics too.

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Light crusader is god tier. Fuck you.

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Beyond Oasis > Landstalker > Soleil > Shite Crusader

>> No.6701147

Cotton 2 is great, Boomerang is just a little different. They also basically look almost identical.

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Wow. This post is extremely low quality.

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(user was banned for this post)

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Announcing is lame and usually just feeds the troll, but I don't know that it's still bannable or enforced. It's not an option on the report screen for a while now and guys like the "sage and report" with the halflife pic or whatever don't seem to get deleted till the whole thread does.

Just quietly report and don't feed, it's always best. The reactions are what they want.

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The games that you mentioned are immensely boring in comparison. Bad list, only makes sense if you reverse it.

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>so desperate for games you list Powerslave and Exhumed as separate games
>shitty ports like Battle Arena Toshinden, Mega Man X3, Dodonpachi and Duke 3D

>> No.6705358

>so desperate for games you list Powerslave and Exhumed as separate games
I didn’t make the list and if someone wants to play the pal version they can see the name difference
>shitty ports
The games are still worth playing

>> No.6705361

>The games are still worth playing
Yeah just not on the Saturn.

>> No.6705368

Great games there, but Powerslave and Exhumed are same thing. You can use that spot for another game.

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Silhouette Mirage, it's JP only for the Saturn but it's better than the absolutely butchered ENG PS1 version

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It's still a rule, still on the report form, and still enforced. Most people just don't report it.

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Yeah that chart is made by someone who never played Saturn with feedback from people who never played Saturn. This is a proper chart.

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This one just has even more padding with ports like Quake and Croc. At least this one doesn't recommend Bug!

>> No.6705471

Both Quake and Croc are good games, seethe, dope & dilate.

>> No.6705476

Quake is great just not on Saturn. Croc is pretty shitty regardless of version but of them all the Saturn is easily the worst.

>> No.6705482

Quake is great on Saturn, still tons of fun and any Quake fan would enjoy the exclusive levels. Croc plays very nicely, especially with the 3D control pad.

>> No.6705490

>Quake is great on Saturn
No. It runs like total shit and doesn't even resemble the original game's gameplay.
>Croc plays very nicely
It has some of the shittiest controls in any platformer. Regardless of controller used.

>> No.6705504

>No. It runs like total shit
Runs pretty well but 20fps was acceptable for 3D back in the 90s, even Carmack describes 20fps as good for Quake in the readme. So it's really not a big deal and it's an interesting recreation of the game play with faithful levels and new levels that are really cool. Any Quake fan worth his salt will be excited to try new levels. Not to mention the creators were huge fans of Quake and included easter eggs featuring an old Quake webcomic. It's definitely a game for the Quake fan but if you're more a fan of talking about Quake rather than playing it, I can see why you wouldn't like it.
>shittiest controls in any platformer
Plays amazingly with the 3D control pad or PS1 analog, you gotta turn it on in the settings otherwise it can feel kinda stiff. You would know this if you played it.

Why is it always the same two or three games that cause butthurt? Those charts are guidelines. It's like if you see it and it interests you, look it up. Everyone and their mom knows Quake and Tomb Raider are on a million systems, if you want to see the Saturn version it's just saying "hey it's worth checking out." Not "oh my god it's the best game ever mario 64 is FINISHED" like you people react to it.

Why not pick on a game like D? Which is far more controversial in terms of game play. Or whinge over Winter Heat because it's a sports game? Oh because you're too stupid to make an argument there. You're a low IQ shitposter who is desperate to discredit good games.

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If only that port of Quake ran at 20FPS. 20FPS is its theoretical max framerate, maybe staring at the wall will achieve such a feat but actually playing the game, no way.
>It's definitely a game for the Quake fan but if you're more a fan of talking about Quake rather than playing it, I can see why you wouldn't like it.
Why so passive aggressive? Why would a Quake fan feel the need to play a shitty port more than once as a curiosity?
>Plays amazingly with the 3D control pad or PS1 analog
No it fuckin doesn't. That is a stiff and shitty controlling game no matter the input method.
>Why not pick on a game like D?
Because the Saturn port of that is fine.

>> No.6705550

>20FPS is its theoretical max framerate
Looks like that's closer to 30, you do know how to read a simple graph, right?
>Why so passive aggressive?
Here you are, talking instead of playing. All you do is run your fingers and watch youtube videos, when you could be holding a controller.
>That is a stiff and shitty controlling game no matter the input method.
Wrong, you've never played Croc.
>Because the Saturn port of that is fine.
So is Quake & Croc

>> No.6705564

The framerate fluctuating between 30FPS and 10FPS is even worse.
>All you do is run your fingers and watch youtube videos
Sounds like projection to me.
>Wrong, you've never played Croc.
>So is Quake & Croc
Blatantly incorrect.

>> No.6705565

>The framerate fluctuating between 30FPS and 10FPS is even worse.
nice goalpost shift you disingenuous faggot lol

>> No.6705569

That's true though. Going from 30 to 10 in one second because an enemy entered the screen is worse than consistently 20FPS.

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gonna have to give you this anon, you earned it

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>Quake is great on the Saturn

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the cope of 97

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File: 2.86 MB, 640x480, Quake Saturn Q.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that the alternate title for Saturn Quake?

>> No.6705585

no, n64autist that's you

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Why would an N64 fan be coping in 97? They aren't the ones desperately pretending this is a good port.

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Princess Crown is very pretty, imo.

It’s only available in Japanese (or Korean), tho there are def English guides and the 10 sec Google search I just did confirmed the existence of an unfinished English patch.

(Also, if you haven’t already done so, please check out Odin Sphere: Leiftherasir on PSPVITA. Not retro I know but it’s the sequel to Princess Crown and is one of my most favorite games. 10/10 on all accounts.)

>> No.6705596

I ask the same thing about why they would be coping in 2020, but here you are

>> No.6705603

Pretending trash like Saturn Quake is good in 2020 is the very definition of coping. You can drop the act, everybody knows it sucks by now.

>> No.6705613

Same with Duke and Powerslave on Saturn. Overrated trash that Saturn hipsters try to prop up as good examples of the Saturn not being fucking horrible at 3D polygonal games.
What a joke of a system.

>> No.6705626

this but with ocarina of time and banjo kazooie

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File: 2.86 MB, 640x480, Duke 3D Saturn machinegun BRRRRRR.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It doesn't even seem like the developers had played the original game when it comes to Duke 3D on the Saturn. The Enforcers are supposed to be some of the quickest and most dangerous enemies. In the Saturn port they're slower than the Pigcops, inaccurate as hell and barely a threat at all.

>> No.6705632

Visuals are subjective, but that looks like a cheap browser Flash game to me. Same problem I have with Beyond Oasis.

>> No.6705642

fyi in this room there's a pathfinding bug which causes the enforcers to get stuck on the desk. The n64autist really hates the saturn for some reason, despite it being an objective flop.

Fun fact: this room runs better on the saturn than the n64. That's crazy stuff.

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File: 2.92 MB, 640x480, Slow and dumb like u lmao.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fyi in this room there's a pathfinding bug which causes the enforcers to get stuck on the desk.
Literally making shit up on the fly in order to cope, impressive.

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Thanks, I learned from you. However this was not made up, Duke 64 has terrible performance. Duke 64 also was supposed to have dynamic lighting effects like the Saturn version did (not even the PC version has that!) but the performance drops were too great so they had to disable it. The N64 version is a technical disaster while the Saturn one manages to look better it even runs better than the N64 port! Textures especially are higher quality.

Oh and the best part? No censorship. Duke 64 is censored a shit ton, all the adult content is wiped from the game, there's not even a strip club. How embarrassing. More like Cuck 64.

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Duke 64 is also a shitty port but it is marginally better than the Saturn disaster. At least it plays closer to the original. I would never recommend either when you can play the PC original on any computer made in the past 20 years.

>> No.6705702

On the contrary, Duke 64? It's a miserable piece of shit! Saturn Duke however is a blast to play. Duke fans will find plenty to love in the tweaked but faithful level design recreations and the ability to actually see things that don't look like a vaseline smear ensures it's the better version. They will also revel in the fact there's no censorship.

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File: 2.90 MB, 640x480, Slooooooow.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The old when in doubt act like a shill. You know I thought it was weird how Raw Meat didn't begin with a fight against an Enforcer on the rooftop at the start, I figured it was just another instance of altered enemy placement because the Saturn couldn't handle that many enemies. That's probably still true but then I realized these guys just can't jump at all.

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>-0 armor
man, the 64 autist is terrible at games

>> No.6705752

The sad thing is that was on the highest difficulty. The Saturn port is just that easy.

>> No.6705798

No, that's a lie.

>> No.6705806

This looks like a coomer game

>> No.6705825

I played on Come Get Some.

>> No.6705857

No, they damage your armor on Come Get Some.

>> No.6705872

Apparently not those clowns. I don't know what to tell you, I always play on the hard difficulty.

>> No.6705876

Seems like you've got a magical version of duke saturn where come get some has piece of cake difficulty

>> No.6705893

No the Saturn version is just that easy. Look up other gameplay on youtube if you don't believe me. Or even better, actually play the shitty games you defend.

>> No.6705896

Just played it, armor takes damage from enforcers on come get some. Sorry you got exposed but if you don't like it try not acting like a woman on the internet.

>> No.6705907


>> No.6705910

Just played it

>> No.6705919

Unlike you I have actual proof I've played it. The fact you don't even know the mechanics of the game just tells me you don't even play the games you defend on the internet. Sad!

>> No.6705931

Dunno man, those aren't even your webms. They've been reposted so many times that they can be from anyone at this point. You'll need to post a drivers license, SSN, and your credit/debit card with the security digits on the back (and zip code) before we can verify that. So far we know you lie about Quake, being able to read, and obviously Duke3D difficulty, so we have 0 reason to believe you here.

Surely you can see the concern, you aren't trustworthy in the slightest.

>> No.6705947

>They've been reposted so many times that they can be from anyone at this point
Not the Duke ones since I just made em, except for the first which I obviously also made. The Quake ones were with an older capture card. You got exposed as not playing the games you defend and are now acting like a clown. The fact of the matter is you can't identify which difficulty the game is playing on and are willing to make up complete nonsense to defend it.

>> No.6705950

>difficulty the game is playing on and are willing to make up complete nonsense to defend it.
Well, which difficulty was it? The damage values aren't matching up with come get some like you claimed so...

>> No.6705961

>The damage values aren't matching up with come get some
Do you have any sort of proof at all? I know you haven't played it so find something on youtube will you?

>> No.6705964

Yes, I just played it and used level select to check the first area of raw meat.

>> No.6705970

That isn't proof. Stop being so immature and stupid.

>> No.6705980

Neither is reposting other peoples webms. Can't even include a difficulty select into "your" webms. How sad.

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File: 73 KB, 640x480, Dook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Compare the enemy count for this level from this guy's playthrough with mine. This guy was playing on Let's Rock. Notice how mine has more enemies. You won't find any of those webms in the archive except the first either because they're mine.

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File: 506 KB, 1024x1024, 29059_front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you want the best shmup on Saturn see pic related

This is also great Legend of Oasis is amazing and so is Beyond Oasis

>> No.6706073

Eh I prefer the look of the original arcade version so I'll stick with that.
Man you got owned by that other guy you were arguing with, just accept it already and move on.

>> No.6707851

Guardian Heroes
Dragon Force
In The Hunt
those were some of my favorites back in the day

>> No.6707860

Any other good platformers? That’s my favorite genre

>> No.6707952

Not any good ones unfortunately.

>> No.6708037

Anyone know of a good ODE for Model 2s?
Don't wanna waste time gambling for a Phoebe because it's scarce and the dev's a jackass, and the MODE is way too steep. The Fenrir would've been perfect but it only supports Model 1, from the looks of it

>> No.6710778

rayman and gex and sonic jam

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