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So anon.. Why do you pretend not to use save states?

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>anime faggot
>save states
We know

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i just use the normal save function

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Well little mouse girl, I never pretended I don't. I use them in a way I think I will get the most enjoyment out of games, which means especially skipping purely time consuming steps which in themselves do not make much of a problem. As a kid I would have had the time to retry over and over but now they are just useless time wasters. Actually I usually go by rule of three, if I have to redo a section three times which itself does not make any problems to get to a section that does, then I put a savestate before that one that does afterwards.
I also gladly savestate at the beginning of a level, fuck continues. The funny thing is even though they are then actually useless extra lives still have the same appeal, MUST HAVE, MUST COLLECT, so that doesn't change anything.

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Save states are a godsend!
After all I'm not a fucking kid anymore. I've got a life, even if it's a shitty one.
Break time runs out while I'm on a boss fight? Save state.
Call from work while I'm playing? Save state.
Friends/family can't get shit done on their own and start yelling for help? Save state.
Pizza delivery? Save state.
Getting too tired to continue? Save state.
The detractors can kiss my hairy ass. Save states are the best

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kringe. Using save states in the middle of level is pretty unacceptable no point in even playing the game. At least restart the level if you run out of lives.

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No$gba's save states are broken anyway.

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Good, good. But you forgot to add the following.
>I fuck up like a little girl over and over again? Save state.

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i don't
i use them sometimes if they're not cheesy
like saving and exiting the emulator if i need to
or at the beginning of a level so i don't need to wait through loading screens and stuff to try again
i don't do stuff like saving right in front of a hard jump, or half way through a boss fight or whatever, this just robs me of the feeling of accomplishment, it's pointless

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>Using save states in the middle of level is pretty unacceptable no point in even playing the game.
This. The idea is to have a backup save and also not depend so much on limited lives which is pretty dumb, instead of writing down a password like a retard I use the save state.
If people want to abuse it, it is their problem, not like it means anything they are not getting achievements or a place in a public scoreboard.

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If you absolutely have to, then feel free to add that to your own list. I'm not judging.

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when i want to stop a game for a bit and get back to it later, i don't want to finish up what i was doing, wander back to a save area, save the game, then later boot the console up, wait for the intro screens, load up the game, then wander back to where i was
what benefit does it have? and at the same time, in what way am i cheating the game to be able to stop and resume gameplay at any point?
in some extreme cases even back in the day you could do the same thing, by simply pausing the game and turning the tv off

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nazrin <3

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I'm not going back to the start of the previous stage after dying to a boss, that's just being a dick.

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what game is this from?

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Kys pedoniggers.

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sweaty stinky mousy

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yiff in hell furfag

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Can’t save state on hardware, faggot.

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Save states? Hell, I use rewind. If I like a game enough that it's worth replaying, I'll master it and replay it normally. Otherwise, rewind saves me hours of repetition that can be better used playing through more games.

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I'm all with this. Once I've mastered something it's fun to play through all in one go but till then I'll play with it however I want. And there are many games I never care to master, just see the content.

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I don't use them unless I start dying more than 3 times in a row. It's not worth my wasting my life over the 11 times it'll take me to get past x point and if by 3 times I don't get it then I know it's a flaw in my psyche and or reflexes that I can't really get past anyway with practice. Having pride in torturing yourself is retarded. As is pretending to hate anime on an anime site.


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Wrong. -- President Trump

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similar to this, i do make an effort to play it normally, and it is more rewarding to do so, but when it comes to replaying the same 5 minute section over and over because i can't get the hang of something, i'd rather just get past it and keep going than drop the game out of frustration
i'm not a kid with just this game rented out for the weekend anymore
sure, finally beating a section after 20 retries is also very relieving, but who has time for that anymore

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Rope now

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Save states are the tarded man’s rewind.

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I use 'em for 1CC practice

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How many 1CCs you got, boyo?

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So you can't master and beat a game. Pathetic.

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save states are for gays, might as well enable godmode or watch the game on youtube.

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>1CC practice
that's what normal people call "playing the game"

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listen baby mouse, sometimes I want to replay a specific part of a game
be cool

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Normal people don't play arcade games for 1CCs.

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people don't play arcade games to lose credits, either
the difference is that people don't get pissy and reset the game when they do

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Not retro, faggot.

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I play on the actual consoles

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I couldn't pretend ever if I wanted; I'm not a pussy so I play with hardcore retroachievements activated. Please go on and give me some pleb tears, I love casuals feeling insecure and getting triggered when faced with their lack of gaming skills.

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you're not retro

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