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I don't understand how fags can hate on this masterpiece...
what motivates people to talk shit about the legend of zelda: a link to the past? Is it because they are LITERALLY mentally ill? I would totally get it if people would hate shit zelda games like the ds ones but not a great piece of video game history that still holds up till this day

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GBA is not retro. Never will be.
Please post this shit on /v/.

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>calling zelda alttp shit

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We've discussed this but GBA is a classic retro handheld. It is widely considered to be a continuation of the SNES design philosophy and the majority of its library is made up of classic retro 2D style games, therefore it officially falls under the retro category and is thus permitted to be discussed here. Unfortunately the sticky is out of date but I understand it is currently in the process of being updated.

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You know I had to sage and report it to em.

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Based and gbapilled

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