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Is it worth the crazy asking prices just to be able to play classic retro Game Boy games on a CRT? Or is it better just to stick to the Super Game Boy?

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Play or own?
There is no a single good reason to not emulate now days.

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I suppose bait is equal to trolling, you faggot.

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Illegality and immorality.

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>maybe THIS will convince them to change the rules

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You can find Game Boy Players relatively cheap if you only buy the hardware. You don't need the official startup disc since the SD Media Launcher allows homebrew like Game Boy Interface to be launched, which produces better picture quality than the official software anyway.

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You could just use a hacked Wii plugged into a crt tv to do the same, but as you're well aware /vr/ is the kind of place where people boast about having as close to the authentic hardware as possible when they play video games.
The guy above me is also right, you don't need the cd to use the game boy player if you have a homebrew solution on hand. Hell the Game Boy Inferface with Swiss homebrew gives you more and better configuration options for how it runs the games compared to Nintendo's own solution.

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I personally like the SD2SNES method with the new Super Gameboy emulation.

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