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Did you you know there was a prototype port of the retro classic cinematic platformer Another World? Apparently it was co-developed by Eric Chahi himself. Is this the best way to play this classic retro cinematic platformer on the go?

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>Huur is this the best way of playing this game?
No. Also if you didn’t expect people to know there was a prototype on GBA, how do you expect people will be able to answer your question. Finally, GBA is not retro.

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Did you ban expire already, GBAutist?

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Friendly reminder that the GBA is not and never will be allowed here.
That being said, ports are allowed to be discussed.
But just wanted to remind OP that no matter how much it makes him seethe, it will never, ever be allowed :)

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It's funny, he thinks spamming this shit will do anything when it's always been alright to discuss ports of retro games. If it wasn't, source ports like EDuke32 and whatnot wouldn't be allowed. Angry /v/irgin gonna angry /v/irgin.

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Bumping this because I think it's pretty interesting,, The fact Eric Chahi was involved in the development makes me suspect that it might be the best way to play this classic retro cinematic platformer in its originally intended graphical art style on the go.

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when will the gba and last 2 gens games be considered retro

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Never. 19XX is a good limit.

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At the same time you're considered not a faggot.
Never, lmao

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Pretty sure Another World is on PS Vita. That would be the best way to play it on the go.

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But was it co-developed by Eric Chahi himself? Also I'm not sure Vita is allowed to be discussed here. I know the classic retro handheld GBA is because it is widely considered to be a continuation of the SNES design philosophy and the majority of its library is made up of classic retro 2D style games, but unsure whether Vita qualifies as retro.

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this board is full of autists, ignore them

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i tihnk it looks like poopshit....

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Vita qualifies when you are talking about retro software. Eric himself did work on it. Here is an interview on it https://blog.playstation.com/2014/06/17/classic-platformer-another-world-is-coming-to-ps4-next-week/

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