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How does this port of the classic retro 2D side-scrolling action platformer Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island hold up to the original classic retro SNES version?

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It has a few extra levels and I'm not sure if this is a positive or not, adds a bunch of Yoshi voice samples in. A definite downside is the graphics are brightened horribly to compensate for the lack of the original GBA's backlight. It's alright I guess but I'd rather play the original.

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I think this is the only gba port that looks exactly like the snes version

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Sound is worse and there's a little slowdown during Yoshi's transformation cutscene.

They added the modern Yoshi voice which is annoying, but the 6 extra levels are all really good.

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It has a smaller FOV which makes it worse

It replaces the voices of Yoshi with that of Yoshi's Story which makes it worse

It has a few extra stages which is the only interest but they don't seem very good.

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Get out.

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Stop bumping this shit.

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Palette restoration and voice removal patches fix these issues.
Graphical changes are abundant in the port. Notably prior to boss fights, in the SNES version, Kamek drops magic goop across the screen. A detail clearly absent in the GBA port.

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Do you want to know what it sounds like when I think about how GBA exclusive games will never be allowed on this board?

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No doubt there were some limitations inherent to the GBA hardware, but it is still the best way to play this retro classic on the go.

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Not as classic, nor as retro

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this game is poopyshit!

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>take a look at catalog
oh, look whose ban expired!

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