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What's the weirdest game you've ever played?

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Silhouette Mirage.

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that one katamari game(s) and or the rythm heaven games and inb4 not retro

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I honestly can't remember

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Alice: An Interactive Museum.

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My non retro post aside I just rememberd I own a cart called claymation or seomthing where you are clay.

I don't have the rom downloaded though, but it's weird. Technically so's kirby, those are too.

claymates it what it was actually

But games are weird forever you just don't relize it.

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i had this game. it was very very buggy

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final fantasy 7 - the whole story is bonkers

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As with a lot of shovelware of the day, what I had to do was completely unclear. I remember I ran over and killed a policeman once, that was amusing.

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I have this Monty Python game new in the shrinkwrap.

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Super Bonk.. But I still love it.

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it barely qualifies as a videogame. Lots of hidden content to discover if you're a big fan.

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