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So this is what Genesisfags consider a classic? What a joke of a console.

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dude the 1990s have ended

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Shit bait, son.

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Thunderforce and Gunstar Heroes are cool

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This genesis is a worthless turd console for bongs.

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We should ban nint0ddlers

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It the truth.
No, ban Segfag.

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At least you tried!

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I really liked it. It has charm, pretty good music, and the character was cool. The SNES sequel is pretty good too. I got it for the Super Famicom because I liked that original so much.

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euthanize ninteniggers

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>implying nintendrones would waste energy posting about non-nintendo games other than maybe sonic
Obvious australia-kun falseflag to get a console war thread going over a konami game.

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Fuck off Nintranny
Rocket Knight is a great series

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Sparkster SNES > Rocket Knight Adventure > Sparkster MD/GEN

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Haha, no.

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>Segafags get cucked out of the superior Rocket Knight game
This kills the Seganigger lmao.

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Sorry not everyone likes generic rpgshit, nigger.

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No, Sparkster is just too slow and gimmicky, better than the MD Sparkster but not RKA

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You need to be 18 to post here, children.

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if its a joke, then why aren't you laughing? :^)

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Im glad Im not the only one who noticed the sequels are slower than RKA.

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RKA works because it's fast paced and composed of several short set pieces. Sparkster SNES is mostly just generic platforming with a couple gimmicks here and there.

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I love you photoanon

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All the Rocket Knight games have shitty mech sections but SNES Sparkster's is by far the worst.

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I loved this game

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Is he a possum or opossum?

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>console war fagging for 30yo plastic toys

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Actually better than Mario. Still not better than DKC though.

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t. zoomer who never experienced the Great Console War and cannot relate

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it was sad and instigated by marketing then and it's just sad now

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Yep, but unfortunately you have no sense of humor to enjoy it.

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