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>ctrl+f JRPG
>2 results
What's going on?? /vr/ ? Let's talk rpgs

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There is an entire board for rpgs now, I'd assume a lot of people are over there.

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>going to bant two point o'
Bant was just /r9k/ mixed with /a/ and /b/ and /trash/ and shit 4chan says. Why go to video game board version of that?

It'll be zoomed to hell


Hotpockets exist to damn things.

Is that blue thing the same thing as Touhou floating head meme? I never got those things. The meat bun things. If that's what they were called.

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>game board of peace
Dracula hated men for a reason. Men are miserable pile of secrets aka liars. Manipulative two faced dishonest scheming bastards.

That wasn't bait though even if dracula was right about society.

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Dividing communities when /vr/ is of the only ones on 4chan worth still visiting is fucking abhorrent now STOP

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Rank the first 6 Final fantasy
I never played V but for it goes:

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Fuck off jarpigs, you aren't welcome here, this is a skill-based gaming board.

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Eat shit

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die weeb

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>ctrl+f JRPG
>2 results
>What's going on?? /vr/ ? Let's talk rpgs
Why do you feel the need of lying? There already is a thread for that

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jrpgs are welcome everywhere, doesn't matter that we got /vrpg/ as well.

getting skilled to play games is like going on a diet to see a hooker.

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>getting skilled to play games is like going on a diet to see a hooker.

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>...getting skilled to play games is like going on a diet to see a hooker.

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Not to mention the two JPRG threads that exist, by OP's own admission.

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And this is exactly the problem with that stupid fucking board.
It pointlessly divides things up so now we don't have three gaming boards and an RPG board, we have four boards that are going to have spread out RPG discussion among all of them and it's fucking stupid.

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JRPG threads are allowed, but they have their own board now for those games. You come off like kind of a jerk shitting up this board with jarpig spam when you have your own board, so although you might get some discussion here you'll get better discussion there. It's not a rule that you have to post there, but it makes the site a better place for everyone overall if you do.

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Make a containment board for shmup trannies too and /vr/ will be good again.

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>What's going on??
Nobody want's to put time into making a thread only to have zoom zoom zoomers come in and shit it up because they don't realize that rpgs are probably the most retro genre outside text adventures

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>I'd assume a lot of people are over there.
Obviously, more anons to farm (You)s from with low effort bait.

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Mods are trying to divide a community and the most wholesome posters here like rpgs. They're not here for your entertainment. They want to see people bicker with one liners childishly trolling each other, no culture, no long posts. A new board is going to be spammed by zoomers too so jrpg won't be mature either and it will make sheeple think that "oh I'm glad they're gone" because they don't understand what's happened because they don't understand people.

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Take your meds lol

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>I love hating this game!
>I sucked at it at first!
>stockholm syndrome isn't real!
>I'm proud of my SKILL

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>giving me a childish one liner
And now I say to kill yourself because you've just proven my point. We are now together childishly bickering.

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>III over IV and I
get bent

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III on the NES is excellent. Love the class system

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Generals are cancer and thus that thread doesn't count as it is an jrpg general.

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It's a containment board and so far it seems to be helping

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