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What are the essential Mega Man/Rockman games? I've finished the first one and now want to get into the series

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this but without X8. and with the zero games even though they are not hecking retronerino!!!

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T-thank you, I guess the whole series is good

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Everything in the classic series is good, all the numbered titles from 1 to 11, as well as Mega Man & Bass aka Rockman & Forte on SNES

Notable mention also for:
- The game boy games, the first 4 ones follow the NES games but with new stages. The 5th one is whole new game however, so if you have to play one out of those, play that one.

- The Megadrive port of MM1/2/3, it's inferior but it adds new stages which are pretty cool.

X series: from 1 to 4, everything else after that ranges from average to shit

Worthy spin offs:
The Power Battle series on Arcade
Rockman Battle&Chase. Sadly the western version has cut version.

Other series: Mega Man Legends 1 and 2
Battle Network and Starforce series are their own thing but they're very good if you're into action RPGs

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You can stop after X, and skip 8. People will try to tell you that X4 is the last good Mega Man, but it's terrible. X2 and X3 are just X but worse, and 11 is fine but soulless; so:

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Also if you just want the best ones, play 2 and 4. 1 top tier too, but you've played that already

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11 is great though. Just because it has 3D graphics doesn't make it soulless. At least they didn't do 8-bit again.

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Dont listen to this chucklefuck. Just play the games.

You should even play X6 even though it's bad so you understand why we hate it.

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11 is one of the best designed classic MM game ever. Easily in the top 3. It allows good players to kick ass with fast paced non stop dynamic gameplay while allowing casuals to cheat their way through challenge with the double gear system and the shop.

Soulless would be MM5. Uninspired enemy/boss design, both in terms of visuals and AI, flat level design with no challenge whatsoever, gimmicks that are barely exploited, and casualyzed gameplay with an overpowered charge shot which everything is weak to and nullifies the entire point of not only regular buster shots, but the entire boss weapons system.

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is this trolling? what is the deal with those recs?
why the fuck would play 20 games but leave like 2 out? might as well spend another 2-4 hours and get the full picture of the franchise, its not like any of the games are hard or frustating to the point of dropping if you played previous titles..

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OP here, just beat Rockman 2. What an amazing game, I liked it as much as 1 but holy fuck it was really hard, way harder than the first game. Also thanks for the recs bros, I guess I'm playing literally all of them

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I have Mega Man 1 through 3, they always felt the most essential. The rest I emulate.

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If you play Mega Man 1-3 you'll notice that the developers gradually get into their groove. The core staples start appearing but each game has it's own weird quirks that show they're still working things out and experimenting a bit.

Mega Man 4 is where the franchise really sets itself in stone so 4-6 are much more consistent with each other so if you like one you'll like them all.

Mega Man 7 weirdly feels like an extension of the Game Boy games. Mega Man himself is a fucking giant and the physics feel a bit strange. Not bad exactly but different enough that it's noticeable.

Mega Man 8 also does it's own thing. It maintains the Game Boy gimmick of splitting the robot masters into two sets of four but otherwise feels very unique.

Mega Man 9-10 are the retro throwbacks.

Mega Man 11 is pretty comfy.

Mega Man on Game Boy doesn't get good until 3. Wily's Revenge and Mega Man 2 are kinda shitty. Mega Man V has a different gimmick entirely and some people love it.

Mega Man & Bass isn't bad but it's also not anything special. It's definitely skippable unless you really love the series.

Mega Man X1 and X2 are excellent. X3 is noticeably shittier. X4 is great. X5 is playable but kinda shit. X6 and X7 are notoriously bad. X8 is good but looks like ass. Command Mission doesn't count.

Xtreme 1 and 2 are both decent.

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Honestly, I did not like 11 when I played through it. The levels are so fucking long and most of the challenge is taken away by being able to purchase upgrades and energy tanks. It’s not a bad game, but certainly not anything worth playing more than once.

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11 is as fun as you make it. Sure you can die a lot or use the gears a lot to unlock the all powerful upgrades in the shop, but you can also ignore it all altogether.

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I jest.
You'll get different viewpoints but generally speaking you want to play MM2, MM3, and X at the very least. The rest are a toss up but honestly you can't go wrong. Megaman rocks.

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9 is unironically the best one, they did 2 better than 2 did.

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That's the appeal of Mega Man, they're all consistently good but there's very little variation within each subseries. So when you play them all in a row eventually you're burning out because while it's all high quality you aren't seeing anything new.

Except X7. That one's real bad.

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>Just because it has 3D graphics doesn't make it soulless
I realize that. It's the poor and sterile art and music that make it soulless

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>11 is one of the best designed classic MM game ever
Doesn't really matter when the game feels so uninspiring and forgettable to play. The effect is similar to how it feels to play SMB3 vs. NSMB U. NSMB U is incredibly well designed--the levels are immaculately laid out, the control and physics are excellent, and in the end I don't give a shit about that game, or MM11

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>2 is good
I've never wanted to strangle someone more than right now.
My personal recommendations would be the entire classic series, yes, even 2, all the way up to 11. Then play the X series up to X5, because that is the canon ending to the series as the person who wrote the story meant for it to end there. X6 and onwards are fangames.
Then you can start the Zero series, and while they aren't retro, they're all very good games-- particularly 2 and 4

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Mega Man 3 is the best. Anyone that says different is a retard.

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>Mega Man 9 and 10

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They're just as good if not better than a good amount of the classic series, you faggot. Just because they're new doesn't mean they're bad.
Hell, they even went with classic style graphics which just gives it even more of that S O U L you dumbshits constantly whine about

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>They're just as good if not better than a good amount of the classic series, you faggot. Just because they're new doesn't mean they're bad

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>1 (the best game in the series)
>not essential
Pick one, gay, and get good.

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2 and 4 are some of the worst ones. 4 is better than the experimental shitshow that is 2, though.

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I'm playing through Rockman 3 right now, I've defeated all 8 robot masters and now have 4 Gemini levels unlocked. I actually don't think it's humanly possible to beat any of them. Am I doing something wrong? Don't get me wrong, I beat a lot of games that are considered 'hard' and I'm somewhat decent but I just don't know how to do this. The internet lied to me about this game, it's not easier than 1 and 2

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the docbots are absolute shit. They have big ass hitboxes and sometimes their attacks can't be dodged.
Find and spam weaknesses, they have 2 weaknesses each, and that's how the game was "designed" in mind it seems. Or rather, it's an unfinished unpolished unbalanced game.

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also don't hesitate to use your e tanks, the wily stages provide quite a lot of them.

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>sometimes their attacks can't be dodged.
See that's my fucking problem with those games. You can dodge everything in Castlevania or say, Ninja Gaiden if you are skilled enough. Some of the attacks in Rockman seem undodgeable
They do but I use them before the boss fight because I always arrive there low on health. Also I've heard that there are 2 boss fights in each level and I can't even beat the first ones. I honestly don't know if I will be able to do this

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> Some of the attacks in Rockman seem undodgeable

Only in 2 and 3 afaik

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So I made some progress in Rockman 3. I'm not on level 4 of Wily's Castle. I can't even get to Wily himself, that boss gountlet is ridiculous. Wily is going to be unfair bullshit with undodgeable attacks that's for sure, and you are telling me I have to beat all 8 bosses that literally trace you and have a random pattern everytime I die to him? Nice game, definitely not a fucking torture. What the hell were they thinking? Is it just me or is this literally the hardest Famicom/NES game? It's worse than Makaimura I swear

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>I'm not on
I'm now on, fix'd

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Oh I checked the walkthrough, it actually checkpoints you, holy fuck thank god. Wish me luck

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Good luck!

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Mega Man 3 is the hardest of the original 6. It gets easier from there.

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Thanks, finally beat that shit. I wonder what should I play next, Megaman 4 or the Game Boy game? I'm trying to play them all in release order

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1-11, MM&B, Powered Up and the game boy games.

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>Powered Up

I keep forgetting that trash even exists

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What this guy said

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Mega Man X2 is too hard bros....

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You've played them all if you've played the first 2.
Delusional retard.

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It's generally agreed upon by most fans that It's really only MM2 and MMX that are worth playing, the rest are essentially the same gameplay wise but with much worse level design.

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>It's generally agreed upon by most fans that It's really only MM2 and MMX that are worth playing
What are you basing this on? What YouTube Content Creators focus on?

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>generally agreed upon
yeah maybe in your /v/eddit containment board

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It's easier than 1. What is filtering you?

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Powered Up ain't bad. It's not one of the best Mega Man games ever but it has its positive traits. The level editor was pretty cool back then and having all those playable characters was fun. Only real problem with the game to me is that 100%ing it is fucking impossibly tedious. The game seriously expects you to beat every level with every character on three different difficulties. I can't recall if this involves also beating them with alternate versions of Mega Man that can slide or whatever as well as Proto Man, Rock, Roll etc. but I think it might. That part is annoying if you're like me and have autism, but besides that it's worth a try for fans of the series. It's sad the Powered Up offshoot didn't manage to become a series and become even better, it could have become Mega Man Maker long before Mario Maker came out or whatever. It sold like absolute shit, probably because of the art style alone. I don't really mind it for what it is.

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actually if you ask anyone people to rate MM games, absolutely NOBODY will give you the exact same list. Shit's crazy.

The only thing generally agreed upon is disagreement.

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You lied to me. 4 is the hardest so far, I wanted to fucking kill myself during some moments. It was so frustrating at times that I don't want to play 5 now. But at the same time I kinda want more Rockman so I'll continue with this series, it's good

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MM 1 and 2
MMX 1 and 2

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He's already finished the first one dipshit. No reason to put it on the list.

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>8 bit=soul
Pretty obvious the games were aimed at "nostalgic" (aka never played the games, but watched an hour long review of them on youtube) s oyboys when they removed the slide and charge shot, only to add them back in 10 when everyone called them out on it (but as paid DLC because fuck you). 11 has more soul than those two games combined.

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4 has moments but I don't think there was anything in it harder than the Doc Robot stages from 3. Mega Man 5 is a joke. The enemies drop extra lives like candy in that game in particular for some reason so you'll never game over.

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