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Game prices are gonna go back to normal any day now, right?

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Just buy flashcarts.

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It's inflation bro, all collectibles are increasing in value relative to USD

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>It's inflation bro

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God, how can people be satisfied owning so much junk? What a claustrophobic environment.

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Now that you mention. It really looks an awful to be

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I have this game already.

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Yeah just like Mickey Mantle rookie cards. Just keep waiting anon, I’m sure you didn’t miss out forever...

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>comparing a legitimately rare item to an extremely common item that a cabal of fat nerd scalpers decided to artificially jack up

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I collected baseball cards when I was a kid. That's a hobby that needs to die.

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Yeah that'll happen when the feds print a shitload of money.

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Not until people with retro stuff start dying off enmasse and the world is used to digital stuff to the point where most people don't give a shit about physical collections.
So, hey, if you want to wait until 2050 to start getting super cheap 3rd and 4th gen stuff, go right ahead, but there'll probably be more important stuff than long-deteriorated video games right then. Just suck it up and fork out the money if you truly give a shit.

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this makes no sense, the world is too big, there is no way everybody will think the same shit.
no matter the timeline there will always be at least ~100k nerds in the world wanting to buy whatever bullshit hobby product, and is guaranteed to be a handful of richfags wanting to burn their excessive money.
its never going down boy, the best time to buy will always be present time.

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If by "normal" you mean pre-2010's prices, absolutely not. Good luck convincing the guy who spent $80 on Vice: Project Doom to sell it for $4.99.

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Yeah those fat rich audiophiles jacked up the price of 1950's Blue Note jazz records too. But I'm sure the prices will crater any day.

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If you just care about playing the game on original hardware, flashcarts/whatever are the answer.
If you're collecting games, then you should be glad they have value.

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What if this is normal for the day?

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its called supply and demand

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>muh original hardware
Why the fuck do people care, just use an emulator.

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Yeah why doesn't everyone just settle for a cheap imitation of the real deal.

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>cheap imitation
the only consoles without perfect emulation are the 5th gen ones. And almost all of them can use pirated games or flashcarts if needed
you just want a piece of plastic with a pcb inside to show off, not to play the game you lying fuck

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Buy it play it sell it case closed

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Even with no emulator there's no reason not to use hacks/chips/flashcarts

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>the only consoles without perfect emulation are the 5th gen ones
Big lie.

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Yes, but we’ll all be dead by then and no-one alive will give a fuck about all this old crap that won’t be compatible with future tech.

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Blue Note regularly repress their back catalogue. Let the rich guys have their old worn out copies.

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This. When I decided to get a new N64 and start playing it again after 20 years, I took one look at the prices and got an everdrive. The prices for games like Mystical Ninja and Smash are ridiculous

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