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Let's discuss the retro SNES classic Breath of Fire II

>> No.6685497

Not retro

>> No.6685498

I liked how the added a run button to the GBA versions of Breath of Fire and made the menus less clunky, makes the game more playable

>> No.6685538

Samefag zigger, ports are retro, but GBA originals will never be.

>> No.6685558

I emulate and use fast forward so every game has a run button for me

>> No.6685579

That's cheating. If you use fast forward you DID NOT by any stretch of the imagination beat the god damn game.

>> No.6685589

Shame they made already easy games baby mode and replaced the art with absolute garbage while ashing out the colors and inferior sound.

>> No.6685621

GBA games all way retro in our heart.

>> No.6685632

BoF2 SNES Retranslation > BoF2 GBA > BoF2 SNES

>> No.6685648

Sometimes beating a game is not the point

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