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i wanna have an arcade setup, and i need to stand while playing said machines, but standing makes my legs hurt after a while, any advice? also post standing battlestations. (retro only)

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Try doing squats every day so you aren't a weak lil bitch, also stop posting tranime like a faggot.

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>bitching about anime
>on an anime website
lurk moar, newfag.

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seething tranny

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Seething Fatass.

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>h-hehe u mad!
underage-tier comeback, newfag.

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>maybe if I avatarfag with le smuganimegurl and say newfag a lot they won't be able to tell that a reddit thread sent me here

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Idk, do you have flat feet maybe?

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>they won't be able to tell that a reddit thread sent me here
projection at its finest, and i dont think you have any idea what avatarfagging is, lurk moar before posting.
my feet arent flat at all.

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>my feet aren’t flat
Cope, flat foot

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>ironic animeposting
>everyone else is projecting
You're not a faggot or anything, true.

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nice projection (again). Do these feet look flat to you?
who said anything about my post being ironic?

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Buy a big chair?

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You just got trolled for feet pics by a tranny. Kek

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use a bar stool

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Came here to say bar stool also.

Oh and lmao reading all this fruity ass foot shit and arguing had me
completely forget what the OP was about until I saw your post.

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did you jerk off to that dudes feet pic? if so wtf bruh

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i heard those dont offer good back support.

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This whole thread needs to go back to /v/

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r e n t f r e e
seethe, boomer.

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Dude, wtf bro. You mean you didn't, what a pleb. R O P E S

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Put it close to a wall - put a pillow on your back if you want - and bend on it
There you go, delete the thread now

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Still trying to fit in here? Reply to this more body pics, insecure retard.

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Running and stretch your calf. Everyday non stop.

Also find a cheap ass yoga mat, fold it and use it as standing mat

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i already have an anti-fatigue mat, a high quality 70$ one at that (maye i overpaid), its just after long hours my knees ache. And i would try running, but everywhere is shut down due to corona. I do need to stretch my calfs more, how should i do this?
thats a terrible "solution" lol

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>high quality standing mat

I am not an expert, but I also have a bit of problem with my right knee if I stand to long. In the end, I just rotate between standing/sitting every 2 hours.
>how do I xxx
google it. Most of them are safe.

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>I just rotate between standing/sitting every 2 hours.
not an option for me sadly.

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You can use a bar stool as others suggest. Don't worry to much about bad pose. As long as you switch between them often enough, you should be fine.

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yeah i would only be sitting for like 10 minutes an hour anyway.

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Almost forgot, if you are THAT worry about the back, you can use half-yoga-ball.


Put it on your chair, stool and sit on it. That is what my Physiotherapist recommended to me last time I had a visit. It help my pose a bit, but not as much as my current meme chair (aeron).

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bumping from page 10!

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bumping from page 10!

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