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best games

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>open votes

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Where are the none sucking games ?

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Only reason to play these games is for nostalgia

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>Double Dragon


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The only 2600 games I've played and liked were Dig Dug, Space Invaders, and Pitfall. I really doubt that Pac-Man is considered one of the better games on the console.

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>Atari thread
>usual shit posters

just fuck off with your negative shit, YOU'RE THE REASON THIS BOARD IS A JOKE

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the 2600 is a 1977 hardware which By the time it picked up, failed to get an 80's succesor and was selling scam ports more than anything.

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This still holds up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1M8wG2pwrw

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damn I've never seen that one before, it's pretty cool.

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Pitfall 2 is still great and pushes the system to its limits.
>fun exploration

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Try excluding inferior ports of arcade games.

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Frostbite is easily the best 2600 game.

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This 100 percent
Also Pitfall 2

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Solaris is fucking great and there’s a great homebrew called Toyshop Trouble, probably the best pure christmas game ever

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You just described every /vr/ game that isnt made by Nintendo.

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>You just described every /vr/ game that made by Nintendo.
Fixed that for you.

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Game looks amazingly fun, but no paddle support? Seriously? This looks like a better Kaboom.

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Adventure being called a "good" game is still the worst forced meme I see on this board

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This one look good.
Specially designed for the system, fun to play and not a scam arcade port.

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>best games
>just post the entire catalog of games with more than 10 copies sold
what a shit thread
I once tried to make a list, but got bored halfway

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Very funny am laughing

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>asteroids was pretty good

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>not present

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>Toyshop Trouble

Damn. Never heard of that one until now. Game looks nice, and rather original (of what I know is on the system.)

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That one with the dot, and you move to that over dot

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Spider Fighter
Pitfall II
Yar's Revenge
Frogs and Flies

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The one with the bleeps and the bloops.

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Atlantis and Cosmic Ark

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It’s one of my favorite homebrews on any console and there’s really nothing like it anywhere

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